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Burning sensation during urination

I'm taking gossypium Q for 12days(30drops thrwice in a day) for probs of irregular menses coz i was sufferd n pcod for a long 3yrs but today m feling a buring sensation while peeing.is it a side effect for gossypium Q?
  Tanusree on 2012-06-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Gossyplum has a side effect of
burning ovaries- on Remedy Finder on this site. Why don't you stop
taking the Q and see if it stops burning?

Someone should be helping you with
what you need to take for this-

You know you can ask for help on prescription on this forum?
simone717 last decade
Gossypium if indicated should bring the menses within few days. If menses are not coming after 12 days, another remedy is needed.
kadwa last decade
I got my periods widin 10 days.actualy m suffering for irregular menses.so i continue gossypium to cure this.but thr's probs arrising n my breast.its to much heavy nd painful.b4 periods i'v that kinda probs of swellng breast.bt aftr cleard my mense i'm felling that same thind.cant evn touch nw.what to do?m to mch scary abt my reproductive organs.m 26yrs,unmarried.irregular mense jst got my nerve
Tanusree last decade
Please take Murex 200 thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours for only one day and see how that affects in next few days. Please don't take any other remedy.
kadwa last decade
It matches all my symptoms but y this breast swelling feelings.plz tell me.m confused.is thr ne probs wid the dose m taking.will it be cure if i start to take low dose?is it effect on my weight?m 61kgs 5'3
Tanusree last decade
Hi - the way this works is- if it matches
many symptoms, it then can clear out
other symptoms.

You take the remedy and see what goes
on as Kadwa said.

After you report what goes on he then
decides on what you do next. You have
to have the years of study and experience
to do this, which is why you have
someone like kadwa guide you.
simone717 last decade
Okz.i'll take murex 2morow.m taking anothr med wid gossy.
its phytolocca for obesity.shud i stop this as wel.or can take wid murex200?
Tanusree last decade
No. One remedy at a time. Kadwa
said earlier also, please do not use
any other remedy. ( bc then you cannot
tell what is doing what)
simone717 last decade
How many drops i shud take of murex 200.is it 4/5 drops..and thnks simone for guiding..
Tanusree last decade
One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 2 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 2 drops in some 20 ml water. Sip up slowly.

Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.
kadwa last decade
Okz...yep i'l follw up what u said doc and thnkz... :)
thr's no probs of hairfal wid murex na...
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Tanusree last decade
I've complited the dose as u advised.how long i shud wait for ne result?i cant stop my hairfall nehow(coz of pcod & hormonal imbalance)i've been treated for almst 5yrs bt no result.m jst fedup to have too many pills n all.still probs wid irregular periods.plz doc wana be in a normal life as bfor...i've put too mch weight nly bcoz of pcod..nd i was told to loose my weight.i do gym as wel bt no result i got bcoz of irregular periods..
Tanusree last decade
Please wait for few days for your response to murex. Please come back later with full details.
Please copy the Questionnaire from the following thread
and post all the questions here duly answered. On that basis your remedy may be REVIEWED.
kadwa last decade
1.main suffering: m 26yrs old,irregular periods for 1 & half yrs after got cleard pcod.it stays nly for 1 & half day.its scanty and dark brown.this month 23june wen had my last period found sum clots in thr.prvs. periods date 13th may.

2.othr physical probs:nausea too much sumtimes & have2take 'stemetil'med.sinus,massive headache,dust alergy,dandruff,suffer alot wid common cold,slip disc L5,S1 & got operated for apendix wen i was in 11th std & rght aftr that i'had faced a probs of weird vaginal pain bfor periods that i'had2 sit crosing my legs to get sum relief.have anemia.in childhood i sufferd for asthma.used to have inhaler of salbutamole.but after being n medication got cleard all...

3.mental suffering: get depressed to think about my future,whether i'l conseive evr or not

5.pcod startd 2009,dec.on that time my weight was increasing so rapidly.on july 2009 i was 54kgs bt end of yr was 63kgs

7.aggravate: cant evr make nething out that sumthing irritates or nt

8.internal changes: i was too thin in chidhood but after 8th std i started to gain weight.i was 68kgs on 11th.after 12th,end of 2003 i started to loose.i was 52kgs n 2004

9.weather preffrence: cold

10: moody,sum times suspisious.arguing,easily offended,quite,lazy,get nervous a bit during exams..

like to being console during tough time..

Sensitive:have alergy with some of perfumes like rajnigandha.Oil kerosine as wel.get start sneezing.
noise:feel pain n left side of chest near by heart in loud noise.dr.prescribed SN-15

have no bad habits
frnds:i dont have much frnds,no gals like to talk except wen they'r in troubl.have alot gud frnds in guys
In family too much supportive my parents & bf..

11.Fear of snakes,alwaz got nightmare of snakes..that m running away n snakes r chasing on me to bite :p but now a days barely i get nighmare..

