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Attn Mr. Joe De Livera --- Wana update you on my medicine

Hello Mr. Joe De Livera

Please refer to my post about Acid Reflux and Hiatus Hernia where you prescribed Nat Phos 6X 4 tablets after lunch and dinner.


I just wanted to update you on the progress. I started using the remedy about 4 days ago and 1 day into it, I woke up with very stiff shoulder and stiff neck. This pain kept going on for 2 days. I didnt have any change in my bed or pillow nor did I do any kind of lifting, so I thought it was coz the medicine :( So I stopped taking it. It did help the stomach bloating and acid reflux. Now, I am just a little bit too apprehensive about getting back to the medication. Do you the neck and shoulder pain could have been caused by this medicine?
  A2Z_A2Z on 2005-08-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Your present symptoms cannot possibly be attributed to Nat Phos 6x by any stretch of your imagination. It is possible that you have caught a chill which can be treated by other remedies.

If as you state you have used it for 4 days and you noticed that you got your other problems you should have stopped taking it and posted this new information on this forum instead of blaming the remedy for your new ailment.

I have visited the link that you provided and note that you have been suffering from a serious problem which cannot normally be cured with drugs. I believe that Homeopathy is the only positive cure for it and as you stated you have been relieved of your acid reflux and bloating in the stomach. This proves that your cure is ongoing and it is unfair of you to suspect that this remedy which is the very mildest of them all could be the cause of your pain in your neck and shoulder.

I have noticed that this is sometimes the reaction from patients when they get free advice which is given by those of us who are concerned and spend long hours in sharing our knowledge with others to help cure suffering humanity. You are free to abandon my therapy if you so wish and please do not bother me any more.
Joe De Livera last decade
Mr. Joe De Livera,

I think you took my post in the wrong meaning. I didn't mean to bash you around and put the blame of my neck pain on you or your recommended remedy. I really respect you and acknowledge the fact that this is a great service that you provide free of charge. I admit that I failed to mention that I stopped the medicine after 2 days of use. I was just curious if this could have been cause as a side effect of the medicine I took and all you had to say was yes or no. I always respected you and other fellows on this forum and did not expect such a rude reply from you. This is not becuase I am getting free advice. Had I been paying your fees (like your regular patients), I would have still contacted you to get your opinion and if I did not like it I would still be free to abandon your therapy. All in all, I repected you and asked you an honest question and the way you replied is non professional in my opinion.

Thank you very much for all your efforts.
A2Z_A2Z last decade
As long as you are not one of the "bashers" many of whom have been unnecessarily vilifying me in the recent past as you may have read on this forum, I shall be glad to be of help.

I accept that I was rather abrupt to you in my last post which I did late last night but when I read your statement quoted below,

"It did help the stomach bloating and acid reflux. Now, I am just a little bit too apprehensive about getting back to the medication. Do you the neck and shoulder pain could have been caused by this medicine?"

I was naturally annoyed that you were connecting your neck and shoulder pain with the Nat Phos which I had advised you to use for your gastric condition and which had successfully controlled it after you had suffered from it at your age of 28.5 years for a long time according to your original post. I might add that it is also very likely that if you do not use Nat Phos that you will have to undergo surgery on your Pyloric valve to correct the erosion caused by your Hiatus Hernia. This surgery is usually not successful.

It is because of my deep concern for suffering humanity that I am active on this forum and you will note that many patients seek my advice personally in their posts and also contact me by email after they get my address from my profile.

I must place on record that I am not qualified in Homeopathy but have had over 30 years active exposure to this science. I am 76 years of age and am the CEO of a very old business organization owning a Chain of Department Stores in Sri Lanka. I use my free time today to treat all patients who seek my assistance completely free of charge including the remedies that I give them for their ailments.

As a patient you are certainly entitled to seek clarification on the use of any remedy but to blame a remedy such as
Nat Phos 6x which you discovered was helping you in a few days after you first used it, for your neck and shoulder pains, is unthinkable.

