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for joedelivera (please help)

I went through ur article and got impressed, i am so perplexed which doc to go for on abchomeopathy, tried Dr nawaz, he to certain extent got successful on curing 40% of my asthma but he gave up when it came to depression. Would u please give it a try or suggest the best homeopath that can cure me. There are so many doctors on this website I cannot decide please help me out. My complete history is available on the site abc homeopathy titled PLEASE HELP DR NAWAZ !! asthma,hayfever,panic depression. please contact me on this mail add or if u feel confident that u can cure me then take up my case
Let me give u latest progress. At first when dr nawaz took my case he prescribed following
1. Thuja 1M, ( one dose after a week or as per instruction then waiting for 3 days)
2. Ipecac 30C, ( its combination with nat sulph 6x showed great results for asthma)
3. Nat Suplh 6x,
4. Staphysagaria 200C and ( as per doc will use when pollen season arrives)
5. Sabadilla 30C. ( as per doc will use when pollen season arrives)
Then later he prescribed these
6. Arsenic album 200
7. Nat phos 6x

Have stopped Ipecac 30C, Nat Suplh 6x but m still taking Arsenic album 200 Nat phos 6x In addition I am using kalium phos 6x. But I don’t know what went wrong I am experiencing tremendous mood swings, disorientation, extreme weakness, extreme dizziness(even after full night rest)and heaviness in head (asthma while running in cold weather) . from yesterday I have stopped arsenic alb 200 and kalium phos and I only take nat sulph 6x.

An allopathic doc told me to go through tests like EEG, cortisol level test, Ct scan for depression, tests for anemia and other vitamin defieciency.
  thundercracker on 2012-10-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

it is very important that you do all the physical testing, bc
panic, depression can be caused by a number of physical
factors -even a tooth infection can drain you so that you
do not have enough energy to run the body right-if you
do get tests then it is much easier to see the right
direction to go in for cure and be sure to get blood tested
to see if your white blood count is high, bc that indicates
there is an infection going on somewhere ( another thing to
rule in or out)
simone717 last decade
I note that you have addressed your problem, which I presume is Asthma, to me personally.

You will have to be more specific about your ailment and list ALL your current problems and also add for how long you have suffered from them.

