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Rubric - "Prefers to Stand" - Does anyone have a remedy list for this - URGENT

Not 'better standing' or similar. But PREFERS to stand all day; and will not sit or lie down unless absolutely necessary (9 year old child).

Doesn't mind walking.

If anyone knows of such a remedy list I would be very grateful if they could post it.


  sammy12 on 2013-02-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
We have rubric the other way round
Sitting aversion to : Lach Iod
yogeshrajurkar 6 years ago
Mind; standing; amel.: calc iris-foe phos tarax
kadwa 6 years ago
Generalities; stand, standing; amel.; erect, upright: ars bry CANN-S(3) cedr chin-s DIOS(3) kali-p KALM(3) phys
kadwa 6 years ago
Thanks everyone for suggestions so far.

No 'standing' remedy posted so far seem to fit many of the the overall symptoms though. Or has already been tried in low potency several times without any consistent improvement.

So I will give some more symptoms and see if anyone can equate these symptoms with the standing issue (or maybe more than one remedy needed?).

Highly allergic 9 year old girl who behaves fairly like her normal mild gentle artistic intelligent self half the time; but since recent rapid emaciation and OCD/Anorexia (acute illness came on during fairly high altitude skiing trip but anaemia and other physical conditions supposedly excluded by very extensive hospital tests) she often also behaves like a 2 year old with irritable tantrums, screaming episodes; and sometimes a more sad kind of episode where she will cry for her mother for an hour or more wailing at moderate volume like a siren and endlessly repeating the mantra 'I want mummy'. Nobody can console her but consolation does not particularly aggravate when she is in a SAD tantrum. But when she is in an irritable tantrum then she will sometimes shout at anyone (including mummy) to go away.

If mummy arrives then this usually calms her from a sad wailing episode. But in her most aggressive & irritable episodes mummy cannot do anything with her either.

She has a seemingly very good relationship with father (though he is physically disabled so mother takes the girl out mostly) but girl was utterly obsessed with mother as an infant. This obsession has returned forcefully since the recent acute illness.

Sometimes wailing and irritability will go together in classic BELL fashion; and sometimes BELL works for this and sometimes it doesn't.

Other remedies that have helped (for a few low potency doses, but then started to fail - and still fail even when potency gradually raised):

LYCO (Sometimes works very well for loud crying when she is not too irritable)

CYCL (Worked wonderfully several times but after that seemed to send her into BELL state);

STRAM - Still early testing for STRAM - but it fits some of her 'parkinson's disease' type involuntary pirhouettes and other neurological symptoms.

Also tried all the main polychrests in low potency over recent weeks. GRAPH, SULPH, NUX, LACH, RHUS and CALC, PULS have helped at various times - though more for physical symptoms than for the tantrums.

Al remedies given in HERING etc. sequences referring to several inimical lists.

Not tried CAUST in recent weeks cos she's had some PHOS.

Not tried CHAM cos she's been having NUX.

She has also had all the tissue salts at least once in recent weeks. Some really helped and we repeated dose on relapse - but after 2 or 3 doses even the best ones stopped working and she flipped into some other negative state.

She has had all the main miasms in LM3 over recent weeks. PSOR seemed to do well for many hours a few days ago but have not wanted to repeat too soon. And she is still having almost daily tantrums.

Generally much more vitality since homeopathic treatment (before recent homeo she was standing in her room for hours on end just looking depressed and anxious - now she goes on playdates etc.) but cannot seem to find one or two remedies that really get to the root of the various kinds of tantrum situation.

She seems to have some control of the tantrums in that they rarely happen outside home.

She says that when she has been out for a long time she feels the urge to cry but holds it until she gets home (or at least into the safety of the car).

She does not like people she knows less well to see her have tantrums; unless it is a really occasional major one when she does not care.

At home she will even be very aggressive with her mother occasionally; but usually just other family members and babysitters. Again though; never to strangers. She has to know someone well - nannies etc. - before she will get aggressive with them.

Iritability and aggression was non-existent until last 6 months or so. And she cried no more than any other child her age.

Hospital says it is classic pre-teen angst OCD/Anorexia. Though they did diagnose gastritis. All of the many other tests apparently negative. Including brain scans.

My current theory is that the BELL states are not that deep or that kind of inflmmation would have been picked up on brain scans. Instead looking at remedies for more excitability type tissue changes - particularly STRAM - that would not show on a brain scan.

But STRAM does not work on the tantrums (or other episodes of silent disrespect and uncommunicativeness) particularly well.

