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ill from natrum muriaticum

Its the second time I have gotten ill after taking nat mur. 1st time I had lots of sneezing with water running out of my nose. This time I have fever with headaches.

Are those good signs? Can anyone tell me?

Also my hairfall is aggravated from the natrum, my hairline receding and much thinner hair... is this normal also that this got worse on the natrum? Can I at some point expect the hairfall to stop or even regrow??
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  Almost on 2012-07-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

no one has ever prescribed him anything. He has written a virtual diary/book
on here, as Almost, Silicea, and Starface if you click the names. For many
months it was an ongoing obsession that he was Platina. It did help him some.
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simone717 last decade
Hair fall ?

ok..Take antidote.

Phosphorus 200 one single dose only.

Dont repeat

cvvek last decade
I took a second dose of 1M. And have gotten ill on the second day after taking it

So I should antitode? Nat mur has been a good remedy for me I think.

Yes my hair is thinner so that I can see through the scalp at the front and my hairline has receded more since I took the nat mur.

So I should redose and not wait it out??

Just for information I have taken phosphorus in the past in 1M potency and did not feel much of an improvement with anything. And after I masturbated I noticed I have 0 orgasm on the phosphorus


I have also this problem that I am kind of an innocent type of person. To innocent to have sex. to have anyone naked around me because it feels like I am being violated, or I dont know how to describe it. Am just a complete child basically.

I only have phosphorus 1M at home, so I should order 200c?
And stop the nat mur even though it helped me with my confidence level and anxieties
Almost last decade
can I regrow my hair??
Almost last decade
a picture of me... and one can see at the temples that my hairline is not good.

I obviously dont want to loose my hair. I depend a lot on my appearance. So any help with fixing me appreciated
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simone717 last decade
well I can wait out the aggravation, its not a problem if it means I will get a big improvement then later. I dont want to interfere with things.

I went up to 1M because I wanted bigger better improvements. I repeated the 1M dose after about 12 days.

ok, since I am on the nat mur my hair fall does not bother me that much anylonger as it would in the past,

Ok I will order then arnica q oil for my scalp to see if it helps.

About the phosphorus though? Is it a bad sign that I had no orgasm after masturbation, meaning remedy wrong? One thing that did seem good on the phosphorus, the only thing, was that I had the impression my hair is regrowing, tiny new hairs. But dont know for sure. it just seemed that way
Almost last decade
but still, nat mur has hairfall as a symptom so if it were my simillimum could I not expect my hair to regrow or stop falling out from the nat mur alone without needing to take anything else?
Just a question? and so does on the similimum your hair fall out more at first and later get better or does the hairfall get better immediately on the simmilimum?
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simone717 last decade

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simone717 last decade
thanks for that comment

Problem is social anxiety and body dysmorphia. Plus that I feel not good enough, am self hating, very jelous of anyone who looks better or has more then me. of wanting attention, being the good socializer who everyone likes and not be reserved, avoidant or quiet as I am. I am also called being a good boy very often in person, at work and dont like that
Wish to have more confidence around people.
I cannot take any form of rejection.
also now that I am working again and have me set a goal of earning 20.000$ so I can buy me a good car,it is making me restless. I am working as many hours as possible and gambling at times also just to get to that amount of money faster. Things are going forward to slowly. I think I am competive and very jelouse.

I went to a homeopath in person, but then after awhile she stopped responding to my follow up emails.
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Almost last decade
Well , tell the whole truth then- first homeopath did not
get full story and got mad at you, and could not handle you.

Second homeopath, you went off on self prescribing and
probably wrote way too many emails. And you have had
a form of HPD disorder, but you have been much more
normal since Nat Mur. I think that sums it up.
simone717 last decade
I told the truth about the homeopath I saw in person. I dont feel the need to lie. And I think everyone knows including me that I am difficult to deal with when working together with someone.

So I should stay on the nat mur then? And use the arnica q for my hair?
Almost last decade
I am 24, and I think I look and act much younger which obviously makes me feel like I am lacking compared to others.

Like that I am less mature then others of my age and so on.
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simone717 last decade
ok i will do that
Almost last decade
Everything in the article I pasted below fits me very well. Even the thing about pride which is mentioned in the first paragraph and is reason why I guess I thought that platina could fit me. Or not able to make any deep meaningful relationships, feeling that I am nothing if I cannot captivate or entertain people and so on all very relevant about what my issues are. If anyone would know what remedy this sounds like??

