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Underlying Fears

Hello, I have worked with a homeopath who has now retired. Most recently I took Calc Carb 1M in three separate doses, it was helpful.

I have had insecurities since childhood, related to leaving home, my father died when I was 12 and mother left hometown when I was 16 to live with step father, I was alone and did well but in my 30's the sense of lonely and fear for my security and health started. It gets worse when stressed.

I have a cervical polyp with no symptoms which is due to be removed, I feared cell changes, death and became very anxious. Out of proportion and not based on any facts. I took the Calc Carb in january and a month later in February. My periods were odd for 3 months, much longer and scantier than usual with intermittent heavy flow, I have felt on and off less fearful of illness, death and uncertainty.

However I wonder whether to repeat the dose again, my mind feels numb and I feel anxious beneath the surface with a sense of dread and very much not feeling 'at home' and adrift. I am a creative person and love to express myself with close people, but I have no one close at the moment, i am being more confident in the world lately, which maybe is the calc carb too but there is this anxiety, not comfortable.

Should I repeat the dose? I cannot get hold of my previous homeopath.

Thank you.

Age 42
  SilverLight on 2013-04-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Yes, I would repeat the dose. These are your old
symptoms starting to return, and that is when
you repeat.
simone717 7 years ago
Thank you Simone, I was a little reluctant as I know this is a long acting remedy also as I had been taking a different remedy for a while before that, wasnt sure which one seemed appropriate.

Also I am a little confused by whether the periods changing were a natural change/balancing due to the remedy or that I was 'proving' the remedy as it were and that I should not take.

I guess the underlying 'block' I have been working on for many years is the fear to be myself and different remedies have had great effect at different times. Am I correct in thinking that Calc Carb could be working on the balancing of my inside and outside self as it were - this is the aspect of my mental state that is swaying back and forth and hoped repeating the remedy might 'ground' me in some way, work to resolve the ambivalence.

I appreciate your response.

SilverLight 7 years ago
You were feeling changes in the mental levels.
That is the right direction, the mental levels get better
then the physical levels. I would go ahead.
simone717 7 years ago
Thank you very much for confirmation.

I will go ahead with the three doses of 1M
SilverLight 7 years ago
I thought from what you wrote, that you
had taken one dose- at a time.

You may not need 3 in a row?
I would try one dose and then see how you do.
If you feel better-great -let it work until
symptoms seem to come back and only
then take another one.

That is a safe way to do this without overdosing.
simone717 7 years ago
Ok - thank you, yes, I have some granules that my old homeopath split into three doses which I took on consecutive days. (1M) One set of three day repetitions in January and then again a month later february.

I have a 'spare' set of three doses.

I will just take one dose. Thank you once again.

Am I right in thinking an overdose would perhaps create more symptoms - new ones? I am not aware of this happening before - I usually look for improvement and as you say, repeat dose if original symptoms return. I have found it quite hard to discern this time though. Sometimes 'new' symptoms can be 'old' things coming up.

Sorry for any confusion, now worried about overdose! I am sure this is part of the anxiety issue, I am usually quite confident and clear.
SilverLight 7 years ago
I will take it in the morning, I am in the UK.
SilverLight 7 years ago
If you feel mentally better, that is the right track.
Sometimes if you have too much, you will have some
new symptoms due to potency being wrong or too
many doses. But then, those will wear off.

If the remedy is really wrong, nothing will happen, or you
will have new symptoms you never had, but you will
not have improvements.
simone717 7 years ago
Hello again. I took one dose on sunday. Emotionally frustration then over thinking and feeling more alive and confident, stronger today . My period is starting as expected. The problem is a hey jaw/teeth which was mild until about four hrs ago. Came on painful throbbing and aching . Moving from one tooth to another upper and lower on one side, molars I think. I have vulnerable teeth but not convinced its a tooth problem. Have had transient aching after remedies but never this strong a pain . Can I take something or maybe it is a movement of the remedy. I still feel less anxious despite pain , so mentalist improved . Can you advise ?
SilverLight 7 years ago
In addition I have just tried cold and warm water, neither seem to make a difference, cold air doesn't. Lying down seemed to marginally make it worse, moving my mouth, talking or singing seem to lessen the ache and chewing, but after it aches.
SilverLight 7 years ago
Was your jaw/teeth giving you any problem
before in the last few weeks?

Sometimes if you have a tooth going bad,
that needs a deep filling or a root canal,
or an extraction, pain will start referring from
tooth to tooth, the jaw etc. Also if a root canal,
or repeat root canal is needed, then there is
a low grade infection going on and this can
drain the entire body, even tho you may not
feel much pain.

You can take excedrin, tylenol, for pain and if
it was going on at all before this, you have
to see the dentist, bc something is wrong.
simone717 7 years ago
Thank you for the reply. No problems with teeth in the last few weeks, I am uptodate with checks. I will of course visit the dentist to check for underlying problem etc I have had root fillings and know they can just flare up :(

It just seemed different as the pain wasn't local or even like abscess etc and moves about into the back of the jaw - I just wondered if it was related to the calc carb in someway - it seems to have calmed down in the last half an hour.
SilverLight 7 years ago
Then it is probably a reaction to
the remedy. You are having the right reactions to this remedy. Mentally better,
then physical issues coming and going. Hang in there with it.
[message edited by simone717 on Thu, 18 Apr 2013 00:24:49 BST]
simone717 7 years ago
Thank you once again for your reply, you are really helping me work with the remedy. I am not someone to ignore help from 'regular' things etc but equally I respect the remedies and actions and intuitively sometimes feel things are running their course but not always sure! It is helpful to be able to have a conversation to sound that out.

Thank you for the encouragement - I do hope it is the action of the remedy rather than a tooth problem as such and things will move onwards :)
SilverLight 7 years ago
Hello Simone - I thought I would write again. The pain in my teeth was not tooth decay or infection, the dentist advised it was muscular from jaw clenching. The pain and soreness has since gone - it lasted about 3 days.

I was feeling well for a week or so after and in the last few days I have begun feeling anxiousness in my solar plexus and although I am pushing ahead with my own things in life (which is what I am trying to do) I am still feeling a resistance and lack of life force - yearning for 'family'/unconditional acceptance from others.

Do you think a repeat of the calc carb would be appropriate?
SilverLight 7 years ago
¥es, I would repeat it.
simone717 7 years ago
Thank you for your reply. I will take one dose again. I really do feel like I am see sawing back and forth.

It's interesting because I have been on a very long journey and it seems as if the root 'behaviour', thinking pattern is just stuck and hence my energy. It is not like before where I was peeling layers - it seems like a really 'habit' of being that is trying to shift.

I do realise that we can't always make the changes we need to that support the action of the remedies healing abilities and sure hope I am moving in the right direction.

The remedy will support this I hope. Thanks again
SilverLight 7 years ago
You are going in the right direction-this is
how you tell, you watch the reaction and
from that you figure out what needs to go
on with the dosing.

I think your paragraph 3 is backwards. Bc
when the remedy starts having more and
more good effects - changes are made
with no effort, they seem natural and easy,
and you can hardly remember why you were
having any trouble.
simone717 7 years ago
Ah ha - reading what I have written I can see that previous to the last few days, the changes and movement were indeed happening with no 'thinking' as it were.

Natural is the word that keeps coming up for me - being natural and I have been and I have missed it and yes, I can hardly remember why I havent been! Just seems to not hold, so I will indeed repeat the remedy and see.
SilverLight 7 years ago

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