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For Joe De Livera: Done one month of Arnica treatment for hair loss. Feel better. What next?


Thank you for your advice. It seems that my hair doesn’t fall out as much as a month before: only when I wash it and when it’s greasy.
I followed 2 teaspoons a day of 4 pellets of Arnica 9 (Romanian pellets, I had Arnica 9 in the house) put in 400 ml. of spring water and succused every time I took it.

What should I do next?

Thank you for your help.

  belciuge on 2005-08-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Glad that the Arnica therapy helped you and that you thought of confirming on this forum.

You may keep on taking this remedy for as long as you like. Arnica will only do you a lot of good for your hair and your body, as it has done to me for the last 9 years during which time I have taken it every night.

You may also massage the Arnica/Coconut oil mix that you can read about on this forum. This really works !

If you can get Johnsons Baby Shampoo in Romania, please use it in preference to other shampoos which are harsh to the hair and are sometimes the cause of hair loss.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe

Thank you for your reply and concern. I’ve being using Vichy shampoo with Aminexil molecule which is for hair loss for 8 months now and it was good for my hair but it’s quite expensive and at your advice I will take Johnsons Baby from now on.

I don’t think I could find Coconut oil with Arnica or Arnica solution here in Romania but thank you for your advice.

I want to continue with Arnica but should I take one teaspoon of succused solution a day or two a day as I did till now?

Thank you again for your concern,
belciuge last decade
You may use any vegetable oil you can get in your country. Olive oil will also do if available. The Arnica Q or Mother Tincture should also be available from the same source you got your Arnica from. It is worth searching for these 2 ingredients as I have found that the Arnica Hair Oil also helps to promote growth. The mix is about 20% Arnica to oil.

The dosage remains for the Arnica which is 1 teaspoonfuls taken morning and evening.

Did you notice that you sleep deeper than usual with the night dose of Arnica ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe - one thing I have noticed since taking Arnica is the lack of a hangover, the morning after drinking the night before.

I used to suffer terrible hangovers and it has noticably diminished since taking the Arnica.
GaryD last decade
It is truly amazing how one lives to learn. Even at my age of 76 years I must admit that my life is a lifelong learning process. I have never been informed that Arnica does really help with a hangover and shall add it to my list of the Miracle Remedy Arnica.

I have never used hard liquor in my life and do not therefore know what it is to be inebriated but I have a tip for you which you can use in an emergency. Have never used it myself but I have given it to some friends who were literally under the table. The remedy is Nux Vomica 200. Dose 4 globules under the tongue and it really wakes you up without any hangover and headache.

Please do not spread the news as this may cause an increase in the consumption of alcohol !
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Joe - I am not a heavy drinker but do so socially of a weekend.

Just seems a coincidence that it diminished since taking the Arnica.

Also, whereas I used to wake up quite late after a drink, I now wake up very early.
GaryD last decade
For how long should I take 2 teaspoons a day (morning and evening) of succused Arnica solution for hair loss?

I didn’t notice whether my sleep was deeper or not, I would take Arnica in the afternoon instead of evening. Last night I took it before bed and although it was almost 12 a.m. when I went to bed, I woke up rested this morning. I will pay more attention in the future.

I found Arnica tincture and I will take it to massage the hair roots. Can I? I don’t like to put oil in my hair.

Thank you for your help,
belciuge last decade
I have just read your post about using Arnica tincture on your scalp. Please do not use it unless you mix it with some oil preferably coconut. If you dont like oil on your hair DO NOT USE ARNICA Q.

You can take Arnica 6c water dose twice daily for as long as you like.

Please note that you just cannot use Homeopathic remedies in the manner that you like to use them as unless you follow my advice using Arnica Q which is the Mother Tincture cause you unnecessary harm.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you for your reply. I don’t think I could find Arnica mother tincture, homeopathic product, but simple arnica tincture from plant products shop. Are they the same?
Anyway, I don’t use it directly on my scalp.

I was asking how much time should I take twice the remedy as I find it’s more comfortable to take it once a day if I'm going to use it for a long period :]

I’ve just read your post “Arnica the miracle remedy” and wanted to ask you:
My Romanian Arnica globules are of 3 mm. How many of 6c potency should I put into 400ml. of spring water?
In your post about how I should take the Arnica you wrote:
“I now recommend Arnica 6c to be used as follows:

Get a 500ml bottle of spring water
Pour out 100ml from the bottle.
Put in 4-6 pellets or 1 drop of the remedy into the bottle.
Bang the bottle hard on your palm or a cushion and watch for the water to fizzle like it does when you open a bottle of soda. This is called succussing and it must be done 4 times before every dose. This raises the potency of the remedy slightly.
Sip 1 teaspoonful of the potentized water from the bottle twice daily.
Store the bottle in the fridge and ensure that it is succussed before every dose.”

belciuge last decade
I do not think that Arnica Q (Mother TIncture) is the same as the Tincture you get at a plant products shop. In any case since you are not going to use it on your hair we will forget it.

You may take Arnica 6c twice daily for as long as you like in the succussed dose. You can use 3 pellets 3mm in 400ml spring water and sip a teaspoonful twice daily.

If you take it twice daily with the last dose just before you go to bed you will discover what I and many others have discovered that it really promotes very deep sleep from which you wake up completely refreshed.
Joe De Livera last decade
mr joe de livera

did not recomend u arnica 30c and arnica 30c mother mixture for hair falling and which medicine u r taking
anilsharma last decade
Hi Joe,

About me, I'm 23, Male. My hair is thinning from the back and front (healty on the sides) and very weak. Hair loss is hereditary in my family - my Grandfather, Father, Paternal uncles - all have it. A few of my paternal cousins do not have it - leading me to believe it is curable.

