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Drug Withdrawals and Homeopathy

Hello. This is a question I have for any Homeopaths that might read this. I have a website for antidepressant withdrawals support, and I also am involved in a very large support group forum for this. I often recommend to people to contact a Homeopath. I have successfully used Homeopathy to deal with withdrawal symptoms. However, time and again Homeopaths put the patient on a remedy that they have made from the antidepressant. This is a fallacy. It does not work. I tried it, and many have tried it, and then they give up on Homeopathy altogether, thinking it is bogus. This is tragic. I want to know the protocol you all use when dealing with withdrawal issues . It doesn't make any sense to me to make a rememdy of the drug the person is withdrawing from, as it is not the drug causing the symptoms, it is the LACK of the drug causing changes in brain chemistry. It seems that Homeopaths are mistaking withdrawals for side effects. When dealing with side effects of medication, it totally makes sense to make a remedy with the offending medication, but NOT for withdrawals. Could someone please look into this, it is serious. It needs to be published in an article by a Homeopath as this problem is widespread among Homeopaths and it discourages people that are in serious need of help.

Thank you.
  shantiluv on 2012-05-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I just want to add that not only is the remedy made from the antidepressant (or Benzos in some cases) not working, but it causes many of these patients to have worsening of their symptoms. Because of that, they are then afraid to try a remedy matched to their symptoms instead.
shantiluv last decade
Actually that MAY work, as an isopathic medicine where the orthodox medication has clearly created some kind of blockage in the path to cure for the patient. However, it should never be done first, or done without taking a full case to see what remedy actually comes up for the patient. Isopathy, while not strictly homoeopathy, can be a useful tool in difficult or complicated cases. It is a tool that needs to be used properly though, and not just out of laziness.

Something you need to understand about withdrawal, is that it is just the polarity of addiction. It is part of the same state. You cannot get withdrawal without having taken the drug, and the withdrawal will reflect in some way the original effect of the drug (often as an opposite).Every homoeopathic remedy contains opposite states, which you may only see in seperate patients or you can see in the lifetime of a single patient.

So withdrawl that has come about because of a drug, is because of that drug. The symptoms are indeed related to it, but more importanly they are related to the individual's response to the drug (or removal from their system). In effect the vital energy is attempting to rebalance itself now that the drug is not constantly impacting on it, and it will do that, as it always does, by creating symptoms in the opposite direction.

So first step should be to take those symptoms and aid the vital force (whose intelligence should never be doubted) with a medicine of similar nature. However, in a case where the drug itself has created some kind of obstacle to cure, using the drug isopathically may be helpful. After it has done its work you would come back to normal 'constitutional' prescribing.

People can actually get stuck with some of the withdrawal symptoms too, in which case the drug given isopathically could be considered. The vital energy can actually be affected for the rest of that person's life, unless a healer can correct it.

The important thing is not to see this as some kind of short-cut. There are clear themes for people that need drug remedies, theses should be sought out to make sure using a drug-remedy is appropriate. Laziness is an abhorrent trait in a homoeopath.

David Kempson
Professional Classical Homoeopath
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thank you David Kempson. This is such a serious, and big issue. Several of these people that we are helping do resort to suicide. There is no time for messing around and seeing lazy Homeopaths. Thousands are coming through our site. Sucide is the number one issue with them. This helps me a lot and may I quote you on my website? I want to be sure people see this is not a way to go at first.

Also, there is another issue with Antidepressant and Benzodiazapine withdrawal. These people must taper of the medicine very slowly, dropping about 10% every 4 - 6 week. I feel that they are repeatedly reharming their CNS and brains, but there is no way around it. Therefore, for myself when I went through the long months of withdrawal, I had to take Homeopathy repeatedly to counter the re-harm from the medicine. I hope that makes sense! Unfortunaly, we had egotistical Homeopath come to our forum and scared most of the people away from treatment, by countering what I said, and saying they should only take the remedies for 3 days. This infuriated me, because while I'm not a Homeopath, I have been through the horrors of these withdrawal syndrome, know friends on the groups that suicide and was suicidal myself, and I KNOW what helped me. Because I used Homeopathy and it saved my life. I wanted to help save others, but this Homeopath scared them, and the next day even another killed herself. I was so angry at this Homeopath for doing this. She used her credentials to override all my advice that saves lives and it could not be undone. Can you tell me, in a case where we are repeatedly harming ourselves, that it could be necessary to continue Homeopathy until the tapering is over? Thank you so much for your time.
shantiluv last decade
Also, this is an important question. This same Homeopath that did this, also scared many away from Homeopathy by saying that wrong treatment with Homeopathy can make a person crazy. These people are already scared to death about the state of their minds. I really hold this woman responsible for the deaths of many by her need to inflate her ego. Is it true that Homeopathy has the potential to harm a persons mind if it is the wrong remedy? We were talking about Stramonium in particular, as Stramonium is the remedy that did save my mind and my life.
shantiluv last decade
Whenever there is constant medical suppression in a case, you will find you have to repeat the remedy much more frequently. It appears that some homoeopaths have no genuine understanding of the Law of the Minimum Dose, which directs us to give the least amount possible to effect a change. This might be one dose, or it might be daily doses. Some people interpret this as hardly any medicine to be given, which in some cases is as bad as overdosing.

