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Urethra burning, weak stream , frequent urination, anxiety

I'm 23 years old male from Varna, Bulgaria. Since 5 years old i have paruresis ( i cannot urinate in presense of others)
Between 8 and 12 degree i have almost not used the toilet in school, because of the phobia. I was holding fo 7-8 hours every day. Later the problem started to become physical too. A year ago during a session for the university it became very strong - like infection and it persist every day to present day. I have done test for bacteria and it was negative. I have had only crystals in the urine. I have gone to two urologist witch suggested that i might have tight bladder neck and they told me to make uroflowmetry, but i wasn;t able to do this test because of the phobia witch i have. I also have very high levels of anxiety and emotional problems (depression, suicedal thoughts) Also i have myopia, bad dandruff and also i started having white hair too because of the stress. Until i have tried with no result EFT (emotional freedom technique), herbal teas and some homeopathic remedies . It will be great if i recieve advice :)
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  skyreader on 2013-04-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Talk about what happened when this started.

This sounds like old anxiety that never got healed.
simone717 8 years ago
First i had phimosis. When i have been a baby they had tried to fix it but not successfully. Later on when i was 5 years old my mother took me again to doctors to try to fix it. They just tried , but they said it won't happen. I remeber going out of there and i was crying very angry at my mother that she had took me to a place that they cause me pain. At this age i also developed the phobia and i have memories holding urine for long time. From 7 to 10 years old were my happiest period of life - i didn't had many troubles around this issiue. Later when i was 11 years old i moved to new school - High School of Mathematics 'Dr P. Beron', Varna. And also at the same time i moved to new residential district of my city - where i didin;t have friends. From there the phobia started to show more, as the anxiety in my life had grwon. I started having problems using the toilet at home to, when my parents were at home. Especially in the mornings where evryone is preparing for work and using the toilet too. I had told my parents that i had a problem, and my mother awlays thought it was physical. And i didin't wanted to go to doctors so i was trying to hide the problem, knowing that it is mental. At the age of 13 , in the day that i hold urine for the longest time in my life (aroud 15-16 hours) - my phimosis was fixed from it self. In 8 degree i was already more introverted, i had problems using the toilet in school and i was having already frequent needs to urinate. Later just 2 days before the start of 9 degree during a football match i broke my right hand severely. The both bones of the forearm, and the doctors didin;t set the bones corectly, so this was a big stress for me. The different shape of my arm and also rotation of the forearm was problem. Later in the year i fall again and broke my hand again - more stress, again not set correctly, So until today - the problems with the rotation remain. And from 9 degree the stress was building, not beeing able to use the toilet in school + the problems with the hand. So all this stress fall on my extra-ocular muscles - so i developed myopia and was having troubles seeing what is written at the black board, and sometimes the exams were on the black board, but i didin't wanted to wear glasses because i didin't wanted to look like looser in school. The dandruff started when i was maybe 12 degree in school . In the next year i was in University of Economics - Varna i was already finding a way to use the toilets that weren;t busy but my frequent urination started to be worser and also my dandruff. But at that time i was thinking that the urinary problems that i had are probably only anxiety related so i was goind on this way without doctors. I started searching ways to help my self learning in depth EFT, i read Norbekov a lot, also lissened to motivational speekers like Tony Robbins and Less Brown. I already had started using EFT on others with success but it didin't worked for my problem at all. So a year ago during the summer session i failed one exam , so i was having now more stress to study. I was lying and learning for whole days, So soon my urinary urgency get worser and worser. I was trying to use EFT - but no success. I got trought the session successfully, but just after it i had to start work in our shop where my parent;s work. And the problems were severe - but i didin't wanted to leave my parents work alone because it was a lot of work. Also i hadn;t have a girlfriend in my life an just around that time around the session i was having some kind of rejections in the internet... After the summer we closed the shop , so we were at home with my parents - all unemployed. I was trying to do my best to earn money tought internet uploading videos for sale and writing articles. All i earned were 115 dolars from writing articles about vision and anxiety. And now my parents again started new shop , but it is not going well and the financial side is a big problem. I don't have any own money to invest in my health. Feelings of hoplessnes and lost life. My big dream was to be a motivatior and to help other people restore their vision but for now it doesn't seems real and possible to me, because ot my severe urinary problems.
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skyreader 8 years ago
would like to know more about the phimosis.The medical sites state that this is
normal and the skin does not retract until teen years. And that some
drs. do not understand the difference between normal development and
think it is a medical problem when it is not.

Is this the case here, your mother did not understand that this is normal,
and the doctor did not understand this either?

And that the urine holding did not start till after this Dr. visit, where what
the /dr did traumatized you- is that correct?

In the meantime, I am going to email Dr. Mohla who is a homeopath
who helps out on this site, to see what he thinks you should take.
He had done a prescription for another boy who was hurt
at the doctors office. I think this trauma was never released from
your nervous system and now whenever you are stressed it shows

Trauma memories are stored different than normal memories.
They actually form a neural network of extra wiring around
the amygdala and it is like having auto pilot wired in.
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simone717 8 years ago
About the phimosis - yes they have thought it might be a problem. Im not sure does my phobia started exactly after the visit to the doctor but it was deffinetly at this age. And i cannot explain to my self how the stress creates all the symtpoms i have, like weak stream , not fully emptying the bladder, urethra itching, burning... Maybe the mental tension falls on the bladder neck making it too tight and that makes urination difficult.
skyreader 8 years ago
respected simone it is a clear case of phobia due to physical and mental torture he faced during treatment .i advise staphysagaria 200 weekly dose for one month along with white chestnut bach flower and after one hour of bach flower mimmulus one dose daily evening time for one month .no medicine on staphysagaria day .pl drink more water and one dose of cantharis 200 is enough to remove burning sensation .sorry simone i am rarely available on this site however i will always respond to your email j k mohla
akshaymohl 8 years ago
Thank you Dr. Mohla for your advice here. ( I have looked up your dosing
prescriptions, so If I am wrong here, please correct me.)

Homeopathic remedies: 4 drops of liquid in a tablespoon of water is one dose.
Or 8 globules.
Bach flower- 4-6 globules is a dose or 4 drops of liquid in a tablespoon of water.


I hope you can get these things in your country. If you
have a problem you can order online from Helios
homeopathic UK ( make sure they ship where you are)
if they do not- check Remedia.au Europe pharmacy.

I hope you can find the Bach flower remedies- they are
not homeopathic remedies- they will not be on those
sites to order them. They are flower essences and you
have to see who has them or I can look online for you.

Your presciption-

1. Start with the Cantharis for the burning. Only one
dose- the 200c.
2. Pick a day of the week to start Staphysagria 200c and
do this for 4 weeks.
3. Do the white chestnut and after one hour do the mimmulus
every evening for one month but not on the Staphysagria day.

Report in how this is going.
This phobia has gone on for 18 years now- so your
bladder is very stressed out due to this. It is going to
take some time and feel strange even, when the phobia
does not happen bc you are so used to it.
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simone717 8 years ago
I'm thankful for your help, answers and time spend on my case. :) I will try this treatment and later report what had happened.
skyreader 8 years ago
You are rightly suggested dear Simone
akshaymohl 8 years ago

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