12.Food: like light spicy & sour food,sweet.i hate milk.bsides nothng as such crave for ne food or dislikes...

13.thirst: normal
14.hunger:less,have acidity probs

15.food which cant stand:brinjal,crabs sumtimes get rashes after consumed

16.sweat:more wid bad odore,its head & limbs sweat more.& bcoz of that have probs of low bp.alwz its 88/59 or 90/70

17.bowel:constipation probs.sumtims get bleed.have to take pulses in night to clear my bowels.its soft

18.sleep:sleep very li'l.used to have sleeping pills.trapex 2.5 and alzolam 5 i guess

20.dont like to gossip like othr gals.sort my probs n my own.dont like to bother ne1 for my probs evn my parents as wel.i'm a gud counsiler.i did wid many of my frnds wen they got brkup & family probs.they cal me for helping them to relief from stress.they sleep wel bt i keep awake :D m differnt na

21.pcod treatment: etformin.pills-meprate,perlutal
crimson-35,crisanta LS.after having crimson-35,felt swelling breast probs & pain alot.suffering for too much scalp hair fall,can see a baldness front of my head

22.no such a major probs in family.my mom has high bp and cholestrol probs.uric acid at margine.she got fibroids on uterus wid the help of homeopathy med she's cured now.she faced an early menopause at 37yrs age as wel.my granny(mother's mom)faced dat same early menopause probs at 35yrs


sorry if i made ne spelling mistakes
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Tanusree last decade
Let us wait for response to Murex.
kadwa last decade
Severe hairloss,my hair is thining front of head.widin few months i'll b baldheaded...plz save..y is hapning? :'(
Tanusree last decade
You provided the following feedback at http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/346773/ ..

Hi doc...it seems my pain has subsided alot..a heavyness of my breast is goin as wel...the med worked i guess..thanku :)

Whether you got your periods. Also whether you have taken the remedy Lilium Tig in the past? What other remedies have you taken?
kadwa last decade
Beg ur perdn doc u dint ask me to any other medicine except murex 200 and as fer i remember i never said that i've taken any med named with lilium tig...
I already had my last period on 23july after taking Gossypium(10days) and then i felt a pain on my breast & heavyness...where does this lilium tig cum from in all this doc?its murex 200 u suggessted me :)
Tanusree last decade
And ask me to wait to respnse of murex
Tanusree last decade
And askd me to wait to respnse of murex
Tanusree last decade
You mentioned that you had taken homeopathic medicines earlier before coming to forum, so whether you have taken Lilium Tig? Whether you still have burning sensation during urination?
kadwa last decade
Dear Doc Kadwa...plz read my post from the begining properly if u have free times....before cuming on this homeopathic forum I TOOK GOSSYPIUM Q for 12 DAYS...and and i had my last period in between 12days but when i was taking GOSSYPIUM Q i felt burning sensation during urination and breast pain....
And then i decided to come over this forum for help....then i posted about my that problem and u asked me to stop Gossypium Q and suggest me to take murex 200 3dose for 1day..and i did as u said I STOPED TAKING GOSSIYIPIUM Q and TOOK MUREX 200 3dose FOR 1DAY EVERY AFTER 4HOURS...and my burning sensation has gone even pain and heavyness of my breast has gone as wel after taking murex....but i dont understand when i said taht i took lilium tig.y u asking me about lilium tig again and again when i never said about this medicine.even i have heard this name of lilium tig first time.plz m too much confused...
Tanusree last decade
OK. i read your profile which says ..here i have cum to get some knowledge upon homeopathy...and thought that you have the knowledge of materia medica and came here to learn about it's practical application. i am sorry that i didn't interpret it the right way.

Let us wait until your next periods as Murex has done a great job. Sometimes it may so happen that the right remedy may be left behind if we jump from one remedy to another.

Those who take Gossypium Q stop taking it after they get their periods. As you reported that you are still taking Gossypium Q i thought that you didn't get your periods. Again my mistake, sorry for that.
kadwa last decade
Yep,i've bit knowledge of homeopathy....thats y i was taking GOSSYPIUM Q as a remedy of my irregular periods...during intake GOSSYPIUM Q i got cleard my periods but i felt a urinary problem and too much breast pain with tendernes...i got scared that might b i've chosen some wrong medicine for a treatment of my irregular periods and thats y a side effect has arrised..then i came over this forum for help.....
After reading simone's rply on my post....i truly got too much scared that GOSSYPIUM Q has a side effect of burning overy...and u too suggestd me to stop taking gossyipum...so i did stop taking GOSSYPUIUM Q...& took MUREX 200 as u advised for a day....this is it...
Tanusree last decade
So the problem of too much breast pain with tenderness appeared only after taking Gossypium Q this time and it is not a regular feature during your periods?
kadwa last decade

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