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Help me please - my 3 year old has asthma and other concerns

I just started this process... my son is 3 and he has a lot of those symptoms and also more... my current pediatrician told us he might have sensory processing disorder they used to call it sensory Integration dysfunction... I am not sure about all of this but my son at one was able to talk advanced 6 word sentences and now he screams and hits more. I am here to ask anyone to help me. when we give him the abuteral for asthma he goes haywire and this last time he woke up the next day and asked me "help me" But when I went to touch him he screamed and shivered... but he said help me again ... and cried and tried to give me a hug but he could not handle the sensation of the touch. (That broke my husbands and my heart) Normally he loves hugs -- when he can handle the feeling of touch. He babbles a lot and can play with others but will only do for a little bit... also he is prone to allegies to grass weed peanuts and possible? -- garlic-- I have a lot of concerns but my main questions are: What can I give my 3 year old for his asthma that is natural that will help him... Plus I was wondering how we have him tested to see if he was allergic to the vaccinations he got.. Going from advanced to having so many challenges is questionable... PLEASE HELP, THANK YOU!!


  E_S_Mother_in_need on 2005-09-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I have treated many cases of Asthma successfully and the remedy that I recommend you use for your son is Nat Sulph 6c which must be used precisely in the manner indicated below:

Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from your nearest supermarket.
Pour out 100ml
Drop in 3 pellets or 1 drop of liquid Nat Sulph 6c into the 400ml water
Cap the bottle tightly and succuss it 4-6 times by banging on your palm and look out for the air bubbles to fizzle up from the bottom.
Pour out 1 teaspoonful of the potentized remedy into half a cup of water from another bottle of the same water and stir it gently.
Sip 1 teaspoonful of the water from the cup just once daily.

You will have to stop all other medication if you wish to start on this therapy.

This remedy should be taken daily for some time in the future and you may like to know that I have many who were chronic sufferers from Asthma for many years who do not use the remedy any more after about 4 months on this therapy. Others who were not so chronic react favourably in a few days and only use the remedy if and when necessary.

I believe that your son will recover very quickly if you use this Nat Sulph therapy.

The remedy that I have used when the patient is having an acute attack and is straining for breath is Ars Alb 200c. This remedy is taken dry and just 4 globules will suffice for a dose which may only be taken just once daily when the patient is gasping for breath. This usually clears the lungs and opens up the airways in under 20 minutes. Do not use this remedy unless your son has an acute attack and cannot breathe.
Joe De Livera last decade
thank you so much for taking the time to read and reply to my plea...

I also want to ask:
Why are the physical characteristics so important? The reason I ask is because my 3 year old son does have the heart shape face, long eye lashs, and he has brown hair but has natural red/auburn high-lights also he does like to be rubbed/massaged. Plus he has had eczema since a baby.

One more thing what is this treatment I saw on this website forum:

(asthma 6 yr old From sajjadakram635 on 2005-08-29
All the symptoms of your child clearly indicate arsenic album.I recommoned the following treatment.

tuberculinum aviaire 200c.
ist day 3 doses.morning,noon,night.
second day.two doses.morning and night.
third day.only one dose in the morning.
a dose is 5 drops mixed in a little water.
after three days alternate thrice daily ars 6c,blatta orientalis 6c,half an hour apart.I hope it will help your child .Asthma is difficult to cure difficult in the sense that it takes time may be a year but is curable.)

thank you again

E_S_Mother_in_need last decade
The characteristics that you recorded of your son were not asked for by me. They are usually the questions that classical homeopaths ask as they feel that they have some bearing on the ailment.

I have always maintained that I am no classical homeopath and as you are probably aware, I have drawn a lot of flak from the classical types who, I believe, seem envious of the success that many patients have publicly affirmed on this and other forums, of using the therapy that I have indicated.

I am not prescribing remedies out of a sense of bravado but am doing so as I feel that at my advanced age of 76 years I can thank God for the grace of being alive today by helping anyone in distress who seeks my assistance which I gladly do on this and another forum and also here in Sri Lanka where I treat all who seek my assistance free of charge. It is the sheer delight that I get from even just one patient who recovers from a chronic ailment that makes life worth living for me.

