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LM vs low potencies hypersensitive

I have got help here before but did not turn out well since my son, now 3,5 years, seemed to be hypersensitive. Terrible < from C30s and no cure. Now it was 1 year and 3 months since he got any homeopatics in high potencies. Started in homeopathy because of allergies. He the got asthma from Tuberculinum D30 and then his symtoms added up from every remedy he got. He even < from Silicea D20, pale, weak, asthma worse, teeth got really bad and he got a swollen scar on chest.All his asthma sytoms have come from homeopathy but some has dissapeared or started to dissapear. For example after Sulphur he could not be near grasscutting but that is gone now. He can also cry and laugh now without asthma. Also he can handle cold weather. He has got many many more prooving-symtoms that I don't mention here. But he can not be around allergenes from animlas (in-direct contact) and we have to change clothes when we have been somewhere before going indoors... Also pollen, milk and egg allergy is there.

We now have a really good homeopath for rest of family and it works wonders. She suggests I give him LM 0/1 of a remedy, dilute it in 250 ml water and one teaspoon from there... My intuition says it would be better to start with a low potency, ie 6C, since his symtoms are only physical and he can not handle high frequencies...

All thoughts are welcomed! Many thanks!
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  Sanicula on 2012-06-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You have a good homeopath as you said.

Do not second guess that person who
knows you and family face to face and
has helped. Try out what she said.
That is why you hired her.

No one on here has the information
she does and would be wrong to
interfere with her prescription.
simone717 last decade
Thanks for reply. I guess I would have written the question more general. I am wondering what the indicatives are for giving low potencies instead of LMs for hypersensitives and vice versa. I regret so much I have trusted homeopaths before regarding my son without searching for facts about the prescriptions and I have promised myself not to do it again...
Sanicula last decade
I would just see how it works???

Brisbane has said he does not use
the Lm's much anymore, but Sameer
Vermani does use them on here to
good effect. You would need to read
a book about potencies etc etc and there
are disagreements about effectiveness.

I have read cases where LM used
every few days totally cleared up a person
when the same remedy in C did nothing-
it wore off etc.

I would certainly try it and see what
simone717 last decade
'I would just see how it works???'

I would like all info possible because the aggravations or proovings he has got from D30 and C30 have been terrible and is still there even after 2 years (but now less and less). We can not live a normal life due to this and can not afford one more mistake:( Do you know why Brisbane does not use LMs? I have once seen Sameer started on 6C when prescribed Arsenicum (because Arsenicum can be very sensitive). What are the indicatives to start with 6C instead of LM 0/1, that is my question...
Sanicula last decade
This is a homeopathic education question
and as I said, Brisbane has written that
he is not using them much anymore.

Sameer is but Sameer does not answer
these types of questions. So you will
have to wait for Brisbane.
simone717 last decade
The LM potencies produce less aggravations than the C potencies, so they are generally safer for hypersensitive patients. 6c would not be appropriate as it is a very crude dose and can easily produce aggravations. LMs, because of the way they are made, are about 3 times less likely to produce aggravations.

I don't use them because they are also quite slow to get the patient to cure, require the patient to do daily dosing, and are therefore open to abuse by patients who do not follow instructions very well. So it is purely from a practice management point of view that I tend not to use them. C potencies require much less dosing and tend to move patients in 'jumps' towards health. The slowness of the LMs can be a good thing for patients with a lot of physical pathology or who simply cannot stand those sudden leaps forward.

It is not possible that your son can be suffering aggravations or provings 2 years later. Our remedies have short lifespans - days for most of them, in sensitive patients weeks. However something is not right here. Being so sensitive to homoeopathy implies a serious miasmatic problem that continually rises up as the remedy impacts on him. It implies latent pathology in your son. Homoeopathy can activate such pathology if the practitioner is not cautious, but even when it does happen those symptoms that appear are the primary indication for the correct remedy, and a new prescription should be made as soon as possible. This issue needs to be solved before anything else, or you will find homoeopathy unusuable. There are a number of remedies known to treat patients who aggravate on anything they are given.

Since the remedy itself does not actually last very long, what is happening here is his own vital force is responding the remedies as traumatic events. His vital force then maintains the symptoms as a kind of defence, which of course becomes a disease since it remains long after it is necessary. I usually only see this in patients with some kind of tissue changes. This really needs a more thorough investigation.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Who is going to do the investigation?

The next question is going to be can
you do it?

They have a new homeopath they like-
so what would you suggest?
simone717 last decade
An experienced homoeopath needs to do it. I cannot do it without seeing him in person. This is a complex case that should not be handled in the cavalier manner cases are handled on internet forums. Identifying obstacles to cure can be a long process, and takes alot of patience, as well as good investigative skills on the part of the homoeopath. But it needs to be done, rather than just represcribing the same way over and over.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thanks David for reply! I think he was undernourished (minerals) due to my veg diet etc when born. He also looked very old as an infant, now he looks healthy. I also think there is a bit of an answer in the repeated doses Nux Vomica I was prescribed by a less experienced homeopath during pregnancy. However since his four lower teeth (kidneys) has been really bad, almost transparent with stains on and now is almost fine I believe his general status most be better, right? We have worked a lot with diet and that has given results. Also, I can not see he has any mental symptoms, it's all on the physical level, whatever that means...

