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Cat with Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome

I've had this male neutered Siberian Forest cat for nearly 15 years since I adopted him when he was 2 or 3.

He used to act very strange just before it would rain. He'd start slithering along the floor. His eyes would dilate. He'd try to hide.

He'd had a history of feline urologic syndrome which were pretty much resolved when I put him on a raw bones and raw meat diet. He was active, curious, athletic -- jumping up on lots of things and had no urinary tract blockages.

Then all of a sudden when he was six or seven he stopped jumping up on things.

When he was 12 I put my house on the market and had to take him to and from the house regularly when it was being shown. There was also a neighborhood cat who used to come and sit outside the window and make threatening body language which greatly bothered my cat. I also switched him to a canned organic cat food with grains (which in hindsight I wish I'd never done). I used to let him out under my supervision to nibble at the grass and with all the stress and diet change, he developed fleas. I didn't give the natural remedies time to work and make the terrible mistake of giving him a half dose of Advantage Spot on Flea treatment.

His vet talked me into getting him a Rabies vaccine to comply with the new state I was going to be moving to -- although I'd avoided ALL vaccinations since I'd had him.

The combination of the two was devastating! He had a petit mal seizure with head tilting and eye's rolling back the day after the spot on treatment.

My Naturopath recommended an herbal nerve restoration formula with Skullcap, Oat Seed, St. Johns Wort,orange peel and leaf, celery seed, lavender, coffee bean and Kola nut which prevented any more seizures like that BUT he seems to have developed Feline Hyperesthesia where it manifests either by him first sensing a seizure coming on and coming up to me and being affectionate. Then he'll fall on his side, curl up, grab his tail and start biting it.

It can also manifest where his grooming becomes fast and furious focusing on the base of his tail or sometimes his groin and then his tail. He's licked of 2/3 of what used to be a huge fluffy tail. At times he's licked off all the fur at the base of his tail. His skin there can get very waxy and flakey.

These spells can occur several times per week or he can go a few months without any.

His vet in the new state thought Milk thistle would help and she thought he was a candidate for kidney disease with creatinine levels in the high normal range. She suggested that pain from an injury he probably sustained years ago when he stopped jumping up on things might set off pain which brings on the tail biting attacks.

My naturopath suggested giving him kidney glandulars. Two years later creatinine levels were in the low normal range. I stopped giving him the kidney glandulars for a while.

Oh another thing he does is shake his head a little and scratch under his jaw and on the top of his head but his skin is fine and he's long over his fleas.

I've been giving him Taurine some days instead of the Nerve Restore because I don't want him to build up a resistance. I also started to give him Beta Glucan and Serapeptase to strengthen his immune system which seems to have helped him deter fleas. (Even though he is an indoor cat,I somehow brought fleas in which he'd caught. With combing, and vacuuming, they were kept to a minimum giving him the Beta Glucan has gotten rid of them.)

I started to give him a little Adrenal glandular which seems to have calmed him down a lot (which isn't the effect I thought it would have)! He sleeps a lot now all of a sudden. He hasn't had the urge to lick or bite his tail since I started giving it to him. His tail used to always be moving. He would bat it around a lot. Now he doesn't do that any more.

The strange thing he's started doing is licking a cement board that I have after his meals he seems to want to lick it.

I read a long time ago that calcerea carbonica was recommended for stud tail and I was thinking that it might help his head shaking or pain or whatever it is. He sometimes seems unsteady on his feet. So I gave him a dose of calc carb 6c 20 mins before his breakfast.

I figured I'd wait a week and see what happens. I just want him to have some more active days where he isn't in pain, isn't bothered by his head and isn't over licking or biting his butt and isn't biting his tail.

Does anyone have some better suggestions? I'm open to learning and to suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Oh if any one wants to see what he looks like, go to YouTube.com and type in FirstName Lastname Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome. My channel is under 'Firstname Lastname'. There is a before and after clip there. The before shows the fluffy tail. The after shows the short hair on the butt and tail.
  Curious2 on 2013-03-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Phosphorus may be considered.
kadwa 7 years ago
Hi Kadwa,

I was wondering if you still read this forum. I've been away for a long time so have not kept up with all the posting.

Some of the phosphorus description sounds very accurate of what he used to experience such as the suddenness of the tail biting attacks and the sensitivity to thunderstorms.

However sometimes it starts out like normal grooming and becomes obsessive and will stop before he gets to where he wants to bite his tail. He'll just lick his fur on his butt and maybe bite off a chunk of fur.

If the symptoms listed first are supposed to be the most predominant, I'm not sure about phosphorous. Also the warning about Euthanasia sounds scary.

