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Urgent help for non stop cough for 2 year old

Hello, my son was infected with RSV when he was 3 months and after that he gets cold ( running nose) then post nasal drip and non stop coughs very 10 days. I m tired of giving him steroid everytime for this summers is less winters r worse.today is his 5 th day of cough and I feel helpless and alone because no body is there it guide me for curing this .He wheezes and coughs so much that sometimes we have to give nebulizer every 15 min.this time attack was the worst.he is not eating last two days and vomits r coming .even sometimes steroid comes out.now he is 2 years old. Weather where I live is dry no moisture ,air full of viruses .this time sitting with a sick child since that is his cousin led to this shocking attack. Very little food goes sas no to all kinds of food because of cough if I give him thn vomits I m completely insane what to do .kindly guide me
  Deesach on 2013-02-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please give him three doses of Antimonium Tart 200 as follows and see how that affects in next few days.

day 1 morning
1st dose

day 1 evening
2nd dose

day 2 morning
3rd dose

One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 2 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 2 drops in some 20 ml water. Sip up slowly.

Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.
kadwa 7 years ago
If this doesn't work you should give him Hepar Sulph 200 in the same way.
kadwa 7 years ago
Thanks for replying
I will like to tell you before that a doctor gave him a combination of
Hepar sulph
Spongia tosta
Antimonium tartaricum
Kalibychromiuim all
30 c potency
4-5 pellets of each every 5 min.
His. Cough flared up and he says yes with these combination cough will flare up first but what happened was flare up in 2 year old means he coughed to such a gr8 extent that he started terrible wheezing very difficult to breathe he got swollen bronchioles from coughing that there was this emergency for prednisolone Now after one day or prednisolone 2 times a day and frequent nebulizer his cough is still to an uncontrollable exten and I might have to go to emergency . So it's my request advice me the medicine which does not flare up but suppress the cough. Thanks a lot
Deesach 7 years ago
Hello, I m very surprised so many combinations can be given at one time, that doctor asked me to repeat three times a day but I did not .hepar sulph always flare up my sons cough.i m really confused how to start with homeopathy because of the flare. If you have any more questions regarding his health kindly ask me . I wish his cough should suppress as by homeopathy and not flare. Because of flare I m in prednisolone situation. Pliz help. Thanks
Deesach 7 years ago
Logging in to observe progress.
Joe De Livera 7 years ago
Please give him three doses of Ipecac 200 at a gap of 12 hours and see how that affects in a week. Homeopathy remedies aggravate when they are repeated often. Otherwise they lead to gentle cure.

Please give the following information in respect of your son when you report back after Ipecac.

1.whether he prefers warm surroundings ie whether he likes to be covered or he prefers cold surroundings and open air.

2.whether he has a mild disposition or an irritable disposition. How is his attitude towards his friends and relatives?

3.What other physical problems, if any does he have.

4.At what time he feels better and at what time does he feel worse like in the morning, evening, late night etc.

5.What do you think is the causative factor for starting his problems.

6.How is his thirst for cold drinks, hot drinks and water?

7.How is the bowel movement? Normal, constipated or loose.

8.Whether the child prefers to move around or prefers to keep still.
kadwa 7 years ago
i changed the remedy in the light of new information. Don't give Ipecac if Ant Tart is already given.
kadwa 7 years ago
Thanks so much for guiding me. My son 2 yrs body tolerates warm weather . Weather usually from December to may is chilly cold till 11 a.m. And from 3.00 p.m. It is cold again so for couple of hours there is sun but intensity outside is cold . As soon as he goes out like today he went just for 5 min. His nose starts running his hands and cheeks were terribly cold so he came inside.
2. He drinks water nice good amount cold drink I have never given him and milk ,soups warm
3. Everything starts from cold weather and dry winds which usually occur from December to may once or twice a week. The moment he is exposed to theis kind of weather his nose starts running and that's the first step which in couple of hrs there is post nasal drip and next day cough starts . Third day cough is out of control fifth day he gets prednisolone and antibiotic if chances of pneumonia r there.
4.till now his nature is he is fine with listening but if someone goes against his wish like his elder brother snatching something or if I m cooking he wants me to hold him and I do not then he hits back.
5. Bowel good with intake of fibrous fruit or prunes or anything fibrous .last few days sick not eating well then constipated
6.cough which comes mostly the doctor says is productive
He had this steroid course and antibiotic 15 days back this time he spent time with his cousin who was terribly sick so doctor says he catches viruses easily . This is his second course of steroid and antibiotic in this month .i think his immune system is terribly weak.

