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help for constipation and diverticulits

please help. God Bless you.
7 months ago this started. I had high fever. pain in lower left flank (still there) feels like razors. i have bloating and abdominal pressure. it hurts to touch my lower abdomen below belly button. i cannot wear tight clothes against my waist. had colonoscopy done in Nov 12. Found diverticula and sigmoid and descending colon. also, Melanosa Coli. erosion in esophogus and some stomach. I think i am now developing anal fistula, because i think i have infection in anus. I can't poop - if i take high does magnesium i can. my thought is that there is a little infection on my lower bowel and anus. anus has pilescoming out(not hemmoroids, dr. said) but, it feels like my anus wants to be full. low left abdomen (where sigmoid is) i have razor like feelings. no high fever. but, i need help in resolving this. i don't know what else to do. i am so constipated. i have no appetite. i crave cookies chocolate. please help me heal my bowel and anus. there is a small bump 2 inches from my anus. i been putting tea tree on it. thank you for your help.
  catherineperry on 2012-12-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please, i am a human being. I need your help and asistance in my healing. I am willing to listen to and follow advice in my healing. I did not want to place my dad in a nursing home, please forgive me, it's just that my colon and anus are hurting bad and i have no energy left. I ask someone, anyone to help me with the homeopathic remedies. i read about the Arnica. and, I have taken that just today. please kind people? help me.
catherineperry last decade
i forgot. my age is 58 / female.
catherineperry last decade
You must consult a doctor to identify an Antibiotic to treat your fever and he will most likely prescribe Amoxycillin 500mg to be taken twice daily. Unfortunately there is no remedy in Homeopathy to kill the bacteria.

You can take the remedies below for your Diverticulitis but if there is no improvement in 2 weeks you will have to consult a specialist to help you.

Constipation Nat Phos 6x Biochemic Cell Salt. Dose 5-6 tablets taken after each of 3 meals.
Nux Vomica 200c in the Wet dose taken twice daily.

Mag Phos 6x dose 3 tablets taken thrice daily to help to calm the bowel and deaden the pain.
Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken thrice daily.

Drink over 3 liters of water. ESSENTIAL.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in the Ethanol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done at least 6 times before sipping a capful of the bottle as prescribed.

'i crave cookies chocolate. please help me heal my bowel and anus. there is a small bump 2 inches from my anus. i been putting tea tree on it'
You must STOP eating chocolate cookies as they only contribute to your pain.
Do not use Tea Tree oil on your 'bump'

You may use an antibiotic ointment instead which you will massage on this bump internally to kill the bacteria that are causing the pain in your anus after each hard stool.

Report your response as often as you wish.
Joe De Livera last decade
dear Joe. Thankyou ever so much for your reply. may i please ask a few questions, sir? How much is a 500 ml bottle = to in ounces? and, how much is 3cm= in ounces, teaspoons, what? please? yes, i read about the importance of shaking the bottle. i understand. where may i but this Liquid Dilution? From this website is it sold? my fever has subsided. i don't like taking antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. I might tell you i have constipation with this diverticular disease.
you advise to put antibiotic creme? what kind? silver? or regular stuff from the grocery store? please? are the remedies mentioned also to help constipation, sir? i will stop eating sugar. don't worry. it's very hard to give up. and, i don't drink caffeine and i don't mix carbs nor protein. i eat apples and pears in the morning. small carb afternoon. and fish in the evening. I just beet carrot celery. thankyou. i will wait for your response. i cannot thankyou enough! i will be waiting. catherine
catherineperry last decade
500ml = 1 Pint
2.5cm = 1 Inch

You can mail order Homeopathic remedies in the US from:

Washington Homeopathics
1 800 336 1695

Ask for the Liquid Dilution in Ethanol.
You will only use 3 drops in a bottle of spring water.

I can see that you are not reading and UNDERSTANDING my prescription which I am copying below:

'Constipation Nat Phos 6x Biochemic Cell Salt. Dose 5-6 tablets taken after each of 3 meals.
Nux Vomica 200c in the Wet dose taken twice daily.

Mag Phos 6x dose 3 tablets taken thrice daily to help to calm the bowel and deaden the pain.
Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken thrice daily.

Drink over 3 liters of water. ESSENTIAL. '

You will have to inquire from your pharmacies for the antibiotic ointment.

Apples and Pears do not help with bowel movement. Prunes are the best for you.
Joe De Livera last decade
i read your history,if u r well so good,if u r no,so used this medicine.

