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Help about CH and LM potencies

Dear friends, i'm giving my dog Lycopodium Clavatum 200 CH Plus and is working great with a perianal tumor. I repeat the dose every 2 days, when the effect of the dose stops. I'm afraid of repeating too much the doses, but when i don't repeat, the good changes stop.
I'd like to change to LM potencies instead of CH, as i have read that LM potencies can be repeated without problems.
My question is, which dose of LM potency can i use to continue applying a similar potency as 200 CH ?
Can anybody help please?
Many thanks to everybody!
  iceice on 2013-02-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Maximum LM potency is usually up to 30. LM30 is less than 100C.
dhundhun 9 years ago
Why don't you try a 1 M and see if that holds for
a longer time. The Lm's are usually given for
extreme sensitivity, not bc a remedy is not holding.

If you are having good effects, try a higher dose and
see what happens. That will give you some direction
into what is going on.
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simone717 9 years ago
Thank you for your kindly replies.
I'm afraid of using 1 M (maybe is very high?)... is there any potency between 200C and 1 M i can use without problems? maybe 500 CH or similar?

I asked for LM potencies (and i prefer it) because i need to repeat the remedy many times, and i'm afraid of aggravations. I've read Hahnemann said that LM potencies can be repeated, but not CH potencies.
Maybe 1M only holds for some days more than 200CH, and if i can't repeat it too much, will have the same problem.
So i'd like to change to LM scale so i can repeat the dose daily.

Can i start from 1 LM after using 200 CH without problems?

Many thanks to all for your replies, i appreciate it so much :)
iceice 9 years ago
No there is nothing in between.
You could try this- do the 200c in a split dose,
try putting 2 pills in a 500 ml bottle of spring
water with some of it poured out. Dissolve it
and then hit the bottle 10x hard with your hand
or shake it hard up and down 10x. Do this each
time you give a dose.

Doing this reactivates the remedy and makes it
a bit different so each time a dose is given the
body thinks it is new and reacts a bit differently to it.

You can do this with 1M also-if the animal aggravates a little with symptoms getting worse
then better- you don't give anymore bc you have
stimulated the vital force enough and it should
work for a longer time.

The 200c is not aggravating now and seems
not to have enough power to kick up the
vital force to really clear. If you give 1M and
there is an aggravation and then better you
know you have got the right remedy and it is
a question of then waiting to see how long
the 1M works.

Some of the homeopaths on here in past
with practices like Brisbane, felt the Lm's
did not work well at all- and again they
are given to people who aggravate at the
least dosage, which is not what is going on here.

You can put Sameer Vermani in the search
box and look at some of his cases where he
does Lm's, many times they don't start with
Lm1 but like Lm 3 etc, I don't have the info
on that. Good Luck.
simone717 9 years ago
Dear simone717, thanks for your kindly reply and for taking your time answering again.

I'm using LM potencies now, starting with LM1 and continue increasing the potency until find one that holds enough. If i find the right potency with similar effects as 200 CH i will update the post, maybe it can help somebody.

Many thanks everybody!
iceice 9 years ago
I have been using LM potencies and find the same effect as 200 CH with about 6 LM.

The problem is that i have had also same aggravations with LM and with CH potencies:

When we reach this potency, 200CH or 6LM, the remedy works great and the tumor starts to get smaller, but also starts to bleed and itch a lot. So the dog loose a lot of blood. So has strong anemia and gets postrated and looses the strength in the back legs, and can't get up.
So we have to stop the treatment and the tumor gets bigger again.
We are now using China 30CH to help with anemia, but we're desperate because again and again is the same. We think Lycopodium Clavatum is well selected but don't know how to continue.

Anybody can help?

Many thanks!!!
iceice 9 years ago

Read Aggravation Zapper by Elaine Lewis. I would
keep making the split dose of the 6 lm till it does
not aggravate.
simone717 9 years ago
Dear simone717,

many thanks for your info.

If i use the Aggravation Zapper method to antidotize, will i be able to use Lycopodium in the future with good results? or will i antidotize it forever and never work again?

I don't want to loose the posibility of use Lycopodium as i think is the right remedy.

