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side effects from many years of homeopathic remedies

I am hoping to get some help.I have never known or even thought that homeopathy could have nay side effects.I only thought it was gently supporting us in what we already were as persons.Thats what my former homeopath said.
I ahve been taking homeopathic medicine from 2 classical homeopaths since 2006 or 2007.if i remember it correctly.
I have taking it as it was the only thing that helped for holding onto my panic attacks(hyperventilating and being scared to become blind), and not being able to feel my body since september 1998. In the beginning it helped.
But the last pill I got made me feel like a zombie.I could neither feel almost no emotions, I was distant and i couldnt concentrate and my psychotherapist couldnt work with me, and also i couldnt feel any panic attacks.it was sooo awful.i am trying to antidot it now.my homeopath gave me something so i could either leave my boyfriend or learn to live in a relationship with him without getting any panic attacks from my emotions.especially anger.it made me not able to even think about him, i couldnt even see his image in front of my yes.i still cant really.everything is empty although peeprmint has helped a little.i am scheduling a time with him.he knows taht this is happening to me.but he thinks that it is also becoz i left my boyfriend.but i wasnt really ready for it.the pill just amde me very brave and strong.also for some while i havent been able to like sex and i usually ahve a strong libido.even when i took conventional medicine it couldnt kill that libido totally.i am also a very sensitive person which i use for writing and arts.but that has gome away too.?!!
I just want to get help to become mysel again.and i promise nver to do homeopathic stuff anymore.it should only be used for non-emotional stuff, i think.
please help me someone.as this is what my worst nightmare is about.and the pill made me forget about my boyfriend in a way like in Jim Carrey's film'In a spotless mind...'.its awful.i want to go back in time and antidot all this.i have started to get depressed for a long time.i never never ever became like that.
also it made me feel that life had no meaning and i wanted to die.i have experienced many many awful things in my life but i have never felt like that.i know myself and i ahve been fighting against the conventional system and medication for years and years.but this is the worst really.i am scared and i hope to get some help here.
also i couldnt react as i usually do.i would try to remember my feeelings or that i would get scared of something but it was just silenced within me:((
  hullus on 2012-08-18
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Hi Hullus: Your's is a moving story and I'm sure many among us would like to help you. Can you share with us a timeline of your homeopathic remedies you've been taking? Which remedies in what strengths, how often, etc? There are many opinions on anti-doting, the easiest being coffee (if you have access to a shop that grinds the beans in front of you, or your own grinder - this is the best... the grinding action promotes a form of fresh potentization). If the forum has a better idea of your own specific remedies, we can offer more specific antidotes.

goodbot last decade
The main thing is- what was the last remedy the homeopath
gave you? and what potency was it?

and how long ago did you take it?
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simone717 last decade
thank you goodbot:)
I will try to get a list of the things I have been taking if my homeopath is willing to do so.
I am very touched and happy that I am not alone.this means a lot to me.
The peppermint drops japanese I am dropping around my inner elbow.I will get some freshly grind coffee today.but i am usually not a big coffee drinker as I have had trouble sleeping for many years.
My main problem being that i couldnt breathe and therefore jumped up many times at least for 2-3 hours every night, before i could finally sleep.that has gone away with this last pill.and also i thought that the reason why i was becoming less anxious when having feelings was due to the homeopathy working well.but 2 pills away i started getting problems with going to the toilet.i ahve never ahd this in my life before.and i thought it was kind of strange.it stopped with this last pill.but i have become more tired and less happy, less energetic, (and these things were something i never had.although i couldnt sleep for days i was still very fresh and happy and people were amazed.now i am tired all the time and want to sleep at 10pm.very very strange.but i wasnt questioning it as i thought it was a good sign in the process to become a 'normal' person.)the antidotting peepermint is working slowly, but it stopped me sleeping almost totally tonight.but i prefer this.no not really as i would get tired at some point.but it is closer to who i am before this last pill, so i am just trying to go back in time.is that possible?i was better off 2 years ago.i still had energy and emotions and started making a documentary film. i still felt sexual.life has no meaning like this.i dont recognize this person that i ahve become.I still dont feel any anxiety within me.which is something i ahve known for years.a few days ago i got the hyperventilating thing back for a few hours,but that was really it.