I think we will try LM a bit later on according to the homeopaths prescription... It might be so that we try a strengthening program Biocom resonance therapy first... Again, all comments are welcomed! Thanks again for taking time
Sanicula last decade
Hi again! We tried Biocom resonance therapy first... He got a light 'strenghtening program' from a chip (his own oscilliations harmonized) and reaction was: asthma (wheezing) stopped almost immidetly when we put the chip on. He had the chip on for one weak. Towards end of that weak asthma (in the upper airways only) increased, and continued to so for a few weaks. Coughs then got a bad smell. Then he got a insectbite on left ankle and whole foot swelled up. It came yellow and transparent liquid from the bite. At the same time asthma decreased and he got mucus up.One morning he woke up and looked differently, more healthy. He was also more of many aspects that is him (positive and negative). A few days later same thing happened to the other ankle and that foot also swelled and it came discharge... Now its two months since he got this treatment and as always in end of august (since he got arsenicum) he got an asthma attack, but this time it was much lighter!!! So, my question is if anyone knows if Bicom can do the same thing as classical homeopathy or if there are any cons with Biocom? Homeopathy has so far only made him worse and this was first time as something seemed to help. I believe next step would be one more strenghtening program and later maybe address his allergies (starting with milk). Biocom testing has also indicated he reacts severe to two pesticieds, forbidden in most countries, but I don't think we dare to give him a detox-programme. All comments are welcomed! Many thanks!
Sanicula last decade
that is very interesting what you are doing. I don' t know
anything about that. You might want to email revav6 At gmail
dot com- homeopath on here who may know something
about what you are doing.

Reacts severe to two pesticides? so I assume the pesticides
are being used where you are?

There was a study mentioned in UCSF medical school during
a training of doctors about large group of usa people in
a mid west farm area who were using Ars Album to detox
the chemicals from the soil and the rate of chemicals leaving
the body was a lot higher than what the body could do
by itself.-

Dr. Dave Ou in Atlantaa, internist, chinese medicine etc who
is cutting edge on environmental effects-of toxins and of mold and also
lyme disease uses something called Detox 2 ( have not found
out what that is, but is supposed to be a much more gentle
process than what Dr. Shoemaker is using for detox ( for
mostly mold inflammation people have and don't know
they have it.)
simone717 last decade
Thanks simone for all comments, much appreciated!

He has now got one more strenghtening programme Biocom resonance-therapy (his own oscilliations harmonized), at the therapist place this time. He aggravated with cough and got bad the next day (cough with much loose mucus and also eyes affected/watery). Later he got into another lighter asthma attack finishing off (new moon) with whole new symptoms: He woke up a few hours after going to bed but was not himself: could not get in contact with him, he spoke a few words with a tiny voice (in sleep) but I could not hear what he said then he just became mute and moved with his mouth as if trying to ask for help but there were no sounds. He put his tongue out and made movements with his mouth (it was all the time mouth in focus) He drank lots of water. He kicked with his legs and waved with arms and his face was unrecognizable. It was quite scary and if I had not read about Stramonium (which we have had in mind for his big-sister…) I would have thought it was something serious happening to him. Now I felt I could place this in a context. This went on for a few hours, he went to sleep but soon, from every sound etc, woke up again (startled) and same behavior continued (he also drank lots of water each time…). In the morning though he woke up looking all fine and happy! Mucus in throat loose and no constrictions. He took pen and paper and draw a picture (two circles overlapping each other and two hearts) and wanted help to write. He now knew and could write many letters by himself (has not done that before) and he wrote his whole name by himself (but inverted). Also I thought he was clearer in speech (he stammers).

Then all was fine for more than a weak but five days ago he started to get urticaria around eyes when he got angry. This peaked two days ago (full-moon) and he got so swollen he could hardly see. Big wite urticaria and blue/purple underneath... When it had settled he slept for three hours and when he woke up he was changed! Lighter and more delicate as if a burden was lifted. Even his hair was different, both me and my husband noticed same differences. My guess is that he was working on a Natrium Mur/Apis layer... This (urticaria)was also old symtoms (before asthma) and finally he seems to follows the laws of cure!

In one weak he will get his next treatment. Hopefully we can address his allergies only by strenghtening program...

Finally, Biocom tests also shows that he reacts to
Virus etc: candida albicans, campylobacter pylori, Epstein-Barr
Toxins: endosulfan, malathion (which I mentioned before) I think I have got them when travelling in the Himalayas (India) sleeping in rooms were they have sprayed for fleas etc.
Tests also shows he reacts to many of our indoor-rooms with plastic mats which will now be removed...

Best wishes
Sanicula 9 years ago
Thanks for feedback on how this process is working.

Btw, where are you getting this biocom treatment? Can you tell
more about that and training of therapist?
simone717 9 years ago
There is quite a lot of info on the internet, here is one example http://www.newoptions.com.au/clincalstudies.html
However we just try now to do it the 'long way' and let the body correct the allergies itself with strenghtening programs. I believe most people in this treatment choose to address the allergies at once and if that does not work they treat virus, bacterias etc... We live in Scandinavia but as you see in the link above this is a widespread therapy. Personally I believe you can address deseases on at least three levels
1. emotions/working through traumas with for example Meta-medicine
2. energetic level - we know about that...
3. change of gut flora and healing of gut with diet and probiotica see for example GAPS-diet (if you do it slow soo that the good bacterias get time to grow).
I think when you manage to change one of theese in depth, the others will follow. However I am not a therapist and have not had success until now for my son so I am really not an expert. And all comments are very welcomed!
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Sanicula 9 years ago
Thanks very much for posting that link. I will
be reading up!

Wonderful this is working for your son. Please keep
posting his progress, bc this is how people see
what works -you really can't argue with what is
healing and staying permanent.

That is what is so good about this forum and the sharing.
Real time and real people-It is very hard to tell
about some new therapies bc mostly you just have
testimonials on things and one never gets to see
an actual case or the details of progress. Theory is
one thing, seeing actual results is another.

Best wishes,
Simone 717
simone717 9 years ago

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