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joe help urgent !! can sulphur cause more hairfall?

hi joe,
I took sulphur 1m as advised by you 2 days back for itching scalp but i see that my hairfall has increased thou the itching is a bit reduced but not much.Joe i would like to point out that i have an allergy to sulphur which i remebered only after i took the dose.Once when i had an allergy to sulphur drug in the past i had rashes on my body but this time after taking sulphur 2 days back i didnot face any such rashes but i see that i have more hairfall than before.so shud i continue taking the sulphur 1 m or shud i take some other remedy for itching can u plz suggest?Is the hairfall which has increased is the reaction of sulphur?

I want to also ask wat remedy can be used for my dandruff which has come up in my hair cos of the use of baby shampoo,i see many medicines in ur post i m confused?plz help needed.
  bitsmart03 on 2005-09-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If as you state, you are sensitive to Sulphur you must obviously not use it.

You can use Phosphorus 200 for Dandruff with loss of hair. Dose taken only once daily.

You may also stop the Arnica 30c in the wet dose if you are already using it till your Dandruff and hair loss are stabilized with the Phos 200.

Report response in a week.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi joe,
very very thnx for the reply.i will start phosphorus200 in wet dose daily once from today.will it also help for scalp itching?
My 2nd question is after taking arnica 30 i got reliaf from my back pain but arnica 30 has not help for my hair fall till now.today being the 10 th day.now u suggest me to stop arnica 30c till i take phosporus200 but then my back pain will be back.
can i take both.is there any harm in taking both phosphorus 200 and arnica 30.
bitsmart03 last decade
I had forgotten about your back pain and as far as I know, there should be no problem in using both remedies together.

You will use the Arnica 30c in the wet dose twice daily and the Phos 200 in ONE dose per day 3 hours after the Arnica.

Can you remind me of your back pain again with details of how it started and what medication you have taken for it up to now ?
Joe De Livera last decade
hi joe,
thanx once again for ur replies.Joe actually my lower back pain started 3 months back.but it only happens while i get up from sleep in the morning.i feel that my back has been crambed all over and there is pain in all around my lower back which is cos i feel that during nigth i turn around left,rigth often and sleep.i dont know wheter it is becos of the mattress/bedding in which i sleep or whether it is the way in which i sleep that is causing the pain in lower back.if i turn one one particular side and sleep my back pain is on that side of the lower back more.actually i had an accident 4 yrs bck cos of which i hav a mild depression on my disc which was caugth in the MRI scan.but after medication till now i didnt face any problem cos of that injury in my back.If my this pain is due to that injury then why does it occur only during sleep?
why does it occur on the side in which i turn and sleep i.e in this case the pain becomes more locallised?why donot i feel the same pain when when i sit on chair in office for 13 hrs if it is cos of the injury?
so i m confused of the reason of the pain but afetr taking arnica my pain is a bit reduced.so i thot of coninuing it.but sometimes still in the morning wen i get up and there is this pain in my back i feel its all the same and may be arnica has not worked for me till now properly for back pain.

Joe i also want to post my result of hairfall.its 4 days that i hav taken sulphur and almost 13th day of my arnica30c till now i cant see any effect on my hairfall.still it is 50-60 hairs/day and most of it falls while combing and taking shower.itching is a bit reduced after taking sulphur.but not hairfall.as suggested by u i will start with phos 200 today as it was not available previous day.but i am really very worried abbout my hairfall its on the verge on increase i feel.plz let me know wat i shud joe?
bitsmart03 last decade
I believe that you back pain deserves more attention than your hair loss. However since Arnica 30c is helping you for both problems, you may continuer to use it in the hope that with the Phos 200 your problem can be solved.

I have many reports of Arnica helping to alleviate chronic back pain from many who have used it when all other remedies have failed and you may use it for the rest of your life in the wet dose twice daily.

If after a month your hair fall is not reduced, I shall then indicate another remedy which may perhsps help.
Joe De Livera last decade
joe i will follow ur instructions and take arnica 30c for life long for my back pain.but i have one doubt sometimes i feel that shud i give a try with the dry dose of arnica.it may give a better result.but u suggest that the wet dose is nch superior.but with so less dilution are u sure its more superior.i have seen ur post wher u mentioned that "small is beautiful" in homeopathy but i dnt knw y still feel tht i shud give a try for the dry dose or arnica 30c for hairfall.cos most of the suceess story in the forum for hairfall with arnica is in dry dose.

last doubt i see that u have stated to take phos 200 after 3 hrs of taking arnica30c.but actaully i take the first dose of arnica30c in the morning before going to office and last dose before sleep in the night.thus taking
phosh200 wet dose after 3 hrs after taking arnica30c in the moring is not feasible for me as i cant take that bottle of phos200 to office everyday with me.is it fine if i take phos 200 at 8pm after coming back from office?
bitsmart03 last decade
It does seem illogical that when 3 little globules are diluted in 400ml spring water that the solution which is of course succussed before use is as potent as the globules.

I cannot account for this seeming anomaly but this was first recorded in Hahnemann's 6th Edition of the Organon and was recently brought to the fore by Dr Luc de Schepper who visited Sri Lanka recently.

I have converted to using the Split dose or Wet Dose in all my recommendations for remedies as I am convinced that it is more effective than the globules.

