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Semen leakage, Prostatic fluid & Back pain

Dear Doctors,
Please see my case urgently. As homeopathy requires detailed symtoms, I am writing them.

Name: Abd
Sex: Male
Age 38
Country: Gulf
Climate: Summer from April to Oct, Winter from Nov to March.
Work: Office
Height: 164
Weight: 64
Education: Bachelor
Habits: when talking makes gesture of hands. Without gesture cannot talk and explain well.
While standing, always stands tying hands on back. While sitting overlapping fingers of both hands.
Cannot make eye contact while talking.


Prostatic fluid discharge on just thinking about sex or talking to any girl that causes pain in lower back and in testicles.
Semen discharge during urination and after urination. At the end of urination I feel, there left some urine but when I discharge actually it is semen.
Weakness, looks as I am 60 years old.
Premature hair graying on head, moustaches, beard, chest and few on arms.

Masturbation at age of 15. After three months of it, I got boils & abscesses on chest, arms and legs that had pain and puss discharge from them. My 80% hairs became grey. Grey hairs turned into black within next one year. Again appeared grey on masturbation at the age of 17.

History ( Childhood )
At childhood I had pus coming from ears that was cured by allopathic drops.
Frequent cold & flue that caused few grey hairs on head.
Boils and abscesses that appear in summer season only. When we shifted to UAE, it did not appear.
Highly intelligent, active, healthy and getting high position at school.

physical sufferings in body

Bad smelling Perspiration
Bad smell from mouth on wakeup in morning.
Sometime mouth is filled with water at night while sleeping. Sometimes this water is discharged from mouth and it has bad smell.
Tongue teeth like from sides.
Tongue whitish red.
Weak eye sight and using glasses.
Short breathing.
Head ache. Sometimes it starts early morning or at 10 AM and become sever & sever at l 8 or 9 PM and then goes off. Sometime feels mild headache in evening.
Mild fatty liver in the past due to side effect of an Unani medicine. This has been reduced. Somewhat weak liver function due to effect of that medicine.
Feeling extreme tiredness on little work and labor
Breathlessness on lifting any thing even 5 liter water bottle.
Feels sleepy and lazy after eating.
Dizziness on standing from sitting position.
Very low voice due to weakness and lack of energy.
bleeding gums on contact with water
hair falling during bath & combing

Mental sufferings / feelings

Bad mood, anger, arrogant, rude behavior, don’t want to talk to any one. Talking increases anger, don’t wants to repeat what said as repeating makes angry. Wants to be left alone, don’t want discussion. Wants opinion, saying and ideas must be accepted. Don’t like contradiction. Breathing increases when angry and when shouting with palpitation. Quarrelsome.

If meets some one then wants other person should finish talking in seconds and should go. Do not want to repeat what said.

Feels bad after all bad behavior and next time tries to hide anger, mood, etc.
Hiding trend.

Wisdom and intellects are effected and weakening.
Weak memory forgets words while talking, cannot recall and find proper words. Want to talk quickly and in short and hurries to finish it. Abrupt answers. Talks in a ways that other cannot understand.

Hurrying in everything like eating, walking, talking, working etc.

Buried in thoughts. Continuous thinking without control
No free and satisfied mind.
Wisdom and intellects are effected and weakening.
Mental restlessness without any reason.
Strange thoughts and imaginations come into mind that I never want to do but it come in mind without control.
No warmness & keenness in behavior and affection.
Shyness, feel extreme shyness if enter in a gathering where people were already present. Feels a kind of fear in talking in gathering and public speaking.
No love & affection for others except children.

Semen and prostatic discharge since 2 years. Had vaccination in 2010 that increased anger, affected relationships, socialism, talks & discussions. Other problems since many years.

Aggravation & Relieve

Bad mode anger etc are more when hungry, tired etc.

Better when relaxed.

Weather like / dislike

I start feeling well mode-wise, somewhat quit, get less angry when winter season approaches, that is from October till March. Form March or April onwards I start same above things. I like winter season and somewhat spring. From April mode, relation, affection start affecting.


