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nikki-pre-diabetic, high blood pressure

Hi, Nikkie-recently I emailed you about sugar issue, but didn't follow up, becuz concerned with son's back problem(herniated disk-which you helped so much-thank you so much)
I also have high blood pressure due in part to my fear of having a stroke, like my Dad. and just fear and anxiety in general. it's gotten much worse with age(68) I was always calm and happy, now I'm depressed a lot and anxious a lot'
following are answers you asked me about blood sugar.
1.blood sugar fasting is 100-140. after eating very starchy meal-150-300
2.cholesterol 165
3.no trouble sleeping
4.age 68, weight 175, height 5'5'
5.used to get tired feeling after eating, but not for last month, since I have not been eating starch or sugar.
6.I feel a lot of tension and anger. I get upset at small everyday things
7.no blood deficiency symptoms
8.I love open air. I love to be outside gardening.
i cann';t stand extreme heat and humidity. I like cooler weather.
9. good appetite
10 . digestion good. A little acidity once in a while
11.vision used to get weaker a few times a week, but not since I'm watching diet,
12.thirst is normal 13.normal urination. unless I drink a lot of water
14. don't take insulin. take high blood pressure drug. nothing else(no other drugs)
15 heart is normal. I do have mild mitral valve prolapse, which has never caused any problems.
16.I do feel sad a lot of the time.
please let me know if there are more questions concerning the high blood pressure. I hope it was 0.k. to incorporate both problems in one!
a million thanks!
  barb.chadha on 2012-05-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Thanks for the update. You can start with below mentioned dose before i prepare a long list of question set for you :)

Please get hold of following medicine in liquid dilution:

1) Arnica 6c.

Take Arnica 6c in Wet dose thrice daily. First dose early morning empty stomach and second dose in the afternoon and final dose before going to bed. Please continue for month (initialy).

The Wet dose of Arnica 6c Homeopathic remedy is made as follows (courtesy: Joe De Livera):

Arrange for 500ml bottle of Spring or Mineral Water.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace. Now insert just 3 drops of Arnica 6c into the bottle (and tight the cap) and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large tablespoon which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done every time before sipping a dose form the bottle.

1> Please let me know your daily blood pressure ? (How much is the average blood pressure range in a day, just a approximate figure)

2> Since you are taking medicines for blood pressure, keep sufficient time gap between allopathic and Homeopathy, adjust the time as per that ( time gap of 2 hrs is ok). At present dont stop Hypertension doses, it will be a controlled reduction (with care).

Please Keep me updated. I will get back to you with few more questions.

Blessings & Prayers,
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Nikkie 9 years ago
hi, Nikkie,
you asked me what is my blood pressure on any given day-well, I never take it because I have developed an extreme phobia about taking it. Whenever I even think about taking it-I can feel my blood pressure going up and I start feeling weak and dizzy. I haven't taken it in 5 years. When I go to the Dr.-which of course I hate because they always take it-it is very high -160-180.
Is there some hom.path.medicine to help me overcome this debilitating fear?
thanks, Barbara
barb.chadha 9 years ago
Thanks for the update. To Overcome the FEAR find out the cause ! In your case is Blood pressure. Get hold of Home BP monitor set, where in you canget your daily updates. This tracking will help you to adjust your life style. There are lot of underline causes which i want to evluate for a specific dose, hence tracking BP on daily bases is very much required. Fear of BP monitoring cannot trigger BP to 160-180 range.

There are lots of homeopathy medicines which will help you, but without proper evaluation we wont get the expected results.

1) I need to know in which part of the day BP triggers? (ie: is it in morning,afternoon,evening,night, also need to mention timing)
2) What is the over all body symptoms when BP is triggered. (severe headache with nausea or vomiting or sweating or numbness or pain in the heart region)
3) Do you feel headache during Blood pressure rise , which area of the head pains?
4) How is your kidney Health?
5) Did you feel pain in your head when you get angry or irritated or sad? Explain me why you get angry,irritated or SAD?

You can start with the Arnica wet dose as explained in above post. Dont worry you will be ok.

>> You will avoid consumption of SALT (very important)

Please keep me updated.

Blessings & Prayers,
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Nikkie 9 years ago
Couldn't I take some 'general' hom. medicine such as argentrum nitricum which says on label-' for apprehension & fright' just before taking my blood pressure? What would be the harm in that?
plz. advise! Barbara
barb.chadha 9 years ago
In chronic aliment, it is not right to go ahead with casual prescription ('general' hom), in my view many a times, the patient dont respond to the standard well know prescriptions......

Blessings & Prayers,
Nikkie 9 years ago
Nikkie-it's 1 a.m. and I woke up with a slight panic attack-rapid pulse-trembling, sick to stomach, just thinking about all this-having to take blood pressure, etc.
Just to initially get over my fear of strapping myself with that cuff, I want to take something, just for the firswt few times, to get used to it . Otherwise, I think I'm hopeless.
barb.chadha 9 years ago
OK !