I believe that it is the succussion that makes the difference as this is reputed to increase the potency of the remedy be a fractional level which makes the body to react more than with the dry dose.

If you find it inconvenient to use the Phos 200 wet dose you can use the dry. I would recommend however that you use the Wet dose for the Arnica as you are using it both for your back pain which it successfully controls and also for your hair.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi joe i think u misunderstood my query as i was not able to put it properly to u.what i wanted to know from u is that is it very necessary to take phos 200 just after 3 hrs of taking the first dose of arnica 30c in the morning or can i take phos 200 wet dose also after 10-12 hrs gap of taking arnica 30 c.
i mean if i take arnica 30c first dose at 9 am in the morning then , is it neccsary to take phos 200 wet dose just after 3 hrs (as mentioned by u )which means at 12 noon or can i also take it at around 8-9pm after coming from back work i.e nearly after 12 hrs gap of taking arnica 30c.cos if i can take it after 10-12 hrs gap of taking arnica30c then i can take the wet dose of phos 200 else i have to go with the dry dose.however i too now prefer wet dose.
bitsmart03 last decade
The only requirement in the use of the 2 remedies is that you take the Phos 200 3 hours apart.

It does not really matter when you take it as long as you observe the time difference but the Arnica should be taken in the last dose before sleep.
Joe De Livera last decade
thanx a lot joe i will take phos 200 and arnica 30c and post my development for hair fall after 1 week
bitsmart03 last decade
hi joe yesterday when i went back home and had a glance on the amount of arnica 30c remedy in the bottle i realised that i hav been taking around 3-4ml of the wet dose 2 times daily,i.e 7-8 ml per day.whereas logically speaking 1 teaspoon is around 1-2ml so my actual does shud have been around 3-4ml per day.So u can infer that all these 13 days i hav been taking double dose each time.can this be the reason as to why till now i didnt hav any effect of the arnica remedy on mu hairfall? i realised that the spoon from which i took remedy was bigger than actual 1 tea spoon.now i am on the 14th day.m keeping my fingers crossed.
bitsmart03 last decade
You cannot overdose with Homeopathic remedies. You can drink the whoe bottle for a dose but it is the frequency of the dose that is relevant.

If you take the remedy say every hour there is a possibility of some aggravation but this too is in doubt as you are only using the low potency of Arnica 3c. The higher potencies will however respond with aggravation.

You can slip back to the teaspoonful that I advised you to take and all will be well.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi joe thanx for the reply.sorry to bother u again and again but i think i shud update u about the nature of my hairfall.actually my father has a bald pathch in his head but that started only at his forties and not before that.for me i think it started 2-3 years back.I m 25 now.but in last 1 year it is on peak and drastic.i loose around 50-60 hairs/day on avg.my hairs currently are very thin.even if i touch them sometimes with my finger or sway my fingers on them they tend to fallout.they are very thin and the roots are very weak.i can see some white stuff at one end of the hair that falls out sometimes.50% of my hair falls from vertex and rest 50% from the front.cos of that the front part of my head is becoming bald.but wat i see is that the hair that falls from the front are darker than the one that falls from vertex of head.can u tell wat is the reason for that ?and can u tell me wat is ur conclusion/opinion after studying my hairfall case.
bitsmart03 last decade
It is possible from your description that you have Alopecia for which Arnica is not the remedy.

Fluoric Acid 30c is the remedy and you can use it once daily in the Split Dose as follows;

Method to be followed to make the Split dose.
Get a 500ml bottle of spring water
Pour out 100ml
Put in 3 globules or 1 drop if you have the liquid remedy Fluoric Acid 30c.
Hit the bottle hard on your palm or a cushion and watch for the water to fizzle like when you open a bottls of soda.
Sip a teaspoonful as recommended above once daily.

Report response in a week.
Joe De Livera last decade
joe can u specify for what hairfall arnica is and for what hair fall Fluoric Acid 30c is?cos i hav seen all of your post where people say that they are loosing 50 hairs or more a day and u have recommeded arnica 30c,even in cases of alopecia.Even in cases of baldness u have recommed the same.So y do u say that my case is different.What is the difference b/w alopecia and hair fall?Actually doctors say that i suffer from male patterm baldness.Can u clear my confusion.

Lastly i also have pain in my hair roots sometimes.Any remedy for that?

if u think that i will benefit from Fluoric Acid 30c and not from arnica30c for hair fall then can u tell me that if Fluoric Acid 30c can be taken with arnica 30 c and phos 200.cos nw m taking arnica 30c for both hairfall and back pain and phos200 for dandruff.
bitsmart03 last decade
Alopecia is caused by an auto immune problem where the body rejects the hair.
It is usually associated with clumps of hair falling off and must not be confused with Loss of Hair for other reasons.

Fluoric Acid is the remedy for Alopecia while Arnica is the remedy for Hair Loss with other remedies like Arnica/Coconut oil mix.

Male pattern baldness may be Alopecia and you are advised to ask your doctors to diagnose what your problem is.

I believe you can benefit from Arnica as you also have your back pain which can be helped by Arnica.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello, I read your post about fluoric acid being the remedy for alopecia.
Is this the same as folic acid?
If not, what foods is it in? I've googled but haven't found anything.
Sabbath last decade

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