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Hi All.
I am new to this world. I appreciate your patience-listening to me. It all started last year, when I started having issue sleeping because I felt my feet are burning. I went to General Physician_ got Gabapentine. 10 days. Then no issue for next 6 months. Issue came back seriously, now I could not sleep at all. Burning feet, sensation in legs. Neurologist got me MRI on my lower back. Bulging disk. Went through physical therapy, and all symptons very close to restless legs symptons. Again suggested me Gabapentine or similar one. I took it for few days but serious side effetcs. On other suggestion I went Foot & ankle dr. They did Nerve conductance test & EMG & showed bilateral tunnel syndrome & carpel tunnel symptons. I got B6, B12 etc medicine & laser therapy on feet.
Meanwhile I thought to seek Homeopathy advice. I got Terentula Hisp 30, Zincum Met, Rhus Tox 30. I am using for 4 weeks now. Ican sleep now without using any drugs for last 3 weeks. But on different times, & places I get burning & needles like feeling in fingers, wrists and some time in feet. From lower back to legs on either side i get tight nerve feelings. Needle piching feeling at different places i get as well in different time- come & go.
I had long history of High chloesterol, using lipitor off & On. I used to drink coffee a lot (3-4 cup a day).
I appreciate your suggestion & comments.
  raja2012 on 2012-10-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
you needs
Apis Melifica 200
one doze daily at
bed time,
First of all your needling or stinging sensation will be cure, and then other.
use it and tell me after 5days,
Dr Faisal Afaq
faisalafaq 9 years ago
Thanks Dr Faisal.
Should I keep using other homeopathic medicine which I mentioned earlier.
Thanks again
raja2012 9 years ago
IF you use one prescription, then
dont use anyother prescription.
so, dont use my prescription,

carry on your previous,

faisalafaq 9 years ago

for earlier prescription? are you working with a homeopath?

You might be having too much of the medicine. In other words
medicine helped you sleep but now you have some new
things. that is called 'proving' a remedy or remedies. You
get too much of a remedy and start having things the remedy

I suggest you talk to your homeopath about taking a break from
these medicines for a couple weeks and see what is going on

You cannot as Faisalafaq said take two presciptions at same time.
So the apis which is bee remedy might not be needed if your
prior prescription is causing this to happen. The only way
you know is to stop the remedies for a couple weeks.
simone717 9 years ago
Yes I did consult homeopathic DR. After 4 weeks I consultd again, I was advised that I should carry on with these medications for 2 moree weeks. One part of the problem is solved that 8 could sleep whole night. Earlier I used to get up after 3 hrs, I felt urge to move my legs, used to walk for 10mins and get cold water on feet. Few hrs later same thing, unless I take sleeping pills (lots of side effects).
2nd is issue is still there. burning, tingling in feet, toes & wrist, finger tips still there. In left feet, sensation is still there. Some time in hips, nerve is stretched,
I appreciate your comments & suggestion. this is first time I am using homeopathic medicine.
raja2012 9 years ago
I stopped using 3 medicine whic was taking Terentula Hisp 30, Zincum Met, Rhus Tox 30 now.
It has been 2 days. I thought I will use Apis Melifica 200 advised by Dr Faisal Afaq after some days. But I got another problem, numness in left leg & slight pain. I did have mild disk bulging/herinated disk. I could not sleep last night. I feel i need to walk!!! I feel irritation whole day.
I understand I should consult Dr here but not sure which one?
Any advise on medicine? or Homeopathic dr in Houston?
Thanks and Best Regards
raja2012 9 years ago
plz right down agaian your symptoms and your age again.
What was the symptom at previous night which teases you?
faisalafaq 9 years ago
I suggest you let faisalafaq retake your case
as he is trying to do that and see how you do.
simone717 9 years ago
Hi Doctor Faisal Afaq
Thanks for considering my case. Symptons I am suffering with now a days are mentioned bellow in details. Pains in both wrists (more in left hand but not all the time, comes & goes. Burning fingers tips here & there for sometime. Below thumb to wrist sometime pains in both hands at different times. In hips, from lower back to Thighs, at different times, I feel nerves are tight and stretched, slight pain feeling occasionally. Inner side of thighs, or slightly in front, shouting pains for one or 2 seconds comes& goes sometimes. In feet, toes sometimes have tinggling & slight numness (again sometimes) for both feet. In last 3rd to 4toes on both feet, pains on upper side and lower side as well,again occasionally. Left leg & left foot has slightly uneasy feeling (heaviness orr numbness). Sometime I feel slight pain or stretching at area below stomach where legs joins. MRI shows mild lower back one disk bulging.
I am 6 feet 2in tall & 46 years old. For last 20 years hard working under stress. Anger & anxiety, impatience,irritability is now a days and can not focus on task anymore. used to drink coffee 3-4 cups a day but from last week, I completely stopped it. Sometime cup of tea.
Previous history is in thread but if you need more information, please let me know. Again I appreciate your help. Best Regards; Raja
raja2012 9 years ago
it looks like that you were under stress.
This is the cause of your all abnormal pathology.
according to your symptoms BELLADONNA AND APIS are possible remedies.
But when anytime the caustive factor is present, then we should to deal it first.
So,Now what kind of anxiety or stress you have been suffeing since 20years? This is major symptom of your all disease,

