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Speed of 1M Action

Can anyone tell me how quickly 1M remedies take to work, sort of min and max times? Is it often months?

I'm 41, chronically ill over quite a few years, with family health issues too.

Many thanks

Naturwe Boy
  nature boy on 2005-09-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
That would depend on what you are using it for. It can aleviate some symptoms as fast as a couple of minutes or it can take as long as a month or so. There is no saying as to how long it will take to work. You just have to re-evaluate your case after several weeks I would say for an M dose.
jose07 last decade
Many thanks for the advice.

Nature Boy
nature boy last decade
In acute cases its action is quick,while in chronic cases it takes some times not months.It also depends upon the source,if it is from vegetable kingdom the action is prompt if metal,nosode or others it will take time.
sajjadakram635 last decade
That's helpful, thanks.

As my condition is long term chronic, but I am very sensitive, I suppose it might take months then, as it is also a mineral.

However, I have already felt very mild aggravations even at 1M in just a few days, but I suppose the benefits may take a lot longer to come through.
Nature Boy
nature boy last decade
For all deep acting remedies i suggest to take three doses four hour apart the first day,twice the second day and once the third day.This is sufficent for fifteen days.
For rapid and consistent benefit and without any aggrevation,the best method is to add few drops of the medicine in a boiled cooled water,shake it well for thorough mixing and take certain amount out of it as a dose and the same amount of water is added to the stock,so the quantity remains the same.By this way u can use it thrice daily till cure without any kind of aggrivation because every time the potency is somewhat raised.This method is only suitable for personal use and is not suitable for clinical practice.
sajjadakram635 last decade
That's really interesting.

I saw 2 homoeopaths who saw I was experiencing aggravations from their remedies but neither suggested anything like this and they ended up letting me stop the remedies.

Having said this, those remedies were for low potencies - 6C and 30C.

Nature Boy
nature boy last decade
This method is very safe,u can use even 10m or cm potency.It does not matter.ungortunately this method could not gain popularity because u know the thinking of modern man.People like capsules,tab in blister pack and of course expensive medicines.
sajjadakram635 last decade
OK - does this mean that 1M would reduce aggravations of 200C?
nature boy last decade
Hi Nature Boy,
Be careful with 1M dose of any homeopathic medicine. Normally 1M dose of any medicine should NOT be taken more than once a month or so. In fact 1M doses should only taken under doctor's advise.

If you can explain your problem with as many symptoms as you can describe, then probably, myself or someone else would be able to suggest the correct remedy.
cyberaunti last decade
Thanks for the kind offer Cyberaunti - I hope I'm not too much for you :)

I'm Male, 41. I'll list in general timeline from birth:

Family issues - Father had diabetes, fatigue and muscles stiffness / cramps / aches. Same with Sister. Same with me over last 10 years

Mother had kidney cancer and died when I was 5.

Middle brother has hashimoto thyroid disorder

Eldest brother had osteoporosis, despite regular exercise

I had 4 years of serious terror from around 3 - 7 due to physically and critically abusive Dad - feel intimated by aggressive men now.

Have some vegetarian ancestry but was fed red meat from 9 which caused bloating and bleeding issues.

Always intellectually very curious, even as a child.

Lost Father at 11 due to heart failure.

Strong spiritual thread in my life sincere teenager with interest in many different traditions

Developed water pustules on back of hands during summer times and severe heat triggered itching since my late teens. Sulphur foods help

IBS symptoms generally

Hot feet, hands and face & neck stopping sleep (all made worse by acids e.g. lemon juice, water with high phosphorus level, salt and red meat or chicken, typically every evening / night keeping me wide awake well into night.

Unnatural hunger with sore throat every night

Very thirsty for cold drinks with dry, hot eosophagus

Dry skin, especially lower half of body

Numbing in little fingers caused usually by magnesium rich foods and made very much worse when previous Homoeopath prescribed 30C Pulsatilla, which otherwise helped many symptoms other than the Family ones - came on after second dose - could not turn car key.

Allopathic Zinc and Thyroid (Thyroxine) remove muscle aches / stiffness

I seem to be extremely emotionally and physically sensitive

High chloride and potassium foods make me itch and cause bowel problems.

Black lines running parallel down nails

Skin tags in right armpit only

A few Fungal nails

Some blurring of vision in left eye

Sister been chronically ill for past 20 years and this has caused by grief too

Become quite irritable with life problems generally. Family history and health often cause sorrow now. Otherwise cheerful and spontaineous person

Over last few years developed severe social anxiety panic attacks caused by some critical events even though previously confident as an adult, but quite shy in childhood. But in general terms resilient and practically self-reliant, but emotionally need comfort.

All symptoms present now. What a picture of health!

Many thanks for any help.