Please also follow Simone's advice.
Joe De Livera last decade
2. Age 34
3. Sex Male
4. Single
5. weight 75 kg
6. Height 5'9'
9. List of your complaints
. Depression, anxiety, pollen allergy and asthma (major concerns).
• Muscle tension, backache and stiffness in the nape area when I am depressed (Initial stage of Cervical Spondalosis).
• Very weak memory.
• Loss of sex drive and premature ejaculation. I have curved penis, the causes of which is not known. It could be Peyronies disease, as the lower area is comparatively softer than the upper.
• I feel like fainting when I stand up after sitting for a longer period specially after offering prayers (major concern) I feel weakness and dizziness and I fear that I would faint.(i could be anemic)
• Teeth grinding (bruxism). I can almost see through the lower edges of my teeth.(from past 8 years)
• Sometimes my toes get stuck and stiff in some specific direction especially while I am driving (accompanied by pain) which gradually comes back into normal position on pressing them. The fingers of my hands also goes through such phenomenon.
• Experience a mild anxiety attack related to breathlessness, use inhaler but that tightness in the tummy does not subside till heavy streak of burping and gases takes place.
• Now days I feel stretchiness and pain in the sole of my left foot. Its not there when I am running or walking for longer hours, I experience it in the morning just after waking up or when I am resting(major concern).
• Something starts happening to me when I drive fast due to anger, during heated arguments, and anticipated self imagined misfortune. Heartbeat accelerates and a sort of fear emerges from my legs. do u believe in adrenaline exhaustion?
• During long lectures I feel out of breath and a bit panicky. Drinking water or puffing inhaler offers relief. The more I think about my situation the more I feel it, same goes for depression.
• When I run a lot I feel a little pain in my heart area but it soon goes away when I slow down or when I become regular in my exercises.
• Sometimes when I feel the urge to urinate I feel difficulty in the beginning (1 SEC) after which the flow becomes normal. It has a foul smell, sometimes.
• There’s a white yellowish line near the tip of my nails or at least it appears to me.
• The area between my kneecap and ankles is bumpy and hurts when I run but the pain goes away after regular running.
• I have bone-snapping problem when I sit. There’s no pain but the crunching sound irritates me.
• I have yellowish skin or at least it appears to me.
• My head feels itchy when I sit in a car full of heat.
• I can’t bear humid and hot weather/ room but sleeping in a room having moderate temperature is beneficial than spending the night in a chilling one.(bad for asthma)
• My hair becomes thin in the end and when they fall a small root type of thing is found attached with it.
10. Since how long are you suffering from each complaint: I was asthmatic from the childhood, as I’d been told that walking in the garden made my chest produce wheezing sounds. As I grew a little, I turned out to be a quiet and a shy kid. At that time, I used to experience uncontrolled coughing coupled with wheezing and spitting out of phlegm but did not feel much of breathlessness. The breathing problem started somewhere in my teens, I started using inhaler and went through allergy tests but no specific allergen was detected to be the triggering factor. I was periodically vaccinated with five unknown injections, promising a complete recovery on reaching adulthood. The problem persisted. Someone suggested homeopathy so I was diagnosed by a panel of experienced old homeopaths after which I did not use inhaler for one complete year. Their first line of action was to extract all the phlegm from my lungs that’s why they all interview me in detailed going to the extent of noting down the description of my phlegm. Since I felt better hence I did not pursue the treatment. Later on I could not trace them. I under went Appendix operation but I think it’s got nothing to do with my current problem. Tried my best to find those homeopaths but failed. In summer vacations I used to visit northern areas, had a great time there but one night due to asthma attack, I was taken to hospital, was injected with some steroid medicine, which relieved me immensely. one fine day an elder told me that masturbation ruins ones life. This caution devastated my life as I started regretting about my indulgence in this activity from an early age. Couldn’t get the feelings of regret out of my system but slowly the worry subsided with constant praying. As I grew things got worse, during my college life I had the greatest time while I was studying. Of and on I was taken to hospitals for nebulizations and injections. Then I got obsessed with my problem of bone snapping. When I used to sit or stand, a snapping/crunching sound used to come out of my knees. Not only knees but sometimes I felt the same phenomenon in my shoulder and elbow. I used to visit many doctors in this regard but they used to say I am a young man and that it’s not a big problem. Afterwards I started worrying about premature ejaculation, and therefore visited sexologists. They said it’s too early for them to judge my condition since I was not married. I used to feel deep regret after masterbation. Along with obsessive fears I was on inhalers mostly in pollen season. At that time while passing stool a few drops of semen or puss like matter used to come out from my penis. Moreover,I couldn’t stop the flow of urine and after getting done with it a few drops used to come out on bending myself. When my father passed away I cried way too much since then I cannot cope up with bad news and I am extra careful and anticipative. The real problem started 8 years back when I collapsed due to asthma in pollen season. Hardly made it to the ICU, I was revived but I don’t know how as they kept saying that I nearly died of asthma. There I went through a heavy treatment of steroids and antibiotics. Since then I am on nebulization and inhalers, not to forget antihistamines during pollen season. After few years of that I again experienced hayfever in another city during the initial phase of pollen season. I experienced a new problem of anxiety/ fear of not making it to the hospital during my journeys via bus. In that one-month stay I had a poor diet, I only consumed junk food and pepsi. When I returned back to my home town, the pollen season started afresh, hence I was double struck by this situation, constantly went to hospitals for nebulisations and steroid injections but this time fear of not reaching to the hospital in time aggravated the situation. Then one rainy fateful day at the office, turned my life around completely, I had an anxiety/ depression attack. I suddenly lost my purpose of life, heartbeat accelerated and I couldn’t even smell the typical fragrance of rain. I was given anti anxiety pill, which temporarily controlled the situation. However, I started experiencing the same with less severity whenever I used to sleep in the afternoon. My sleep at night went rapid like fainting all of the sudden. After that I tried homeopathy followed by visits to psychiatrist BUT TO NO AVAIL. From one homeopath to another, I was repeatedly disappointed. Later I was posted to a sea side area, there was no pollen in there but I only experienced asthma related to anxiety over there which used to go away with constant running. Now I am posted back to pollen area, where I would be experiencing a lot of pollen related allergy. my Life would be hell here especially in springs