Homoeopathy does indeed have the potential to harm people, if it is being used inappropriately. Usually this is because the remedy is being used too often, is not the correct remedy for the patient, is suppressing the symptoms (a particularly serious event that can kill the patient), is too much for the patient due to potency or the individual's sensitivity, or is too aggravating to the physical pathology.

A remedy can aggravate mental pathology as well, which might mean without support and supervision, people can go completely off the rails and end up in hospital, probably being re-drugged. This is why face-to-face prescribing is better for such cases (with a trained homoeopath who actually uses the principles).
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
don't know what your website is??

but sounds like you need a list of
homeopaths, online and offline that
understand how to treat these cases-

Obviously whoever that woman was
did not have much sensitivity to who
she was talking to.
simone717 last decade
Thank you brisbane, that helps! Simone, that is a great idea. I don't know why I didn't think of it. I just need to find out about homeopaths that will help this way. I'll make some calls. Thank you all! If anyone has more thoughts on this, please give your input. Thank you.
shantiluv last decade
I would make sure the homeopaths
have the right sensitivity to work
with these people and I would get
feedback from the people who use
the homeopaths. Maybe then you can
match the person to the homeopaths

I don't think this is like taking a normal
case, more like handling someone in
hospital initially till things become
somewhat stabilized for the patient.
Requires more than normal attention,
so I would hope the person also
had a support team and other go to
person or therapist till they get over
the first hill at least.
simone717 last decade
I am 11 months into withdrawal from klonopin and would like help with homeopathy
Hollyms last decade
Are there any Homeopaths reading this conversation that would like to contact me and have their contact information on my website? I would be grateful, as any Homeopath reading this is now clued in to some of the issues. It would help so much! If you contact me, I can link you to my website, as I can't link it here on the forum.

Holly, I highly recommend benzobuddies for support and advice, as well as working with a Homeopath. You can find them through Google, as I can't link here. Just type in benzobuddies and you'll find them. Good luck with your taper! Benzobuddies has a lot of helpful information and taper guides that will help you. Homeopathy is very effective, when done right and with a Homeopath, in withdrawals from Benzos and Antidepressants. I have been through both and I am fine now. Hang in there.
[message edited by shantiluv on Wed, 09 May 2012 16:36:23 BST]
shantiluv last decade
Of course, if you have your contact information on my website, these patients would hire you for your guidance. My email is angel.shantiluv at ymail dot com.
shantiluv last decade
I agree. Handling people in this situation takes a great deal of care and patience. I have dealt with many patients in clinic who have addictions and are trying to give up, both legal and illegal. The ones that do the best are the ones that contact a support group, and if there is any kind of program for them I encourage them to participate in it.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
brisbane, I am not an addict. I never took more than what was prescribed to me, in fact, I usually took less. I derived no pleasure from it, no 'high.' I have never had cravings for benzos, and will never touch them again my life. There are many, many of us 'involuntary addicts' who do not need a 'program.'
Hollyms last decade
Some people are not so lucky. Some people crave the drug, often for the same reason they took it in the first place (stress, anxiety etc). They have learned to deal with their problems via the drug, and programs with people who have been through the same thing are often very useful for them in offering support during those times when they are at risk for relapsing.

Wether addiction is involuntary or voluntary is not really relevent. People present in much the same way with it. And they often need a higher level of support than I can offer. I even suggest people join websites for things like Nasal Sparay addiction - it seems that being able to talk to people who have gone through the same thing really helps the process of getting clean, and it often helps them to devise strategies for managing whatever it was that brought them to the drugs in the first place. There is no point in taking someone off one drug if the underlying reason for it still exists, and cure of that may be complex and time-consuming. Support groups and programs will give them the ability to hold on and deal with it until a solution is found.

I also have found that many times addicts, during the homoeopathic aggravation, will find it especially difficult to resist 'busting'. Having others they can talk to helps them confront this emotional or physical flare up and get through it.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Holly, I never considered myself an addict in the general sense, like you described. I only took what was prescribed to me, totally oblivious to what I was in for. But the fact is that it is an addiction and I don't think Brisbane meant it in the negative, junkie type way. A support group is very helpful for us, to talk to people that are experiencing, and have gone through the same thing you are. It is a huge comfort and gives you hope. Support group doesn't mean you are a weak willed addict or anything. I work on forums support groups, and all of there got into this mess by our doctors without being informed of the hell we would be in.
shantiluv last decade
Holly, I just want to give you a little advice about the support forums. If you are feeling very negative and down, when you go there don't read random posts. Mostly read the success stories, and post in your own Journal or Intro and people will come to support you there. It can get too negative if you read other people's stories while you're down.

I'm still looking for Homeopaths that wouldn't mind being listed in my directory. Thank you.
shantiluv last decade
thank you for the advice shanti
Hollyms last decade
Hi, I am wanting to speak with Shantiluv but do not know if she still frequents this site. I will try her email she posted here but not sure she will open it from a stranger. Anyone know how she is doing with w/d's and homeopathy? Did it work well for her?

I am looking into seeing a homeopath but must say am still scared of the withdrawals.
solow 8 years ago

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