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Need Advice for Juvenile Arthritis

My 5 year old son has had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis for 2.5 years.

It started with several days of high fever and flu like symptoms after drinking raw milk. No one else got sick. He then started to limp and after several months could no longer walk. It affects his ankles, feet, knees, elbow and back. He is often congested and complains of stomach aches.

He cries a lot and seems to overreact to many situations. He blames others for his problems and demands food as soon as he wakes in the morning. He also feels the need to correct people often and hates doing schoolwork.

Hates onions and meat.

He currently sees a homeopath who has prescribed Lycopodium in the LM potencies daily. It really helps his emotional symptoms, but we are only seeing a small amount of his physical symptoms helped.

Previously he was on 200c calc carb water dose daily for 1.5 years.

I read on your site it is considered bad practice to prescribe a high potency for a long period of time. How would you suggest we treat him and how soon should we expect to see results. We tried the lower doses of these remedies, but they seemed to wear off and then no longer worked when we tried to redose so we kept going up higher and higher.

He takes methotrexate by injection weekly as well as prednisone. We recently tried to take him off of those medications and just use homeopathy and diet. This resulted in a huge flare up which was only controlled by medication.
  monmcar on 2013-04-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I don't think you have the right remedy yet. And that the
LM doses are palliating but not curing.

Did he have any antibiotic or other allopathic after the raw milk?
Was he tested for Listeria or other things?

Naturally if he is sick he is going to be acting out bc he can't
figure out why he feels terrible. I am going to ask Dr. showrav who
helps out on here when he has time to take a look at your
post and see what he says about this. Sometimes you have to use
a number of remedies-in complicated situations like this. One
remedy is not going to fix it. Dr. Showrav cured a little girl of
Lyme disease who was on here. Had to go private bc it took
a lot of time, however she was cured in 3 months and had to
go thru several remedies in that time. I think you need something
like that and I'll ask him to respond.

simone717 last decade
Thank you for the quick response! The lycopodium helps with his emotional/mental symotoms a lot and the physical a small amount. The only way for us to keep the joint swelling away is to keep him on a strict low oxalate paleo autoimmune protocol diet, and keep him on his medications. This is a tough diet for a five year old that does not like meat or vegetables!

No one will test him for anything after the raw milk because they say listeria does not last this long and no one else got sick after drinking the same milk. Our homeopath said that the correct remedy could take care of that without antibiotics if that is the problem. Is that true? He has not been on any antibiotics since then. Prior to drinking the raw dairy milk he had been off of all dairy products for 2 years because of eczema and ear infections.
monmcar last decade
The homeopath is right- only if your child had the 'right' remedy.

If he did not have the right remedy and it does not seem like he did, then there is trouble with bacteria growing etc, etc.

Has he been to the pediatrician recently and had a blood test to see
if he has a high white count, etc?

There are a lot of different approaches in homeopathy today.
Some people still think one remedy is going to do it all. I have sent people
with Lyme to the one remedy people, who try it and then tell them
they can't help them after it does not work and the person is getting worse.
Or people with bladder infections, who are being given remedies that
are not working and the bacteria is spreading and they have to
go on antibiotics unless they want a kidney infection on top of the
For more general things, one remedy and then another may work fine-
but for complex things, you need a dr. who knows how to work the
layers coming up and switch over to what is needed when it is needed.
You can wait years!! doing what you are doing, to get it right, and meantime,
that is making him lose very important stages of his life.

I like the methods of Dr. Andre Saine, head of Canada homeopaths,
who treats in layers. He takes on cases, no one else wants to touch
and does well with them. He is one of the worlds most famous

You need to try a different approach here, this has gone on too long.
simone717 last decade
Another thing that I know will help him- is try
New Chapter Lifeshield Immunity formula. This is powder
Reishi mushroom capsules. I only like this brand. You feel
normal but like you on a good day .