After going through a lot of posts of yours in this forum, I have started the following:

1) Arnica 30c 3 balls in 400 ml mineral water - 2 teaspoons twice daily.
2) Fish oil Capsule daily
3) Multivitamin Capsule once in 2 days.
4) I am trying to find Arnica Q/Mother tincture - would you recommend using that with Olive Oil over Coconut oil?

5) Can you suggest something which I could apply in my hair for whole day - preferably non oily as I live in India and during summers it is very uncomfortable.

6) Also, though I do not have dandruff, my scalp often feels itchy - any suggestions for that?

Would love to hear your suggestions on my condition. Pls do reply soon.
ankjain last decade
I am glad to note that you are one of the few members who has read my previous posts on Hair Loss and are using the remedies that I have suggested, correctly.

A few comments:

I have not recommended the use of any multivitamins.
You may use Olive oil with the Arnica Q which is also known as Mother Tincture. My experience in its use is that this can be considered 50% of the cure for Hair loss. There is no substitute for the emulsion -- Oil and Arnica Q.
You can use Graphites 30 for the itchy scalp.
Use only Jonhsons Hair shampoo on your hair which you can wash every other day.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

1) Would MultiVitamins hinder the Arnica treatment in any way?
2) As per my previous post - 'Can you suggest something which I could apply in my hair for whole day - preferably non oily as I live in India and during summers it is very uncomfortable.'

Point 2) is something I would want to do in addition to the Oil and ArnicaQ Emulsion. Also, how often should I apply the Emulsion?

3) What should be the dosage of Graphites 30?
ankjain last decade
1 Yes
2 Nothing can replace it. Use it every time you wash your hair which should not be more often that every other day. The reason is because the natural hair oils must also be able to help with the regrowth.
3 I teaspoonful daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe.

Thanks for the inputs. Let me give it a shot now.
ankjain last decade
Could anybody teel me the meaning of pellets. I cant understand the meaning of this sentense 'I followed 2 teaspoons a day of 4 pellets of Arnica 9'.
arvindharitus last decade
Hi Joe De Livera,

Can i put this 400 ml water and i drop of arnica in fridge to preserve. or what i have to do for preserve this Arnica therapy????????
arvindharitus last decade
What is the meaning of 'Spring water', from where i can got this.
arvindharitus last decade
Hi Joe De Livera,

I always ready your post and You have delivered very good & useful information. one thing I want clear from you
1. for hair loss some place Arnica 6c mentioned and some other place Arnica 9c, which one is best?

2. for smoking discontinuation also some place Arnica 30c mentioned and some other Arnica 30x, which one is best.
Dr Riaz last decade
Hi Riaz,

Thank you for bumping up the posts on this thread which I note was first started by a Romanian girl in August 2005 a few months before I was compelled to leave this Forum with which I had been associated since it was first founded in the late Nineties.

Answering your questions :

1 I cannot remember prescribing Arnica 9c which is not a common potency. I have always recommended the 6c potency for Hair Loss with a few drops of Arnica Q in Olive Oil to be massaged daily into the hair. I used to recommend a 20% mix of Arnica for the emulsion but found that it was only necessary to use about 100 drops in 10ml Olive Oil.

2 Arnica 30c is the best remedy to help smokers to QUIT.

You may like to know that I had a patient last evening who is a very old friend of mine and is only 95 years of age. He is in perfect health today after a Pacemaker was fitted to monitor his heart rhythm about 6 months ago. He was a chain smoker and used to smoke about 15 cigarettes daily and the surprise was that he informed me that he gave up smoking cigarettes shortly after his surgery and only smokes a cigar after meals. He informed me that he did not have the urge to smoke cigarettes which he had done throughout his life, anymore after he started on the Arnica 30

I have no doubt today that Arnica can help smokers to QUIT.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank Dr Joe De Livera for so quick response of my post. Dear Joe De Livera one more thing I want to know from u related to this matter.
Here in Pakistan some people especially in NWFP use 'snuff' (Naswar say in urdu, in Pakistan), Tobacco say in India. It is prepared from tobacco mix some wood Ash & calcium carbonate(Chuna). these material put inside mouth under lip(one side).

Can we use Arnica 30c to quit Snuff(Naswar)?
Dr Riaz last decade
Yours is an interesting question whether Arnica can help a user to quit using snuff which is normally inhaled into the nose. The tobacco mix with wood ash and CaCO3 or lime also known as Chunam in Sri Lanka is used here with the Betel leaf and a piece of Areacanut and is a commonly termed 'Betel Chew' . It is accepted medically as a cancer causing agent. The users are addicted to this Betel Chew as it is reputed to give them a kick similar to alcohol. Unfortunately this habit is popular in Sri Lanka and our Cancer hospital in the outskirts of Colombo has many patients who often have to have their whole cheek removed to contain the cancer.

I have no experience in using Arnica to help users of Snuff and Betel Chew to overcome their addiction. It is likely however that Arnica can help those who inhale Snuff to overcome their urge to have that kick they get from Tobacco which is similar to the kick from cigarettes.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Joe

It really make me feel happy knowing that homeopathy helps you cure hair loss.

i am planning to take arnica 6c..my question is, do i need to maintain any particular diet??
i mean , can i eat everything as usual...also sometime i drink..will that effect me??

Thanks in advance!!
newjersey last decade
I presume that you suffer from Hair Loss and that you have read my advice on this Forum.

There is no special diet to be followed but you must avoid coffee, sausages, ham and bacon. No smoking. Alcohol in moderation is OK.
Joe De Livera last decade

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