are you guys homeopaths by the way Goodbot and Simone717?

hullus last decade
Hi- I volunteer on this forum and am studying homeopathy. Goodbot
has only a couple posts on here. If you click on posters name you
can see their profile and how long they have been on here and if
they are prescribers- or homeopaths.

In homeopathy, there is something called an aggravation from a remedy
soon after you take it. Or if it is wrong remedy it is called a proving
where you are getting new symptoms of things you never had before and
that is the wrong remedy. Aggravation can last 10 days or less depending
and they bring up old issues, the old issues clear and then you are better
mentally, and then start clearing physical symptoms. You then wait
and watch and take more only if relapsing.

So you don't need to go clear what was given in the past bc that should
no longer be affecting you. What is affecting you is what you have
been taking. There are antidotes for remedies specifically, using other
remedies like camphor and nux vomica etc. Look up antidoting in
the search box and read posts.

It sounds like you are 'proving' this remedy and you should be able
to tell your homeopath you want to antidote it- coffee and also
strong spinal massage can also antidote or help antidote.
So you need to either ask your homeopath, or find out what was just
given to you- what - how much potency and when you took it. Or
talk to your homeopath about whether you are 'aggravating' or proving
the remedy bc if you are aggravating then these things will leave
and you will start to feel mentally ok.
simone717 last decade
Hi Simone717.

Thanks for your advice.

There were also strange new things that I thought were just part of a homeopathic and mental process many pills away..
the libido thing i.e. started maybe a year ago..and me becoming less affected by my feelings and becoming more sure about myself instead of always being in doubt about what to feel when et.c. everything I remembered of how i usually reacted to things were kind of silenced.as the pills i was getting were making me like this gradually it was strange and scary, but I trusted the homeopathic process to be able to make me mentally and emotionally stronger.
and it did help.really to avoid all these symptoms.But it feels very very strange.

also a new symptom has been my morning stomach pain which has only been a symptom around a year or more but i always thought it was psychological.it is a side effect too.i believe and the fact that i couldnt cry properly or use my sensitivity as i used too is soo strange.
the stomach pain, went away with the last pill and came back only 2 days ago with my antidotting..

But can an antidotting help with the new symptoms that started with earlier homeopathic pills.I really just want to go back and get this sorted.as I did have new things and silencing of myself in every single pill.
so im scared and i will never touch homeopathic medicine again.

also i have been taking rescue remedy up untill 3 weeks ago as well as i did get a few panic attacks with hyperventilation when i am in very high buildings.and my sensitivity makes me feel that i am not grounded after the 5th floor.

I have been trying to antidot for around 2-3 weeks now. as i dont really drink coffee that much, i ahve been eating fresh peppermint and have only been drinking a little coffee (1 little cup a day with milk in it).

I will ask my homeopath for the name of the remedies etc. if he is willing to provide me with that information.
hullus last decade
It sounds like you have one of those homeopaths who won't
tell you what they are giving to you.

You need to get another homeopath. What is supposed to
happen is --after first remedy you may increase a bit the old
symptoms, then feel better mentally , then physical issues start
to go and then you take the same remedy only when relapsing,
and longer and longer amounts of time between taking
remedies until you are well. Sometimes the first remedy
uncovers a layer of other things and then you take a new remedy
to do with what is showing up.

It also sounds like you had frequent amounts of doses of whatever
the person prescribed you. One remedy that is to antidote
everything is camphor- you could try a dose of 30c and see how
that affects you.

