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Please can some one help - Tracheal Collapse in dogs

Is there any treatment for tracheal collapse in dogs where the trachea is unable to keep its shape because the cartilage rings are not strong enough.

Quick overview of tracheal collapse in dogs http://www.acvs.org/animalowners/healthconditions/smallanima....

I came across Lachesis as a solution here http://www.holisticdog.org/Symptoms/S_T_U/s_t_u.html

Here http://hpathy.com/veterinary-homeopathy/dog-growth-homeopath.... they have suggested Conchiolinum 5CH.

Which of these medicines might work? Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you so much for your help.
  sujisuji on 2012-11-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You may try Lachesis first.
maheeru last decade
Thank you so much maheeru. Would you be able to give me a dosage, in allopathy the dosage given to my dog is that of a 5 year old child. He is male, spitz, weighs 30 pounds. Thanks again.
sujisuji last decade
You can get 200c(if you can't get it, 30c may also do) of Lachesis in pill/drop form. Unlike allopathy, homeopathy doesn't depend on medicating the organism based on it's weight.

So you can just give him, one or two pills/drops as a dose. You can give one dose(if 200c) or two doses(if it's 30c) every day for 4 to 5 days and see how it goes.
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maheeru last decade
Thank you so much maheeru. I will report back in 5 days.
sujisuji last decade
Are you looking for antidotes to Lachesis as found below:


Did you give the doses? What was the reaction?
maheeru last decade
Hi maheeru, thank you so much for following up on this. I gave one dose of Lachesis 30C and one dose of Calcarea Carbonica, but I followed it with Creategus (because he was already taking creataegus and cheledonium as suggested by a local homeopath about a month and a half ago). He started panting a lot so I wanted to antidote, but instead I stopped all homeopathic meds for two days while waiting for confirmation on how to deal with it. Then the past two days there was increased wheezing and increase of fluid in the lungs (I use a steth to see if there is fluid or wheezing). Today I have given apis mel to reduce the fluid in the lungs, I want to give one dose of ars-alb too, but not sure if the effect of the lachesis will still be there and it could harm.

I want to restart Lachesis again, but a bit scared to start again since it takes a while to get help on the internet if there is an emergency type situation. So want to learn from knowledgeable people like you Dr. Joe and Dr. Assad how to act in case things take a bad turn and how bad can it go.(I trust you all completely, if it was for me, I would boldly take the medicine, but since a dog cannot express what it is feeling and since emergency treatment is not readily available, I am extra extra careful). To add to my tension, I read an online article where a lady said she almost died after lachesis http://forums.hpathy.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=8912&title=.... I had thought homeopathy cannot cause harm, but may be if the doctor does now I think if the Doctor does not know, the whole history harm can happen.

Also, my dog is on enalapril and gardenal for the following reasons, here's a brief history:

2005 epileptic attack started every 30 days, was given 1 tab gardenal 60mg once a day by vet
2007 after some internet research i changed dose to 30mg twice a day,s till epilepsy every month.
2009 may was very hot and he was panting, took to vet, vet scanned (scanner was new adn they did not know how to read it) said first heart is weak having electrical problem and gave theophilin injection two weeks..next scan they said heart is having mitral regurgitation and prescribed enalapril 2.5 twice a day. He was gettign very exhausted, so i reduced to 1/2 tab twice a day.
2011- vet cardiologist took scan and said NO mitral regurgitation at all, but tracheal collapse, so he prescribed chondroitin and said anyhow continue to enalapril just in case there is a problem with the valve. Some coughing was there.
2011 Feb I did some online search and found that magnesium deficiency can cause epilepsy so I started Magnesium, from then there has been no more epilepsy from Feb 2011 until now, but i am still giving 1/2 tab 30mg gardenal twice a day.