I like variety of food like veg, non veg. Like sweet dishes & drink. Due to health consciousness likes to eat variety of foods such as veg, non-veg, fruits etc.

Excessive in summer and normal in winter. In summer sometimes if thirsty thirst does not go until I drink cold carbonated drink such as 7Up.


Sometime feel very minute acidity.

Bowel movement and stool type
No constipation but takes long time in bathroom. Slow bowel movement. Takes a long time in cleaning with water. Bowell keeps coming while cleaning with hand and water.

Feel somewhat relaxed after bowel for sometime.

Urine yellowish colour.

sleep & dreams
Sleep is good. Strange and scary dreams.

Strange, peculiar or unusual symptom or feelings?
Due to masturbation, on left side of the penis shaft, skin color is changed & this area is soft and sometime feel irritation when this part touches the clothes. I have left masturbation since years but this part is same not improving.

Look (Appearance (fat, thin, smart, tall, lean etc)
Personality change, somewhat bent upper back, lost smartness and height.

Family history - What major diseases are running in your family?

My father has also anger, bad mode, quarrelsome
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  abd111 on 2012-04-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
simone717 last decade
Dear Doctors, can you please look into my case. I have written detailed symptoms but no one is replying.
abd111 last decade
'Sometime feel very minute acidity. '

Please describe the above in detail.
nawazkhan last decade
8 years ago I had acidity that caused burning in stomach after meals and most of the times. This was cured and i did not get it again.

Now if I remember (without attnetion) that past state, I feel minor acidity in stomack after meals and after 4:pm. I feel that state may come again. If I did not remember or does not come to my mind that state I dont feel anything not even minor acidity. I did not have this condition before two months however it started when I was watching a cricket match and in dying moments where match turned into very critical stage and when everyone (viewers) was underpressure. I had just finished my dinner at that time and started watching that match at dying moments.

One imprtant point i missed earlier: My hands and feet remain very warm. Whenever anyone shakes hands with me he feels I have fever however I do not have any fever.
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abd111 last decade

Please take Selenium 30C, 4 drops mixed in 1/4 glass of mineral water, 3 times a day, for 1 week.

Report progress after 3 days.

Many prayers for your good health.

nawazkhan last decade
Thanks a lot Doctor
Jazakallah Khair
abd111 last decade
Dear Doctor Nawaz,

I have taken Selenium 30 as prescribed by you. This is the results of three days:

Day 1: Relax mentally, improved appetite, voice pitch improved and reduction in semen leakage after urination but sensation is there as if some urine is left but I controlled excretion.

Day 2: More relax and good voice pitch and feel energetic. Other symptoms same as on day 1.

Day3 : Relax but voice pith reduced, not energetic as on day 2 but weakness, gases and blotted belly, very short and fast breaths that can be due to blotted belly and gases, feel as back is very stiff with pain that release with lying on bed on back. Less sensatiopn at the end of urination. During eating feeling litlle pain in gums and teeth. Should I continue the medicine? I feel if i will continue these may increase.
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abd111 last decade

Thanks for the update. Please stop the remedy and wait for 3 days.

More prayers for your good health.
nawazkhan last decade
Dear Doctor Nawaz,
I had stopped Selenium on last friday. Cougd not report after three days as busy. Here is result of last seven days:

Day 1: Feeling good & little leakage.
Day 2: less leakge after urination with back pain.

Day 3,4,5: Feeling good with very less symptoms as compared to day 2.

Day 5,6,7: Again same as on day 2 with weakness, easily irritated and angry.

Over all result: 30 - 40% Improvement in leakage.
abd111 last decade
So, let's see about your anger. What do you do, when you are angry? Yell/scream, throw things away kick/slap or keep quite?
nawazkhan last decade
I was feeling angry when feeling weak & tense. If you see my case history I had liver, semen & prostatic fluid leakage. I believe anger is mostly due to these problems.