Nature Boy
nature boy last decade
Hi Nature Boy,
That was a good description.
So far, I have gathered following about your symptoms:

-Mental Stress; Anxiety
-Water pustules on back of hands during summer times and severe heat triggered itching.
-Hot feet, hands and face & neck stopping sleep
-acids e.g. lemon juice, water with high phosphorus level, salt and red meat or chicken, typically every evening / night keeping me wide awake well into night.
-Unnatural hunger with sore throat every night
-Numbing in little fingers caused usually by magnesium rich foods
-High chloride and potassium foods make me itch and cause bowel problems
-Black lines running parallel down nails
-A few Fungal nails
-Skin tags in right armpit only
-Some blurring of vision in left eye

Now my questions are as below. Please specify:

-Do you have Hair Loss [in bunches/bald];itiching on head [specify where on head...];head skin moist?
-Do you have skin outbreaks [other than that you mentioned on hand];
skin itchy;redness[specify where..]?
-Do you have pain in any part of body? [e.g lower back, shoulders, neck;between shoulder blades, spine etc..]
-Do you have/had roundworms [around back of ear etc..]
-Are you obese or thin or ok?
-Frequent Pain in teeth;bloody gums;mouth ulcers?
-Vomitting;nausea;very bad beath from mouth?
-Legs;sudden jerks;sudden muscle pulls?
-body swelling?
-low in energy;memory loss/weak;forgetting things?

Also, try to keep yourself happy/relax [try listening to music etc]. That is very necessary to help build up your body resistance along with the medicine.

Once, you specify the symptoms I have asked above, I will give you the name of correct medicine to go for.

God Bless you.
cyberaunti last decade

Answers to the questions:

No hair loss

A little itching on head everywhere

Head skin a bit dry

Sweating very difficult

Other skin outbreaks are on forearms, body, legs when hot, break out in flat wields / hives with background redness causing both an electric and burning itch

Deferred nerve pain in shoulders / neck due to muscles stiffness and cramps / pulled muscles in calves and soles of feet.

Sometimes ache in lower back

No roundworms

I am quite overweight

Still bit of toothache / sensitiveness in left lower molars - root canal last year

Infrequent bloody gums
No mouth ulcers

No vomitting nor nausea;very nor bad beath from mouth

No sudden jerks with muscles

Face and abdominal oedema
Feet and hands also appear swollen with water

Low in energy
Memory OK
No head pain / eye pain

Many thanks

Nature Boy
nature boy last decade
Hi Nature Boy,
If I am not wrong you also have diabetes since last 10 years.
Your homeopath suggested you Pulsatilla 30c. I wonder for how long did you took this medicine?
Well, Pulsatilla was a close choice, but not exactly what you should be taking.

I strongly recomend you start taking Calcarea Carbonica 30c, three times day and consider following:
-You can take it in liquid form [W. German if possible] , by adding 2 to 4 drops in water.
-No eating or drinking [water OK] for 30 mins before and after taking medicine.
-Stop taking any other homepathic or allopathic or ayurvedic medicine, if you are taking any [ exception is if you taking some life saving doses such as insulin injections; continue them for the time being..].

It may take a week or two for this medicine to kick. A few aggravations would be there but that would be body natural way of developing resistance... Do keep me posted on any changes/aggravations you encounter after taking this medicine. You may have to continue this medicine for a month or so but then you will have to stop taking it.

Well, you won't be getting rid of all your problems at once but yes, in phases. While your mind condition would be the first one to improve, but your skin problems would be the last one to go.

Remember, take proper food in time; don't keep long gaps between meals; eat food that is good in vitamins and minerals such as fruit, salad .. While medicine would help you improving your condition of mind, your responsibilty too lies in keeping yourself happy [listen to music or do things that make you feel happy] so that body resistance builds up fast and remains strong.

Good Luck
cyberaunti last decade

Thanks for the recommendations. I took the Pulsatilla 30C one dose of 2 tablets per month for 2 months. Aggravations were severe. I have had many nasty aggravations from remedies at 6C and 30C so I'm nervous about Calc Carb at 30C too.

Also, my existing allopathic vitamins and natural supplements are all that's keeping me together right now. Stopping them would put me in a world of pain and torment IF by any chance the Calc Carb was not the right remedy or if the potency / dosage was not correct.

I appreciate you are very confident in your recommendation. Alas, so was every other homeopath that I've recently seen. The fact that every homeopath (all very experienced) recommends a different remedy to me at this same point in my life with the same symptoms with varying doses and potencies makes me feel uncomfortable -Apis 1M once for the month,
Pulsatilla 30C once per month, Nat Carb 1M once for the month, Mag Carb 30C once per month, Ignatia 200C every day, Carcinocin 30C once for the month.

Some of these I've taken but the 30C remedies I have taken have typically had short effects and many aggravations. I seem to have fewer issues with higher potencies.

I will seriously consider your recommendations and may even act on them.

I'll get back to you in the future.

Many, many thanks for your efforts

Nature Boy
nature boy last decade
Nauture Boy,
Vitamins and suppliments are OK with Calc Carb 30c.

Your condition is chronic. Daily 3 doses of 30c potency of calc carb can be taken without any harm to initially kick the defenses of your body. Higher pot. than this are considered only [and that too in steps] when your body doesn't respond to low pot.
cyberaunti last decade

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