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Chronic Genital Herpes

Age 53
-Had herpes outbreaks for 30 years
-They've migrated over time from lower back and buttocks to genital and anus
-They used to come as small clusters of pearled blisters which would itch and be painful,lasting two weeks usually.
-They came a week before every period, and now in menopause continue to come, and more frequently-twice a month
-They now come as a single, painful larger pearl-like blister.

What seems to bring them on:
-Masterbation in any form

(I have also been clinically depressed since I was 11, but not on any medication for it now.)

At age 31 I had an ovarian cyst which was removed along with one ovary. (I was later given a laposcopic sterilization, but not from any illness, but requested.)

Other health issues:

Really not much except some lactose intolerance, and general lack of energy.

Please, if you can help me with this I would be most grateful. I do not want to use acyclovir any more as it seems to be losing it's effectiveness, and three decades of this virus is enough!!

Thank you very much,
  Maggiethecat on 2005-08-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Me again. I haven't gotten any replies and I'm wondering if there's more information I should have added?

I've read every posting here on herpes and though I've been able to get a little information, I'm just really hoping someone will reply to me here.

Perhaps I'm being too impatient, but I see some people have already read this post. Have I written it badly?

Maggiethecat last decade
Donot worrey,tomorrow u will get the answer.it is a chronic disease it will take time to leave u.wait for tomorrow.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Thank you for responding.

I'll try to be patient.

Maggiethecat last decade
For chronic Genital Herpes,take sarsaparilla tincture 10 drops in a little water three times daily.after 10 days inform any improvement.I hope u will be benefitted.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Thank you for your suggestion.

I do have a question or two, if that's alright.

I was rather surprised with your saying I should take Sarsaparilla, rather than any of the ones listed on the other Herpes postings.

I seem to have read a great deal about:

Natrum Mur

but never Sarsaparilla.

Perhaps you can tell me why you picked this one? It would help me understand the process from your point of view a bit.

I hope this isn't asking too much, but as I said, this is all new to me and I'd like to learn as I'm going along.

Thank you again for your time,

Maggiethecat last decade
I selected sarsaparilla because it has particularly affinty for the affected parts.I know sepie,mez,nat mur.do u have symptoms of these,from your posting i could not found.therefore i did not recommended u.take sars and in the meantime we will keep on discussing and will definitely come to to your constitional remedy.dont worry,sars will help u.i believe.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Thank you. I guess my own research was leading me in different directions, but I trust your knowledge and will try what you suggested and report back.

Maggiethecat last decade
Thank you very much.
sajjadakram635 last decade
beloved daughter had really good success with nat mur 6x and female herpes - i gave it to her because she tends towards one of its strange emotional symptoms - she starts crying when she laughs too hard. Thought it was a family trait - now I think we all need Nat Mur!

she takes 1 pill of 6x every day and no longer has breakouts. There however are several important remedies so you have to read them and see what helps you.

My only remaining question is if I got her some 30C or larger - would she have to take it everyday or would it take care of it. Don't want to mess with a good thing but want to do this right.
roxroe last decade
Maggie, I see you have not posted since 2005, and was wondering if you are still active on this site. If so, I would like to share with you some personal experiences related to your posting. Please respond to this post and I'll elaborate.
Marie-Claire last decade
Marie-Claire. I had hoped to talk with Maggie too. My situation sounds a lot like hers except I'm in my 30's. Do you have some insights you'd like to share?
pebbles last decade
Pebbles, I am 55 and going through menopause, and like Maggie have noticed an increase in outbreaks. Also, my episodes in general seem to be triggered by the same things as Maggie listed. Over the past few weeks I have been having hot flashes frequently and it seems like I am also having a continuous mild outbreak that never subsides, despite being on Valtrex.

Before this started I had tried a spinning class that triggered an outbreak, I assumed from the pressure on the groin area. I did spinning again this week and am waiting to see if I have a worsening of symptoms. It seems like so many things cause symptoms that it is almost impossible to live a normal life and avoid something that triggers it. I am wondering if I should just forget about trying to avoid the triggers and accept living with constant low grade symptoms. Only I worry that this constant active infection will debilitate my body and reduce its defenses. I worry that it may get to the point where I just have to live continuously with symptoms for the rest of my life.

Hopefully, after menopause things will improve, but there are still so many other triggers. It's pretty discouraging.

What's your situation?

Marie-Claire last decade
I can understand everything you are saying. I'm 37 and have only been married 3 years. I have OB's almost all the time. They started on my buttocks and now are in the genital area. My husband sometimes thinks I am just pretending to have outbreaks to avoid sex. I have suspected premenopause since my mother had it early. I started taking a natural progesterone cream which helped with the hormone problems but the outbreaks still persist. Honestly I'm concerned that it can lead to cancer or something eventually. None of the prescriptions I took helped at all. I'm pursuing natural alternatives at this time so I'm hoping eventually something will get it under control. I've wondered if I did some heavy detox and fasts if it would help. I took Rhus Tox over the summer and I was clear a whole month. The natropath said not to redose it but instead try sepia. I didn't notice anything with sepia. I decided on my own to try rhus tox again. Maybe it will help. I had also took a suppliment over the summer for irritable bowel. It had accidophylis cultures and lysine. I know what you mean about it getting discouraging. It makes it worth that it is an embarrassing thing. I feel when I've discussed it with doctors they treated me as less of a person when they found out. Have you experienced this?
pebbles last decade
Yes, I have experienced mistreatment by health care providers, not so much doctors, but their assistants. Recently I went to my doctor for what turned out to be eczema on my lip, and was first seen by a male East Indian nurse practitioner. When he asked me the routine question Was I taking any medication? and I replied Valtrex, he immediately assumed the lip rash was a herpes outbreak, without even examining me. When I mentioned Valtrex, he got a knowing gleam in his eye and his demeanor became condescending. I confronted him on his behavior and we had an argument, ending with me leaving the office very upset. When I was first diagnosed, the clerk who called to give me the test results was also very condescending. So, yes, I know what you are talking about.

Marie-Claire last decade
Some times they know it well...coz they see so many patients.....and have an experienced eye.

The Tibetian doctors can tell the disorder in the body by just feeling the pulse in both wrists....and they are mostly right. They are trained to do so.

No tests, no x-rays reports, no ultrasound scans etc....just the tone of the beating of the pulse in the two wrists.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
The remedy the best results have with herpes is Variolinum 200c one dose, and for the pain you can take mezerum 30c daily until you get relieve.
sergiorvil last decade
I have the same problem I found couple of things that really help 1 really clean cloth try steam washing all your sheets underwear 2 salt bath. High temp 3. Use teAtree leaf oil often on affected area 4 try adding muscle overall I do not know y it works somehow more muscle mass increase immune look at magic Johnson 5 streaching somehow good streaching will build blood flow so it increase recover time 6 and be patient sometimes these suckers never leave and it's bad 7 never feel bad life gives our many battle scar just treated as a battle scar and and try to focus on the care and need of others this way u are not always concerned about each little ob area and last rind inner peace there is no greater med than inner peace oh last I been trying seeweed and it might be a good one for anti viral purpose combininged with good lysine diet and topologically meds u. Might not need valtrex I think this thing is more topologically than internal so killing thevirus. On the surface of the skin is key I think once the scar heals and u apply enough anti iral around the are. A. It's harder to come back
Ryansy last decade

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