11. Diabetic or non-Diabetic: Non Diabetic
12. Desire sweets/sour/salt: too much desire for sweet, saltish and and sour things
13. Thirst: Get thirsty a lot and when I don’t get water in time I get panicky, nose also remains dry
14. Tongue and Taste : Tongue is sometimes white coated, taste is normal. On coughing, sneezing or exhaling air a small white yellowish ball type foul smelling thing comes out of my mouth.
15. Current Blood Pressure (without medicine and with medicine). ONCE IN A BLUE MOON IT DROPS DOWN

16. What exactly is happening? I feel fearful of not ever becoming normal, even the thought of marriage scares me. I envy everyone even I am willing to switch places with a beggar so as to come out of depression. Can’t get rid of racing thoughts of hopelessness. Usually at night I am a bit normal but when I wake up I feel so worse that I forget those positive feelings of the night. I often experience pain in my nape area as if all my nerves/muscles are stretched and ive also been diagnosed with cervical spondalosis (initial stage).could be the case of pinched nerves
Persistently sad or irritable mood, accompanied by a loss of motivation.
Loss of interest in nearly all the activities that I previously used to enjoy.
Feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness, preoccupation with negative thoughts
Difficulty thinking, concentrating, making decisions and Poor judgment.
Weak memory, decreased energy, fatigue, and feeling “slowed down”.
Anxious or racing thoughts and constant worrying, having bleak view of the future
Loss of objectivity and aim of life.
Fearful anticipation, short tempered, imagining having fights with the bosses and thereby making gestures of hitting them, violent thoughts.
Sense of loneliness and isolation but I used to enjoy the same before depression. Regrets regarding missed opportunities, low self esteem.
Mood swings, sometimes I like my family and other times I don’t but in fact I love them.
Neglecting responsibilities, taking things for granted at the office. Always searching for possible cures. Don’t have desire to commit suicide but would not mind if I don’t get better. During asthma attack, I feel breathlessness, wheezing, feel itchy in the back and when I scratch it the feeling shifts to my chest area. In extreme cases, shortness of breath coupled with tightness in my chest. Inhaler provides instant relief, which is followed by spitting of phlegm. In morning time, I spit out transparent thick threadlike or oblong and sticky phlegm. It’s colored when I have taken antibiotics. The sputum is less viscous during pollen season or when my nose, being sensitive, gets irritated by touch or sneeze. Sometimes when I try to extract it by puffing out forcibly, the phlegm flies out of my mouth in the form of a ball shaped or oblong type thick mucous. In the morning the symptoms aggravate and I usually choke due to such tenacious phlegm. After eating food, it gets loosen and ultimately I spit it out. My asthma is also triggered by excessive running or during uphill climb.
I use ventoline inhaler. Relief is instant but takes a longer time when it’s coupled with fear, specially when the phlegm is not timely excreted and I start getting panicky. In such cases even the inhaler stops working. I am not that much prone to colds and cough but pollen season really takes a toll, I wear a mask but it still is not a total defense. That watery discharge keeps dropping from my nasal section in to my throat and infects my chest. Sometimes when I am running, thick mucous drops down from nasal track into to the throat area and I spit it out. I think I have adrenaline exhaustion coupled with the above mentioned ailments because I cant tolerate anything extreme and tend to faint e.g Too much thirst, anger, humidity, fear, bad news, fight, while giving speech (heart beat races) or anything that demands courage. Hay fever is getting worse with every season. Asthma was only exercise triggered but now it has become a mind game. One homeopath declared that all my problems are triggered by my faulty digestive system (tummy section), other told my its DNS/sinus/polyp problem.