20 drops before breakfast daily. 4 day,s

20 drops noon time. 4 day,s

20 drops night time. 4 day,s

5th,6th day skip all
medicnine. 7th day, reoprt me.
dr, badar baig
doctorbadar9 last decade
Dear Joe, yous saky'Ask for the Liquid Dilution in Ethanol.' am i correct in assuming the remedy will be in the dilution, or am i to mix the pellets into the liquid dilution? in otherwords,please, do i purchase the Liquid and it already has the homeopathic agent in it? i will but from the company you recommended. again, am i to drop pellets into the Ethanol? or is it all mixed in when i buy it? thankyou. I am going to put silver creme on my 'bump'. THankyou for your response, sir. catherine (i also have a post given me from Dr. Badar, may i respond to him as well? or what is the protocol, please? Dr. Badar states take others, yes, i did use the homeo. remedie software and ticked all questions about emotions fears, etc. it did recommend bryonia. Dr. Badar, I am not well, but, I am not deathly ill, either. I am in pain and can't poop. and have many diverticulas. and, i have great anxiety and fear of future and worry, worry. will bryonia help this, please? answer. thank you Catherine.
catherineperry last decade
also, gentlemen, i entered the following: Nat Phos 6x Biochemic Cell Salt into the place where i can purchase these and no match came up for that name. is there another way i can enter it so i can bring up the Nat Phos 6x ? this system did not recognize the product. please help.
catherineperry last decade
Dr. Dr. Joe, i have reread your posts many times, and my mind is finally understanding. I thank you for your patience. i will place the ethanol dosing into spring H2O, yes? and, also, the other Doctor mentioned sulpher and other remedies. Should I take these as well. I am going to go order all that you wrote down. i have understood you instructions. i will eat prunes, too. i drink 1/2 gallon of H2O daily. I am off to order thankyou catherine.
catherineperry last decade
PLEASE Doctor's . one more question as i am ordering i do not see NAT PHOS in BIOCHEM CELL SALT. i find only the single dose. but it says nothing about it being a 'cell sal' are these the same things? please respond as i want to order these right away. thank you. catherine
catherineperry last decade
please help! i don't see the nat phos biochem cell salts anywhere on this website. Is this the same thing as plain Nat Phos. or is the 'cell salt' something else? please?thankyou.
catherineperry last decade

I live in Sri Lanka and have just read all the posts you have made at various times yesterday.

I am glad to note that you have finally read and understood my prescription and that you now know how to make the Wet dose of any remedy by simply following my instructions. You will insert just 3 DROPS of the remedy in Alcohol into a bottle of spring water, when you finally get the 2 remedies:

Arnica 30c and Nux Vomica 30c from Washington Homeopathics.
You can get all your questions answered by calling them on 1 800 336 1695.

Please note that you must order:
Nat Phos 6x Biochemic Cell Salt.
(NOT Nat Phos 6)
Suggest you order 250gm or about 0.5 pounds (Half Pound).

You are advised to use the therapy that I have prescribed and if you do not have any relief in a month, you can then change over to the therapy prescribed by the other homeopath.
You must NOT mix the remedies prescribed by 2 homeopaths.
Joe De Livera last decade
God Bless you, Joe. Thankyou for your patience and understanding. I have one more question, please. where do I order 'Nat Phos 6x Biochemic Cell Salt.
(NOT Nat Phos 6)
Suggest you order 250gm or about 0.5 pounds (Half Pound).' I cannot find it on this website is it also available from Washington Homeopahics? please answer. The constipation is a real problem, i take regular Magnesium Capsules now, up to 6 per day, it's the only way my bowels will move and it is piled up like marbles all over and stuck together. and, it smells like decay, other times like compost. Also, where do i buy the Nat Phos 6x Biochemic Cell Salt.
(NOT Nat Phos 6)
Suggest you order 250gm or about 0.5 pounds (Half Pound). You told me to order the Arnica and Nux from Washington, so can i assume I may also buy the Nat. Phos 6x and Mag Phos 6x at Washington Homeopathic? (one more thing about myself, I am highly anxious -full of worry and dread and sadness) Is there a remedy for this. please answer. I hope the weather is fine in Sri Lanka, we here, just had 12 inches of snow and 50 mile winds. Catherine. I wait for an answer.
catherineperry last decade

You must teach yourself to be less anxious and this will enable you to read and understand my posts to you.

I have already indicated that you can order the Nat Phos 6x from Washington Homeopathics and you can call them tomorrow (Your time) and ask them to help you.

The Nat Phos will help you to overcome your constipation which can be the root cause of your Diverticulosis.

Nat Phos works by accelerating the passage of food down the gut and has always helped in cases of constipation. Yours is however more complicated as you also present Diverticulosis which I hope can also be helped by the Nat Phos.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr. Joe. thankyou ever so much. So, to recap. i may purchase all the remedies for me at Washington? yes?
also, please, can you suggest a remedy for my anxiety and unrestful mind and scarce sleep. also, i have been having blobs of thick urine coming out. (not all the time, just every few days). thankyou very much. please resond. i want to get all this ordered this afternoon. Catherine
catherineperry last decade
:( oh, dear. Dr. Joe. please. i just reread ALL our conversation. and have confused myself. I know i do need to call Washington for ALL products. but, should all the products i buy be made into the wet dose?? and, does the ethanol go into the water along with all the doses? please explain. I am sorry to bother you again. Please explain: SHOULD I MAKE all the remedies into a wet dose with ethanol added? please? maybe suggest something for my thick urine and my anxiety/fears. PLEASE??
catherineperry last decade
Doctor? Doctors? please, i am sorry i don't understand all the instructions, please i am new to this. Give me a break i am waiting for response. thankyou, sirs.
catherineperry last decade
Why don't you ask your husband to help you to UNDERSTAND the simple instructions I have given you to make the WET DOSE? You are just wasting time in getting the medicines from Washington Homeopathics and you must understand that you are losing valuable time in doing so.

I presume that you have not contacted them up to now as they would have been able to instruct you and answer your questions. You are fortunate that I have the patience to reply to your queries but my patience is wearing thin and you may compel me to withdraw from your case.

You will order the LIQUID DILUTION of the 2 remedies Arnica and Nux Vomica and you will use just 3 drops of each to make the Wet dose in 2 SEPARATE bottles of spring water. The Liquid Dilution is ETHANOL and you do not have to get Ethanol separately.

Nat Phos 6x and Mag Phos 6x are supplied in tablet form and you will take the dose as prescribed after meals.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr. Joe. I thankyou very much for your patience. You have much patience. that is a virtue. I don't have a husband. no one but me, Sir. I am sorry i've tried your patience so. Forgive me. I will now write down the instructions and order the remedies. I will manage. thankyou again for all your help. God Bless you. Catherine
catherineperry last decade

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