I think the natrum helps in a way, for example I went back to a few posts I posted months ago from where I found this article I pasted here below about histrionic personality disorder and feel embarrassed about how I acted back then. Like someone without any sort of Block or control over himself lol. So I dont think I am this histeric or overdramatic anylonger from the natrum.

This is what I fear most also as stated in the article:

''...These shifting moods leave her family, friends, and acquaintances hurt, bewildered, put off or mistrusting and cause them to keep their distance—the very thing Christy fears the most''

Well I fit this below in every way


Isn't Histrionic Personality Disorder just a form of pride that should be confessed?

While the histrionic individual often displays very prideful behavior, his or her motivations and actions are actually masked cries for love and help, and they often grow out of very low self-esteem. While pride is an issue we all struggle with, the most urgent need for the histrionic personality is to learn an appropriate sense of self-assurance—the self-assurance that can best be nurtured through experiences of unconditional Christlike love. In fact, Christ is an excellent model for relating to individuals with histrionic personalities. He displayed a firm love that was at the same time unconditional and uncompromising.


From Christy's outward appearance, she could pass as a fashion model, actress, or TV talk show host. She is attractive, gregarious, energetic, and has a dramatic flair that often makes her the life of the party. She is acutely attuned to her surroundings, an astute judge of the likes and dislikes of others, and a ready resource for the latest fashion trends. But that is only one side of the story.

Sometimes Christy's style turns out to be more of a curse than a blessing. Although she impresses people positively upon a first meeting, she never develops any deep, committed relationships, and her shifting moods eventually start wearing on those around her. Her consuming need for approval and desperate striving to draw out affection are just too much. And no matter how much attention she receives it is never enough. Her thirst is unquenchable but her efforts persistent. When she doesn't receive the attention she craves, she can quickly lose her charming style and become angry, pouty, rude, or condescending. These shifting moods leave her family, friends, and acquaintances hurt, bewildered, put off or mistrusting and cause them to keep their distance—the very thing Christy fears the most.

In addition to creating interpersonal problems, Christy's need to constantly evoke attention has another downside. She is constantly under pressure to perform and she is emotionally susceptible to the approval or disapproval of everyone she meets.

None of Christy's traits or attributes are negative in and of themselves. In fact, most of them are very enjoyable in moderation. But when they all come together in one person in a pronounced way, they cause serious problems and reflect a personality maladjustment known as Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD).

The Search for Attention and Admiration

The central conflict of persons with Histrionic Personality Disorders is their unresolved childhood need for affection, approval, and admiration. For some reason, histrionic persons have failed to develop a solid sense of themselves and their significance and worth. Unconsciously they feel empty, inadequate, or unlovable. Consequently, they are constantly turning to others for affirmation, attention, and rewards. In the process, they develop a highly tuned sensitivity to the moods and thoughts of those they wish to impress. They learn to quickly determine what actions or antics will succeed in getting others to respond to them in a positive way. But no matter how much attention they receive, it is never enough. It is like pouring water through a sieve.

Problems With Intimacy and Commitment

Underneath their overtly friendly relational style, histrionic individuals are actually quite unable to form healthy, intimate, lasting relationships. Some histrionic individuals try to convince others that they have so much capacity for love that one person alone can't meet it! Some are sexually unfaithful to their mates. Others are simply driven to always be with others and don't enjoy spending much quality time with their spouse.

This was true of Christy. Her husband was repeatedly frustrated when he attempted to plan and enjoy an intimate dinner just for two. Tom's efforts usually ended in explosive arguments when Christy complained that she would rather have had friends come along, and accused Tom of not appreciating her and stifling her social life.

Fluctuating Behavior

The histrionic person's effort to act in ways calculated to gain attention and admiration creates an extremely unstable pattern of behaviors and fickle emotions. Anytime they perceive that they are not commanding the attention they seek, they may do something dramatic, create a scene, or tell an exaggerated story to draw the focus of attention to themselves. Since histrionic individuals are essentially using others to build up their own fragile feelings about themselves, they must be constantly on the lookout for ways of getting the attention they so badly crave. But this leaves them without a solid, consistent sense of who they are and with a persistently unpredictable way of being. They are more concerned about getting attention from others than they are about being true to themselves

Impressionistic Thoughts and Speech

Those with HPD also have a style of thinking and speaking that differs from most of us. They tend to be highly impressionistic and lacking in details and specifics. They express strong opinions with a dramatic flair, but when asked to explain themselves, their underlying reasons are vague and without supporting facts and details. When describing another person, for example, they may say, 'He's incredible,' 'He's huge,' or 'I hate her.' They are strong on impressions but weak on details, facts, and carefully thought out plans and logic. They also tend to play hunches and adopt convictions quickly since their feelings and opinions are so easily influenced by others and by current fads. They may consider relationships to be more intimate than they actually are, describing almost every acquaintance as 'my dear,' or 'my dear friend.'

