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Early discharge


I am 28 year old and recetly married. I have the problem of early discharge. Th emain symptoms are as:
Less desire for sex and intercource.
Less Erection
Early dischage
Heart beat is fast when i am busy in sex
Heat in my hand and foot usually and in my body.
consipetation and gas peoblum
My body condition is thin
Now a days i am using Dimiana Q , Agnus Q and China off Q. But not fully result.

I feel weakness next day after intercourse.

Pls suggest me medicine.


  export20005 on 2005-07-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
What complications physical and mental you have other than the stated complaint?
Please give details regarding complaints in your head,hairs, eyes , ears , mouth , tongue , gums ,throat, STOMACH, abdomen , rectum,stool etc.

Condition of improvement or aggravation??

Any dislike or desire for a particular food or drink.

Any special sensation in any part of your body??

Any pains any where in your body??

Any time of day when you feel particularly well or energetic?

Any time of day you feel negative or bad??

Describe your temprament in your own words??

Describe your thinking and your nature and behaviour in your own words??


homeosuggestion last decade
Dear Sir,

Mentally this time i am perfact. But in 1995 when i study in College then i couldnot sleep well and have attack. Doctor brain specialist check me and and gave me relaxation medince and advise me to take rest. He says u r exray of brain is perfact so that u simply take rest. After that i go to an pleasnt place and have perfect health.
This attach will again occure in 2003 and in this attach i can't sleep properly. when i start sleep
properly then i fit. so this is about my mentel health.

My hair is going to white. not fully a very few on the upper side of my ears.

My eye sight is weak as -1

My mouth is > these days blood coming in my theeth.

My tongue is usually white and seen white spot on it.

My throat is well but often white fluid is in it and this is not enter in thtoat.
some time i exit it but some time not.

I always have stomach problem. Gas problum and constitation. I use honey for this but does not recover fully. After eating Food i must have desire of sleep. And these days when i take lunch i must have desire to sleep.

Stool is coming daily but not fully. I always try to maintian it with food.

Condition of improvement or aggravation??
( By using china Q, Dimiana Q and Agnus Q i fell better but not fully. I am using these from 20 days. )

Any dislike or desire for a particular food or drink.

(Sweet food is often atractive to me like honey sweets atc.)

Any special sensation in any part of your body??

(These days i feel hot in my lower side of foot and in hands and whole the body is warm bit there are not fever.)

Any pains any where in your body??
(My legs is often pain but my upper body is normal.)

Any time of day when you feel particularly well or energetic?
(In early Morning.)

Any time of day you feel negative or bad??
After Lunch I must have desire of sleep. if i donot sleep then i feel negative.

Describe your temprament in your own words??

Low temrament.

Describe your thinking and your nature and behaviour in your own words??

(My behaviour is so polite and cooperataitve for every one. But i am not constant man. Consistancy is very poor and management is also bad. Every i can not manage my violet.)

Pls advise me what medicine is best for me.

All Sexual problums have already informed u.

export20005 last decade
Interesting -- keep posting.
walkin last decade
i am fed up by these repeated question.we should concentrate on serious homeopathy like cancer cure ,hypertension cure,diabetes cure .homeopath all over the world especially pakistan and india are concentrating on obesity problem,height problem,eye sight problem,hair falling problem.i dont thing this is a serious homeopathy this is the way to earn money by making people fool.am i right.
sajjadakram635 last decade
An old cowboy once told me: "When a man loses his 'want to,' and then can't, he's headed for bowl of misery."

Impotence or erectile issues used to be swept under the rug. It ruined many a marriage. It is still a difficult thing for a man to deal with (let alone talk about.)

I agree that we should also deal with cancer, diabetes, etc. But let's not forget that there are a lot of men out there who read this Forum and get help for their erectile problems simply by reading other people's posts. They are too afraid or embarrassed to post themselves.

Would you also say that attempting to help a cat with a bladder problem isn't serious enough? Tell that to the cat owner.
Jim Sheldon ND last decade
dear sajjad

dear i have this problum now so i asked u this question. if u donot answer then it is ok,

export20005 last decade
Dear Export 2005,

I think your problem is very much deserving for this forum.

And I am obliged that you posted your problem in the forum.

Please let me know about the following queries I would like to know about you.

1. Can you mention some thing you are very fond of or strongly like?? Any thing unusual??

2. Can you mention some thing you abhor i.e strongly dislike??
homeosuggestion last decade
i am very much found of sweats and milk in food. and i like person who are fare and i much too much religious and like simpl life simple food and like our religios saint.
i like open places like ocean, garden etc. i like cold weather, and dislike summer and hot weather and i ofen effected my sleep in hot weather.

dislike:::: i dislike heavy food, hot wether, lier people and busy life, etc.

pls select now my medicine

export20005 last decade
See for an accurate prescription
you have to have PATIENCE. You have to answer all my questions one by one than only can it be possible to prescribe the right

So I request you to Preservere with me please.

