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Genital Warts - Scrotum - Desperately looking for a cure...

I have HPV for two years now. About 80% of my scrotum area is covered with very stubborn warts. They are all grouped as cauliflower like masses of various sizes. I have been seing a Dermatologist for the past two years and he had tried every single treatment available: Cryotherapy (once a week - still treating it with this method), Electrocautery (also once a week for two months only, after I couldn't take the pain). I also tried Wartex (Podophillin) for 2 months, but the warts kept re-growing. Aldara Cream three times a week, then increased the application to daily, I have been applying Aldara for one year already (already have spent thousands of dollars only on this cream that does not work). I have researched the internet for natural remedy and I am taking multi-vitamins, Echinacea (500mg x 3 capsules daily), Astragalus (470mg x 3 capsules daily), Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl acetate - 400 UI x 1 capsule daily), Garlic oil (3mg x 1 capsule daily). Nothing seems to be working and I'm desperate, depressed and upset for getting it and scared to pass it to my wife. I don't think she has got it, we practice safe sex and since I contracted HPV, my sex drive has been very down. Searching the web, I came to your site on homeopathy. Can anyone help me with a homeopathy remedy?

We want to start a family, but me having HPV, don't know whether it is dangerous and how it will affect the baby and my wife during and after pregnancy.

Thanking you in advance,

  Johnny on 2005-07-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi John, look up thuja on this site. Take a 30c and wait to see if things improve. If you get depressed don't take it again. Any questions post again.
parachute last decade
Thanks Parachute! I will try the Thuja Occidentalis and also see a Naturopathic / Homeopathic Dr.

What it does not say on this site is how to take or apply this Thuja Occidentalis. Any suggestion?

Johnny last decade
O.K. there are pillules and liquids, they are vehicles for the energy medicine, I suggest getting liquid, because you can put half doz drops in water and paint some on as well as taking a few drops orally, nothing to it really. Any difficulty post again, good luck.
parachute last decade
I should add that these remedies are not accumalative like conventional drugs, take a few drops on the tongue, without contaminating the cap the medicine comes with, pour some into the cap and drink it. Whats next is the wait and see approach, in your case put some on externally as well. then don't do anymore for at least a week, (7 days) in that time you may be able to tell if there is a favorable reaction or not, or an unfavorable one, in which case we look for something else. It may be needed to go up in potency to achieve an immune response, which means a 30c may not be enough, so go to a higher one 200c, 1m, 10m so on and so forth, but not untill absolutly sure of the remedy. Discomfort for a long time can result if this route is not followed.
parachute last decade
Many Thanks for taking your valuable time to help me out.

Will keep you posted on the results.

Johnny last decade
good luck!
parachute last decade
Dear Parachute,

It's been 6 days since I took Thuya 30C in pellets (5 pellets, 2 times a day for 3 days) and I have noticed that the afected area has turned like "burnt", it's darker than before and some area look like "a senior skin"; dry and wrinkle. Also, having a closer look, it looks like tiny warts are starting to come out and the area is very itchy. Can you confirm if this is the normal symptoms after taking Thuya. If not, what I should be expecting? I'm also taking the garlic, Astragalus and vitamin E as mentioned on previous email.

Thanking you in advance.
Johnny last decade
Hi John, what to expect is a worsening of symptoms for a short time. This is the immune system kicking in to overcome the problem you have take nothing else, (Homeopathics) and let it take care of itself. If the itching gets too much paint on Urtica urens 30c.
parachute last decade
Are your warts soft at base and horny on surface?
sahai last decade
Hi Parachute,

Just wanted to give you an update after one month has passed. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any reduction on the number of warts. The Dermatologist now is applying trichloroacetic acid (once a week) since I found it less painful than freezing them with liquid nitrogen. After trying the Thuya 30C didn't see improvement. I'm seeing a homeopath now. She has prescribed me a tincture to take internally:
Lomatium Dissectum 100 ml,
Ganoderma Lucidum 112.5ml, & Thuja Occidentalis 37.5 ml, two teaspoon 3 x a day. I'm also keep applying Aldara 3 X week and on the other days I am applying "warts no more xtra strength" oil which I purchased sourcing in the internet. As you can see, I'm trying all kind of methods and attacking the virus from all corners...will give another two weeks to see if things improve.
Johnny last decade
Hi Sahai,

The warts are soft on the surface (top) and horny at the base...any recommendation?
Johnny last decade
With all due respects to every one, I wish to express my views, with all humility, as below :-

The basic principle on which Homeopathy works, as we all homeopaths know, is that a thing that creates symptoms of a disease when taken in large quantity, acts as remedy to cure that disease/symptoms, when administered in minute quantity as per homeopathic procedure. Now with this in mind, let us look at how this patient has been treated or advised so far.