Histrionic Personality Disorder:

Constantly seeks or demands reassurance, approval, or praise
Overly concerned with physical attractiveness
Sexually seductive in appearance and behavior
Expresses emotion with inappropriate exaggeration; self-centered and little tolerance for delayed gratification
Uncomfortable in situations where they cannot be the center of attention—have an intense need to be acting all the time
Display strong but rapidly shifting and shallow emotions
Utilize a style of speech that is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail

False Assumptions About Life

Along with their distinctive emotional, relational, and intellectual styles, histrionic individuals tend to hold a certain set of largely unconscious assumptions or beliefs about themselves and what they need to do to have a good life. They believe, for example, that to have meaningful relationships with others means they must be the center of the group with others playing the role of attentive audience. They believe things like: 'Unless I captivate people, I am nothing.' 'If I can't entertain people, they will abandon me.' Or, 'If I can't captivate people, I am helpless or no good!'

Because of their unrealistic views of themselves and life, people with histrionic personalities are constantly setting themselves up for failure, rejection, and frustration. No one can always be the center of attention! When they aren't, they either conclude that they are worthless or that other people are bad for not constantly affirming them. So they either feel depressed or resort to crying, tantrums, assaultive behaviors, or even suicidal gestures to get their way, gain attention, or to punish a perceived offender. Tom wept as he described his many attempts to show Christy love and affection only to be chastised and ridiculed for his efforts or incorrect timing.

Since histrionic individuals believe it is necessary to be loved by virtually everyone for everything they do, they also have an exaggerated fear of rejection. Any hint of rejection is devastating, even when the person doing the rejecting is not actually important to the histrionic person! Feeling basically inadequate, yet desperate for approval, they feel they can never relax and leave the gaining of approval to chance or the good will or love of others.

All of these problems in family relationships are troubling for a growing child. Instead of feeling loved for who he is, he learns that he is only appreciated, cared for, or affirmed for what he does. This leaves him feeling empty and unloved. Since those feelings are so painful he begins to pay especially close attention to the approval of others and to behaving in ways that are calculated to elicit the longed for attention.
This shift from feeling good about being ones true self to trying to become what others want in order to be loved is a life altering movement. People with a healthy sense of self have a strong inner sense of who they are, what they like and dislike, and their values and commitments. They value other's opinions but they aren't at the mercy of them. They have a realistic understanding of themselves and know their strengths and weaknesses. These people can enter into deep relationships and make lasting commitments, but they can also be alone without feeling anxious and abandoned.

Histrionic Personalities and others without this healthy sense of self tend to be unaware of their true feelings and their likes, dislikes, and values. They become dependant on others, constantly search for attention, or engage in work or other activities to shore up their shaky self-esteem since they are unable to sit even briefly with their uncomfortable feelings. This discomfort is what drives the histrionic person to constantly seek attention.

For them, even relating to God—the most true and faithful source of love and acceptance—presents a great challenge because they are too terrified to look within and face themselves. They are afraid to see how unlovable they feel inside the recesses of their minds. But until they face those feelings they have trouble letting God into those needy recesses. Yet that is the place that we must all begin our spiritual journey.

People with histrionic personalities can also have problems in their relationships with God because they want to be the center of attention. Obviously, this doesn't work with God! He calls us to be humble servants, not admired stars


Unfortunately, most people with histrionic personalities are poorly motivated to change. They have such a lifelong pattern of avoiding emotional pain through massive repression and temporary attention getting maneuvers that they rarely seek help unless they are experiencing a deteriorating relationship, depression, or some other troubling social or emotional problem. And once they receive a little relief from their presenting problem, they tend to go on their way rather than facing their deeper emotional, spiritual, and relational struggles. If they will stay in therapy, however, they can get a great deal of help.

