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Chronic Enlarged Adenoid - looking for guidance please - thank you :)

This is my first time to post to this forum, please advise if I do something incorrectly - thanks.

issue is enlarged adenoid – chronic problem
dr. wants to operate to take out adenoid only – chronic issue since 1st year of birth – I have never felt she got enough sleep

-6 year old girl
-has twin brother [w/o this problem] premature at birth [31 1/2 weeks gestation] no respirator at birth - healthy - just premature
-blond, blue eyes
-Scandinavian decent [primarily]
-sleep issues – loud breather
-no sleep apnea
-tells me she is tired after being awake approximately 1 hour
-horrible eater – doesn’t want to eat meals – VERY picky eater - then shortly after meal says she is hungry [i offer her something nutritious or re-offer meal]
-doesn’t like yogurt, cheese – drinks cows milk, also likes almond milk – no difference noted when changing milks [no dairy]
likes snacks – crackers, teddy grahams, junk food
-eats vegetables
only eats a few fruits – currently likes red delicious apples – used to like blueberries, raspberries and watermelon in past years/summers – won’t eat them now – likes canned mandarin oranges, but not fresh oranges of any kind
-loves cereal – eats this in the morning and for a bedtime snack
-complains of stomach hurting [sometimes everyday] she had an ultrasound on her stomache and other tests this spring – nothing shows up
-seems to have some constipation/sometimes more difficult stools [no blood, no crying, no pain] - may be related to her poorer eating habits
-she gets crabby often
-smart child – does well in school – good behavior at school, although tired
-sometimes doesn’t like the light – when she is sick she says it is too bright
-prefers crackers, cookies to anything else [although I limit these] – she will usually eat spaghetti, loves peanut butter on toast [not bread] and must be cut in triangles only
-she is strong willed
-she has eczema/skin problems - legs like sandpaper especially winters [midwestern state]
-likes to have back rubbed with lotion b/4 bed for past several months
-wonderful, loving daughter
-loves playing outdoors
-no learning issues/diabilities, no ADHD or anything like these

currently she has a cough, plugged nose [her nose is plugged 80% of the year] – she can NOT breath through it at all

My primary [leading] concern/complaint to the pediatrician is her plugged nose. Went to ENT Dr. The ENT Dr asked if he could take an x-ray. I saw myself how enlarged her adenoid is. It is significantly affecting her quality of sleep and everyday life. She breaths through her mouth right now entirely and a person can hear her funny/loud/etc breathing when she is next to them. I can hear her breathing every night from my room also - now and every night when she goes to sleep.
-more of a loud breathing then snoring – again, no sleep apnea that we have ever observed or heard.

I would love some suggestions. Let me know if you have further question on her symptoms, etc. I have used homeopathy for her cough, strep throat, etc in the past. My Pediatrician is aware I like to treat my kids with homeopathy first and supports me on that. Her adenoid removal surgery is currently scheduled for mid-August. She needs some relief and help before starting school in September. I would love to avoid surgery and use homeopathy instead. Thank you so much!
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  mnmama on 2012-08-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please give her calc carb 30 in the morning and evening for 3 days and see how that affects in next 7 days.

After 3 days you may give her 5 drops of Agraphis Nutans Q at bed time daily.
kadwa 8 years ago
Thank you. I started the calc carb 30c this morning - 2 pellets - 15-30 minutes before anything to eat. I have read 30 minutes before/after eating on this forum, please advise.

Also, do I need to have the Agraphis Nutans Q made up? I am not familiar with the Q [it is LM2 or LM3?] I am familiar with 30c. If I can not get that, what are my other options for dosing? I can get LM2 in the Agraphis Nutans [they do not have LM1]. The store can make it up for me. They said I have to whack the brown bottle before dosing and that it relates to her sensitivity and energy. Please advise what to get and then how to dose if LM2.

I will report back again in 7 days.

May I ask, will she also need something to treat her as a constitutional remedy? This is a reoccuring problem. I assume this is an acute treatment with the 30c cali carb.

Is the Agraphis Nutans Q for a short period of time or possibly longer? I do realize it will depend on her symptoms, etc.

Again, thanks so much.

How long do I give the Agr Nut for 4 days after the calc carb or continue longer? I will reply back after the 7 days. Thanks.
mnmama 8 years ago
Calc Carb is a deep acting remedy and if it helps in adenoids, it should help her overall.

Agraphis Nutans Q means mother tincture of Agraphis Nutans. If you don't get Q, you may give her Agraphis Nutans 30.

There is no need to give Agr Nut 30 if she responds well to calc carb 30.
kadwa 8 years ago
I gave her Cal Carb as you instructed. On day 4 she seemed better - less stuffiness and less cough [somewhat softer breathing at night]. By day 5 the cough is back although not continuous] and she is still stuffy [although able to breath a little through her nose]. I was unable to get the Agraphis Nutans until today - it is rare in our area. I was able to get 6c instead of the mother tincture you first recommended. I will give her a dose [2 pellets] of this remedy tonight. How does it change the dosing schedule since I was unable to give it to her on day 4 and day 5?

Thank you!

PS - When she stands next to me [such as when I write this] I can hear her loud/plugged breathing strongly in my ear.
mnmama 8 years ago
Please give her Agraphis Nutans 6 in the morning and evening for 3 days.

After 3 days of Agraphis Nutans 6, if her symptoms become worse give Calc Carb 30 in the morning and evening for 3 days.
kadwa 8 years ago
Thank you.

