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Dog with Recurrent Vomiting, Pain

Hi all,
I posted the canine pemphigus topic back in 2007 and your advice cured my male Siberian completely.

Now I am writing about my female Siberian Husky, Sierra, who is 8 years of age and suffering from 'gastritis', according to the vet.

I live in N. Nevada and there are no homeopathic vets here, so I've been reading Don Hamilton's book and doing as much online research as possible to help my dog.
Last summer, she had recurring bouts of nausea that lasted for hours, usualy at night, and vomiting/retching (yellow foamy bile). This occurred about every four to six weeks. Symptoms seemed like food poisoning, however two incidents were more like a pancreatic or liver attack with severe pain, hunching of the body, salivation. Her symptoms mimic those of pancreatitis, however her test results were normal.
Since her last attack in January, I've adjusted her diet, no fats, small meals, no acid causing foods, however an hour after almost every meal, she will burp then move her tongue around as if she has acid or a bad taste in her mouth, then start panting and I know then that she feels bad. This can last anywhere from five to thirty minutes.

Based on my reading, I am wondering if you agree that Iris Versicolor may be a good remedy for the long term chronic symptoms. And what would you suggest for the immediate acute symptoms that seem like heartburn? In all honesty, I'm unsure of which remedy to use. I've purchased a number that seem to relate from the abchomeopathy store.

Sierra is a sweet loving nurturing and vocal dog, but I can tell when she's not feeling well because then her tail will not be curled over her body as usual, but hanging down.

I should also mention that after the last 'attack'-- vomiting/retching, sudden pains that made her yelp while standing still and not being touched, salivating heavily, panting/huffing lasting from 11 pm until 3 a.m.-- the vet called it possible food poisoning because her liver tests came back high. She was so sick and could not find grass, so she ate elm leaves. At any rate, after 3 weeks on Nutramax Denamarin, her liver numbers were back to normal. But 3 weeks later, she had another 'attack' where she was up all night panting, obviously in pain, heavy salivation, no vomiting. Now she is on the Denamarin permanently and we have changed her diet as mentioned.

Other information that might be useful: She is worse in evenings, about an hour after her dinner, which is white turkey breast or white chicken breast and a little organic rice, sometimes with non-acid producing fresh vegetables if she seems to be feeling okay, all ground to a semi-fine consistency in a food processor, 3x a day. I notice she eats quickly now, whereas she used to eat slowly. About the same time the 'gastritis' began, she also began leaking urine. She is spayed. It seems to come and go. Same with her feeling bad, ie., tail down. One minute she will feel badly, the next she'll want to play. It seems that about the same time period, she began having a dry gagging cough. She will be laying down, usually on her back against the wall, will begin to huff, then stands, walks a few steps, puts her head down and gags. Nothing comes up. Sometimes when she's sleeping, she'll startle at little noises. I never noticed that before. She will also suddenly start from sleep, look up and find me, look at me a moment, then go back to sleep, or tilt her head down, move her tongue around in her mouth as if burning or bad taste, then put her head back down and go back to sleep.

She will leave the house when the heater comes on, even though I keep the thermostat on 62. She prefers to drink cold water outside than warmer water inside. When riding in the car, after ten minutes, she seems to feel badly, however she doesn't vomit, only hangs her head and pants. Sometimes her nose dripped clear liquid and she sneezed, so I took her off all wheat products, no biscuits, etc. and so far, that seems to work as far as that goes. When she's not feeling well, she walks as if she feels heavy, both physically and emotionally. Normally, she has a spring in her step when feeling good, has always been a well-loved happy friendly dog.

You guys helped me before, in fact, cured my younger Siberian of canine pemphigus, so I am turning to you again. Without a homeopathic vet in this area, I am on my own and feeling a bit insecure about choosing remedies, dosing, frequency, etc. Thank you all in advance.
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  kattraxx on 2013-02-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please give her three doses of Lycopodium 30 as follows and see how that affects in next 15 days (only 3 doses in 15 days).

day 1 morning
1st dose

day 1 evening
2nd dose

day 2 morning
3rd dose
kadwa 9 years ago
Thank you.

I will do so and report back.
kattraxx 9 years ago

I may have to use liquid dosing. Sierra usually spits out the pellets. She's become suspicious since her many vet visits the past three months, however if I offer her liquid remedies, she will drink them.

From Don Hamilton's book, I generally put the pellets, in this case, five, into one and a half oz. filtered water, let dissolve, shake, give 2 teaspoons from that mixture, using fresh mixture and spoon each time. (She is 80 lbs.)

Is this okay?

Thank you.

kattraxx 9 years ago
This is okay.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hi. Sierra doesn't seem to be feeling well at all today, so I did not administer the third dose this morning.