The ultimate need of histrionic individuals in therapy is to change their deeply ingrained tendency to try to fulfill all their needs by looking to others for attention rather than develop a solid sense of their own self-worth or self-esteem. To do this, histrionic individuals need to feel accepted and relatively safe and comfortable with their therapist. Gradually, they can begin to observe their pattern of avoiding their inner emotional anxiety by frantically looking for attention. In this process they need to learn to sit with their emotional discomfort instead of running from it.

As people with histrionic personalities learn to bear and face their fears of abandonment and inner emptiness they can increasingly focus on their internal world rather than on ways of trying to elicit attention from others. Since histrionic individuals avoid introspection by focusing on the outside world, this can be frightening and difficult. It is essential, however, to learn to see the futility of their relational and coping style in order to think more clearly and be less impulsive and more centered. In the process, they will gain insights into their unrealistic assumptions about themselves and life. They will come to see how they concluded they had to be the center of attention to feel good about themselves and they will realize that belief is an emotionally destructive idea.

Living With the Histrionic

Life with the histrionic can be challenging, confusing, frustrating, and oftentimes painful. Since histrionics struggle with depth in relationships, their partners are often left questioning their failed attempts to increase intimacy or closeness. While the histrionic will attempt to draw a partner into a rescuing, admiring role in order to ward off the anxiety of potential rejection, they may just as quickly display scorn or contempt for the same partner once they tire of their present life's routine.

Partners of histrionics often live a life on eggshells, not knowing when they will be smothered with superficial affection or loathed for being too predictable or dependable. This is turn can begin to undercut the partner's self-esteem. By definition, the anonymous people in the 'audience' of the histrionic person are less interesting or exciting than the 'beautiful' person holding center stage! This impact can be both subtle and cumulative, eventually leaving the partner of the histrionic filled with uncertainty and self-doubt. It can also leave partners resentful because they feel that they can never provide enough attention or admiration to fill the histrionic's emptiness.

In the face of the histrionic's compulsive optimism, denial, disassociation, and evasion, the partner who raises the issues of life's negative consequences and inevitable pain, can expect to be the brunt of the histrionic's wrath.

For the partner, the most helpful approach to living well with a histrionic person is to offer maximal emotional support while maintaining strong personal boundaries. By adopting a loving, but objective stance, while holding the histrionic accountable for his/her behaviors, the partner gives the histrionic person the best chance of learning to trust in a relationship—not out of successful performance, but because of mutual participation and acceptance.

It is also important to sensitively encourage behaviors that are mature, responsible, and based in reality if the histrionic is to emerge from his or her position of childlike powerlessness. Remaining loving and flexible, while tactfully confronting destructive behaviors in the relationship, can help the histrionic gain a realistic understanding of his or her impact on the relationship
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Almost last decade
Ok. I will wait and see what will happen after this big aggravation from the natrum I got settles, if any improvements and then consider the phos acid.
I didnt eat almost anything yesterday, and in the evening had a very dry mouth with a slight feeling as wanting to vomit in my stomach, feeling unwell.

I think there are more things I need to mention... While aggravating I have been feeling violent impulses, like when I am alone at home with my dog from the unhappiness and restlessness I feel I feel like I could hit my dog. Whats makes it worse then is also when I look at my dog and see her becoming timid from me looking at her is that it fuels my aggression and desire to hit her.. But I dont do it. Dont want to be the coward or low life who does such things. If I did such things then I would not be able to look in the mirror at myself anymore. This has always been how I am like, every wrong doing or mistake makes me feel horrible about myself.

I have also issue with being 24 already and the need to get or start a good education at university, this is very important. Without it I will never feel good about myself, but the issue is that I feel like I am not capable to study. There is a resistance. I see my brother and father who are at uni how they have to study for whole days every day and I dont want that. I just hate being forced to do something and if I enroll to uni then I know I will be required to study so much for 3 years at least.

I also have this disease that almost nothing feels good enough for me. When I buy me a car I only want the top ones, When I think of getting a university degree I cannot get motivated much because the university degree doesnt feel good enough. For example this means if I get the university degree it still isnt anything much.. THere are still people out there who are CEO's of world wide known companies, celebrities, movie stars, famous plastic surgeons and so on. So how am I supposed to feel happy with a pretty average degree from a university? I cannot, and therefore I dont feel much motivation. But I feel I need to do something quickly. I cannot be 'nothing' much longer.

- I am never punctual to work, always late

- when I see my brother video chatting with a good looking girl that hurts and offends me to a very big degree. And makes me sigh and tense up. But I respond to this and most things as if it does not bother me. Because I expect better of myself. I am not going to hate on someone else because I am jelouse for them having more compared to me. I mean I wont show it on the outside because that would make me feel very bad about myself.