I don't know where you are or how you chose this homeopath??
But homeopath should have at least 5 years treating people,
and have cured similar cases to your own. There was a young
woman on here some months ago, her mother took her to a
homeopath family friend. She was given an odd prescription of
kali bich- in several doses a day for 3 months. When she wrote
here , she was proving the remedy ie, exhibiting symptoms of
of the remedy she never had in her life. She then went to another
homeopath and got it sorted out.

Someone has to retake your case, sort you out, and tell you
what you are being given. Homeopathic medicines are safe-
they wear off, a good massage can also 'wear off a remedy'
If you tell me where you are I can look up some people who
I think will put you on the right road to normal.
simone717 last decade
Hi again.

i have been talking to my homeopath and he is going to antidot the last pill i took and also going to give me antidots for the other pills i have taken throughout the process if i need it/want it.
so i am now hoping for the best.

my homeopath is a classical homeopath and has many years of experience.and was recommended to me by my first homeopath.

I am in Denmark.
hullus last decade
Good. I have been to several very educated homeopaths-
and some of them gave me very wrong prescriptions .

Obviously this homeopath is and has been on wrong track with
you-I have seen people on this forum get better from depression,
etc , etc in 2 weeks.

I would get the antidote and try somebody else- and I would research
if I was you- your condition and homeopaths who have cured
cases of similar. Some homeopaths are very good in certain areas-

Even look at site of drtahirahp.com- homeopath - India who used
to be on this forum- cases on there. I have found homeopath for
person in Uk that was going to ' well respected homeopath who
was overdosing her' a ' classical homeopath-so be careful,
you are sensitive and this homeopath is NOT working for you.
simone717 last decade
Thanks for your concer!its good to know taht im not all alone in the world.
feeling trapped in my own body..

I just need to ask you one question;
can it be harmful to get the antidot pill for this last pill, as it was sooo strong..i am a bit scared of it.that it might make things even worse?!!
but coffee and peppermint didnt work as i said.and getting a spinal massage is
a)too much for a sensitive person like myself.
b)where would i find such a masseuse in little denmark?

And also I have actually decided not to use homeopathy again.ever.as this overall feeling of almost not being physically and mentally present is awful!

im just hoping that I can go back in time and antidot these pills that i thought were good for me..can it be harmful to take such a path with many antidots?what do you think?

I just want to be me my sensitive self and get my libido back and use this great therapist i have met while living in London for 4 years.I have just returned.

thanks again.
hullus last decade
Why don't you ask what the antidoting pills are and how much you are
to take, before you embark on another 'unknown' remedies path
with this person. You can then put the prescription on here. Like I said
many people take a dose of camphor 30 c or depending on remedies
given a dose of nux vomica 30 c a couple times- they clear out things
in the system.

Denmark I am sure has body workers, some techniques are very gentle
and it is done with all clothes on- The aim is to be in your body
in comfort- Your muscles and fascia under the skin all hold onto
things that are released thru touch. Humans are simple in some ways,
to stay healthy, we need to eat good food and water, exercise and
touch is very important.
simone717 last decade
he said it was the same pill to even out the first one..
hullus last decade
Maybe he is trying to antidote your remedy in a higher
potency by giving you same in a lower potency.

Some people say that works, Maybe it will. But if you got
him to tell you- what the pill was then people on here
know how to antidote it. I would make the person tell me.

And like I said camphor usually works on most everything.-

Good luck.
simone717 last decade
DEar hullus,
If I would be in your place I would stop all the treatment ( any pathy)for at least two months & let my body & mind to heal itself.

Let your own vitality take care of itself.
daktersaab last decade
is it camphor creme that I need to use?and how?under my nose or?