Will you please give some information if this is more of an acute treatment or constitutional remedy? We have to decide about surgery and I am contemplating on seeing a homeopath dr. here in our area [but it is exensive for us] to try to solve her issues long term [and before we opt for her adenoid removal surgery on Aug 20th (which is 100% covered by insurance)]

Please advise as I am new to this forum and I do not know standard protical, etc. Thank you so much! Your help is VERY appreciated!

If I can get her issue cleared up through this forum and follow-up, I am happy to do that.
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mnmama 8 years ago
I read a post on here tonight talking about a cali carb child and so I thought I would comment on a few more things about my daughter - she too has eczema especially on her legs - they feel like sandpaper. I am VERY careful what soap I use in her bath, use unscented laundry detergent, etc. She often complains of a stomache - she has not been tested for allergies. She has never had reflux [that we are aware of] Her nose is typically plugged versus a runny nose. It is just plugged, so she can't blow anything into a tissue even when she tries. She has a nagging cough that she just has - pretty much ongoing - not non-stop though - just periodically throughout the day. I hope these additional items help. Thanks again so very much. Your time and responses are VERY appreciate.

Regarding her cough, I don't recall hearing it as much today. Typically she just has a cough here and there [almost like a clearing of the throat]. Yeah! What we are doing with remedies so far seem to be helping. Thanks so much. I await your reply on the acute versus constitutional question. Will this just come back or is the remedy hopefully getting to the source, so it [plugged up nose, stuffed up breathing, cough] will not keep re-occurring. Thanks again.
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mnmama 8 years ago
Calc should help her at much deeper levels and she may get long term relief. Let us see how the plan affects her in next 15 days.
kadwa 8 years ago
I am posting back a little earlier than 15 days. I have given her the remedies as you prescribed - calc carb then several days later when I could get it - Agr Nut 6 and then Calc carb 30 - when she had the calc carb she seems to start to clear up a bit - her nose was less stuffy. Currently her nose is stuffy again - a little air goes through versus being completely stuffed, but not great. Her cough has stayed away so far, since being on the calc carb the 2nd time. Her cough came back some after the first dose of calc carb and before I had the agr nut. Looking for your guidance as she starts school the day after labor day and I am hoping to help her get some better sleep. She does seem to be a bit more huggy than sometimes and for the most part a better disposition :) - just trying to get at the stiffed nose [ enlarged adenoid issue further. Thanks so much! Again, I appreciate your time!

She was a premature twin baby born at 31 1/2 weeks with no real medical issues although she was on a c-pap machine overnight the first day she was born and then didn't need it anymore. The dr. did not give the lung shot in time to help the lung development in utero. [although this shot may be contrary to homeopathic medicine - I didn't know about homeopathy 6 years ago.]
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mnmama 8 years ago
Please give her Calc Carb 30 for 2 days and see how that affects in next 7 days.

It seems that Agraphis is not working for her. You may still give her a dose of Agraphis Nutans in the evening every alternate day as a follow up remedy to calc carb 30.
kadwa 8 years ago
Thank you and please clarify the instructions

calc carb 30 for 2 days - is this morning and night?

agr nut in the evening every alternate day - so days 3-7 give this in eve?

Thanks again.

Also, she will be having some allergy testing next week - both allergy testing and food testing - trying to find out what is causing her problems and the enlarged adenoid. I don't believe homeopathic remedies change the test results in any way? Will you please inform me on this /clarify this for me. Could the test results turn out differently since she has had the calc carb or agr nut recently. I don't give her anti-histamines or anything like that - they say those can't be used when doing allergy testing, so just clarifying with a homeopathy professional about homeopathic remedies and allergy testing. Thanks so much!
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mnmama 8 years ago
calc carb 30 for 2 days - is this morning and night?

agr nut in the evening every alternate day - so days 3-7 give this in eve?

A homeopathic remedy can't suppress an allergy tests like a histamine blocker.
kadwa 8 years ago
A little update and looking for your inputs/opinions. Thanks!

My daughter was tested for non-food allergies and everything came out ok [yeah!]. She does not have allergies, although they did not test food as they said she didn't have any symptoms - break outs, immediate allergic reactions to any foods.

The opportunity arose for her to be seen when an appointment opened up to bring her to a homeopathic student clinic [students with 4 years of training who are overseen by a supervisor] in our city. Since I need to decide about surgery or not, we decided to try it.

I am looking for your opinion as well. Previously she was getting some relief and then as you mentioned it seemed Agr Nuts was not working for her. I know she did have some improvement overall with her nighttime breathing.

She was prescribed Kali Sulph 200c every 12 hours for 3 doses.

Something seems to have helped as her breathing at night is mostly better and she doesn't tell me all day long that she is tired - only recently. Her follow-up appt isn't until December which I am realizing now is a real drawback. I am very new to homeopathy.

This weekend she came down with the symptoms of strep, so I dosed her similar to another time she had strep - 2 pellets of nux vomica 30c in early am, near mid-day and since she still had alot of symptoms, once more at bedtime. This helped the symptoms she had, but now she is 100% plugged up in her nose again. She needs to wipe her nose, but if she tries to breath [through her nose] no air comes through - completely blocked. I am not even sure that I was supposed to give her the acute remedy since she was given the constitutional remedy, but I caved and had to help her relieve symptoms and I didn't want to have to bring her to the dr. who would just prescribe antibiotics. I have her on Garden of Life kids probiotics, as well. I meant to write sooner for your opinion and a 2nd opinion on the constitutional remedy - you seem very knowledgeable and I appreciate your insight! Any feedback is very appreciated.

mnmama 7 years ago
Please give her three doses of Calc Carb 200 12 hours apart and see how that affects in next 7 days.
kadwa 7 years ago

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