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mom had stroke, blood thinner?

my mom had a small stroke on the right side, she has atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure. I had been giving her arnica 6x once a day for a week, and then started her on Joepathy arnica 30c wet dose twice a day three days before she had the stroke.

she recovered all her function after the stroke, but she can't take blood thinners other than baby aspirin due to problems in her stomach, risk of gastric bleeding. I was trying to give her the arnica to prevent a stroke, then she had one.

What should I give her to help prevent another stroke, keep giving her the arnica wet dose?
  ajerara on 2013-04-22
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ajerara 7 years ago
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simone717 7 years ago
I noticed that you referred to my therapy aka 'Joepathy' which you had given your mother 3 days before her stroke.

'my mom had a small stroke on the right side, she has atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure. I had been giving her arnica 6x once a day for a week, and then started her on Joepathy arnica 30c wet dose twice a day three days before she had the stroke.'

You must understand that you cannot PREVENT a stroke by giving the patient Arnica just before a stroke which can be PREVENTED if the person takes Arnica 30c for at least 3 months to permit the Arnica to liquify and filter the blood and thereby PREVENT a stroke.

This is the reason why I advocate the use of Arnica 30 by anyone over 40 years just once daily as this will give the person ample cover to safeguard against all eventualities including a stroke.

Continue to give your mother the Arnica 30c thrice daily in the Wet dose and report news of her hopeful recovery in a few weeks or months.

The drugs you listed are not as effective as the Arnica but it must be made according to my specifications which are copied below:

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in the Ethanol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done at least 6 times before sipping a capful of the bottle as prescribed.
Joe De Livera 7 years ago
Mr. De Livera -

Thank you for your reply. I had read about your Arnica wet dose therapy for heart problems here, and made up a bottle of it according to your instructions. It was only recently that i received the liquid dilution of 30c Arnica in the mail, started the wet doses as soon as possible. I was only giving twice a day, now I will give it 3 times a day.

I did not know however that it takes 3 months for the Arnica to purify and thin the blood enough to prevent a stroke. I will certainly continue to give it to her, hoping that she will not have another stroke in that time. The doctors say that if she had a smaller stroke now, that means a big one may be coming.

I will definitely report back in a few weeks, hopefully with good news.

Thank you!
ajerara 7 years ago
My mom has been on the Arnica wet dose 3x daily for three months now, and she has not had another stroke.

Her blood pressure has been low for the last couple of weeks, we have been holding her blood pressure medication most days. I wonder if this is a result of the Arnica wet dose, maybe she will not need the blood pressure meds any more. She is also on digoxin and lasix.

In any case, I am delighted that we haven't had another stroke, will continue the wet dose 3x daily and hope for no more occurrence of strokes.
ajerara 7 years ago
Thank you for confirming that your mom has not had another stroke since her first which fortunately was a minor incident. It is interesting to learn that your doctor had predicted that her minor stroke was a warning of another major incident. He may be interested to learn that she will NOT present another for the rest of her life, as long as she takes Arnica 30c in the Wet dose twice daiiy.

She can also consult her doctor and inquire about stopping both the Lasix and the Digoxin as her current state of health may not warrant the use of both drugs because Arnica has replaced them both.

It is a post like yours that gives me the satisfaction of knowing that my singular efforts to spread the Arnica message through this forum and 3 others is not in vain. I have consistently tried to do so since 1996 when I had direct evidence to prove that Arnica has some Miraculous ability to filter and thin the blood of anyone who is above 35 years of age and all it needs is to take a teaspoonful of the remedy nightly as I have done for the last 17 years.

I am now 84 years of age and my BP is
Joe De Livera 7 years ago
My mom is still doing well, she has not had another stroke and it's a year later now. Her bp is pretty good, still on a very minimal dose of blood pressure medication, and digoxin every other day. Her echo cardiogram showed that her heart has not changed or gotten worse in the last year, and her pulmonary hypertension has improved somewhat. So far, so good!

I have recently been diagnosed with atrial flutter so I started to take the Arnica wet dose 3x a day. They want to put me on a blood thinner which I may do for 3 of months until the Arnica takes full effect. I don't want to stay on it though.
ajerara 6 years ago
Thank you for updating the status of your mom after the lapse of another year after her first stroke. The evidence you have quoted all confirm the fact that my therapy has indeed helped her.

There is little I can add to my last post and I thank you for having taken the time to report her case on this thread. It is only rarely that a patient reports that s/he has been CURED.

You may like to visit the link below:

Robert Ray was CURED from the after effects of 3 Strokes he suffered from 2002 to 2010

I believe that the classical homeopaths on this Forum may be surprised that I, a non qualified but knowledgeable Homeopath, was able to help a desperate case in the manner that I did, which resulted in an outstanding CURE as reported by the patient himself. It is my hope that they too will follow the simple therapy I have used to CURE other cases of Strokes they may encounter in their practice.
I phoned Robert recently, shortly after the floods in his area and he reassured me that he was safe and well and was involved in the rescue efforts in Washington.

