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girl 6 yo failure to thrive and permanent nose discharge


please help me to find remedy for my 6 years old girl with failure to thrive, permanent blocked nose and white mucous, bruxism and sleep disturbance

  antibero on 2013-05-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please provide all details
Zady101 9 years ago
Born with 46 cm and 2,8 Kg by cesarian surgery at 38 weeks.
Only some ottitis on right ear and 2 bronchitis in 6 years.
She is shy, lot of anxiety fears of being alone, of dark, of spiders and dogs. Blond hair and blue eyes, thin and white skin. Not very much energy, dislikes eggs, she drink only water and milk. Apettite is normal. No constipation, no diarheea. She don't like sun and excessive warm but also dislike cold, wet and windy weather.

If you need more details please tell.

Thank you
antibero 9 years ago

Please provide minute details of the problem. For example, kind of discharge, color of discharge, time if discharge etc.

Did she become dull after antibiotics treatment or some other reason?

Does she like music?
Zady101 9 years ago
it is kind of thick white discharge, especially at waking time in the morning. blocked nose during night sleep with mouth open. She took only 3 times in her life antibiotics, not especially dull after this. She is come lack og=f vital energy from born.

Sje like music especially classic and greek music
antibero 9 years ago
Is she creative and relented?

Any moles on the face?

By blue eyes, do you mean sclera of eyes is blue?
Zady101 9 years ago
she is very creatuve and sole some sort of relented. She has no mole on the face but she has a mle on the left knee from birth. I don't know what sclera means but she has normal blue eyes
antibero 9 years ago

I am still not able to narrow down enough. Would request you to fill out the below questionnaire. Please write things in as much detail as possible. It will be worth your effort.

1. What is the chief complaint?

Known diagnosis:

Current Medications child is on:

2. Since when do they suffer from it? Have they had this complaint since a particular event/sickness/accident/emotional crisis/medication?

3. Please narrate their medical history in detail.

4. Please tell us about the family medical history. (Diseases suffered by Mother, Father, MothersÂ’/Fathers side of family, siblings)

5. Please tell us about their personal life history. (Pregnancy, delivery, milestones, major events/changes in life so far)

6. What other problems do they suffer from easily or frequently? (Recurrent colds/cough/ear infections/digestive problems etc.)

7. How happy are they? How is the general temperament of the child?

8. Please describe the general personality of the child. (for example, which 5 words would you use to describe the child?)

9. Please tick the areas of their personality/life where you think them or others around them might be bothered by:
a.Anger b.Anxiety c.Fears d.Impatience e.Insecurity f.Homesickness g.Boredom h.Dissatisfaction i.Jealousy
j.Grief k.Frustration l.Lack of Confidence o.Laziness p.Will power
q.Trust r.Self esteem t.Ego u.Other (please describe)

Please elaborate:

10. How would you describe them emotionally? (What kind of things touch them emotionally? How easily do they cry? How sympathetic or caring are they? etc.)

11. Are they afraid of anything? (Animals, insects, being alone, height, water, dark, ghosts etc)

12. Is there any problem with the mental faculties? (Memory, concentration, comprehension etc) Please describe in detail.

13. How well do they sleep? (Ease of falling asleep, waking, quality of sleep, duration required, effect of not getting enough sleep)

15. Do they, in their sleep: a.Talk b.Walk or move about a lot c.grind your teeth. d.Twitch/jerk/move suddenly e.Laugh
Please elaborate:

16. What position do they normally sleep in?

17. If known, what kind of dreams do they have?

18. How easily do they feel warm/hot? Cold? How much and how easily do they perspire? Do they perspire while sleeping? Which parts?

19. Which foods and drinks do they strongly like or crave? Strongly dislike?

Cravings/Strong Likes:

Aversions/Strong dislikes:

20. Are there any foods which do not suit their body? Are allergic to? Intolerant to? Cause indigestion/diarrhea?

21. How is their digestion? (Do they suffer from indigestion, acidity, bloatedness, diarrhea, constipation, cramps, colic etc?) What causes it?

22. Do you have any complaints with your nails? Hair? Skin?

23. How energetic are they? What times of the day/night do they have high energy? When do they have low energy?

24. Please describe their hobbies/pastimes. How do they like physical activities/sports?

25. What do you expect from this treatment?
Zady101 9 years ago
1. Chief complaint
She is very small for her age and she is not gaining weight.

2. She was born small it was no particular event

3. She is a healthy girl. She had only 3 ottitis and 2 bronchitis in 6 ears and some colds with fever. She had also chickenpox. She is vaccinated only with the mandatory ones.

4. No major health problems.

5. Pregnancy was normal, she is born by caesarian surgery with 46 cm and 2,8 kg at 38 weeks. she was brestfeeded for 3 months, first teeth at 5 months, first word at 8 months, she start walking at 8 months. No major event in her life until now. No changes lately. She will go to school in autumn.

6. She has recurrent colds with a lot of nose discharge (white and thick) some with cough some with ear infections
more on the right side (both ear and nose), no digestive problems unless a litlle bit of flatulence.

7. She is a happy child but very sensitive. She suffers if somebody suffer. She is a calm child with lack of vital energy. She is also anxious about foreign people and places and events.

8. Shy, loving, very understanding, calm

9.She has a lot of homesickness. She cried 2 years every morning when she arrived in kindergarten (this year this thing stopped. She also have lack of confidence (mom i cannot do this and that because I am small. She is very anxious about a lot of things: strangers, places, events, being alone). She laso has low self esteem. She blame herself very often but she was never blamed by us.

10. She is a dreamer. She loves Disney princess cartoons, love stories, fairies, angels and animals. She easily cry when hurt (both phisically and emotionally). She is over sympathethic.

11. She is afraid of dark, being alone, being kidnapp, thiefs, spiders, flies, dogs, ghosts, monsters

12. She has a very good memory (she remeber every presents from the last 3 years from whom it was received). She has a little span of concentration when it comes about homeworks. She cannot say R and L letters.

13. She has a poor sleep from birth. She only sleep with me, with my hair in her hand. She sleeps 1 1/2hours in the afternoon and 9 hours during night. She speeaks, jerks and grind her teeth. She cannot miss sleep. She sleeps usually on her back and on sides. Never on her belly.

She feel cold most of the time. She has feet and hands perspired. When she sleep, sometimes her head perspire. When she is playing some competition games (football) she always have very cold hands.

She only drinks sparkling water and milk. She dislike carbonanted juices. Dislike french fries, hamburger and all junk foods.
She don't have strong likes or dislikes (maybe because I know what to offer)

She has very fine hair blonde, nails are ok, and the skin is easily reddend and she scratches a lot.

As I said she has low energy. She has more energy after eating.

She love to play playrole games, to make crafts, to play with fairies, she don't like to much physical activities.

I expect to find a remedy for her to catch up with late development. She really suffer that she is the smallest girl in kindergarten.

Thank you
antibero 9 years ago

Please give her Calcarea Carb 200 as per the below method:

Put 1 drop of the liquid remedy in 3 teaspoons water.

Give 1st Spoon
Wait 15 minutes,
Give 2nd Spoon
Wait 15 minutes
Give 3rd and last spoon

Please don't repeat the medicine. Please use disposable cup and spoon.

Please update me after 10 days.
Zady101 9 years ago
Thank you a lot for your time. Unfortunately in my country there is no liquid remedy. We only have pellets with 100 dregees. Can you provide me the equivalent treatment?

Thank you a lot
antibero 9 years ago
ok. 5 pellets of Calc Carb 100 to be dissolved in 3 teaspoons water.
Zady101 9 years ago

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