It is up to you to use the only remedy that can help you or to forget it.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe De Livera: Maybe now the matter is 'resolved' I should not say anything, but I was really shocked at the tone of your first reply. Sir, it seems that you only want to hear accolades and good reports and any questions regarding your methods, even for clarification, upsets your ego. While I thought Nisha -India was indulging in nothing more than picking fights, some of what she says may well be true - you seem to be hungry for glory - I was reading your post refering to "warfare" on otherhealth forum - what is the point of telling all that here? I went and looked there too - many questions are asked which you are not answering, only acting like everyone is out to attack a very generous, wise man. That you do service for free is very good, but you must also take criticism and have knowledge to reply to doubts. Very few posts are rude or nasty like Nisha's - they are only asking relevant questions, which you do not answer, but write out long, long mails seeking glory and sympathy. Please don't spoil your record by this kind of behavour.
homlee last decade
I was interested in your analysis of my attitude towards those who seek assistance on this and other forums to which I respond. I note that you have attributed my attitude towards Homeopathy to my ego. I hasten to assure you that this is far from the truth. I would like to reassure you that by doing so, I do not seek any glory or fame in the service that I render free of charge to all.

I do however resent when people like you who obviously do not know the first thing about homeopathy and the miraculous cures that this science can bestow on the patient, dare to accuse an absolutely safe and innocuous remedy like Nat Phos 6x as being the cause of your neck and shoulder pain. I would have expected you to merely record this observation instead of accusing this remedy for your pain which as I stated before may have been caused by a chill.

You may like to know that Nat Sulph 6x is Sodium Phosphate triturated to the 6x potency and the actual dosage of the salt is 1/1Millionth of the original salt which is used in the formulaton of many drugs in use today. If you reckon that something that is diluted down to a millionth of its original state can cause your distress, you richly deserved my curt response, especailly since you admitted in the same post that it had already helped your ailment which may have eventually compelled you to have corrective surgery which is never successful and may have left you a chronic suffering patient for the rest of your life.

I cannot remember any instance when a remedy that I had prescribed had resulted in an aggravation of the ailment except for one instance reported of a heart problem resulting in taking Arnica at night which no one in his right mind can accept as true. I am always available to advice anyone who seeks my assistance and judging by the posts on this forum and also my avalanche of emails which I receive daily, I do believe that people who are suffering from some ailment do indeed value my advice and treatment. I am not mentioning this out of a sense of bravado but this is directly to counter your statement that I do so as "everyone is out to attack a very generous, wise man."

It is rarely that I "pick a fight" but when anyone resorts to needle me as you are now doing, I do have the ability to reply in kind.

You state that you have already read my responses to others who seek to single out persons like me who are uncompromising in their outlook and cannot be stifled in their advice which in almost all cases has helped the patient and this includes your own gastric condition. Many of those who have "picked a fight" with me include the classical homeopaths who resent my inroads into their domain and I am informed that this has resulted in a loss of their own revenues which do not come cheap at a minimum of $100 per consultation in the US.

I do not expect any thanks or glory for helping others on this forum which I do out of a sense of service which I feel is the least I can do at my age of 76 to thank my Creator for sparing my life up to today which I have dedicated to helping anyone who seeks my assistance.

I do hope that you can finally accept my viewpoint and do not continue this unnecessary waste of my time in replying to your posts.
Joe De Livera last decade
Sir: It seems you are inattentive to your posts and posters. For one, I am not the person who inquired WHETHER (there was no accusation - in fact the person was humble even in his second post after you told him not to bother you) Nat Phos COULD have caused his problem. For another, do not assume I know nothing about homeopathy. I was a homeopathy student, and while I had to discontinue my studies for personal reasons, I have worked for many years with a homeopath, and read and study a great deal. I have the same Boericke and Dewey you must be using - and I can quote Nat Phos to you. I know people think these medicines are somehow less homeopathic, but any potentized medicine CAN show aggravation or proving. Please read under "extremeties" in Nat Phos. I am not saying this MUST have caused the problem, but it COULD show a proving, and if you are really so eager to help "suffering humanity", I find it shocking that you should reply to someone so rudely.
I did not accuse YOU of "picking fights". Please do pay attention, Sir - you might do someone harm if you are so careless in your reading. Neither do I want to needle you. I only want you to ANSWER questions that you just ignore. I don't want to say anything about your prescribing methods - it is up to whoever wants to follow you not.
If you do not want to be bothered by queries or questions, then why do you refer people on THIS forum to otherhealth to read all 5 pages of "Warfare" - I think what the people are saying there is quite correct, and if you were humble enough, you would at least try to see that you MIGHT be wrong in principle. I am glad you have success with Arnica and NAt Phos - but how many non-successes will you acknowledge, when your attitude is Thankyou for the praise, but do not dare to question?
Please Mr. Joe, read all the posts at otherhealth with an open attitude - 76 is not too old to learn.
Why should I accept your viewpoint when you will not accept anyone else's?
homlee last decade

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