17. How do you feel? Breathing gets difficult in the morning, heavy wheezing and feels like getting choked up with phlegm. If inhaler is not around, I get panicky and the wind pipes gets more constricted. Exhaling air at a fast rate somewhat brings a temporary relief. Similarly running makes me feel less anxious. Feel better after taking a hot cup of tea in the morning before I take a few puffs of ventoline. Feel pressure in the abdomen section till burping starts. I don’t know how come my asthma is connected to my burping.
18. How does this affect you?

19. How does it feel like? That I am losing control, my asthma is getting worst day by day, alongwith it my confidence and hopes of living a normal life are also diminishing.

20. What comes to your mind? That I would never get better. That If I had fallen in love maybe I could have avoided depression. I never made a girlfriend that was even close to being called average maybe that’s why I didn’t fall. I like my cousin but I feel reluctant in expressing my feeling due to the fear of rejection and the belief that I would never keep her happy owing to my medical problems. I regret that I should have been more enterprising and not shy, I could’ve had anyone but now it’s late.
21. One situation that had a big effect on you? Major event that caused a change was on the day when I had that anxiety/depression attack during pollen season( mentioned above at para 10) But in my childhood I was affected when it was revealed to me that I have ruined my life due to excessive masturbation and that too from a very young age like when I was 8 years or below I know its hard to believe, but I had those feelings of perversion from very beginning.

22. How did that feel like? Regret that these events should not have taken place, I want to lead a normal life but I cant.
23. What sensation do you experience in that situation? I cant understand that used to endure sitting in a humid room, constant coughing and the like adverse conditions but now a days I cant even tolerate if my sputum cant come out after coughin I tend to become panicky

24. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand (Habits or Actions)? I sometimes start throwing punches when I am out in public areas. That I do when I am imagining myself fighting, after which I realize that I am walking in public, it’s embarrassing. At first I enjoyed imagining an imaginary fight but now I feel anxious due to fear of fainting as even thinking about a fight makes my head spin due to anger.

25. Important Question.
Current and previous remedies/medicines you are taking or took in the past?
Asthma bomine (Have stopped using it)
C-5 (Have stopped using it)
L-72 (Have stopped using it)
SSRI’s for depression
lexotanil for anxiety
Anti allergy medicine for asthma,
Prescribed inhalers were ventoline(salbutamol) and clenil (bechlomethasone dipropionate).
Some of the homeopathic/allopathic medicines that I am using are:
Use antihistamines in pollen season
Brotux (homeopathic syrup) it leaves my airways minty which gives me relief
Azithromycine (weekly) check out asthmastory.com (latest cure)
Ventoline inhaler
Calotropis Gigantea (Madar 0=1x) 4 drops in water with salt 3 times a day.
some nose drops(homeopathic for polyps and sinus
Lexotanil/anxit (when needed)
Kali phosphoricum 12x (5 small tablets 3 times)
I also take general supplements

26. Family Background: My paternal grandmother had asthma. Father passed away at the age of 65 internal bleeding in urine.My mother had uric acid problem and arthritis in initial stage

27. Educational Qualifications of the patient : Masters
28. Nature of work, what do you do for living? Desk job, advisor in a company. since my employment I didn’t like it. Before depression I used to crib and got irritated due to discriminating behavior of seniors.

29. Desires, likes and dislikes for food : Like junk food, Chinese, etc as I said sweet, sour and saltish food, have a big appetite but due to anxiety related discomfort in tummy area, have started eating less.
30. Name of foods which increase your problem : The food that aggravates my asthma is some packed juices that contain a lot of preservatives. I mostly like junk food, spicy and Chinese with a lot of vinegar in my soup. Have craving for chocolates.