First his doctors tried to remove it mechanically without realising that it is of viral origin and will probably return more forcefully.

Then he was given(1) Echinacea and(2) Astragalus both in large allopathic doses. These 2 medicines are in homeopathy also and as per our materia medica (1) will cause some or all of the symptoms of(when given in lage quantity) recurring boils,carbuncles,irritation as if from insect bites/poisnous plants,ulcers,gangrene etc. and(2) will cause effects of alcohol,tobacco and morphine, hallucination,emaciation, paralytic affections etc. The patient is lucky that he did not get all of these.

Then he luckily contacted our learned forum homeopath, code named Parachute, and made a "safe landing" on Homeopathy. He/she started as expected with Thuja first but our patient having got used to taking a number of medicines at the same time and due to frustration and desperation, though did report the result to Parachute after a week, but got scared by seeing the warts lookig burnt in skin shrunk area which infact was a step towards improvement. Also, instead of remaining on just Thuja, he continued taking garlick and astragalus. (We advise patients not to put any strong smelling things like raw onions,garlic,peppermint,tooth paste,strong spices,cardamum,ginger etc. in the mouth 1 hour before and 1 hour after taking homeopathic medicines because strong odour reduces the efficacy of these medicines.)

Parachute had told patient that seeing the progress he may increase the potency of Thuja. Nomally,we start with Thuja 30 but to handle such difficult and chronic cases we go to higher potencies or try other medicines as the case progresses. It requires patience and strict discipline to cure such cases.

Then he reported progress only after a month. In the meantime,obviously due to frustration and delay in getting relief, the patient resorted to mechanical removal.

Now a so-called homeopath has, amongst other things, prescribed heavy allopathic dose of Thuja which will add to his misery.

This reminds us of the old saying,"Too many cooks spoil the broth" and,"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing".

Since Parachute is by and large handling the case, I leave it to him/her to continue handling. I shall convey my suggestions to him/her from time to time.
sahai last decade
Hello Sahai and johnny, there is not much more I can do with your case as you don't understand how the body acts with Homeopathic stimulus, Time needs to be taken for it to react, you are now pushing so much inward in an effort to rid yourself of this problem that basicly you are not letting the energy work, Please read the posting from Sahai above.
If you want to use Homeopathic methods you must have an idea of how they work, and how your body will react.
Any comment Sahai?
parachute last decade

I have the following suggestions for future treatment if the patient agrees to stop all other medications except vitamins :-

1. Take Nux vomica 30, 4 times in 24 hours, to start with.
2. Take a drop or 5-10 globules of Thuja 200 in an ounce of distilled water and shake it vigorously for 1 minute. Take one tea spoon-full of this as one dose. (The medicine is to be taken at least 1 hour before or 1 hour after putting in mouth any strong smelling things as mentioned in my earlier posting).
3.Repeat the dose for 2 more days(a dose is sufficient for 24 hours) and report changes in the condition after 72 hours. Every dose is to be taken out of the remaining mixture after shaking it vigorously for 1 minute.
4. Paint the warts with Thuja Q(mother tincture) or Thuja ointment every night and morning, Q preferred.
5. Stop sex unless cured because such warts are infectious and can spread by contact inadvertently.
sahai last decade
O.K. Johnny?
The Nux will take out all of the toxins and allopathic medicines and hopefully put you back on track, IF you want to try to help yourself with Homeopathy you must allow it time to work. Your disease didn't get there overnight, there is no magic bullet that will put you right immidiately, but you have the best chance with Hpathy, good luck and thanks to Sahai for helping as well.
parachute last decade
Dear Johnny,

I do not know from where you are writing and seeking help. It does not matter. I saw your complaint. I would advise you to consult a homoeopathic physician in your locality. The way I see the postings made in reply to your query is more amazing!

