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Nights 3 and 4: My husband is definitely waking more frequently than normal, about every 1.5 hours throughout the night. He is also starting to wake much earlier. The last 3 nights, he has awoken about 1.5 hours after going to bed, and usually he does not wake during the first part of the night. BUT, he has noted that he is also going back to sleep easier than usual, rather than lying awake for hours at a time.

His sinuses are also giving him problems right now. He did think they were already a bit off before he took the nux, but they have been getting steadily worse over the last few days (which could also be contributing to the night waking). The sinus issues could be coincidence, though, since it has also been rather windy with blowing dust here, and that always makes his sinuses worse.

I'll update again in a day or two.
Sarah3NN 9 years ago
Night 5: Slept okay. Not waking very frequently. Did wake around 3-4am, but went back to sleep after a little while.

Night 6: Frequent waking every 1-2 hours once again. Did go back to sleep relatively easily each time, though.

So it seems like perhaps nux is not the right remedy, or would you expect there to still be aggravation at this point?
Sarah3NN 9 years ago
Aggravation can last for the whole first week. Apart from the sleep what other changes are there?
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
The only other change he has noticed is that the eczema seems worse. It was already pretty bad before the nux v because taking warm baths twice a day for the thrombosed hemorrhoid made him break out in eczema all over his upper back and even in his armpits and on his forearms. He has decreased the baths to once/day, but the eczema has still been getting worse over the last week.

Although he tries not to use it much, I found out he has even been using a little cortisone cream in a couple eczema spots that are extremely itchy and driving him crazy.

I did then talk to him about the fact that the cortisone cream is a suppressant and can really interfere with the homeopathic treatment since it can drive the illness back inwards, and that we would expect the eczema to worsen as the higher planes of illness (such as sleeping problems) are cured.

He wants to stop using the cortisone, but do you have any other suggestions for what he could use to make it manageable where he won't feel like the itchiness is really bothering him? Would herbal anti-itch remedies also be suppressants?
Sarah3NN 9 years ago
Anything that suppresses the itch will hamper cure - how much depends on how effective it is at suppressing.

So he is definitely worse then?
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
The eczema is definitely worse.

It's hard to say if the sleeping is better or worse. It is definitely different. He wakes more frequently now but also has an easier time going back to sleep. Last night (night 7) he said he woke about 3 times, but went back to sleep easily each time. Previous to the nux, he would wake around 3-4 am and lie awake for a couple hours (or just get up after awhile since he has to be up at 6am anyway).
Sarah3NN 9 years ago
Last night he slept better. Only remembers waking once and then went back to sleep relatively easily. So he has actually been progressively better the last couple nights :)

Eczema is the same, or MAYBE a tiny bit better today.

I'll update again tomorrow.
Sarah3NN 9 years ago
Then this could be the period of aggravation still, where things go back and forth, and changes are ongoing. It is prudent to wait a little longer to see how it pans out.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Nights 9 and 10: back to his *normal* pattern of waking at 3-4am and lying awake for several hours.

The eczema had a couple days last week where it was really bothering him, but it is now back to how it was before the nux v (it is still prevalent all over his upper back, but not quite so itchy).

So, it seems like he had about a week of aggravation, followed by two nights of better sleep, followed by 2 nights of his normal sleep pattern. I was thinking maybe he should have another dose of the nux v since it seems like there has been a relapse the last two nights. Do you agree?
Sarah3NN 9 years ago
Night 11: the same as 9 and 10; woke around 3 am and awake for quite a while.

I wasn't quite sure what to do, but since he had three nights of reverting back to his normal pattern, we went ahead and did one more dose of nux v before bed last night (with 2 taps on the bottle, and then one drop in half cup water).

Night 12: Woke around 4am and then awake a long while.

I'll update again in a day or two.
Sarah3NN 9 years ago
Just so I know, when I don't hear from you is it better to wait on a remedy, or give a dose as we did? I know you have other tings going on and may not always be available to answer questions, so I want to make sure I know what to do in such circumstances.