In anger:
keep quit, reply loudly with anger expression on face, avoiding & stop talking with whom angry. On seeing him again become angry from inside and avoides him.

Start thinking about person who made me angry, start planning how to take revenge (non-voilant) in the sense that how to press him with my replies and words. If I talk with same person anger and idea of revenge goes off and pervails forgiveness.
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abd111 last decade

Please take Staphysagria 200C, 4 drops mixed in 1/4 glass of mineral water, 2 times a day, for 2 days only.

Report progress after 2 days.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan last decade
If Nawaz is going to withdraw from your case, I am happy to take over, looking at it from a classical perspective.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Dear Brisbanehomeopath,

Thanks for your kind interest in my case. As this is an open forum, you may take this case & I am sure Dr. Nawaz will have no objection. I have to mention some more symptoms in addition to original one as I missed them earlier.

I have not taken Staphysagria 200C as it is out of stock in store and I have to wait for sometime.
abd111 last decade
Dear Brisbanehomeopath,
Posting symptoms that missed in first post.

• After two or three months of having first accidental masturbation, there appear a abscess on gum of left front tooth that was developing at night and I could notice it in morning. It had pus in it that had little pain in it. Sometimes it was rupturing itself or some times I was rupturing it with my finger. It was curing itself but its sign was remaining. After sometimes it was recurring again in same fashion. After rupture there was following a very little amount of pus all the day (sometimes) and its taste I was feeling in my mouth. May be it is due to it my right front tooth is yellow in color. I consulted an allopathic doctor about this yellow tooth, he told me I need root canal filling that was done by him but tooth color is same.

•After two or three years, blood started coming from my inner right jaw’s sockets whenever I take water in my mouth for cleaning of mouth. After taking Selenium 30, blood is increased.

•Mild fatty liver, disturbed liver test (AST & ALT tests).

•A lot of grey hairs on my head, beard, moustaches, chest, inside nose.

•Vibration in lower eye lashes and some times in upper and wants to close eyes. Little heaviness of eyes.

• Do not like cricisim.

• When angry (alone) like to hit mouse on mouse paid very hard, presee keys very hard on key board, put cup or glass on table hard. want to relax and giveup every thing. when relaxed and anger goes away, I commit i will not repeat it again but when angry do same things again.

• If in gathering or at office or friends, try to hide anger, emotions etc. Try to pose myself pure, good person and to be good in people eyes. However later think i should be really good every where. I dont have any bad habits etc but try to hide if did anything wrong.

•Wheneever doing anything, my mind is always think about people as they are seeing me what I am doing, how I am talking and how I am eating. Try to hide my shyness by different means like talking on different subject, seeing phone, turning head around as if am looking at other people.

•I have fear or Dogs because I think of infection after their biting.

•Fear from main holes, water tanks if filled with water. On closing eyes in bathroom while taking bath if I imaged it feel a kind of fear & want to open eyes.
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abd111 last decade
Dear Brisbanehomeopath,

I will appreciate if you could take my case
as expressed by you. Thanks
abd111 last decade
what to do to the batch flowers?is it going to be cooked? i mean the batch flowers.thanks
kolawole last decade
Dear Brisbanehomeopath,

I will appreciate if you could take my case
as expressed by you. Thanks
abd111 last decade

you need to go on forum main
page and post a new topic with
headline for your own thread.

You are on abd's thread and need
one of your own. You are talking
about BACH flower remedies which
are similar to homeopathic and you
can buy them in stores or online.

think you are mixing up BACH with
a BATCH ( means group or several)
there is no cooking involved. :-)
simone717 last decade
Did you ever have pus formation in your genital area like glans ?
gopal18 8 years ago
No, I naver had pus formation in geneital area.
abd111 8 years ago
Take Medorrhinum 1M One dose only
(4 Drops on clean Toungh) and report thereafter
gopal18 8 years ago
Based on what symptoms you prescribed for me Medorrhinum 1M? Thanks
abd111 8 years ago

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