It starts out listing expectoration and he rarely if ever has had any.
Also his mind for the most part seems balanced except for right before and during a spell which lasts only minutes or less. Sometimes he can be distracted with a loud noise and he'll snap out of it.

He also doesn't have a lot of the head related symptoms. The skin seems normal, his teeth seem strong. He has had occasional sneezing but not in months. This AM he didn't have the scratching of his jaw or head either.

Remember yesterday I gave him a couple Cal Carb pellets 6c and he seems much calmer. He actually seems more normal in between naps when he gets up to change positions. (Before he was getting up and seemed to forget how to go in circles to find the position he wanted. He'd look around and finally start turning. He seemed a little wobbly on his feet.) He was much more sure footed and also didn't need to sleep through the day yesterday and actually was up walking around and watching me in the kitchen. However he still wanted to go lick the cement board left over from a remodeling project right around his meal times. The ingredients in that are Portland cement, cellulose fibers and crystalline silica.

I wonder why he wants to lick that cement board? He's obviously not getting something or getting too much of something. I sprinkle a little powdered sea veggies on his food (about 1/16 t.) and have been doing that a while. I started giving him nutritional yeast for B vitamins a couple days ago.
I also added about a 1/4 t of chia seed gel, instead of fish oil for a change, for essential fatty acids and to hopefully help with the constipation. I also have cut back on digestive enzymes because I wanted to see if he could make his own digestive enzymes. Could any of these things be it? Maybe he needs the digestive enzymes.

I should probably move the cement board although I'd like to know when he stops being attracted to it.

The other thing that doesn't seem right about phophorous is his stools are hard and sometimes yellowish and do not smell (but that is because of his diet). He tends towards constipation.

Also I'm not sure about the eyes, ears, nose, throat, abdomen. Those descriptions don't seem right. The last time he vomited a few months ago there was no blood. He just got rid of some hair and the rest was clear. There was very little.

The back pain and extremities could be right. However I do think there has to have been some sort of injury he sustained when he was much younger that I should have tried to have paid more attention to that may contribute to this. I'd love for those tissues to repair themselves. He never seemed to limp after it may have happened, so it didn't occur to me to be concerned when he stopped jumping up on things.
Finally he seems to be equally comfortable sleeping on either side.

Should I wait four more days to see what effect the calc carb 6c has? Do you think I should add back in the digestive enzymes?

Thanks Kadwa.
Curious2 7 years ago
Calc Carb is quite close to Phos in many respects. So you should wait and watch. Instead of giving digestive enzymes you may give some digestive herbs.
kadwa 7 years ago
Today about an hour or more after I fed him, he vomited up bile in his kitty litter. I wonder if it was from his licking that cement board (which I moved)?

I think he is constipated. He's also swallowing a lot and walking all around the house (which is more exercize than I've seen him do in a while). He might be looking for another place to throw up. He is definitely constipated. He just tried a second time in a different kitty litter box to have a bowel movement and was unsuccessful. He's given up trying and is back lying down in his bed in the sunroom. He's stopped swallowing.

Do you think he is having a cleansing reaction?

About an hour later he vomited up more clear bile.

Over the past 5 years he's had about 3 incidents where he's vomited multiple times for no apparent reason, sometimes staying sick for a day or more. The last time was 6 months ago when seemingly out of the blue he was violently ill;vomiting bile even foamed at the mouth in the beginning-- which I've never seen him do before. I gave him some colloidal silver and later Slippery elm mixed in to chicken broth to calm his stomach. I fasted him on chicken broth for a few days and he was fine after that.

I wonder what those incidents were all about-- especially the foaming at the mouth? I told my naturopath about the first two times and he told me not to worry and that 'cats just do that sometimes'.
Was it a detox?

I just warmed up some broth and added a couple teaspoons to an 1/8 teaspoon of Slippery Elm powder and he finished about half.

Maybe I should be giving him Slippery Elm on a regular basis since you mentioned digestive herbs. (I should have thought of that.)

Slippery Elm would probably help with the constipation also.

So far since giving him the Calc Carb, he's had a very calm demeanor. He's had no manic/frenzied grooming. During normal grooming, I have seen him just bite off a mouthful of fur but he stops after that.

Too bad I didn't read your comments until after feeding him last night and this morning as I did give him digestive enzymes
with both of those meals.

I've recently learned that isolated supplements as opposed to a whole herb can have an enervating effect which can make you worse down the road ..and digestive enzymes are just a crutch replacing what your body is supposed to make on its own.


