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homeopathic nosodes in place of vaccines - infant

Hi there, I have a 4 month old baby boy. I am not vaccinating him right now, and may use nosodes to help keep him from getting sick. Do these work as a preventative measure? Homeopathic pharmacist tells me so, but all info I can find says that they only work if the illness is incubating already. Anyone have information? Will these help to keep my baby safe?
  khaynette on 2012-04-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Does really no one know anything about this? Is it that unusual that no one can explain this to me? I am making decisions about my infants health and it is a scary place :-( I know that vaccines can be extremely dangerous. And I know the diseases can be just as dangerous. I've done that research. But I can't leave him unprotected...
khaynette last decade
Brisbane homeopath will probably
educate you when he gets on the
forum today. He is not on yet.
simone717 last decade
No this is not a suitable method of preventing disease in a child, or any person. This is not homoeopathy at all. All homoeopathic medicines work ONLY when applied to the individual symptoms a person has. You cannot 'guess' at what is going to happen and try to anticipate it. This is no part of our philosophy at all, and in fact is the Allopathic model for treatment. Since it works according to their philosophy (which is to say it does not work) then you are taking a serious risk in using our medicines this way.

Every homoeopathic medicine does one of two things when you take it. If you have the symptoms that are PECULIAR to that medicine, it will cure them. If you do not have those symptoms it will CREATE them. I have seen many children given these 'homoeopathic vaccinations' presenting with new more serious symptoms where there were none before the treatment. It is DANGEROUS. I debated the risk of this practice with Dr. Isacc Golden who is a great proponent of this unhomoeopathic use of our medicines in a magazine article several years ago. It remains an ongoing debate in homoeopathic circles, which always surprises me since it breaks the very principles that define homoeopathy.

Medicines that do not match your current symptoms, stand a chance of creating side effects, possibly permanent ones. Our nosodes are powerful medicines, and should only be used when they are indicated, which is usually NOT in the case of the actual disease they are made from.

The only reliable way to protect your child is to make sure they are getting constitutional treatment - this means someone is trying to solve their chronic health weaknesses, the very things that will make them vulnerable to those diseases. Cure those vulnerablities, and you will not have to worry about simple childhood diseases. They will have the strength to resist and survive them on their own, or with the help of homoeopathic medicines specifically suited to the condition when it appears.

This is the only kind of reliable protection homoeopathy can offer you. It is better than vaccination, orthodox or homoeopathic.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Well that's not very good news for me, lol, but thanks for letting me know the risks you have witnessed. I must be crazy. No one else seems to have my problem...either they decide vax or not to vax and they are happy with their decision. I was almost happy with not vaxing and giving nosodes until I got this information. The pharmacist I spoke to said there are no side effects to nosodes...so much conflicting information! What is the best way for me to go about getting my infant constitutional treatment? I don't really understand how one would find his health weaknesses and treat for such...doctors only treat people who are sick in some way or another?
khaynette last decade
Either the pharmacist is lying to you, or he has no idea how homoeopathy works. I would not trust him.

Homoeopathy, and in fact most alternative systems of medicine, work in a very different way than orthodox medicine. We treat holistically (the whole person) and we treat to strengthen the person. Strength is the only true protection against disease. You cannot strengthen a person by pumping them full of toxic drugs. You must understand where they are weak, and work to repair those areas.

Primarily I would say that face-to-face homoeopathic treatment with a fully qualified classical homoeopath would be best. If one is not available to you, I can attempt to help you via this forum. Treatment this way is much more difficult though, as many of our diagnostic techniques rely on seeing and being with the patient.

David Kempson
Professional Classical Homoeopath
Registered ATMS 5141
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Just like you have a pediatrician dr.
for baby, you can find a homeopath
dr. MD or homeopath. I had homeopath
MD for my children, plus a pediatrician,
bc sometimes in emergency situation
when homeopathy was not working
had to use the allopathic dr. in
particular situations.

So I assume if you have homeopathic
pharmacy you have homeopaths
in the area, and perhaps homeopaths
who are also MD.
simone717 last decade
It is important to choose the homoeopath carefully though, not just on the basis of them being qualified. Some colleges teach terrible homoeopathy, and some distance learning does not produce skilled practitioners.

Classical homoeopathy is the strictest method of practice, sticking closely to the traditional principles. A classical homoeopath takes a lengthy and detailed case (often 1-2 hours), prescribes a single medicine on the basis of the whole state of the patient, gives that medicine in the smallest and least frequent dosage possible to create a change, and carries out careful assessment at regular intervals to confirm the changes in the patient.

Being a medical doctor can be advantageous when it comes to understanding pathophysiology, but it is often a serious disadvantage when applying our philosophy which is the opposite to theirs. I would not choose someone on that basis unless your child needs regular medical assessment as well.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Your not alone I am in tue same situation, someone told me nosodes could protect and I started ringing round for a homeopath 2.5 years ago funnily enough the one I chose was the one that said the same as David and you can only protect by keeping them strong I still undecided about vaccines, as 2.5 years on I don't seem to be gettin far with homeopath just owe money, he has helped with many acutes but never long term he was the only homeopath in my area that's treats the classical way, others wanted to treat giving by alternating remedies and I have never really properly tried this way but I seem more drawn to classical but am yet to see good lasting long term affects, good luck with finding someone it is difficult (for me anyhow as I like to fully trust ) I really believe this is the most difficult decisions for parents deciding about vaccines (some anyway) David please are you able to do my sons cases or not I trust you and I take some convincing lol my case also needs lookin at please as not sure if remedy working or not or could be very slow gradual improvements I'm not noticing thank you
pixie wood last decade
Update the cases and I will have a look at them.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I would suggest you to go for vaccination as it is the matter of a human life not the matter of victory of Allopathy or Homeopathy.