Please get hold of following medicine in liquid dilution:

1) Cactus Q (mother tincture).

>> Take two doses of cactus Q . First dose should be taken early morning empty stomach. Second dose before going to bed. Repeat for one week.

One dose means.
The medicine is in liquid dilution form. Add 10 drops of medicine in some half cup (Approx. 3 sip) water and stir with spoon. Sip up the content.

Important: In case you are in situation (as said above) or your BP has shooted high you can repeat cactus after every 15 minutes (only in case of acute situation else twice a day for continious one week and stop.). Dont use more then eight doses in a stretch with 15 minutes interval. You can use it on SOS bases. In normal situation two times a day for one week, on SOS eight doses with fifteen minute intervals (SOS = Blood pressure high + sweating + heart beat + fear + low energy).
Also do keep the following medicine in stock:
1) Carbo Veg. 30 (liquid dilution).

Take three doses of carbo veg in a day after a gap of six hours in a situation where in you start thinking 'i'm hopeless' :).

Also if you are taking cactus dont take carbo veg (&vice a versa). ie: One particular medicine in one day.

Make sure you keep all medicines away from direct sunlight, strong smell, strong heat zone (keep it in a dark cool place away from allopathic medicines). Also make sure the dropper is fitted with the bottle, else use separate dropper for different medicine for making doses, this will avoid unnecessary contamination.
Please follow homeopathy restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, and no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 45 minutes before or after taking medicine and brushing of teeth one hour before or one hour after taking the medicine. These restrictions need to be followed each time you take homeopathy medicines during the treatment.

For time being dont go to doctor to measure your Blood pressure. ENJOY , please have sound sleep.

I have no update on arnica wet dose from your side? If you have any specific query please let me know.

Please do update.

Blessings & Prayers,
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Nikkie 9 years ago
thanks so much, Nikkie.!!!!
I have to order cactus Q & carbo veg., so it usually takes about a week to receive.,
I'm so sorry, what is the arnica supposed to do? I'm taking it, but because of other emotions,results aren't apparent.
barb.chadha 9 years ago
I prescribed you Arnica wet dose looking at symptoms like Blood sugar,High Bp, Fear,weakness, other emotions etc etc. Normaly it will take one week time to show the results (when you take arnica wet dose two times a day as explained in my previous posts). Cactus and carbo. Veg. on SoS bases.

If possible try to get one digital blood pressure measuring set. Try BP monitoring your self. This will help you in getting rid of Clicnical phobia symptoms :). If you want to get rid of any weakness which is scenario related , only way to fight such fear is to get yourself into the similar situation and find the solution and live cheerful life ELSE you will always get trapped every time you face such situations in your day to day life. Life is meaningless if it dosn't have challenges and hurdles, to overcome such challenges and hurdles is the Art of True Living.

Have a cheerful day.

Blessings & Prayers,
Nikkie 9 years ago
is cactus grandiflora the same thing? I can't find cactus q mother tincture anywhere!!!
barb.chadha 9 years ago
Hi Barb,
yes it is cactus grandiflora, and you
can purchase it from Helios Homeopathic
Pharmacy. When you click on the
remedy sizes, etc go down to bottom of
the page and it says Mother Tincture,
that is what you want. Don't know where
you are, I am in usa and they don't have
it as mother tincture on remedies store
from any supplier. Helios takes about
5 days to get to you.
simone717 9 years ago
Hi, Nikkie
in doing some research, I think a lot of my symptoms are due to menopause. (hot flashes, facial heat and redness, irritability, depression, mood swings,painic attacks))
I was always easy going,happy, rather carefree before menopause. I've had 20 years of hot flashes,but in my later years of this(I'm 68 and started menopause at age 45)things are getting worse as far as emotions are concerned,and I still have the hot flashes once a day with extreme facial heat and redness.,
I was looking up hom. remedies for these symptoms, but there are quite a few remedies, can you suggest which ones are the most effective?
also, I just ordered cactus, but not in mother tincture, because I would have to order from U.K. and with shipping, it would be $40.00. I am retired and on a limited budget!.( also, the liquid formulas cost 3 times as much as the other, so would it be possible to always use the non-liquid?)

I will pay the extra if you say the non-liquid won't work . Plz. advise.
Thanks so much!
Oh, I almost forgot! What are best remedies for the dizziness and headaches caused by the blood pressure medication?
barb.chadha 9 years ago
The following additional information is required to help you. Therefore, please do the best you can in providing a detailed and accurate data.