1. As per the dictum of Homoeopathic art, NEVER administer a medicine in poetized dilution form (liquid form). Only mother tinctures are administered in drop dose form. But, your advisers have done different. Kindly ask them references for the same.
2. There is a false belief among the semi-qualified homoeopaths that the drug Nuxvomica is an antidote for allopathic drugs. It is NOT !.
3. I also see some people advising you to take medicines in higher potencies in liquid form – this is incorrect !
4. Finally please do not loose heart, kindly go through my postings under the heading “Classical Homoeopathy”. I have been posting only for the past few days and it will be not be late for you to look into the back issues.
5. It is also a escapist method by many so called homoeopaths (qualified and others) to evade and look for a safety by telling the patient that HOMOEOPATHY is SLOW. God only will save the patients who go to them in any acute conditions like : Acute myocardial infarction, Strokes, high fever etc. etc.
6. You are the best judge.
7. After this kindly decide whether you would like to really take the advise of people who do not know anything about Hahnemann’s Doctrines.
8. Due to other commitments I have to do in the society I will not be answering all the messages on the forum.
9. I shall visit only the topic discussions on “classical homoeopathy”

With very best wishes. Dr Suresh. 14 – 9-05
Dr Suresh last decade
Dear Dr.Suresh,
The patient was advised by a Homeopath in his locality to use a mixture consisting of 37.5 ml of Thuja which is fantastic. So you cannot be sure that a Homeopath outside this forum would be always better than those on the forum.
2. The para 1 of your posting is absolutely correct as long as you are not referring to my method of administering the medicine. Dr. Hahnemann, towards the latter part of his practice, had advocated giving the medicine in water in preference to solid form(Paras 246 & 247 of Organon 6th. Ed.).
3. I have not advised Nux Vomica as antidote for all medicines taken before. Then there would have been no necessity to have a long list of antidotal medicines in our books. I have advised Nux as per the advise given in 2nd. sentence of chapter on Nux Vomica in Materia Medica by Boericke, which reads,"It is frequently the first remedy,indicated after much dosing, establishing a sort of equilibrium of forces and counteracting chronic effects".
4. Same submission as in my para 2 above.
5. Neither myself nor "parachute" have stated that Homeopathy is Slow.It is well known that chronic and that too mishandled cases take more time.
6. In my humble opinion, the advice in your para 7 will not help as the patient is in no position to find out that.
7. I have read the postings under "Cassical Homeopathy" twice with interest. I find t drifting from the purpose of debate and the spirit of this forum, mud slinging has started. It is sad. Instead of aiming at one upman-ship, we should learn from each other and work as a team,instead of scaring away the patients who come to us, when frustrated from allopathy and some neighbour-hood homeopaths who may be inferior to some of us, back to them. I can smell it in this thread.
sahai last decade
One of my good friends, who was suffering from the same problem came accross a product called BR+ Herbal Complex. He told me within a few weeks of taking the product they had all but cleard up compleatly. I have heard of this stuff before, but had no idea it worked. I guess it is worth a try to see if it works. Good luck.
wassail last decade
Dear Sahai,

Kindly tell me offering a prescription like the one posted by you
1. Take Nux vomica 30, 4 times in 24 hours, to start with.- touch your conscience why not twice or only once?
2. Take a drop or 5-10 globules of Thuja 200 in an ounce of distilled water and shake it vigorously for 1 minute. Which size globules and why 5-10 globules, even if it were to no. 10 size globules.
3. People have not understood me: I am a staunch homoeopathic supporter and I am invited to offer speech in famous allopathic medical colleges on homoeopathy. Due to my respect to the homoeopathic profession I politely decline and suggest the allopathic college people to invite so – so homoeopathic college professors, several of them, are my friends.
4. To save face of homoeopathy, I delivered several such lectures which had made several high profile allopaths to follow homoeopathy and refer their patients to me.
5. For this I get several feed backs, which by putting her verbatim will bring down the level of profession very low.
6. Due to my position in Allopathic profession, I have written a letter to the controversial Lancet findings on homoeopathy pointing to its editor about the errors etc. Again in the interest of homoeopathy, which I think you are practicing as a full time profession, find out how many of the professors of Hom. Med colleges have given a reply.
7. Under “Classical homoeopathy” my argument is who really practices it as per the dictum of Hahnemann and why it is not possible to do so now?
8. The homoeopaths who falsely claim to practice classical homoeopathy and do not do in practice are the one I am taking up.
9. Do you know that the level of homoeopathy was so high that the funeral services of the great homoeopath Quin was attended by the King of United Kingdom, symbolically, by sending his empty royal horse drawn carriages. A very rare honor for a commoner and very great honor for the homoeopathic profession.
10. I would like homoeopaths to aim and rise the level of this god gifted profession to this level.
With best wishes. DR Suresh 17-9-05
Dr Suresh last decade
Dear Dr. Suresh,
At least I, have not tried to under-estimate your standing in Homeopathic field and you will notice that from my postings. I was an engineer by profession and I do not believe in making an assessment without having all the facts with me.