I was assuming that if we wait too long, there may be aggravation all over again, but I'm sure you can better educate me if I'm wrong.
Sarah3NN 9 years ago
Night 2 after 2nd dose of nux: slept prettyt much like normal, waking around 3-4am and not going back to sleep.

Night 3: Slept terribly. Woke every hour or so (going back to sleep easily), but then woke around 3-4am and not able to go back to sleep.

Eczema *might* be a bit better, but hard to tell. He is using a different lotion now, and that seems to be making the eczema patches less scaly (it is homemade hard lotion I make that only has beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil in it). The eczema patches are still all over his upper back, though, and a few on his arms.
Sarah3NN 9 years ago
Night 4: *usual* pattern of waking around 3-4 and staying awake for hours.

Night 5: slept pretty good! Woke a few times and went back to sleep easily. Around 3-4, woke and took a little while to go back to sleep.

He says the eczema has been worse over the last few days. More spots are appearing, and they are REALLY itchy and bothersome.

No apparent difference in other symptoms.

Today, he got a stomachache, followed by nausea, and now achy with a headache. I'm wondering if this could be an aggravation from the nux. We'll see how it pans out.
Sarah3NN 9 years ago
He was sick all day Saturday, and I'm wondering if it was perhaps an aggravation from the nux v. Started with nausea and stomach pains, then moved to a headache and body aches.

Night 6: slept poorly; lots of body pains due to having been laying down all day while sick, so he woke frequently.

Felt better the next day, but still had a little bit of nausea after eating breakfast. Seemed a bit overly sensitive to noise and lights throughout the day.

Night 7: slept poorly, waking frequently.

Night 8: slept very poorly. Awake for hours during the night.

He's not noticing any changes in any other conditions besices the eczema and sleeping. The eczema is rather pronounced now (and was before he even started the nux); it gets slightly better and then again gets very itchy and bothersome.
Sarah3NN 9 years ago
Night 9: slept reasonably well!! Only woke once, around 3-4ish, and went back to sleep easily.

Eczema is driving him crazy these days!

No noticeable change in any other conditions.

What is the next step? Do you think nux is showing promise? Is it better to take another dose too early, or later? Would taking a dose too late cause aggravation all over again?
Sarah3NN 9 years ago
Alright time to reassess.

Can he list all his symptoms from the original intake form. Next to each one write Better, Worse, Same or Different. If better or worse get him to write a percentage as to how much. If different write exactly how it has changed.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
1. Insomnia: Different. Some nights have been better, some have been worse, some have been the same.
2. Eczema: Worse and Different. More itchy spots are appearing all over the place, instead of localized like they were. The existing eczema is also itchier than previously. 50-60% worse.
3. Sinus Problems: Same, or maybe a little better (hard to tell since winds have died down here).
4. Hemorrhoids: Same
5. Cold hands and feet: Same, it is now getting towards summer here so it is hot outside (which makes the cold hands and feet go away anyway).
6. Facial Cyst: Better. Slowly getting better over time.
7. Muscle Cramps: Same
8. Testicular Cyst: Same
9. Varicocele: Same
10. Low sweat: Same
11. Dry skin: Same
Mental state
Same; irritable when sleeps poorly.

Thank you, and let me know if you need any more info!
Sarah3NN 9 years ago
Do you need any further info from us for this?
Sarah3NN 9 years ago
I think this thread keeps getting lost in the many.

Do you need any more info from us?
Sarah3NN 9 years ago
Do you need any more information from us on this? What is the next step?
Sarah3NN 9 years ago
Hello David,
Can you please let me know whether or not you still planning to help with my husband's case? I can't tell if you are purposely not replying to the thread, or if it is just getting lost in so many on the forum. I know you are busy, and have so many relying on your help.

We are trying to be patient, so sorry if this seems off base. The itchy eczema is driving my husband crazy, and it is to the point where I can't hug him or give him a massage since it is all over his back. He's been avoiding using cortisone cream to make sure he is receptive to any homeopathic treatment you prescribe, but I think he is starting to feel a little desperate.
Sarah3NN 9 years ago

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