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Foot odor/ fecal/sewage/rotten egg/putrid body odor


I really hope someone can help me. I have had sweaty feet for as long as 10 years. My feet smell real bad with shoes or no shoes on. My armpits used to sweat and smell horrible also but, it's controlled now. I used to get sick a lot with colds and sore throats. Sinus infections and upper respiratory infections. I have used antibiotics many mami time, maybe this have been making me more sick. Now, not only my feet smell bad and sweat there is also an odor that come from me as soon as I eat. I thought it was my tonsils because I had tonsils stones, but an ent took those out a month ago. I still smell bad. My smell varies, like sulphur, rotten egg, sewer, feces, garbage, dead body. I can smell all these odors a various time coming out of me. People have also commented on it. Maybe it's coming from my stomach as I breath out. Or my feet when I sweat. It's really depressing. I have tried not eating but get palpitation from not doing so. Everything I eat makes me smell bad. Usually a fecal, rotten egg, or sewer smell. I have tried many things.

Digestive enzymes
Cutting out dairy(gives me bad odor too)
Zinc, magnesium, calcium
Cleanse smart
B2, b12, multivitamins
Physillum husks
Powders, sprays, aluminum for food sweats.
Black tea, Epsom salt.
Increased fruits and vegetables
Decreased meat. Only eat chicken sometimes. No eggs.
Tried neem blood purifier
Bentonite detox
Antibacterial soaps
Coconut oil, raw apple cider vinegar
Sodium bicarbonate
And more thing I'm sure I forgot.

My odor seems to come from my stomach when I breath out. My feet swear and smell no matter what I wear or how much I wash. I get cold a lot. My feet and hands get extremely cold also, I have to put my hand under warm running water at work since they get so cold just like my feet. My socks are always damp. Also, my head sweat and smell bad from time to time, specially at night. My hair line gets really dry and scabs with dandruff like which extends to my forehead, eyebrows, ears. My ears are itchy most of the time. Dry scaly stuff like dry skin comes off when scratched. My hair y brittle, it start growing and suddenly star braking and falling. I have a bald spot that had never grew hair back. My skin it's dry and I used oil and lotion.

My breath also smell, not so much as before tonsillectomy but still smell. My tinge it's white, I scrap and brush well. I have patches of white scaly stuff on my back.

I really need someone to help. I'm in school and can't rally concentrate with this smell. I also have dandruff :(

I'm 30 years old. Female. Live in USA. Have been to many doctor.
My doctor always says my white blood cells are low but no disease in my blood. He says it's all in my head but people comment daily on this and I can smell myself so it's not in my head! My room smell like a dirty mop from time to time or like rotten eggs, sulphur. I tried also liver care for my liver but no help at all.

Can someone please help me?
I would really appreciate it!

Thanks :)
  Pearl30 on 2013-02-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Kali Phos 6x - 4 tabs 4 times a day.

Kali Sulph 6x - 2 tabs 4 times a day.

For convenience, you can mix them in spring water bottle (16 tabs of Kali Phos and 8 tabs of Kali Sulph) and take 1/4 bottle at a time making four times a day.

Report after two weeks. Both of them may improve your situation and likely to be taken for long durations. After two weeks of analysis, I'll suggest other remedies.
dhundhun 9 years ago
Thanks so much for replying.

Would this help with the odor?
Pearl30 9 years ago
They (tissue salts - kali phos/sul) are for improving circulation (scaling). For excessive sweating, next could be other remedies like Bar-C or Cal-C or Sil based on your response to these tissue salts.
dhundhun 9 years ago
For updates
vikas_grower 9 years ago

5 days ago I found silicea help with my problem. I bought 12x from the store. No change in my condition so far. Should I stop and try the indicated about? I just want to get rid if the smell that comes from my stomach I would guess throug my feet and breath. Plus get rid of the sweating and extreme cold feet.

Pearl30 9 years ago
Sil (Silicia) as mentioned in previous post is potential medicine for you. I wanted in 30 or 200 potency after two weeks.

12x is OK. You can continue it with other two.
dhundhun 9 years ago

The silicea it's not much help. My skin is dry and peeling, still have the sulfur smell and feet still cold and sweating. Anything else I should try? I smell this odor when I exhale. It get worse after I eat.

Pearl30 9 years ago
Something I just remembered. I am allergic to nickel sulfate. I bitt of reading help me realize there is sulfate or sulfites in food I consume everyday. Maybe this is causing this rotten egg/sulphuric smell?

Pearl30 9 years ago
Did you use Kali Phos and Kali Sulph for two weeks. Please report after that.
dhundhun 9 years ago

I was doing the Kali phos. And the Kali sulf. But my chest and face developed an allergy, it started red and itchy and then would turn scaly and peel off. So I had to stop and so is the allergy, now a have little bad dots blemishes. No change reduction in odor, I smell sometime pure sulfur when I breath out, I can smell on the tip of nose and upper lip, I would rub it with my hand and smell it on my hands to. I would wash my face with soap and still smell it even after washing, then it would turn to rotten egg. Any other suggestion?

Pearl30 9 years ago
Since you have imaginary sense of smell, instead of Silicea, I would like you to use Sulfur.

Right now, Sulfur 30 once a day for 3 days, let me know on 5th day. It is low dose and should not cause any primary reaction. After observation, you need to continue for more days.

Correctly selected remedies in case of chronic diseases can cause primary
reaction or healing crisis. It is wish list in homeopathy treatment, because it shows correct selection of remedy. Primary reaction is aggravation, or surfacing of any suppressed symptom, usually on skin.

In most of the cases, those who don't understand primary reaction or healing crisis run away from homeopathy with the aggravated symptoms to allopathy or start looking for antidotes thereby ruining the hope of cure (the homeopathic cure).

One must avoid antidoting for primary reaction and wait it to fade away (3-10 days). During fading away, disease is cured - this is the way homeopathy works in chronic cases.

Whenever you see aggravation or change of symptom, stop on the medicine.
dhundhun 9 years ago
About Nickel allergy, right now homeopathic indication is not there. It may surface during treatment, if you have its allergy.

FYI, for Nickel allergy 'Loma Lux' came with three nice products:
Loma Lux® Acne Pill
Loma Lux® Psoriasis
Loma Lux® Eczema

Refer their URL: http://www.lomalux.com/
Also google about those products.

This is just for your information related to Nickel Allergy and the sort of problem that can happen with Nickel Allergy.
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dhundhun 9 years ago
You might want to try an all natural product called Lavilin for your odor issues. It works especially well for smelly/sweaty feet. I used to have horrible foot odor, so bad that I had to throw away shoes after just a month or two, but when I started using Lavilin Foot Cream the odor was completely gone within a week. It sounds like you may have a more serious problem with your immune system but I am sure that Lavilin can at least help with the foot odor which will of course help with confidence and happiness. Its all connected.
Dave71 9 years ago
Pearl30? Are you still available on this account?
Private2016 5 years ago

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