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New Discovery Promotes Growth of Hair

I have been experimenting with another remedy to promote the growth of hair which one has to make as follows:

10ml Arnica Q (Mother Tincture)
50ml pure (virgin) Coconut Oil

Mix the 2 products together by banging the bottle on your palm to make the solution to fizzle like when you open a bottle of soda. Do this 6 times before you use it daily. Note that there should be over 2 inches of air space above the solution to permit it to fizzle. This is succussion and it increases the potency of the liquid remedy.

Wet your finger tips with a few drops of the solution and apply to the roots of your hair and massage in well. You will notice that this promotes the growth of hair. I have used it in a few cases and they have all reported strong growth of their hair. The loss of their hair has also been arrested.

This hair 'tonic' can be used safely on a daily basis as long as you wish.
  Joe De Livera on 2005-08-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I failed to mention in my post above that I also recommend the use of Arnica 30c to help with the hair loss.

This should be taken twice daily in the wet dose which is made up as follows:

Get a 500 ml bottle of Spring Water.
Pour out 100 ml
Put in just 1 drop of the liquid remedy, Arnica 30c or 3 golbules into the water and screw the cap on.
Bang the bottle on your palm or a cushion and watch for the bubbles that rise up with each bang. This is called succussion and renders the water to be slightly higher in potency and makes the remedy more effective.
Sip just 1 teaspoonful of the potentized water twice daily with the last dose taken prior to sleep. A bonus in using Arnica is that you will sleep very deeply and your aches and pains will be history as the remedy helps the body to recover quickly.
Joe De Livera last decade
Do you recommend Arnica 30c or 6c? I have read about both under your posts... Also, when I order through ABC when they list Arnica tincture am I correct to assume that it is a mother tincture?

Thanks for your help,

jentoun last decade
Reports from those who have used my formula to arrest hair fall and to promote hair growth have indicated that the 30c is more effective than the 6c and I shall promote the 30c in future.

Q = Mother Tincture.

A word of caution with this Q remedy. Keep it away from children as it is potent and can cause damage if it is ingested.
Joe De Livera last decade
I was wondering if you have ever experimented with low potency fluoric acid?

I have been reading how miraculous fluor. acid is for hair and skin and thought it might be an worth a try to rotate it with the use of arnica for hair. Specifically, I have read that 'fluor acid relieves congestion of blood in the head region.' I believe that this is the main mechanism for balding.

I was wondering if you have ever used fluoric acid? If not do you think it is worth a try? Thanks for your insight.

jentoun last decade
I do not think that Fluoric Acid can help growth of hair. In any case I have never used it for this purpose. I would like to know the reason you suggested this remedy for hair growth.

For your information I am copying below Boricke's MM on Fluoricum Acidum

by William BOERICKE, M.D.

Hydrofluoric Acid

Especially adapted to chronic diseases with syphilitic and mercurialhistory. Glabella region bloated. Acts especially upon lower tissues, and indicated in deep, destructive processes, bedsores, ulcerations, varicose veins, and ulcers. Patient is compelled to move about energetically. Complaints of old age, or the prematurely aged, with weak, distended blood vessels. Hob-nailed liver of alcoholics. Goitre (Dr. Woakes) (Kali fluoride produced bronchocele in dogs). Early decay of teeth. Old cases of nightly fevers, coming on periodically.

Mind.--Indifference towards those loved best; inability to realize responsibility; buoyancy. Mentally elated and gay.

Head.--Alopecia. Caries of skin. Pressure on sides of head from within outward. Caries of ossicles and mastoid, with copious discharge; worse warmth (Silica; worse cold). Exostosis.

Eyes.--Sensation as of wind blowing through eyes. Lachrymal fistula. Violent itching of inner canthus.

Nose.--Chronic nasal catarrh with ulceration of the septum; nose obstructed and dull heavy pain in forehead.

Mouth.--Dental fistula, with persistent bloody, salty discharge. Syphilitic ulceration of throat, which is very sensitive to cold. Teeth feel warm. Affects teeth and bones of upper jaw.

Stomach.--Heaviness and weight in stomach heat in stomach before meals. Sour eructations. Averse to coffee, wants fancy dishes. Stomach symptoms relieved by tight clothes. Desire for highly seasoned food. Craves cold water, hungry. Warm drinks produce diarrhÏa.

Abdomen.--Soreness over liver. Flatus and eructations.

Stool.--Bilious diarrhÏa, with aversion to coffee.

Male.--Burning in urethra. Sexual passion and desire increased with erections at night, during sleep. Swollen scrotum.