Here weather from December to may is cold and dry winds come . Due to too low humidity people put cool mist humidifiers and then sleep at night. I used it last year he was getting runny nose every week so somebody suggested me to stop.the amount of dryness in air is sometimes we get up at night to drink water because throat gets dry or if we get up in morning our throats are having mucus and dry membranes of nose .just updating my stats weather conditions. Sun for a couple of hrs a day .
Do you think any homeopathic medicine be given while steroid and antibiotic is going on.his course finishes feb 20 th . But pliz suggest me which medicine should be given so that I get ready that medicine from shop.any other questions pliz free to ask and save my kid. Thanks a ton.
Deesach 7 years ago
Best time from 9-11 in morning when he feels good because after that he takes a nap and then after 2 say 2-6 or 7 .
He is a active kid does not sit still but if he is on iPad then 10-15 min sit not a tv or iPad addict .
He loves to kick ball even at home because it's winter and in summers outside. Wishes to go out when the door opens or if somebody goes out . Because of weather. We keep him inside more.
Deesach 7 years ago
Worst time during sickness 2-3 in the morning till 5 o clock .then he sleeps 5-7 in the morning and when he wakes up he is all coughs and too much mucus rattling.
Otherwise if he is fine then just not. A worse time all time good playing talking eating nd sleep r good when not sick
Deesach 7 years ago
No cold drinks just water but during sickness no milk either
Deesach 7 years ago
Please get the following remedies...

Phosphorus 200
Pulsatilla 200
Drosera 200
Ipecac 200
Hepar Sulph 200
Aconite 200
Calcarea Carb 200
Antominium Tart 200
Stramonium 200

If you haven't given Ipecac 200 (it seems you haven't), you should give him Phosphorus 200 in the same way.

While reporting back you should report...
his thirst
his appetite
his cold symptoms in detail
his bowel movements

The homeopathic remedy can be taken alongside the modern medicine. Later we will think about stopping other medicines.
kadwa 7 years ago
dear kadwa,

I remain always successfuly in such cases with the combination of these medicines;

1. Hep Sulph
2. Ant. Tart.
3. Ippecoc

Please try these valuable remedies and see result.

Mahfoozurrehman 7 years ago
Thanks so much .
My sons thirst. Good ( lots of water)
Appetite. Good
Bowel movements good with fibrous fruit everyday or dried prunes
Cold symptoms
Weather of my state
Morning evening cold
Afternoon sunny in winters
As soon as my son steps out of the house and outside it is cold even if sun is there but basically cold like 65degree Fahrenheit . Humidity very low dry atmosphere is there .doctor says put cool mist humidifier during sleep that much dryness is there
Runny nose
Hands feet cheeks cold
Couple of hours post nasal drip
Second day little cough starts third
day more and fourth day
Bouts of non stop cough every minute cannot eat or drink
Wheezing and difficult rapid breathing
Whole day worse .Night time 2-5 morning 7-9 when he wakes up .
Doctor visit nebulizer has albuterol and steroid course .
Pliz suggest the medicine to suppress the cough not flare it up because cough is already so flared .thankyou.God bless you.
Deesach 7 years ago
Please go ahead with Phosphorus 200. We will change the remedy if Phos doesn't work. If we go by one remedy at a time we will know the remedy that works. Dr Mahfooz has given an emergency suggestion, but let us keep patience.
kadwa 7 years ago
thanks for the reply. sorry to say my son had another attack of cough which doctor said led to pneumonia and 107 fever, HE came out of a death situation. right now i m not giving him any medicine since he is terribly weak .i m trying to help him stand and eat right . i will contact you shortly.
Deesach 7 years ago

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