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plz help... chronic constipation and ill digestion

dear doc ... plz help me ....

personal information:
full name: hemant juneja

weight:73 kg
height: 5 feet-11'inches
blood pressure:normal
color of tongue:little white
optional information:
(with city and country codes)
email address:
detail patient history
name of disease: chronic constipation

can i be cured and will be able to follow a normal life style

patient description:-

no urge/little urge for passing stools
dry and less stools
motion occurs in 2-3 days.(if no medicine taken). till then remains bloated
and uncomfortable tight stomach.. feels like not doing anything...
when bowel movement doesn't occur any day- acid reflux and heartburn starts......
rarely when constipation increases side effects occurs ,like-- itching scalp, glowless skin.., uncomfortableness(itching) between anus and groin.....
if my bowels keep moving regularly... then i start feeling healthy... i feel my every symptoms is due to constipation.... i have been taking some sort of medicine for occasional reliefs like triphala,aloe vera juice, sorbiline etc... but i dont want to become dependent on them...

cause of your disease / problem:

period of disease / complaints:
near about 10 months

results of major laboratory tests:

comfortable position:-

worse state of disease:-

change of weather:- no effect
hot & cold application:-
(how do you feel in hot or cold
application or when you take bath
or live in warm or cold room)

good time:

worse time:


list of medicines used so for:
(homeopathic and allopathic or herbal, if any etc)
a.triphala (for few days)
b.aloe vera juice


are you addict of alcohol?-no
are you a smoker?- occasionally
are you fond of drinking tea?-no
do you like salty/spicy items or sweet stuff?- little bit
are you vegetarian or carnivore?- mainly vegetarian occasionaly non-veg
how is your bowel movement?--- few bowel movement
(loose motion or constipation etc)
are you slim smart or obese etc?- athletic
do you have craving for any food / drink etc?-no
do you have any wart or mole on your body?-no
(first check your body with care)

list of your major past illnesses / diseases:-
(examples: mumps, chicken pox, whooping
cough, pneumonia, malaria, typhoid etc)
b.no past illness

list of major closed family persons diseases:-

.no diseases

detail of your past vaccination chart:-

a.heppatitis c
  hemant_1993 on 2012-04-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Ok first thing we need to do is get you to fill out a proper intake form. Most of that information is not helpful to me.


Go through each problem one at a time giving a full description of what happens, what pains and sensations you get, what makes it worse and what makes it better, the history of the complaint including when it started and what was happening around that time.

Write a separate section for each problem. Cover even the smallest problems you have.

If any of your symptoms occur together, or immediately before or after one another this is important to note as well.

Do not give single word or short sentence descriptions. The more information you give the better I will be able to help.

Do not read up on the remedies and discuss them. Do not attempt to use the Remedy Finder program on this site. Try to keep yourself apart from all the information about remedies on the internet. Such research on your part actually makes it harder to find the right remedy for you not easier.

Whenever you describe a sensation or pain, try to help me to imagine having that same pain. For example, what would have to happen to me to recreate that symptom?

Allow yourself to diverge if you wish. If discussing the problem brings up any emotional or mental issues, then discuss them.

Do not edit your report, except for spelling mistakes. It is important that even if you use the wrong word, you write that. You can correct yourself in the next sentence.

If you have not done this by the time you have covered your problems, discuss the problems you have generally had in your life. What have been the big traumas, the big issues for you? Where have you felt unable to change, where do you get stuck repeating the same behaviours?

Also discuss the issues you might have had in childhood. Talk about your family, your upbringing, your parents. What kind of child were you? What did you fear, what did you aspire to, what do you remember the most?

Lastly talk about the way in which you handle or cope with your problems. What are the patterns that reoccur in your life? How do you find yourself managing your problems, even if it is not successful? To what degree do your problems affect you? How do you think everything will work out in the end for you?

Also answer these general health questions, if you have not already discussed them:

1. What foods do you crave or hate?

2. What drinks do you crave or hate?

3. Does any food or drink have a negative effect on you?

4. What is your sensitivity to the temperature and weather?

5. What is your physical energy like? What activities seem to raise or lower it?

6. What is your sexual desire like? Are there any problems in this area you feel comfortable talking about?

7. What is your sleep like, what problems do you have with it?

8. What issues do you have around your menstrual cycle (if a woman)?

9. What dreams tend to reoccur in your life, or have reoccurred previously? If not a specific whole dream, what images or situations tend to crop up?

There will almost certainly be more questions from me after this to clarify and to explore further.