Urine.--Scanty, dark. In dropsy, produces frequent and free discharge, with great relief.

Female.--Menses copious, frequent, too long. Ulceration of uterus and os. Copious and excoriating leucorrhÏa. Nymphomania.

Respiratory.--Oppression of chest, difficult breathing, great dyspnÏa. Hydrothorax.

Extremities.--Inflammation of joints of fingers. Feeling as of a splinter under nail. Nails crumble. Caries and necrosis, especially of long bones. Coccygodynia. Ulcer over tibia.

Skin.--Varicose veins. N¾vi. Ulcers; red edges and vesicles. Decubitus; worse, warmth. Syphilitic rupia. Itching of cicatrices. Feels as if burning vapor were emitted from pores. Itching especially of the orifices, and in spots, worse warmth. Nails grow rapidly. Periosteal abscess. Profuse, sour, offensive perspiration. Syphilitic tubercles. Dropsy of limbs in old, feeble constitutions. Atony of capillary and venous system. Tissues bloated.

Modalities.--Worse, warmth, morning, warm drinks. Better, cold while walking.

Relationship.--Compare: Thiosinaminum (action on cicatricial tissues; adhesions, strictures, tumors); Calc fluor; Silica.

Complementary: Silica.

Dose.--Sixth to thirtieth potency.
Joe De Livera last decade

I found a small homeopathic book published by B Jain publishing in India that writes of fluoric acid's use for relieving congestion of blood in the head and its applications for alopecia.

'Walkin' also has written about fluoric acid's benefits on skin in some of his previous posts..... he sited an entire book that was dedicated to fluoric acid and its benefits for skin. I will try to reread his posts to learn of the book's name.

Perhap's we should ask him directly about his opinion on low dose fluoric acid for hair loss? It would be great if that would be of benefit as well as arnica so one could alternate between the two. This may boost the benefits of both?

Thanks for your time.....

jentoun last decade

I would suggest that you use Fluoric acid yourself and report your response so that others can benefit from your trials. As I stated before I have not used it at all as I have only used Arnica in various forms and potencies to promote the growth of hair.

I discovered that it promotes growth of hair quite by accident as a result of my daily use of Arnica but I have not seen it imentioned n any texts on Homeopathy.

I then gave it to some employees in my own business organization who were losing hair and it worked. Recently the thought crossed my mind that direct application of Arnica Q diluted in Colonut oil could help and this had unbelievable results as this visibly promoted the growth of hair.

It was then that I decided to share my discovery which as you may know is one of many others, with those who post on this forum.

For the record my treatment for Hair Loss and Alopecia is as follows:

Arnica 30c in the wet dose (1 drop or 3 pellets in 400ml water succussed) 1 teaspoonful twice daily.

Arnica Q in solution with 80% Coconut Oil massaged daily into the hair roots.

Arnica seems to be the best remedy to arrest Hair Loss and to promote growth of hair and I hope that others will also use these 2 remedies together and report their response.
Joe De Livera last decade
JOE DE LIVERA , ARE YOU SURE THAT YOU HAVE DISCOVERED THIS as you claim under your following posting : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/34236/

Please read a posting dated 14th November 2004 by "HA21" under http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/12290/. The thread name is "Hair loss! which remedy?? pls help", started by "STARLET" on 07-11-2004. Please note the date of that posting. Please also note that you yourself have also posted many times under the above post.


Also, by your own words, since you are not a qualified professional, I would also add that coconut oil cannot be used for succussion and to increase the potency of the liquid remedy, as mentioned in your posting. This again is misleading and a false statement to the readers of this forum.

I am from India, the land of plenty, where more and more new homoeopathic formulations are being prepared and sold specially at OTC medicine shops. Your this ready-made formulation is available on over the counter (OTC) in all homoeopathic stores in Bombay and rest of India and THIS IS AVAILABLE SINCE AGES. I also understand that you source your stock of homoeopathic medicines from Bombay (India). That could explain all this "my discoveries & my gifts" of yours.

How does this become your formula or new discovery, as you have tricked us into believing. You have repeatedly claimed in your posting dated 08-08-2005 and again on 09-08-2005, that you have discovered it. It is wrong to adapt someone else's formulation and call it your own discovery.

The Natrium Phos 6X, discovery and supposedly GIFT of yours to the world, is also false, since this formulation is also readily available OTC, in Bombay and rest of India, since decades.

