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*Is Sulphur 6C right for toddler excema/rough skin???**

In my attempt to go the holistic route I have purchased the sulphur 6c. I am just wondering if this is the right treatment for my son. I also purchased aloe vera leaf in hopes to use it as a topical relief instead of the petroleum creams.

My 27 month old has suffered from what the pediatrician calls ecxema. When he was a newborn/infant it was concentrated on his cheeks with redness and some bleeding. Now it is concentrated only behind his knees but his overall skin feels quite rough. Here are the symptoms:
*Behind his knees his skin is quite flaky and very red. He scratches it vigorously, whether he has pants or not.
*It seems to subside when I put a cream on him but not very long
* I have tried almost all types of cream. At first I followed the doctor's rx of over the counter steroids and creams. I have used all natural products. All to no avail
* His overall skin condition is rough and patchy where before it was baby soft
* His back of his knees seem to be better when the room is cooler and when he is out and about. It gets worse with he is without pants and on the carpet or floor.
* He has now started to sleep through the night but he does wake at times at the same time crying.
*He LOVES water and bathes and can live in a pool which we have frequented this summer.
* I try to bathe him every other day although this summer has been more frequent since he enjoys the chlorinated pool
*He is a very active boy even when tired and can have tantrums but he is easily calmed with touch.
* He still nurses although I am 28 weeks pregnant and not producing the same amount of milk (just colostrum)
*He has been diagnosed with food allergies since age one: dairy, egg, soy, tree nuts and peanuts.
* His diet is almost vegan with the exception of fish a few times a week.
*He is a great eater, loves all fruit and most veggies and we do not eat processed foods or food that contain dyes We eat organic most of the time.
*He has not been vaccinated since he was one and rarely goes to the pediatrician anymore ( i am looking for a holistic pediatrician currently).
  karenhny on 2012-09-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please give him the remedy in the morning and evening for 2 days and see how that affects in next 7-10 days.
kadwa last decade
Thank you. Since he is only 27 months giving him the recommended dosage on the packaging of 5 pellets under the tongue seems like a fruitful task for a toddler. Somewhere online I read dissolving two pellets in 4 ounce water and giving him a teaspoon 20-30 minutes at a time. Does that sound right to you?

Thanks again for your help!
karenhny last decade
Wait for Kadwa to tell you how the wet dose is
to be done. Whether it is 2 pellets in a teaspoon
of water, or 2 to 4 pellets in 1.4 cup of mineral
water and drink that, everyone has their own

If you take a teaspoon out of the 4 ounce that is
ONE dose- so I want you to understand that more
teaspoons out of that same water are MORE
doses. People do several doses like you described
when there is an acute thing going on- to see
if the remedy starts acting and then you stop remedy.

There was a case of child with croup who parents
gave Spongia this way- the first dose child became
much better , but they were reading the bottle
directions which said - 4x a day- they gave another
dose and he was 'proving ' the remedy ( getting
all symptoms back that Spongia was for-) he had
too much- they stopped then and it took a couple
hours to wear off and he was back feeling better.
Your child is not having an acute problem he is
having a chronic problem, so frequent dosing is
not the way to do it.
simone717 last decade
Ok. I have started it this not in but will stop until further advice. I dissolved 2 pellets in 4 ounces of purified water. I have given him a reason every 20-30 minutes. That has tallied up to 5 teaspoons. It can be quite confusing so I appreciate your time explaining how this works. The information I followed was from dr luc. Here is the advice I followed but again, will stop giving him the 'doses' until further advice/recommendation.

What’s the best way to take the remedies?
This is one of homeopathy’s best-kept secrets: take the remedies in water. When you buy a little tube in the store with 80 pellets, the label says to take 3 pellets 3 to 5 times a day under the tongue. (There is no secret door under the tongue!) But it will work much better and much faster for acute problems if you take one pellet and dissolve it in 4 to 8 ounces of water. Take one teaspoon as needed—as often as every 20 to 30 minutes in acute cases such as high fevers and accidents. One cup will is good for 24 hours. If you need the remedy again the next day, make another cup. If after 2-3 doses you are not experiencing any change, you can put a couple of pellets in 8 oz of water (put in a water bottle with some room at the top), pound it several times and take one tsp directly from the bottle. Putting it in water makes it reach more nerve endings. As soon as it touches the mucous membranes it starts to work. If someone can’t swallow, you can even swab it on their skin.

What if you run out the same day, can you make another cup?
You could but you shouldn’t need to, because as you start to feel better you slow down and take a teaspoon only maybe every hour or two. If you don’t see any improvement by the time you finish the cup, it probably means you have the wrong remedy. (It could also mean the potency is too low, but this is something you will learn from experience.) If one is not improving, it is a good to consult a homeopath.

So why don’t they say this on the label?
Maybe because they can sell more tubes this way! Or maybe because they just don’t know. Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, developed this method of taking the remedies in water at the very end of his life, and the manuscript in which he described it was lost for nearly 100 years. Even now it is not well known. The people who work in the pharmaceutical companies have probably never read it.
karenhny last decade
Yes- you see he says take one tsp. as 'needed'
and up to 20 -30 minutes in ACUTE cases like
high fever etc???

Your child does not have an acute illneess,
which would be, fever, cold, a fall, a bug bite,
bad food reaction, etc.

That is a lot of doses so again wait for Kadwa
to tell you what to do next.Also
very important- in homeopathy- when remedy has
action- good action or bad action?? you Stop the
remedy. You wait and see if patient is having
aggravation ( old things coming back up) or
is Proving the remedy ( new things showing up)
wrong remedy or too much of it.

You get a prescription from homeopath and then
if there is action- STOP-check in. The remedy
is to kick start the natural vital force of the body
to clear disease. So it is like starting the car-
once you start the car , you don't keep starting
the car.:-)
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simone717 last decade
Just dissolve a pill nicely in some 20 ml water and give 1/2 tsp as one dose. Throw away remaining water and make a fresh dose each time. You may also drop a pill in his mouth and ask him to let it dissolve in his mouth. This is the simplest method.

It is a bad idea to give any remedy at very short intervals in any form. Please follow the schedule given earlier.

[message edited by kadwa on Thu, 13 Sep 2012 08:51:55 BST]
kadwa last decade
Thank you all very much. I will give him the dose (1/2 tsp pellet dissolved in water) once daily correct? For how long should I do this?
karenhny last decade
do it morning and evening for two days. Nothing to eat or drink for
half hour before and or after remedy. Then you wait for 7 days
and see what goes on. Then report back what is happening.
simone717 last decade
Hello again,
I am reporting back that the situation has not improved and in fact had gotten worse. He has extreme redness around his legs concentrated behind his knees. It painful for him even when I give him a cool oatmeal bath. I followed the above instructions exactly. I don't bathe him every day, maybe every other day and at times alternate between baths and showers. He seems to do better (not in pain) in showers. Perhaps it is the oatmeal? Also I am consistently rubbing organic virgin coconut oil but that does not seem to soothe him so he asks for the other cream which is a Eucerin extra thick cream.
Is there anything else I should try or that you would recommend? I am at my wits end and hate seeing my son in such pain and discomfort.
He is very active and we are mostly outdoors. I have him mainly in pants so as to avoid him scratching his skin directly and also avoiding our carpet touching his skin. We don't own any pets and I vacuum every other day. We don't use any cleaners or shampoos or beauty products including detergents that have chemicals. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am trying greatly to avoid any steroidal creams or shots. Thank you all. .
karenhny last decade
Please give him Kreosotum 30 in the morning and evening for 2 days and see how that affects in next 7-10 days.
kadwa last decade

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