Since last night, she is very quiet, tail down, sleeping alot, avoiding contact and refusing food. She is also consistently leaking urine when she lays down and almost obsessively licking the area until nearly raw.

What should I do?
kattraxx 9 years ago
If this is due to remedy, recovery should follow. Please don't give the third dose if you haven't.
kadwa 9 years ago
Thank you, kadwa. I did not give the third dose.

By evening, she did eat her dinner, but then as usual, an hour after eating, she felt bad, panting, tongue out, bad taste or burning in her throat. All her 'symptoms' seemed exaggerated.

This morning she seems to feel good. Tail up, wagging.

I will wait and watch now, hoping for recovery, and keep you posted.
kattraxx 9 years ago
Sierra felt wonderful yesterday. As usual, she napped most of the day, then in the afternoon, woke, ate a small meal and did not feel bad an hour after eating. In fact, she was still hungry an hour later. She was very playful, very energetic, chasing her 'brother' around the house and yard, tail up and wagging and the spring was back in her step. She ate her three small meals and felt fine after each meal, no burping, panting or gas, not obvious heartburn. She seemed her old self once again, which made us both very happy.

I hope this means recovery. Will continue to watch and post. Thanks, kadwa.
kattraxx 9 years ago
I am checking in.

Sierra had a good day on the 16th, after two bad days following the two doses of Lycopodium, but since then, the same symptoms are back with the same regularity.

An hour to an hour and a half after eating anything, she begins panting, sometimes coughing; she is clearly feeling bad. It doesn't seem to matter what or how little she eats.

On three mornings, she got up, went outside and began looking for something green to eat to induce vomiting. She will eat anything she can find, in this case, Irisleaves. Her vomitus is like yellow foam, maybe half a cup. She then came in the house and slept most of the day, ate normally around 5 pm, then as usual, began panting and feeling bad an hour after eating.

Also she has been leaking urine on and off, mostly on, since the Lycopodium remedy.

Since her worst episodes with vomiting and pain recur every 6 weeks or so, I'm worried again as it's been since mid-January since her last attack. Today was not a good day for her. She's been panting on and off most of the day, walking as if she feels heavy and worn out, just not well. She did not feel well during the night either, for the past two nights.

Is there anything at all I can give her after she eats and feels bad to relieve her immediate discomfort?
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kattraxx 9 years ago
Please see whether Nux Vomica 30 helps. Later you may also consider Ipecac 30.
kadwa 9 years ago
I have the Nux. Will order the Ipecac. Thank you.

Since this sounds like intestinal indigestion (nausea, pain an hour after eating), what do you think about Pancreatinum? Or Pepsinum?

Should remedies for the acute symptoms be given before eating?
kattraxx 9 years ago
These remedies are not yet proved properly. i go by well proved remedies.
kadwa 9 years ago
I'm suspecting a possible candida infection that may be affecting her digestion, and causing the vaginitis and skin problem. She seems to be exhibiting a number of these symptoms-- licking her paws, running eyes, etc..

Which remedy might I try to clear this up?
kattraxx 9 years ago
kadwa 9 years ago
Thank you. Will try the cleansing diet with probiotics and digestive enzymes, as well as Sepia 30c.
kattraxx 9 years ago
Thank you so much, kadwa.

How should I wet dose the Sepia 30c remedy? Four pellets in 2 oz. distilled water, then 1 TSP or ten drops in 3 doses, a.m., p.m., then next a.m.?

I believe Sierra has had this vaginal infection for some time, however the vets kept telling me it was urinary incontinence and the redness, itching and irritation, even some hair loss, were urine burns and wanted to prescribe antibiotics, which I refused.

There is only a slight discharge as far as I can tell. I've started her on probiotics (Garden of Life), cranberry extract and digestive enzymes (Thorne).

Is there anything else I can do to help her?

Thank you again for your help. I feel quite alone with no homeopathic vets anywhere near where I live.
kattraxx 9 years ago
Yes. You can do the dosing like that.
kadwa 9 years ago
Will do. Thank you, kadwa.

After five days on the candida diet, I'm already seeing improvement. Will start sepia thia morning and report back in fifteen days.
kattraxx 9 years ago
Will do. Thank you, kadwa.

After five days on the candida diet, I'm already seeing improvement. Will start sepia this morning and report back in fifteen days.
kattraxx 9 years ago
I am so fortunate to be working, long distance, with Dr. Don Hamilton, author of Homeopathic Care for Cats & Dogs, on Sierra's digestive issues.

I can say that adding enzymes (Prozyme) to her diet in the meantime, has helped her tremendously.

Sierra just had four days on Mag Phos 6x, 2 tabs in 1 oz. H2O, 1/4 tsp 2x a day, and we are now waiting to see if her improvement is permanent.

I will post as things change with Sierra.
kattraxx 9 years ago

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