I dont know what is going to make me happy to be honest. And if that is even possible. It feels like everything is to late already anyway. That I lost everything. I am not anymore what I used to be. I feel ashamed based on how I look to be what I am, I should be much more and better but its hard since I have this strong tendency for self hate.

- sexually I have issues also.
A woman dressed in a sexy way, like heels pantyhose can make me sexually excited like noone else I think but when a woman naked there is no sexual desire at all. THeres an issue. And I think that a naked woman body seems disgusting to me. I really dont know how a man can get all excited by seeing a naked female body.. For me the woman has to wear at least some clothes.

- I am saving up money to buy a car at the moment and I cannot tolearate any money from my weekly pay going away. Like for un-neccesary expenses or things. If one week I have to give out a few hundred to repair something that broke on my old car and next week then I get another bill which will require money to give out then I can become very restless and unhappy and either make this STOP or I will loose motivation and not save up anylonger for the car, I might then senselessly go and spent all my money. I just cannot ttolerate anything going into my way of my plans I set out.. If I am saving money then I will be saving money and no money giving away will be accepted. I also like to gamble so that I get what to where I need to get faster. But I only gamble when I am pretty certain of that I will win otherwise I dont. And so far have won 2times.

- At home when things dont get my way I also often say 'If you dont do this or if you dont stop and so on that I will take the knife out and poke or stab you.. but I say this always in a joking way, I dont really mean it but still I do this very often for all kinds of things, when I dont like something I mention the knife.

And I am afraid of being stabbed with a knife by people often myself. Like when someone could feel offended or just hurt and pretty down on life that they might go crazy and attack everyone with a knife. Like 2 days ago I feared my brother will show up in my room when I went to bed at night with a knife. Since he has some issues also from not being what he used to be years ago anylonger. He has fallen off too and is pretty much nothing anylonger. So

So there are many things I need and want. I want to much is my problem I think and also I know that I cannot get what I want and this makes me feel very bad and down.

So please help. I am also shy and timid around people often, Which I dont like at all. I should be better. And I cannot tolerate if anyone looks better then me which is a bad trait but I am pretty unbalanced when I am alone only, around people I am much healthier, with people other then my family that is, my family doesnt count. When I am with other people I am feeling my emotional issues much less.
When I am alone at home and see good looking people on the TV or so on that is when I get very jelouse and unbalanced but in person when I am around people I do get the feeling that people are interested in me or admire my appearance so I feel good. I am just a person that is not feeling mentally ok when alone I guess, without the attention from girls and people.

Sorry this was a bit long lol
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Almost last decade
most of all I want a pretty girl, and able to socialize freely without fear with people again but that seems hard after all the bad mistreatment I have gotten in the past for me to be able to socialize

Also I can get a good education or good material things but this will never make me happy, because its not what I really want. I will still be alone then anyway so unhappy.. A girl is what I want most I think.
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phosphorus has grandiose delusions or something like that I read, can anyone tell me what this means?

I know that platina for me is most likely not correct because I have been proving quite a few things, some paranoia, some issue when I saw knifes and the list goes on, even proved it in lower potencies.

I dont think mercury is correct either because I have taken it before which was prescribed for me and I had proved the dreams of atom bombs destroying the planet and such things, those are not my dreams.
Almost last decade
if you want to do this right- go to amazon and
buy Varun's book. It is only $3.50 or something.

Varun is looking at this thru his theory of layers.

So in order to have an intelligent discussion you
should know his method and then you will be
talking apples and apples and not apples and
oranges. Which is a waste of time.
simone717 last decade
I got some pains in my arms, this feels aggravated which I got from staphysgaria when I took it many months ago. With the staphysgaria I also have gotten some inflamation around the tip of my penis with the foreskin hanging lower now. And there is bright red or pink skin around the area where tip of penis starts and foreskin ends.

I have no idea what the medical name of those problems are
Almost last decade
I took the repeated 1M dose on the 12th and not feeling any improvements yet really rather I am quite compulsive about my appearance again and fear that something has changed for the worse or that I have lost something.

And if it is correct that on the similimum violent dreams go away quickly then this is another bad sign. Whats hard to know also is whether those violent dreams are even mine or not. Not some deep proving of past remedies I have taken
Almost last decade

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