Now answer the following question is either YES or NO.

1.Your stomach problem is more discomforting usually at 11.00 A.M ?? ( YES or NO)
2. Your General health is discomforting around 11.00 AM??(YES OR NO)
3. Your stomach problem and other health affections are worse between 4 pm to 8 pm?(YES OR NO)

Now please answer the follwoing in detail
1.Please specify Your Height and Weight.
2. Please clarify what you mean by fit in sleep??
3. Please mention more about your early discharge. Is your discharge happening as soon as
you get erection or at some other time please specify.
4. Please specify if any skin problems you had in past or you are experiencing now??
5. Do you have any special craving for warm food and drink??
homeosuggestion last decade
Thanks for your reply.

1- no
2- yes
3- not sure but i think no

Now please answer the follwoing in detail

1.Height 6 foot & Weight 64.
2. Mean when my sleep is disturbe i am also disturbe with that. and if it continusly disturbe then i continusly drink water and go to wash room again and agin. donot want food that time simple water and donot feel hungry. White spot are there on my tongue. and these are all about when i am not sleep properly.

3. At earlier of marriage (that is in april, may 05) days after erction when i enter cock then it going to discharge and now after using above medinice it will take 2 min times . keep in mind that at 1st time of intercour time is less and 2nd time there are more time to discharge these days.

4. No skin problems nether in past nor in present. my skin is oily on face and dry other body.

5. yes i have strongly like warm ood like honey, dats, mangoes, etc.

Any other question pls ask.

have a nice day!

export20005 last decade
do you crave for warm thing as a
whole eg. hot milk is more preferable than cold milk or hot coffee is more preferable than cold coffee, or may be suddenly you have started liking hot and warm beverages?? Pls Clarify.
How is your hunger??
How is your thirst?
How is your Perspiration??
Why do you get out of bed?? What
is that which drives you out of bed?? Plese specify?? Do you feel any burning any where in any part of your body??
homeosuggestion last decade
it is depend on mood. for example i use to like cold milk and hot tea. and in winter season i like hot milk and hot tea. so it is up to my mood.
sometime suddenly i started liking hot and warm beverages.
these days hunger is good
becose there are summer here in pakistan so thirst is also good these days. u can say i can drink 15 glass of water daily.
i like sweat things.
because i have to go to job so i out of bed. but when i disturbe my sleep i take leave from job but after awaking in early moring i cannot sleep again even i want to sleep.
burning under my feet and some time whole inner part of body.
export20005 last decade
My early question about your prespiration is unanswered?

Moreover you are also not telling what exactly you feel when you go to sleep and that which stops you from getting a good sleep? What is the nature and character of your "FIT"??
homeosuggestion last decade
Pls tell if you have any preference to side while sleeping. i.e do you prefer lying on left side or right side
or the back while sleeping
homeosuggestion last decade
dear i will reply you tomorrow.i shall help you if you had this real problem.ok dont worry.
sajjadakram635 last decade
dear sir,

what is mean by prespiration?
if u ask for my fac nature, it is oily.
Now a days i have good sleep. But as i informed u that when i awak up,i am not fresh, and want to more sleep. No body stop me for good sleep.
(Another is that these days when i awak up then heavy gas release with noise.)
Fit mean when i have good sleep after that i feel myself more energatic.

I prefer left and right side to sleep. and my one leg are near to my face when i am sleep. and it seems to the back when i am sleep.
export20005 last decade

Lycopodium 200,
30 No. Globules,
6 Globules twice daily.
for a week and then inform.
homeosuggestion last decade
pls clarify
what is 30 No. Globules,


have a nice day
export20005 last decade
We can purchase Lycopodium 200, easily but if i can't get 30 No. Globules then.what i do.
Is there liquid form is workable?
export20005 last decade
Dear homeosuggestion

sir pls advise me so that i can purchase medicine.
export20005 last decade
No problem you can take the liquid too.

In that case the dosage will be

Lycopodium 200 ,
liquid 5 ml.
" one drop in tea spoon ful water twice daily"
homeosuggestion last decade
after taking lycopodium you would have to take sulphur. Which I will inform in detail about the procedure when you have completed with lycopodium.
homeosuggestion last decade
Thanks a lot sir,
i will keep in touch with u

Once again thank u very much

export20005 last decade
dear use phosphorous 6 c 5 drops thrice daily alongwith selenium 3x one tab 4 times daily,avena sativa Q +sabel serulata 20 drops each thrice daily and see the result.o.k.
sajjadakram635 last decade

Two doctor advise me different medicine.
* one is Lycopodium 200 ,
liquid 5 ml.
" one drop in tea spoon ful water twice daily"

* second is phosphorous 6 c 5 drops thrice daily alongwith selenium 3x one tab 4 times daily,avena sativa Q +sabel serulata 20 drops each thrice daily and see the result.o.k.

What can i do if there are any expert pls advise.

Thanks in advance
export20005 last decade

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