31. Important Question.
Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry,
impatient…and so on.. How are you different from other persons, public speaking or not, you can describe all of the details about your behavior, love and affections: I was extremely shy in my childhood. I never had high ambitions or high self esteem but I enjoyed my life till I was 28. that’s when the depression and anxiety was introduced. I even enjoyed my loneliness and made memories during my college life. I sometimes indulge myself in daydreaming and fantasizing about doing things that I can’t achieve. I used to make hand gestures when I am imagined a fight-taking place between any senior and me or any pedestrian that offended me but now when I repeat the same, it gets my blood rushing and my adrenaline cannot tolerate it. I get angry, irritable and impatient. One day at school, a boy puked in front of me, which had such a deep impact that at that very time of the day I used to feel the same. That fear of puking during assembly time got permanent. I used to feel the same during journeys on those twisty hilly roads. , All because I was told that I would feel this way.
I am the kind of person who cries during emotional or tragic movies. Feel the same when I perform prayers. I often indulge myself in unreal worries like imagining my brother driving fast due to his untamed anger and consequences thereof. During nighttime, just before sleeping, I often worry about losing my family members. Used to have girlfriends who used to occupy me but now loneliness has made my situation worse. My condition gets better when I receive a compliment by the opposite sex or I hear about any foolproof remedy of depression. A few times I visited hospital due to low blood pressure. I had a strange feeling in my head, it got heavy and felt like as if I am fainting. Depression temporarily goes away when I am shopping or watching an interesting movie. I’ve never fallen in love so I also regret and repent regarding my fate. Please help me out. Used to feel tense during exams and had nightmares about flunking them on the night of such tests. Racing heartbeat on giving presentations. Get extremely jealous when I hear that people are on excursions while I can’t. This is all due to my medical condition. Overreacting to unexpected problems, cant bear insult and thus retaliate in anger. I am nostalgic. Always reminiscing about golden memories of past, Perfumes used and music heard at those times take me back in the past. I help others all the time and feel happiness when they praise and thank me, it motivates me. I am highly indecisive, I cannot make up my mind regarding anything when I made to choose between different options, I end up choosing the wrong one and then I repent. My anger knows no bounds, but I cant afford to be angry these days because I start to faint when I get angry

32. Aggravation (increases-time, season,)&
Amelioration (Decreases) ASTHMA AGGRAVATION:
I get a severe attack during tennis session after which I feel panic/fear that I would not make it. As a result, feeling of numbness starts shooting up from my leg area. It slowly subsides after 3 to 4 puffs of ventoline inhaler or when I take few chunks of food or when I take anti-anxiety tablet.
No particular food makes my asthma worse except for pickles and stuff; juices containing preservatives also cause problems.
Mostly it’s triggered after accumulation of phlegm in my chest due to hay fever. It can also be triggered upon laughing out loud or after I sneeze or when I hastily take water and it accidentally enters windpipe.
Now days my asthma gets aggravated in the morning when I wake up in an air-conditioned room.
When I lose my inhaler somewhere and cannot find it, which really gets me into emergency situation even if it’s a mild attack.
Burping and passing stool, to certain extent, relieves asthma triggered by anxiety and spitting out phlegm also relieves symptoms of asthma.
Sipping a hot cup of tea somehow rescues me in the morning, followed by 2 puffs of inhaler
In air-conditioned room I feel relaxed and my anxiety drops down a few notches. But in the morning I have too much phlegm accumulated.
Exhaling the air forcefully makes me feel a bit little better.
During masturbation my asthma totally vanishes and my depression/anxiety also subsides.