Many thanks again!
iceice 9 years ago
You are not really antidoting the remedy. You are getting
rid of the aggravation. So once you dilute it enough to
where the aggravation is not there, then you see how it is
going and give more of the same dilution again when

You are simply adjusting the remedy to match with
the sensitivity. If you get the dose diluted enough to work,
then the next time you give it- hit the bottle 10x of the diluted
version so it is a tiny bit different and the body will still have
a reaction bc it seems new . Hit the bottle 10x every dose, If after a time
it does nothing , I would make the
same LM in less of a dilution so it
is stronger, so that you progress
up to the full LM with no dilution-
before you go to another LM potency.
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simone717 9 years ago
Many thanks for all your help simone717.

The aggravations got better in the past days, he could get up more easily and had more strength.

Then we gave him only Sulphur 200 CH diluted in water for 3 days and hit 10x each time, once a day, because in the past years he had skin suppurating & itching suppressed with cortisone. And now at the 4th day, he start again with difficulties to get up, weakness, etc., so again we're at the same point.

It seems that when his body starts healing, an aggravation appears and we have to stop the treatment. I don't know if there's a problem of different layers or blockages.
Maybe his vital force opposes to the healing proccess?

Anybody know something about this?

He has aenemia (because the tumor bleeds) and low phosphate levels in blood. Maybe this is blocking the cure..

Many many thanks
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iceice 9 years ago
I re- wrote part of what I wrote up on the LM's
bc it was confusing.

I do not understand- why? if he could get up
and had more strength- you would switch

You gave him too much Sulphur. Aggravation
means he had too much. btw, you don't start
hitting the bottle until after the first dose with
no hits.

On the part-'when his body starts healing an
aggravation appears'??? There is nothing wrong
with this- this is how homeopathy works. Dosing
the potency and amounts is a tricky thing. That is
why Kadwa does 3 doses of 200c and then waits.
Many people aggravate before the 3rd dose.
Everyone is different and has different sensitivity.

The remedy aggravated old stuff, now you wait.
Even on the Lm's when good things are going
on you wait until- the animal or person goes
'backwards' before the next LM.
simone717 9 years ago
Dear simone717,

i understand everything is confusing, i haven't explained well everything as i didn't want to extend it and disturb too much...

I gave him Sulphur because the result of the repertorization shows lyc., sulph.,nit-ac.,calc. and phos. as his remedies.

I thought that maybe lyc. good results got blocked by suppression of skin eruptions in the past years with cortisone, so i thought it was good to stop lycopodium for some days and try to return back the past psora symptoms.

I will give him just a dose of lycopodium and wait to see what happens.
I know I have been very impatient and hurried too much, but it was because i see the tumor get bigger everyday and i'm afraid it will result in an anal occlusion in the next days.

Other thing, i didn't know that in the first dose i don't have to hit the bottle, i will correct it. Many thanks again for all your help!
iceice 9 years ago

what you are explaining on here is in bits and pieces.
There are remedies to shrink growths and remedies for
c-cr cells like Ruta Grav 6 c.

As far as the remedies not aggravating, you can adjust
remedies with the aggravation zapper method to stop
aggravation. But I think you need to talk to a homeopathic vet,
or perhaps if you email Maheeru At rocketmail dot com- he
can advise you better. He knows a lot about pets, and so
does Kadwa.
simone717 9 years ago
hi again simone717,

thanks for information about ruta grav. 6C. But one question, could i use ruta grav. 30c instead of 6c? because i have it available right now. If is not similar, i will order 6c, no problem.
Can i give him a dose of ruta in the morning and continue with lycopodium LM in the night for example? or have to stop lycopodium to use ruta?

Thanks also for the maheeru email, i will contact also telling all the details of the case.

I have already visited a good reputation homeopathic vet. in my country, but haven't had any good result and he didn't want to change remedy, and tell me to repeat again and again the same remedy without any good result, so decided to investigate myself, read Hahnemann's books and so on...
iceice 9 years ago

let me guess - are you from a scandinavian country?
I can try to look up some homeopathic vets online
that you may want to try-let me know your country.

For Ruta Grav- you have to have 6c- look up pbhrfindia.org
bc that is the 3 generation family focused on using
homeopathy like allopathy- in other words- disease
equals a remedy-they work with usa mdanderson cncr
center sharing data- but they say Ruta Grav 6c kills
c cr cells and I read 2 usa brain ccr patients healed
with ruta grav 6c- using these drs-2 blogs not even
on that site-pbhr- I just stumbled on them looking
up something else.
simone717 9 years ago

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