Another Mom told me about these, bc she was no longer
catching everything when her kids came home from pre-school.
My own kids, who are older take them when they feel sick,
and it is gone in 24 hours. Others I have told this about have
the same thing go on. So I know this is going to boost his
immune system. Whole Foods in Usa has these but they are
best price if you check out amazon- found 120 capsules for $30
vs Whole Foods, 60 capsules for $30.
simone717 last decade
Thank you so much for all of the advice!

He has a blood test every 3 months to monitor inflammation and his WBC's are fine, but he is on immunosuppressants.

Any idea what Dr.Showrav or Dr. Saine charges? I definitely can't put a price on my sons health but I have put so much into trying to heal his body so far that I need to make sure I can afford it first. I will look for the immunity formula too!


monmcar last decade
Hi Monica,

Dr. Saine would not be possible to see, he runs a school, is an author/teacher world wide,
I was citing him as a teacher and what his homeopathic approach is vs. some others.

I asked /dr, showrav to look at the case on here first, and give his opinion on
this , I hope he has the time to do that. I think you are from usa or the west as am I,
and Dr. Showrav has a clinic in Bangladesh. Fees of homeopaths in India, Bangladesh,are
very reasonable due to the currency differences.
simone717 last decade
When I went through ur case I searched about the symptoms and the causes of Juvenile Arthritis at google and found lots of amazing things at there. Also found at most of the cases it is a manageable disease with homeopathy. Ur doctor was right about his comment and also almost right about his prescription. But he just could not get it at the bulls eye. Personally at this level I have found every cases are manageable by homeopathy of a human body if the reason of the symptoms or cases are accurately found. So ur son have had the disease after a stomach reaction after drinking raw milk. This is the point of beginning all that matters. So It is curable what ever how hard the disease condition is. But as u said that he is suffering from that disease for last 2.5 years. So it is a longer process of recovering ur son back to 100% normal health though it is not impossible.

Please mail me at my gmail address for ur farther inquiries about the treatment process of ur son. Bcs I m afraid that it will be very tough for me to come here at a regular basis due to my professional busyness. Thank u.

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav last decade
Hi Monica,

You are new to the forum. You just click on any poster's name and their
profile will show up and their email. Forum rules do not let you put
the email in the posts- but one can 'write' it out. email is jashowrav At gmail dot com.

You can click on my name also and email me if you have questions about things.
simone717 last decade
Thank u simone for showing up some light and helping a helpless mother. It means a lot to our world society of children and mothers.

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav last decade
Thank you both so much!
monmcar last decade

My daughter's case is quite similar with monmcar's: My 3 years old daughter was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis 1 year ago. one day she started limping in the morning and the left knee started to be painful and swollen. We started the anti-inflamatory treatment (Naproxen), but there were no big improvements. The next recommended steps were triamcinolon hexacetonid infiltration (corticosteroid) in the affected joint and methotrexate, but I didn't follow the prescription, cause I was afraid of the side effects. We went to a homeopath who prescribed Lycopodium: starting with 200 CH, till 50M at this moment. I saw evident improvements of her symptoms: she is not limping anymore, no pain, no morning stiffness. The remaining symptoms are swollen knee and a little stiffness of the joint at some motions which requires strong flexion of the knee. Lycopodium helped her to some extent with her emotional symptoms also (she doesn't use to play with other kids, she yell when she wants to obtain something, she cannot stand restrictions). This doesn't mean she is not doing this anymore, but she looks a bit changed (in the good way) after starting Lycopodium in March. I don't know what to do with the swollen knee: do I have to wait, maybe it's too soon all the problems to be over, or maybe is the right time for another remedy? Anyway all my family disagree with my decision to ignore corticosteroid infiltration, but I really hope it's the right decision. As far as I know, homeopathy doesn't work with cortisone, so I'm afraid she will lose all the benefits brought by homeopathy. Any advice would be welcomed! Thanks a lot and good luck to everybody!
Silva1974 9 years ago

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