I have not expressed my opinion in any of my postings against the deviation from "Classical Homeopathy" to meet the requirements of a given situation. It is obvious from the dosage rocommended by me that you have referred to. I believe that Organon is not to be taken as Qoran from which no deviation is possible even when it may be considered necessary by some.We can see how constitutions of countries all over the World are amended from time to time because no generation can fore-see all the cicumstances under which the future generations have to exist.

If we go classically, second dose should be administered only when the improvement shown by the first dose has started fading off. It is hardly possible(I doubt to what extent it is possible to expect it from all patients in actual practice) even in an organised hospital with so many patients. It is ,therefore, a general practice to advise several doses in a day, seeing the situation.

Again, if we strictly follow the Founder, one globule of the size of a poppy seed in an ounce of distilled water is enough. But seeing the possibility of the quality of preparation that the Founder was maintainig in his research not being available every where today,it is a general practice to advise several globules. Founder was using sugar of milk for globules but today to make it cheap, cane sugar(Succrose) is widely used. You must have seen that globules in cane sugar start deteriorating earlier. I bought some medicines in France, Germany and U.K. during 1970-73. Even today their colour is white.

With best wishes,
sahai last decade
Dear Sahai,
Thank you. I appreciate your frank and open opinion on use of more than a pill as a dose. I myself in all my practice used different methods than what is actually said in Organon. Except in rare cases purely for research interest I TRY to stick to the dictum. To be frank I was successful her to.
Your view “If we go classically, second dose should be administered only when the improvement shown by the first dose has started fading off” is good. And this I have been emphasizing and want the forum readers to know.
I am only against those homoeopaths who repeatedly write about Organon and Classical homoeopathy and do not actually practice in actual sense. Such people will break the confidence of younger homoeopaths. I feel they are writing just for writing.
Whether qualified or licensed to practice homoeopathy, if there is someone who could advocate a method which is found useful we should all welcome it, Instead of finding fault with the person in the name of Homoeopathic Philosophy.
Your views are exactly of mine when I posted the very first message – One bottle of 10 size pills…….
I request you to post your above views also under “classical homoeopathy.”
Dr Suresh 17-9-05
Dr Suresh last decade
Respected Dr. Suresh,
I have posted my problem of Genital wart titled 'Dr Suresh HELP-Genital warts since 2-3 months' .Can you please give me your address and no.'s. I live in Pune India and I want to contact you desperately.I dont want to see myself in a situation where the genital warts will be unmanageable.Please HELP....
ParaG last decade
John, been there--What worked for me is a combo of applying apple cider vinegar to destroy the warts...takes maybe week or two. Then, try to help out your immune system--take garlic pills, drink ample water, exercise, eat plenty of veggies. This will help your body fight the virus. Best of luck-
keith2007 last decade
hello ...
i just recently come down with a wart on my penis, a docter gave me a form of acid and che told me to take this 3 times a week for three weeks the same time. I also changed my diet eating healthtier foods, after hearing that it is a virus ... I started using garlic ... and i am also seeing the burnt skin that Johnny mentioned ... my question is will this work? i believe it will but, are there anyone who has had success?
dancer85 last decade
Hello Dr. Suresh,

Could you please send me your contact number or address so that i can meet you.

wizard123 last decade

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