You are taking false credit, for someone else's work, capatalising repect repeatedly on your age, blood pressure and what-nots. Your posting reeks of EGOism, when you claim "my discovery or my gift". You take that subject or disease, for which most people are hopingly looking for magical remedies and you try to capitalise repect and credit for it BY DIGGING OUT OLD POSTINGS AND OLD FORGOTTEN LITTLE KNOWN FORMULATIONS.

You have shattered my respect for you and your false postings. You have also shattered my respects and high regards for persons of like your age.

You should profusely apologise for your claims of your so called DISCOVERY and GIFTS to this forum and all other forums and the world, as you always make out in your postings.
Nisha-India last decade
As a matter of fact Mr. Joe De Livera has discovered a procedure to stop hair loss. I don’t believe if anybody else has advertised, published or patented the unique method, which Mr. Joe has experimented. He has shared his discovery with all the readers here. As far as I know he owns his discovery. I have seen hundreds of brands of Oil-Arnica combination but none whatsoever is same as the one recommended by Mr. Joe.

It all matter is to help people. If Joe’s method helps even one person on this earth, may God bless him.
kuldeep last decade
AND let the fraud continue ?

Please read http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/34364/
Nisha-India last decade
What I love is the wonderful cooperation on this forum and the respect everyone seems to have for each other!

You stand out like a sore thumb! Like something a person hopes goes away very soon!

I have had nothing but generous help from Joe, he is willing to go way beyond what he has to, to help!

I believe you are terribly mistaken and misguided!

I was away yesterday and didn't see this thread until now.
Your posts on this forum seem suspicious to me?
cruthbh last decade
I have been losing large amounts of hair every other morning when I wash my hair, far more the 100 or 150 that is supposedly the norm. I am very gentle when combing using a large comb. This has been going on for about 7 months. I have started taking TSII to balance my thyroid, I am taking vitamin E, selenium, zinc, iodine, vit B complex, saw palmetto, hair, skin & nail supplement, & I have just ordered some Burdock oil & saw palmento oil to apply to the scalp. There are only a few hairs of re-growth. My Dad & brother have male pattern baldness. Today is my 28th birthday & this is driving me nuts. I eat well & I am active. I dont want to go to doctors & waste my money on them, so I have been buying all the supplements that I have read about to help. Still my hair keeps falling out. My scalp is very dry & itchy it makes a white powder when I scratch it. My hair only use to get dry in the winter but now it is like that all of the time plus wont stop falling out. Please help me out for my birthday, I just found this site today & its definately a bday wish. I took the survey on here & it suggests the Phosphorus. I have been reading some great posts about the Arnica. Please help, I just want it to stop falling out. Thanks Andi
andigreen last decade
I have read the views of my friends with interest. I beg to sumit my humble comments.

Only water, alcohol and sugar of milk are used as media for potentising medicines because they remain neutral and do not get potentised themselves. Coconut oil is not one of them.

Arnica is mentioned as remedy for Alopecia(bald patch) under "Head" in the Materia Medica by Boericke.Arnica and Fluoric Acid are also precribed by Clarke in his book: "The Prescriber" on pages 192 and 193 for baldness and hair loss. The book was written in 1925. The book is available all over and is worth its price in gold!
sahai last decade
"sahai" You are the 2nd person after me to point out that COCONUT oil cannot be used as media for potentising medicines. The other learned members do not want to point out this absurdity. Today it is coconut oil, tomorrow it is olive oil or mustard oil or groundnut oil or emu oil and what nots.

Seems the person who suggested coconut oil for succussing, suffers from an identity crisis.
Someone is beating around the bush, to find an identity.He seems to be firing arrows in the dark for his experiments on the innocent readers (read guinea pig) of this forum. This seems evident because he is YET YET TO READ the Allen's MM, as described below.

read : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/34713/ "Homeopathic Warfare (copied)"
"It is strange that this controversy originally started by my recording my own success in the use of Arnica and Nat Phos 6x which I felt that I should share with anyone who was interested in these 2 remedies. I was not aware that they had already been mentioned in Allen's MM which I must admit, I do not have and which I have ordered."

Also read : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/34364
Also read : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/35254
Nisha-India last decade
May I have your e-mail address by e-mail if it is not forbidden by Forum rules.
sahai last decade
getit last decade
Wet hands is due to to much intakeof liquid and premature ejaculation is due toa week hearth, lots of hair loss is due to tu much intake of honey and also canned food does thta to the hair, brown rice dayly and sea weed stop hair losss, and bardana, and dendlyion strenghet the hearth, tiredness is signakl off nail fung infection in the blood treat your feet on salt water dayly and nail fungs will ceasse energy returns
jrb macrobiotic studant,Biblically literated
love Jesus jrb.
jorobri last decade

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