2012 August end - all blood tests normal. 1st week, vet gave one prednisone injection for arthritis. 10 days later, heavy panting coughing started, blood test taken, abnormal liver values(I read recently prednisone can cause this), taken another scan (this time cardiologist already left, so regular vet scanned) he said dog will die any time, heart very weak, fluid around heart. prescribed diuretic. Dog was very tired after diuretic, so I took to homeopath, she prscribed apismel200c for 2 days and then to give ars-alb 200c and bryonia 200c every hour mornign till night. next scan after 10 days, vet said now fluid around heart has disappeared but fluid around liver. So homeopath prescribed creategus 10 drops thrice a day and bryonia, ars and cheledonium 200c. After 10 days, vet came and checked heart beat with steth and said now heart beat is strong, but there is some problem you can experiment with digoxin. I did not want to do any experiment with the dog because he is very precious for us. So did not give digoxin, continued with homeopathy. End of OCtober another blood test was done and GGT liver values had gone up. Then homeopath advised cheledonium tincture (10 drops twice a day) and ars-alb 200 10 drops and bryonia 200 10 drops,but wheezing was increasing she said if wheezing give extra ars and if dry, give extra bryonia. The heart beat was erratic every day at least once or twice). The dog was having heavy wheezing and coughing, so again asked the homeopath what to do, she said to continue, after one week same problem wheezing was increasing (I know it is wheezing because I have a steth that I bought so I can understand what is going on with my poor dog so I can help better - the homeopath is more than 35 km away and I cannot take him to the vet every time something looks wrong also), I called the homeopath again, she got angry and told me not to call her for one month and continue the medicine. Not knowing what to do I was reading everythign I can on the net, I started the cretaegus tincture again 8 drops 3 times a day.

Then i searched online and came to abchomeopathy and i was told i can stop bryonia. So I stopped Bryonia, then wheezing stopped. I read that ars should not be given continuously for a long time, so I stopped that also.I had also asked Dr. Joe on his site and he said to stop everything and give arnica, though I gave arnica I did not stop the cret and the chelidonium because I was worried about the liver and heart, Once or twice when the wheezing reappeared, I gave one dose of 3 drops apis-mel. Now the heart beat has become more normal (no palpitation for the last few days)

Dear Maheeru, this dog is like a member of our family, so I want to be extra careful and make sure everything is done correctly as far as humanly possible (mainly also because on the internet if I post here today, I may get response only after a day or two, by then things could go very wrong), sorry for the very long post. Please tell me what is the worst that can happen with Lachesis and what I can do about it in an emergency.
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sujisuji last decade

Please consider my recommendation as withdrawn. No hard feelings, but in the prevailing circumstances, i think it's wise for you to stick with a local homeopath(preferably a vet).

My best wishes to you and your pet.
maheeru last decade
Dear Meheeru,
Thank you so much, unfortunately, there are no proper homeopathic vets where I live,not even a proper cardiologist, so my online research continues. Is it possible for you to tell me what is the worst that can happen to a human patient who has mild mitral regurgitation and mild liver abnormality, if he is using enalapril and gardenal and in addition he took Lachesis 30? What would be the worst case scenario.
sujisuji last decade

You are probably reading out wrong sources of information. There's nothing wrong with a remedy like Lachesis.

Just read this link, where i was able to help back a woman to life after modern medicine failed her to death, with Lachesis. http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/358786/


But since you have only given one dose there's nothing to worry at all.

Off forum i have also helped people come back to life and out of ER rooms with complaints of liver failure, liver abnormality, cirrhosis of liver, jaundice, mitral valve prolapse, a whole lot of heart ailments etc. But it depends from case to case how each case will respond to a particular potency of a particular remedy. Usually i prefer 200c(for a remedy like Lachesis) in humans.
maheeru last decade
Dear Maheeru,
Thank you so very much for your kind message. So then I can boldly go ahead with the Lachesis. Is it ok to continue the allopathic enalapril and gardenal while giving Lachesis? Thanks for your help.
sujisuji last decade

Initially when you asked between the two options, i recommended to go with Lachesis. But after seeing the first message today(the long one), i'm not sure---i haven't had time to go through all the details ---and time is important for you----hence i withdrew.

If you have a good recommendation, please pursue it.
maheeru last decade

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