Tell Me ,
faisalafaq 9 years ago
DR Faisal Afaq
Well, I am kind of hard working person and have been involved in job where there is no limit of work. May be I did not manage it properly. Long hours work has been routine. Since teen age i have been struggling with financial issues and father sickness. But I must say that I am out of these stress for last some years but work-holic style, I still have those practices. I am thinking of taking sometime off from work- to reduce stress level. Not sure this will help. Tonight I have slept for 3 hrs only, initial sympton is coming back. cant sleep and legs felt like sensation and felt walking. Hope this help explaining this?
raja2012 9 years ago
Thank u very much,

((First part of my question))
so for as i understand, there was no any extreme anxiety,
Sickness of father
hardwork job
were two stressful factors in your life.
so stress maybe a factor.

An other factor can be,,...


i mean to say
had you lifted a heavy weight during job hours???

((Second part of my Question))
answer these questions:

1. How does your Lower back pain increase?

2: are you feeling stinging on your whole body or any specific area?

3:Does your Lower back pain extend to downward the leg to the heel?

4: Had this lower back pain started after heavy wait lifting during job hours?


faisalafaq 9 years ago
Answers to your question:
First Part; Father sickness was 22 years ago,B; Long hours hard work is routine now a days & people are stressed. My job always have been desk job (computer work), so no heavy weight lifting. Though I have been quite sporty person, running & golfing. Therefore I am looking for answers that its lower back pain issues or neuropathy issue, to me all symptons are common in both cases.
Second part of the Question;
1-really no pain at back part of the body, but all symptons like shooting pain in thighs, pain in groin, & legs feet may result of bulging/heniated back: these signs get worse during lying & sometime sitting for long time.
2 stinging (slight pain) in wrists, buring in fingers tips, tinggling & burning in toes, & pains in some toes, shooting pain in thighs,nerve strectching in groins.
3 Yes down to legs & in hands as well.
4 No lifting but may be some sport injury, cant say really, symptons slowly grew, first simple feet burning last year, then it kept adding one another thing.
Once I experimented, I lifted 20kg, i felt in feet some numbness.
Hope this calrify, otherwise plsease let me know.
Honestly I am not sure its lower back or neuropathy or may be both, thats why I need your help.
Best Regards
raja2012 9 years ago
Hellow Dear Respected Raja,
you will use a series of medicines but specifically.
So Now
Use this prescription for 7days only, and tell me on 8th day,

RhusToxidendron CM
only and only first day of treatment at bed-time.

Calcaria Flour 6x
after every 3hours

Tell me after 7days,

Dont lift weight,
dont stoop for a long time,

God is with us,
faisalafaq 9 years ago
Thank you Dr Faisal Afaq for helping me out.
Since I am new with homeopathic medicines. Pls guide me how many tablets for RhusToxidendron CM for one doze?
Calcaria Flour 6x how many tablets on each doze?
Best Regards
raja2012 9 years ago
Rhus Tox CM
only and only first day of treatment at bed time one doze only,
Drops or Tablets have same results,
use anyone,
Now i dont know what kind of medicine will be available,

But calcaria Flour 6x
should be used in tablets form,
German Schwabe medicines have accurate result,
I mean to say that you can use Rhustox cm in drops or tablets, it depends on availablity.
Purchase it then ask me
faisalafaq 9 years ago
Dr Faisal Afaq
I took thus tox cm only one time before bedtime 6 days ago and taking and calc flour 6x after every 3 hrs as prescribed by you. I don't feel much difference.
tingling and burning, sensation has been moving around in feet and hands, now even on tongue. On bed time, soon after 15 min, my left leg becomes restless, groin pains in both legs, cramp, and stiffness in left leg is very common, once or twice I felt pain in lower back. I am having serious issue with sleep now due this reason. please fourth advise?
Best Regards
raja2012 9 years ago
I am looking for help? I appreciate if someone Can help me on neuropathy? Details are given on older thread?
Best Regards
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raja2012 9 years ago

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