I note that you too have been affected by an Atrial Flutter and as long as you suffer from Paroxymal Tachycardia you have nothing to fear as Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken thrice daily will help you to overcome your ailment in a few weeks.

You are advised to STOP using the standard drugs like Warfarin commonly used as Blood Thinners as they are usually derived from Rat Poison as they do more harm than good.

You may also add Nat Phos 6x as this Biochemic remedy will also help to lower your Cholesterol and Triglycerides which are both responsible for your current condition for which this Blood thinner has been prescribed.

Also do NOT USE A STATIN like Lipitor or equivalent as they too will affect you adversely.
Joe De Livera 6 years ago
Hi, please tell me your advice: I am pregnant 31weeks, and I have been taking arnica 30ch -5 pellets under the tongue for 2 months, to prevent blood clotting ( I have found to have such blood condition). But now My Ob/gyn tells me that my amniotic fluid is on the lower side and maybe it has connection with my blood clotting disorder. He suggests that I start low molecular heparine injections. Also I am hypothyroid on tablets (l-thyroxine) and have high cholesterol and triglycerides.
Along with arnica I take bellis perenis 9ch - 2times - 5 pellest/day again for 2 months now.
For cholesterol - lycopodium 30ch - 5 pellets/ day?
Please advise me if it is correct and if I increase arnica to 2 times daily is ok, for pregnancy or should I start heparine injections!
And please tell me how to increase amniotic fluid - I read about natr muriaticum but not sure what dosage?
And one last question : if I start heparin inj can I take arnica still?
Please it is urgent!
Dididecho 2 years ago
My mom passed away at 88 years old, in March this year. She got the Arnica wet dose the remainder of her life and never had another stroke. The doctor was a bit puzzled by this! I highly recommend this method.
ajerara last year
Thank you ajerara for your feedback. Arnica is one among many remedies that can help with stroke management and prevention. Probably if other deep acting remedies were used complementing arnica's action then quality of life and duration of life both would have improved a good deal.
maheeru last year
Hi Maheeru,

Can you elaborate in any way on the other deep acting remedies
To compliment the Arnica and the dosing?

What do you think about taking Arnica in the wet dose everyday?
Joe told everyone, even teens to take it everyday.
simone717 last year
Hi Simone

Stroke usually follows some kind of bleeding in brain. This sounds like physical complaint sort of injury like atleast when looked from the surface without involving pathalogical details. That's why Arnica helps with Strokes this much. But arnica is not a deep acting remedy or what we would call an 'anti psoric' from Hahnemann's parlance which would go deep and address the issue from it's root. For example Baryta carb, Phosphorus, Lachesis would greatly improve paralytic symptoms that follow stroke where arnica's role may be limited. Nux vom can help with slurry speech . But apart from specifics, symptoms is the window through which a homeopath can look into what's happening inside a patient's system. So indicated remedy given at appropriate time intervals will always strengthen the constitution and would improve the quality of life aggregately prolonging life.

A small digression. This is something i have arrived at after studying some cases of strokes(excluding sun strokes). Generally people who have good love lives(including physical intimacy) tend to get strokes less and less. Those who lose life partners early or who have not had life partners at all show a certain vulnerability towards strokes. This is totally a non-homeopathic tip to prevent strokes and those who can, can take heed of this. By this i'm reminded of a tweet by George Vithoulkas. According to him, couples who lost their selves completely into each other in love during their intimate moments tend to give birth to healthy babies and those couples who were not that lost in love tend to give birth to defective children including developmental delays and autistic spectrum disorders.

Now back to the topic, even palliative remedies should cover the symptoms reasonably well ---some great homeopaths would say the best palliative would be the best similar remedy not the most similar one or not just addressing one or two symptoms--the point of palliation becomes more and more important with age and with the seriousness of illnesses. This holds good for most chronic and terminal conditions including stroke.

Considering the palliative aspect-- arnica wet dose forever may be helpful to some people and it's less likely to produce side effects compared to daily dry dosage as found in banerjee protocols. I know of one person who from his late 40s was on frequent dry arnica dosage to keep himself alive because of his terminal heart pathalogy but after a point he started to get side effects. For such people arnica 30c in wet dose instead of 200c in dry dose would be helpful.

Leaving out these exigencies, it's not a good idea to take any medicine daily for ever without any exit strategy because we'd never know what would happen with such strategies in long run-- a couple of people who were taking arnica 30c in wet dose without a break for more than a decade had some interesting complaints like --they were becoming less intelligent with reduced understanding and comprehending abilities, having rigid ideas and becoming intolerant to others views which when pointed out to them --they were not able to see the possible connection and get it. In my view it'd be a definite no no for teens and patients who still have the potential to get cured.
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-05-16 17:04:47]
maheeru last year
Thanks so much for the reply. I always appreciate
Your sharing of your knowledge and experience.
simone717 last year
Welcome, did not realise post got so big :) Hopefully it was not difficult to read through.
maheeru last year
I found it an informative and enjoyable to read.
You write very well.
simone717 last year

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