When I am regularly playing tennis and my stamina develops, especially in a city where there’s a beach.
Things of interest like shopping and attending weddings deviates my thinking from depression. When I receive compliment, especially from the opposite sex. When I hear about a good homeopath or about any permanent cure. . When I am having asthma problem. I don’t feel like sleeping at night, as I know that I won’t be feeling well in the morning. Daydreaming. The situation escalates whenever I think about it. Otherwise when I am busy, it subsides.
Sometimes anxiety and thoughts go away during a tennis match but depression persists as I am worrying bout my bleak future.
When I am having breathing problem my depression subsides and when I am breathing normal depression kicks in.

36. Color of the secretions/discharges e.g
urine, stool, sputum, Saliva etc. My phlegm is thick transparent, threatlike and very sticky, does not come out easily. Drops of semen used to come out during passing of stool specially when I had extreme constipation. Felt sensation that few drops of urine comes out on standing from commode.

TEST UNDERGONE: X-Ray of back, it showed early signs of cervical spondalosis. Thyroid tests are ok, sometimes sugar is low, blood pressure is low once in a blue moon after which the headache lasts for hours.(do I need to conduct more tests?)

please help me out of this situation, I am sick and tired of puffing my inhaler all the time, specially during pollen season. I might not survive the next season of spring pollen would further aggravate my situation. take your time, i am in no hurry but please come up with a best solution, if u need extra details let me know. sir while prescribing remedy, please brief me like as if i am 5 year old. detail in preparing and dosage. sir i am on the verge of giving up on homeopathy, please help me out
thundercracker last decade
I do not have the time to read your very long narrative and am only doing so as you addressed your problem to me but did not think that you at age 34 can suffer from the problems you have listed.

I believe that your problems are due to your Asthma and shall copy my default therapy below:

Your remedy is ONE DOSE of:
Nat Sulph 6c in the Wet dose taken just before bed which you will take nightly for some time into the future. You will only take ONE dose nightly. If however you do not experience any relief which can happen if you are a chronic Asthmatic, you will please report your status to me and I may then prescribe another dose to be taken making a total of 2 doses per day.

You will report your response weekly or more often as may be necessary.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in the Ethanol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done at least 6 times before sipping a capful of the bottle as prescribed.

Steam is also important and it must be inhaled for about 5 minutes twice daily. You can get the steaming device used in beauty saloons for facial treatment. You will most likely cough up a lot of phlegm immediately after steaming.

Physiotherapy is also indicated after steaming to rid the lungs and airways of the phlegm which is also the cause of Asthma. You will lay flat across your bed with your chest slightly elevated above your head which is hanging down over the side. You will get someone to tap your chest on the back from the waist up to your neck and you should find that your phlegm will drool out in cupfuls.

Exercise is essential for you and you will drink at least 3 liters of water daily.

You can also blow into a baloon to help strengthen your lungs.

If you get an acute attack of Asthma which you would treat with a Nebulizer you will take Ars Alb 200c in the Wet dose and this will usually bring relief within about 15 minutes or less. In the event of the first dose not working you may take another about an hour later. Please note that the maximum dosage is not to exceed 3 doses 12 hours.
Joe De Livera last decade
simone717 has taken the right approach as i believe its a clinical depression. would go through the tests she recommended. i want to rule out the following
1. hypothyroidism / hyperthyroidism (already ruled out)
2. Adrenaline exhaustion
3. pinched nerves
4. deficiency in some vitamins
5. EEG
6. worms
7. cortisol levels etc

if i dont take my puffs and get into a car with someone, i feel a bit panicket as to what will happen if i get asthma attack, that constricts my airways

Nat Sulph 6x tablets or ipecac 30 had a good effect on my asthma.

At first i thought its all my thinkin but when m not depressed and i think about it rarely happens, its only when i sleep that it gets worse, last nite i experimented i only slept for 2 hours and i woke up with very less degree of depression
thundercracker last decade
thanx alot, so many useful tips. i have bought some balloons, have ordered that steam maker. have already increased the intake of water.The only confusion is that i cannot find nat sulph 6c and arsn alb 200 c , no one here uses wet dose thing and yeah theres no spring water available in some of the shops i visited, do you want me to search some more or is there any alternative? is this wet dose really potent as compared to other approaches. sorry for that lengthy narration.:)
thundercracker last decade
'i cannot find nat sulph 6c and arsn alb 200 c , no one here uses wet dose thing and yeah theres no spring water available in some of the shops i visited'

As I stated in my last post the only reason I took your case is because you addressed it to me.