David Kempson
Professional Classical Homoeopath
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
sir, my problem started around 11-12 months before ..that time i was regularly going to gym after attending my hectic schedule in college...i started eating chicken ,eggs, soyabean for muscle building when i noticed that i have started having less bowel movements...and slowly i started to feel constipated ... i started to feel restless every morning if i didn't had a bowel movement that day...

i thought maybe my liver is not functioning properly..
i consumed himalaya liv-52.. but no significant improvement occured.. i was confused whether the problem was of constipation or poor digestion.. i did nothing wrong i ate vegetarian diet. consumed lot of vegetables.. then why is this happening to me at a young age of 20.. i became little frustrated .. most of the time i thought about possible reasons for my illness... someone said maybe you have lifted heavy weights in gym... and your solar plexus had shifted... .. i am not going to gym since then.. i also tried yoga... but was neverregular at it..

i also had during this period very itchy scalp and my hair became dull and dry..i thought maybe its a side effect of constipation... and indeed .. when my bowels kept moving for a week or so.. i noticed improvement in my hairs and scalp... i felt during this period that my skin had lost its lustre. .. i felt as if my body had started detoriating ..i started having acid reflux,heartburn etc...i felt very bad.. i kept on searching internet for different home remedies for poor digestion , constipation .... and kept on trying them ..during this period ... once my constipation became very serious... i didn't had a bowel movement for 2-3 days and if i ate triphala i vomited... i developed ringworms on my both thighs near groin....
then i started consuming aloe vera and gradually ring worms vanished and digestion improved but it never healed completely..
but even aloe vera didn't worked if i ate a heavy meal , or eggs or chicken...

sometimes i feel uneasiness between scrotum and anus..mainly itching

recently i consulted a alopathic gasintrologist .. and he said nothing was wrong and its not necessary that you should have regular bowel movements...and gave me sorbiline syrup.. i am taking this syrup for 4 weeks now... my condition has improved. and i don;t have acid reflux, heartburn and all... but bloating and a feeling of tightness around abdomen is there.... plus i don't want to become dependent on it...and if i don't have a bowel movement regularly.. i don't feel fresh and energetic.....

there are no particular food that i crave for.. i eat healthy foods..

i was very occasional about drinking alcohol.. and i left drinking alcohol since this constipation problem...

i smoke 1 ciggarate a day..

i consumed good amount of milk and curd ..
i eat salads...

i hav noticed one thing.. sunlight and very chilli food made my scalp itching worse..

i am not very sensitive to weather .. i am ohk with it..

my physical energy i good... but sometimes i feel lazy when my digestion is not good or i am constipated...

my sexual life is normal..

i have a sound sleep..

sometimes i have dreams and they were normal...

recently i am having weakness in one leg .. similar to sciatica...

and i am doing exercises for it... this problem is not severe...i thought if it can help you in some way....

no other issues mental or physical...

hemant_1993 last decade
plz help doc!!!
hemant_1993 last decade
Hi there,

The following additional information is required to help you. Therefore, please do the best you can in providing a detailed and accurate data.

1. ID
2. Age
3. Sex
4. Single/Married
5. weight
6. Height Â….
7. country
8. climate
9. List of your complaints

10. Since how long are you suffering from each complaint

11. Diabetic or non-Diabetic
12. Desire sweets/sour/salt
13. Thirst
14. Tongue and Taste
15. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine)

16. What exactly is happening?

17. How do you feel?
18. How does this affect you?

19. How does it feel like?
20. What comes to your mind?
21. One situation that had a
big effect on you?

22. How did that feel like?
23. What sensation do you experience in that situation?

24. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand (Habits or Actions)?

25. Current and previous remedies/medicines you are taking or took in the past?

26. Family Background
27. Educational Qualifications of the patient

28. Nature of work, what do you do for living?

29. Desires, likes and dislikes for food

30. Name of foods which increase your problem

31. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatientÂ…and so on.. How are you different from other persons, public speaking or not , you can describe all of the details about your behavior, love and affections.

32. Aggravation (increases-time, season,)& Amelioration (Decreases)

33. Attached here your photographs of the affected area. (if required/optional)

34. Location of the disease
35. Side of the problem (Right or Left), (Upper or Lower part of body)
36. Color of the secretions/discharges e.g urine, stool, sputum, Saliva etc.

For Females Only
37. When is the period during the month approx date? Any monthly cycle issues? Regular, early, late, before problems, after problems, pain, any other discharges?
38. Are you pregnant? If yes, please give pregnancy start date? Any current issues?

nawazkhan last decade
i have posted all the information above.... plz do read it...
hemant_1993 last decade
Take a diet rich in fiber.drink plenty of water and cranberry juice eat one two apples daily before going to bed and do exercise early in the morning.this will help to remove the toxins from your body and strengthen your immune system.and avoid alcohol cigrettes and harmful chemical in a weeks time your problem will be cured naturally and u will live safe and healthy life.
Laserjet last decade
Sir, have the same problem like himanshu only difference is I am suffering from three year ,student of management accountancy and age of 24 .Once I go for gasteroantrology and he prescribed me one of antibiotics and antacid ,they gave me relief for sometime but problem persists after a while ,i tried several ayurvadic medicine but problem is still as it is.
Plz help
Symptoms and other effect lifestyle are like himanshu and I also have papilloma warts on my face and growing continuously
anubhava8gmail.com 6 years ago
Looks like a big constipation problem.

I would suggest you change your diet completely, stop eating any outside food!
amitn73 5 years ago

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