This is an update. Later in the day he did move his bowels So that was good. Although it probably wasn't all that needed to move but enough to give some relief.

He slept a long time--way past his dinner time which is VERY unusual. Usually he starts begging 15 minutes before 4PM. Today he slept until 6:30PM (Although yesterday was daylight savings time when we turned our clocks ahead an hour.)So to him it may have been 5:30. Still,that is 1.5 hours later than he is usually fed.

Since he was pretty sick earlier, I decided to retry more of the Slippery Elm with Chicken broth. Later I steamed some broccoli for myself and he came over and acted like he was interested in it so I gave him a teaspoon full chopped up and later another half teaspoon.
He seemed satisfied with that.

He went on a hunt to where the cement board he used to lick was and couldn't find any. He sat there for a while.

It started raining and he is back in his bed across the room sleeping.
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Curious2 7 years ago
It has been another 24 hours. He seems better. He's calm, not sleeping as much. He's keeping his food down. He's had no obsessive grooming. He's stopped scratching his head and neck. He only slightly shook his head that I witnessed. So that doesn't seem to bother him as much.

I also, have not been giving him the herbal supplements I used to (the nerve formula and liver detox formula) with his food. I've just given him a little Slippery Elm powder for digestion and extra water and sea vegetable powder.
added to his food.

I guess the thing to do is continue to watch and not give another dose until any negative symptoms return. Is that right?


Also in general,I was wondering about what you told me to do regarding taking Calc Carb a few years ago--to take 3 doses of 30c, 4 hrs apart and wait. You said to do this if any symptoms came back.

Well my period has been ESPECIALLY heavy and long lasting this month. This was after a few months of no menstruation and a then a few which were very light.( I was probably eating better and getting more exercise then.) I've also been very spacy and have had memory recall and short-term memory problems. So I thought now might be a time to do what you suggested.

After just one dose of the 30c, I started getting headaches. So I didn't take the last two doses. Was this the right thing to do? I don't have headaches anymore but my menses hasn't stopped. True to Calc. Carb form, it almost seems that thinking about it or worrying about anything makes it worse.

I was wondering if I should take another dose of 30c or wait to see if the one I took does anything else.

Thanks so much!
Curious2 7 years ago
I gave my cat another dose (well part of a dose) of Calc. Carb 6c as my Homeopathy For Dogs and Cats says for chronic problems, this strength can be used every few days or more often.

I did it because he started to over groom and lick off fur off of his butt.

He also started licking some cement board I neglected to hide.

He may have only gotten a little in his mouth because after I crushed the pellets inside some paper and tried to pour it from the paper, only some got in his mouth and the rest sprinkled on his ruff on his chest (which he hopefully licked off).

Hopefully this is going to help. I wonder if it is strong enough though.


For myself, my menses is finally lessening (but it may have been going to do this anyway since it had been so heavy for so long). I forgot to take my basal cell temperature (under arm) this AM to see if my thyroid is any less underactive. It has been very underactive for a while. I wonder if the initial dose I took might be helping that. I guess I'll check that before I take another dose unless I hear from you Kadwa and you have any suggestions.

Oh one last thing, my pilonidal cyst is also returning.

I'm in a little better situation to focus on doing this and getting well.

I wanted to do your suggestion of 3 doses of 30 c at 4 hour intervals and then wait but again after getting headaches and head pressure after just the first dose I didn't want to continue. In fact last night I had some strange head pressure.

What do you think Kadwa?
[message edited by Curious2 on Thu, 14 Mar 2013 15:26:22 GMT]
Curious2 7 years ago
I am still interested in input when you get a chance. What I've been doing while I've been waiting is for my cat, I've now given him a third dose of Calc Carb 6c after some of the prior problems started to return. The remedy seems to keep him calmer. He doesn't sleep as much and seem more interested in what is going on. He still is always hungry and wants to lick cement and gas fireplace logs which I have to put a barricade around so he can't get access to them.

I guess I'm ready to take another try at 3 doses of Calc. Carb 30c for myself. I still don't know if I did the right thing not taking the other 2 doses since they were supposed to be taken 4 hours apart.

My underarm basal cell temperature is awfully low so I know my thyroid is VERY UNDERACTIVE. I take an adrenal glandular but I was also thinking taking a thyroid glandular and continuing to take the adrenal glandular after the Calc carb might help from an energy standpoint. Don't you think? Or will the Calc. Carb really do it all?

The last dose I took must have worn off a few days ago as it certainly didn't seem to have any lasting effect on my thyroid based on the basal cell temp. Maybe that is because I needed the other two doses for any substantial healing to take place.
Curious2 7 years ago

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