1) State your Age -Sex -Height-Weight-Job-Location?
2) Explain in details the chief complaints?
3) What is the duration of illness?
4) If you have Thyroid functioning complications, please explain?
5) If you have blood sugar, do mention the clinical details?
6) Do you have digestion problem? Explain in details.
7) Do you face any problem in bowl movement? Any constipation symptoms?
8) Do you feel thirsty? How many glasses of water you drink every day?
9) Do you feel good in warm or cold or humid climate? Which climate aggravates your problem?
10) Do you have any stress? Explain in details.
11) Do you get normal sound sleep?
12) Explain in detail about your mood?
13) Any problem with you periods? (For females)
- Are the periods early, regular or late in general? How long do they last?
- Do you suffer from any kind of physical or mental discomfort before, during or after the periods?
- Is the flow scanty, normal or excessive?
- Is the blood thick bright red or pale watery?
- Do you notice any clots in the flow?
14) Any past health history for which you would like to share the information?
15) List all the medicine used / using for past / present health complaints?
16) Do you exercise daily? Or any other physical activity.
17) What is your Cholesterol level?
18) What do you crave for in food items and what are your aversions?
19) How is your hunger: Less, Normal or Excessive?
20) Is your sweat normal or less or more? Where does it sweat more: Head, Trunk or Limbs?
21) How much is your present blood pressure?
22) Please give details about your food intake (breakfast-lunch-dinner)?


Note the following when using my email id during the progress of treatment:
1) In situation were in you are not comfortable discussing some of the symptoms on open forum.
2) In situation were in you are not comfortable to upload image on open forum.

Getting all the symptoms at the time of evaluation is the soul purpose of this note which will give tangible benefits to the patientsÂ’ health treatment, which will be carried out on this forum. DonÂ’t forget to give your feed back on this link: http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/285783/
Nikkie 9 years ago
hi,Nikkie-I'm having trouble with the link for privacy.
what is your hot mail address?
I'm having trouble with that, too.
(I'm not exactly computer savvy)
barb.chadha 9 years ago
answers to blood pressure problem.
1. age68 sex f-ht-5'5' weight-165 job-retired
location-va. wash.d.c. area
2.chief complaints-high blood pressure and pre-diabetes
3.illness-high blood pressure for 6 years

4.no problem with thyroid
5.pre- diabetes diagnosed 6 mos. ago
6. no digestion p-roblems
7. no bowel problems. no constipation
8.rarely feel thirsty. drink 2-3-4glasses water per day
9.like cooler climates. headt and humidity bother me.
10.stress-my husband is an alcoholic-has been for the 36 years of our marriage.He's not vioent or anything, but has been through all the ramification of the disease-3-4 trips to hospital, drunk driving-etc. hiding alcohol , mood swings.
other stress is being on a very tight budget, as we are both retired.
11- sleep is normal
12-mood- sometimes angry over the smallest thing. cry and feel sad for no reason, which some of it I think I can associate with menopause, because I used to be very even-tempered and happy
I13.-menopause with hot flashes, mood swings, panic attacks
14.No past health problems
(dr. said I have a very mild mitral valve prolapse)
15. took zoloft 2 years ago
Dr. suggested it to relieve my anxiety over blood pressure. I weaned myself off of it, don't like chemicals!!!
Now I take25mg. of Metropolol for blood pressure.
16. exercise 3x a week, plus gardening.
18.in food I crave sugar
no real aversions to any other food
19. hunger is normal
20.normal sweat-head sweats more
21 present blood pressure-150-160/85-90
22.food intake-severely reduced my calories and have lost 25 lb. eat 2 lg. salads per day plus small serving chicken or fish.
that's it. thanks to you for taking the time to help me!!
barb.chadha 9 years ago
Thanks for the update. You can use my email id if you already have an email account in hotmail or yahoo or Gmail etc. Clicking on my email id will take you to your desktop outlook express. If outlook is configured on your computer well and good else best approach is to open an account on yahoo or Gmail or hotmail etc (or any mail service provider, your choice).

>You were supposed to order cactus in mother tincture form. (dont manipulate with potency as per your conv.)

>I prescribe remedies in liquid dilution form.

> All the remedies are good in homeopathy. While prescribing remedies one has to look for underline cause of problem. Prescription cannot be made on general assumption.

You can continue with Arnica 6c wet dose as explaine before. Since you are trying to use my email id , i will wait for any more relevant information from your side. (Till then) don't buy any medicine for time being.

Please do update.

Blessings & Prayers,
Nikkie 9 years ago
o.k. thanks!
my brother-in-law has found a site for cactus mother tincture, it will be here in a week.
barb.chadha 9 years ago
so sorry for the delay-I'm STILL waiting for a back order of cactus tincture, plus my computer crashed.
I haven't given up, no way!
the arnica has helped me, too!
barb.chadha 9 years ago
Thanks for the update. Continue with Arnica wet dose as told in my previous mail. You can use cactus as and when required. Since you had started with Arnica wet dose. I would request update on weekly bases :).

Blessings & Prayers,
Nikkie 9 years ago
hi, nikki. sorry I didn't follow up. just wanted it all to go away. But I had to have an exam for life insurance, including taking b.p. reading. it was 170/? the first time, but 3rd time it went down to 144/80. (with b.p. medicine.)
barb.chadha 9 years ago

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