I might also mention here for the record that it is very rarely indeed that any therapy that I have suggested has failed and never has it aggravated although some have even gone to the extent of quoting heart attacks resulting from theuse of Arnica to disprove the unconventional methods that I use to help cure an ailment.

You have asked for my comments on the remedies suggested by another Homeopath to you and I regret that I cannot comment and shall leave it to you to decide which course of therapy you would prefer to use for your son who you state has suffered from Asthma from the time he was a baby. All I can state is that Nat Sulpn 6c used in precisely the manner that I have stipulated, has invariably had positive results and as I stated above, you will have to make up your mind about which therapy you should follow.

Do not however use 2 therapies together at the same time as this can lead to aggravation or at least antidoting of each remedy with the other.

Do you or your husband also suffer from Asthma? I have observed that the mother's ailments are usually bestowed on the son and the father's on the daughter.
Joe De Livera last decade
E E Mother in need.
You have mentioned that your son has had eczema since a baby. Can you describe its appearance as precisely as possible and location on body? Also, all other symptoms to cover his suffering in detail may be mentioned.
sahai last decade
I was alerted to the post of sahai to your baby's Eczema.

I would prefer not to treat the Eczema till his Asthma is stabilized.

Unfortunately these 2 ailments go side by side with each other and it may be more logical to treat his Asthma which I believe from what you have stated is the greater problem.
Joe De Livera last decade
As far as the Nat Sulph, my son took that for his asthma just recently, and it did not help the asthma but put him in a terrible mood. We had to stop taking it. My point is to watch your son's energy in addition to the asthma if you try that.
maryo last decade
I was interested to note that your son also used Nat Sulph with adverse reactions on his Asthma.

Did you use this remedy in the same 6c potency and in the Split Dose ?

I have never had any adverse reactions to Nat Sulph 6c in the manner that I prescribed. Any negative reaction is very unlikely as the low potency and the split dose ensure that it does not cause any aggravation at all.
Joe De Livera last decade
Yes, he took 6C split dose, Dr. Luc DeSchepper's method.
maryo last decade
FYI, we in my family must be sensitive, because I, myself, have aggravated many times using 6C potencies.
maryo last decade
It is said that "One lives to learn." Yours is indeed a very rare case.

I am sure Dr Luc will be interested in your case. If you can give me details of what your reaction was I can forward it to him for further discussion. In the alternative you may like to do so yourself.

I have treated many cases with Nat Sulph 6c in the Split Dose recommended by Dr Luc who made it quite clear that he was not the discoverer of this method which is in Hahnemann's 6th Edition. Yours is the first case that has not shown any positive response.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Joe De Livera.
I know that there a relation ship between skin diseases and asthma in our homeopathy. Skin diseases apparently cured but actually supressed by non-homeopathic treatment are invariably led to asthma. My idea of getting the details of child's eczema and other ailments was to find out a common medicine for both eczema and asthma. I would have then got in touch with you as you are basically handling the case. You must have noticed in the past that I go through the person who is basically handling the case to avoid confusion in the mind of the patient and work as a team.
sahai last decade
Glad to meet you on this forum. We are all dedicated to help those who post on it and I have no objection to your coming in with your suggestions to help a case. For instance I had not noticed that the mother of this boy had mentioned that he had Eczema as a baby, till you inquired about it.

I hope that my idea of helping with his Asthma first is the correct approach as I felt that the mother's plea for help was precipitated by his Asthmatic condition. I have no problem with curing Eczema for which I have often used an unusual remedy Arnica 6c which has never failed me.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you everyone. It is so nice to have the support and knowledge from all of you. I will post the symptoms of his eczema to the tee in the next posting I want to think about it, to make sure I get it completely right.

E_S_Mother_in_need last decade
I would appreciate if those who used the remedy I suggested Nat Sulph 6c in the Split Dose for Asthma will please record their present response.

It is important that we who prescribe on this forum are kept advised of the latest condition of the patients as by this means both we and others who read these posts can use the knowledge to help others in the future.
Joe De Livera last decade
Here is another mom with 3-year old son with the same symptoms. Where can I get Nath Sulph 6c, and what does '6c' stands for? Thank you!
Binka last decade

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