I will try to ask him for the name of the remedy.
but what about all the other pills he gave me that was kind of 'silencing' my symptoms and in a way making my mind and body forget about these symptoms. And i felt a little trapped in my body even then?!Those pills should also be antidotted dont you guys think so too?
And will it help just to leave it as it is and as Daktersaab says let things heal itself?
I know that my body is shocked right now that this could happen. so it has reacted with becoming even more elusive and seethrough as I used to feel with my general condition since one morning in 1998. My body doesnt even like massage or things even exercises or pills or herbs that makes it relax.i only want to be the one in charge of that.meaning: I just want to feel my emotions and react to them then i am relaxed. So this feeling of 'almost not being here physically' intensifies when tehre are things i dont like.it even happened to me at Camden market in london where I almost disappeared for 3-4 hours becoz i held a cristal stone from a necklace for less than a minute!!it affected me to relax and my body reacted to it in that way i guess.im not sure what it is.but baldrian i.e. has the opposite effect on me. i took it once and couldnt sleep for 3 months (only between 12 and 03 in the night).so homeopathy i should have stayed away from,but no therapy could help me for years.
as I am crazily sensitive, and i actually ahs started loving this about myself:))
although it makes life difficult for me.
hullus last decade
'since one morning in 1998' what happened?

sounds like if you relax then things will come up that you'
can't handle' and then you ' leave the body'. Disassociate is
what it is called, also split off etc - which are effects of trauma.

Not wanting a massage etc is a defense against having 'stuff'
come up, which you are still not ready to handle and thus
it will 're-traumatize you. Check out the book ' waking the tiger-'
about how trauma affects nervous system and how therapists have
to work with you in ways that you feel safe to release- otherwise
it is like same trauma going off again with no resolution.

You can order camphor 30 c from wherever you get remedies in
Denmark, or if you cannot you order from Helios homeopathic Pharm
in Uk. take one dose and see what happens. Camphor antidotes
remedies - most all of them.you don't go back and start antidoting the past ones-

Dr. Saab is right- stop taking remedies, work with your new
therapist-remedies do not 'stay ' in the body-they stimulate your
vital force- eventually what the remedy did will leave.
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simone717 last decade
dear simone717 and goodbot.

these are the remedies i have taken.the recent ones i guess from this homeopath.

Kalium Bromatum 1M

Staphysagria 1M

Staphysagria 10M

Stramonium C200

Belladonna C200

Veratrum 1M

I have stopped antidotting 3 weeeks or a month ago i guess.I just wanted to heal myself without doing anything.my hoemopath cant explain what has happened to me.but i cant trust him anylonger.i am feeling that i cant concentrate and that my mind is blank all the time.i can only think when i write or talk.i forget things all the time.and my body is relaxed up to my throat.and im trapped inside my body. i dont feel much.i can still cry a little. i try to calm myself down, believing that it might just be the shock of the remedy still effecting me, but it isnt.i cant feel my emotions or boundaries something has closed it down.i am too tired to panic about it, my body has just given up because when i do try to go against the remdy i instead end up with loosing the sense of my body.but im just in this zombie-state of living.i have never been depressed in my life, and this always surprized the doctors.but i always had my life energy, sexual energy and my thoughts and sensitivity.my breasts dont even get bigger when i have my period any longer and they are never aroused.
i cant recognize myself.
there is this filter on me pretending that i am relaxed but i am never relaxed as my heart is pounding away and i do not feel really genuinely relaxed ever anymore.and i cant fight against the remedy that has caused all this.i am too tired and have no appetite for anything.i was always very aware of everything inside me now i do not know this stranger inside of me.

i cant stand this any more.
i am left all alone in this world in this condition..
hullus last decade
is there no one to help me?
hullus last decade
I know someone who can help you. This person works at the level of subtle energy and if you would like to give your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth, then this person will be able to help.
leb623 last decade
Hi leb,
Thanks for your reply.i cant believe no one can help me.i even talked to dr. tahira from malaysia.
i need to know what it is that your acquantaince does first as i am too sensitive and homeopathy has taught me to be scared of life and healthy stuff.thanks
and why doesnt these remedies stop working or balance my body back into what it was soon?!!
hullus last decade

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Orzowm 6 years ago

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