Leave the case of Nosode VS vaccination for further research & till that time you have to rely on conventional methods of prevention.

Lastly, your pharmacist is totally wrong & probably does not know even the basics of homeopathy. Nosodes have horrible side effects if used unnecessarily or administered improperly by inexperienced or incompetent doctor...
AsadGhumman last decade
One more thing to add that as per my personal experience & little knowledge, Homeopathic medicines do act as vaccines. A common example is that when there is epidemic of Influenza, using Influenza-200 as a precautionary measure usually prevents from catching flue even if everybody around your is ill.

But again as I said earlier, much more research is needed on this subject, so it is NEVER advisable to try something whose behaviour is unknown about a particular case on a human baby. Research should be carried on on animals first. Human life is precious & don't risk your own child for the sake of experience
AsadGhumman last decade
Are you accusing me of experimenting with my child? That is the REASON I am afraid to vaccinate him. Because there have been so many serious vaccine injuries that I don't want to risk my precious son's health or life. And from what I have read, I feel the risk is too significant to put him through it. That is why I am looking for a better way to go about this. Pixie, thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one :-) its nice to not feel like a lunatic...I am going to be looking into a homeopath. (Anything other than conventional medicine is quite new to me)
khaynette last decade
No one is accusing anyone. We are just sharing our point of views. I also strongly believe that homeopathy could be used in place of vaccination but as significant research work is not yet carried out on this subject & it is still a grey area so in my humble opinion one should wait till we have sufficient knowledge. Rest it is upto you to do whatever you like, no one can accuse u.
AsadGhumman last decade
There is actually a difference between homoeopathic prophylaxis and homoeopathic vaccination.

Hahnemann firmly established the usefulness of homoeopathic prophylaxis, when there is a disease in an area and the symptoms can be seen in the population. Because the symptoms are used, there is no conflict with homoeopathic philosophy.

The conflict comes with homoeopathic vaccination because the symptoms are not being used to prescribe it, so it cannot be classified as homoeopathy. Without the law of similars there is no homoeopathy. I suppose another name would have to be created for it - potentized vaccines or something. As long as it is not associated with homoeopathy.

I have seen Isaac Golden's research that shows antibody reactions to using nosodes. But my concern is that this is not the only thing nosodes do - they can create side effects, stimulate pathology that is sleeping, aggravate current diseases. In fact, we know that they must do this (what a substance can cure, it can also cause). Giving any medicine for a specific effect in one part of the body is risky, as that medicine will affect the entire vital energy and attempt to change it.

I have seen practitioners use this system, and I have seen a number of bad effects from it. I think that it is not well thought out and applies allopathic philosophy (treatment of disease names rather than disease pictures).
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi just want to clarify on Homeo MD's
the homeopathic MD's I used
had had allopathic careers and then
went on to get degrees in homeopathy
and gave up!! allopathy totally. They
were classical homeopaths and I feel
I got the benefit of their in depth
education- and have to be pretty
convinced of homeopathy to abandon
successfull careers as Md's and surgeons
simone717 last decade
I wanted to let the original writer of this subject know that I am a mummy of a 9 month who went through the very same decision and having researched thoroughly, decided to use homeoprophylaxis to immunise. So far my son has had no noticeable reaction and a slight reaction with symptoms of a cold. Each month I administer a set dose of a specific remedy which includes a nosode for each disease. It does take quite a while to complete the programme but I feel it is well worth the peace of mind. Yes there can be some children who react badly to the nosodes but this is not a toxic reaction like conventional vaccines and an antidote is included in the homeoprophylaxis kit. I would recommend it. If you would like more details please don't hesitate to ask!
Katiewatey last decade
Hi to the original poster, yes I am too in your situation! Katie, . I'd really like some more information on what you are doing please. I have some nosodes and vaccines but am now incredibly confused

Dear mr kempson
I'm a huge fan of homeopathy and use it on my whole family. With my first daughter I decided to vaccinate selectively and I used the homeopathic vaccines afterwards which I was told somehow eliminated some toxins. Is this correct?

I have a second daughter 6 months old not yet vaccinated. If I wanted to give the nosode for measles (Morbillinum) due to current outbreak in UK. is this ok? what potency would I give it in? I have it in 30c only but have been told 200c or 1m is required.

I have a question that I hope you can answer. With regards to the law of the minimum dose I'm confused. If this is the case why is everything not treated in 6c? Why are certain treatments repeated frequently and 200 c is recommended for children due to the 'high energy of the complaint'.

I continue to treat and use homeopathy but would like to understand it a bit more.

Many thanks
ceava last decade
Hello! I can only tell you what I've been advised for my child and it is indeed 1M potency for morbillinum and just one dose per week for 4 consecutive weeks.

I got a little worried about measles and whooping cough as they are both on the rise which is why I decided to administer these first.

All the best!
Katiewatey last decade
Thanks a lot Katie! Much appreciated!!
ceava last decade

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