(Her behaviour is noticeably pathological in one way or another about half the time – if you exclude the chronic standing).

Though it is earl;y days with STRAM testing and want to continue to use it as neurological symptoms (shaking etc,) continue. Though hospital says it is all anxiety.

But hospital has not seen the pirhouettes - they only happen very occasionally. But they are involuntary and she tends to be in a graceful wandering walk when she does one - and seems to continue in a rather disoriented way for some seconds afterwards.

It is hard though to differentiate involuntary movements from her repetitive OCD movements. Or anxious need to sometimes touch a piece of furniture as she walks past.

She also (apart from the standing) often runs from room to room indoors when there is no need to go there. Just needs to run. Also will often choose to run when she does have a reason to go to another room.

Acute illness, appetite loss and emaciation came on during fairly high altitide skiing trip. Though she had (with retrospect family now believe) minor neurological and mood/irritation symptoms in the months before.

She has always been a fantastic eater previous to recent months. Eating adult size meals.

Thanks for any ideas.
sammy12 6 years ago
Also she gets very upset if her schedule is disrupted - such as a change in an appointment time. And also if a particular meal is not how she expected it to be.

sammy12 6 years ago
Girl is now back at school and gaining weight well. Eating full meals but fussy and obsessive about contents - much, much more than before recent emaciation illness.

Can control her emotions when in school/public; but when she gets home lets out all the pain (whether it's emotional or neuroligical damage) with irritability, disrespect ad sometimes two-year old type screaming and shouting tantrums and even kicking at family members.

Sometimes this occurs the moment she leaves school etc, - even on the way home in the car. She just starts to let it out.

She generally does not like to humiliate herself by letting unfamiliar people see this tantrum behaviour - only very close people.

I think that if she was away from a safe place for some days then she would have to start letting out the pain in public.

Emotional problems are worse when she displays chorea-type excessivy trembling and excessive fidgeting and movement - some of it is elaborate and involuntary. Including even STRAM-type involuntary pirouhettes occasionally.

Does anyone have any remedy lists for CHOREA (convulsive twitching, involuntary movements of limbs) - that may be more extensive than the chorea MM lists I am using?

Trying to get every possible chorea remedy into the consideration before deciding on a way forward.

Will start a new thread on chorea specifically also.

Many Thanks

sammy12 6 years ago
By the way; she still prefers to stand all the time if possible.
sammy12 6 years ago
Also, if anyone has any special insight into the 'prefers standing' remedies posted above by other contributors; and how they might fit the case picture; please let me know.

As I say, several of the remedies contributed above have already been tried in LM1; and several LM1 remedies have resulted in general improvements for a dose or two.

And some of those improvements may well be sticking; as girl is back at school and living a normal daily life and gaining weight.

But because of the extreme sensitivity of the case I am very reluctant to go higher in potency than low LM until a remedy really stands out.

So it may well be that one or more of the remedies already tried in LM1 WOULD actually be the right remedy for the case if we went to LM2 etc.

Any input on any remedies (listed above by me or others; or a new one that comes to your mind; could be very useful in the process of choosing which remedies to now repeat; or to try for the first time.

The deepest remedy for this case MAY already have been given; but LM1 is not going to cure a case like this, obviously.

I am not looking for a prescription. Just any pointers to possible key remedies that are not (fully) on our radar yet; so we can add them to the 'primary research' list.


sammy12 6 years ago
Basically, as no LMI has so far had continuous improvement beyond 2 or 3 doses (SOME have then been tried in LM2 but without further success); then we conclude that this is likely a multi-remedy case; or that the deepest case remedy has not yet been tried.

Obviously trials are a slow process because of the need to leave days of space between each remedy; and observe various inimical and compatability protocols.
sammy12 6 years ago
We have recently been trying some metals in LM1. MERC; ARG. NIT; PLB MET; PLAT;

No improvement lasting more than 1 dose (if that).

Some slight general improvement in tantrums over the testing period; but may not be statistically significant. Certainly no smooth progression of improvement while sticking to one remedy. We are very experienced in using LM for difficult cases and seeing the marked and continued improvement (in a single remedy case) as each new dose quickly cures each relapse of symptoms.

We are not seeing that smooth progress with any of the remedies tried so far. Though she is generally getting stronger over the weeks - probably because most of the remedies given have had some level of repair to do - and there seems to have been great success from the point of view of the anti-emaciation and anti-anorexia effect of various remedies given.

But the key neurological/chorea/anxiety remedy has not yet been clearly identified.
sammy12 6 years ago

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