I see that you have not read my instructions which many thousands of patients have done successfully.

You cannot BUY the Wet dose as you will have to make it yourself as instructed clearly in my prescription.

If you live in India you can most likely get the Liquid DIlution in Alcohol in the nearest Homeoapthic Pharmacy.

The Wet dose is my exclusive method of therapy as I have used the dry pelllets without the same success.
Joe De Livera last decade
I live in pakistan, close to india. in homeopathic pharmacies one can only find Liquid DIlution in Alcohol and dry pellets.Whats ' Ethanol pack / Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper'? please specify the form in which nat sulph 6c and arsn alb 200 c are available, are they in liquid form like dilution in alcohol ? if yes then i would search for them , once found, should i also search for spring water or normal water would do. i have bought the steaming device, should i use normal water or saline water
thundercracker last decade
Ethanol is Alcohol.
Get the highest strength in Alcohol around 90% as we are only using 3 drops in 500ml water.
You can buy the water sold in supermarkets but it cannot be chlorinated. Spring water is direct from deep bore wells and is not chlorinated.

Chlorine antidotes the 3 drops of the remedy instantly.
Joe De Livera last decade
i appreciate ur quick reply thanx, all the alcohol liquid dilutions available here are having 90% alcohol. some how i will manage spring water as u have enlightened me about a very important fact about chlorine based water. lets see if i can find nat sulph 6c and arsn alb 200 c. Usually on arsn alb bottle only 200 is written without any 'c'. the shop i visited had nat sulph 30 but there was no 'c' written on it. sometimes theres M or Q written on bottles. still i would try to find nat sulph 6c and arsn alb 200 c in liquid alcohol form
thundercracker last decade
u mean to say that theres a difference between mineral water and spring water? mineral water is available here in every shop but i guess spring water is more pure and chlorine free, i would find it
thundercracker last decade
90% alcohol is the best you can buy.

If there is no mention of any letter after the number it is presumed to be c or the Centesimal potency.
Joe De Livera last decade
Mineral water is usually loaded with various chemicals all of which will antidote the homeopathy.

Read the analysis on the label.
Joe De Livera last decade
you are so right ,u made it easy for me. I am goin out in search of them.Last night i had nightmare that my depression is not gettin cured, during the whole episode i experienced high level of depression. I fight it wen m awake as wel as wen m sleeping. bruxism is its gift. You are right wen u said its related to asthma bt i need motivation to fight asthma which in the presence of depresion is imposible. Please cure it,atleast give me somethin that gets rid of depresion temporarily
thundercracker last decade
tried hard finding spring water, ended up buying Evian (Natural mineral water from the french alps bottled at cachat spring)it contains calcium, magnesium ,sodium, potassium , bicarbonates,sulphates,chlorures,nitrates,silice ph 7.2 . Would that qualify as spring water? it contains no chlorine. i also tried my best to find nat sulph 6c they only had nat sulph 30c. will get 6c after 6 days from the hub where they distribute homeo medicine. last question, found to steam making devices, one for the whole face and the other has a big spout which only covers mouth and nose area. which one do u suggest? i already have Arsn alb 200c. u want me to get arsn alb 30c for steam purpose ?
thundercracker last decade
You must understand that I have spent an inordinate length of time in trying to help you but in spite of my very patient efforts to help, you still persist in trying my patience with your questions time and time again.

There is a limit that anyone can tolerate and you have exceeded it and I regret to inform you that I am not in a position to help you in the future.
Joe De Livera last decade
I am sorry for being a source of annoyance for you. i thank you for ur initial concern and for bearing me.
thundercracker last decade

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