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I sincerely believe this free simple method cures ME/CFS


It is very easy for me to trigger a new episode of CFS due to a unique medical problem which causes an immune regulation problem in me and when I get one of these episodes my immune system is activated and never rests leading to classic CFS (I have read at least 5 different medical journal articles on in which the 5 different authors proposed the chronically activated immune system as the cause of CFS)

To make a long story short I have found that putting myself in the theta brain wave state (the brain wave state of the fetus- which state , according to the internet, is very healing and stimulates the immune system) causes the normal regulation of my immune system again very rapidly and I am symptomless until my next bout sometimes not until at least a year later. But in the meantime you could say I am cured.

This method is obviously free and simple and I can feel results beginning within minutes and continued staring cures the problem and I am betting from what I know about this that it will cure many if not most CFS cases and that you will know almost right away if it is going to work because you will start to feel better within a few minutes= so I do hope some of you will try this.

Just unhook the cable or change the channel on the tv by using the knob attached to the tv set until you get a non broadcasting channel with no bleedthrough images-just pure snow or static. TURN THE IRRITATING SOUND ALL THE WAY OFF as it detracts for the response. Just stare at the static.

Some new tv sets have a blue screen that blocks the static and you have to use the tv set up which I assume is part of the options on the remote to defeat it according to the website of some eye doctors I saw which states this technique of staring at tv snow is used in the profession for the patients to use at home to detect eye diseases (google: stare at tv richmond eye doctors ---and it will come up first usually).

So thats it

Steve Lord
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  stevelord on 2005-09-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Steve I just wanted to let you know that I have passed this information on to many people I know who have CFS and a lot of them have really benefitted from it.

Thank you so much for sharing this information here! I have only just signed up to this site but I actually read this post a long time ago when I came across it in one of those desperate hunts for a cure!

Best wishes
prickles last decade
For how long would you stare?
Giodio last decade
The people I know who are now doing this stare at the TV static for about 5 minutes every morning. If they do it too late in the day they are unable to sleep because they are wide awake.

Hope it helps you too :)

Best wishes
prickles last decade
And how close to the tv should you be?

Giodio last decade
I don't think it matters. The people I have spoken to are just doing it sitting in their chairs as close to the TV as when they watch a film etc.

Steve Lord are you around? Would like to know how far away from the TV you sit.

Best wishes
prickles last decade
I am definately going to try this- I would be very shocked if THIS is all it takes to get rid of my fatigue!!
ineedadvice last decade
Thanks - I'll give it a try and let u know.
Giodio last decade

Did anyone try this and inf this method for treating CF useful ?

Pl post results, if you can.
bharat98 last decade
Has anyone tried this method and had any results from this? What is the scientific reasoning behind this? Just curious if there have been studies conducted about this. I am recovering from ME using classical homeopathy, but I am 2 and a half years into treatment and am still not better which is quite frustrating and I am not sure if this is a normal healing time scale or not?
ClareW last decade
Just saw these replies to my five year old thread recently. I always need to stare at the tv snow for a least an hour to cure my episodes of CFS. ,maybe it will take longer for someone who has long standing disease, if I stopped short of that, the immune system wouldnt be completely reregulated and would turn back on full blast all the time again, causing the symptoms to come back full.

The reason I can speak more authority on what stimulates the human immune system, that allowed me to find this and other methods, all of which have evolved over thousands of years, that others is because I produce a totally new, unique, factor in my blood that causes a tell tale reaction in me when my immunity is being stimulated by anything, to the same degree as the level of stimulation.

I needed to be like five feet or more with every part of my body for this to work, on a nineteen inch tv set, lest the radiation interfered with the body response.

I was hoping someone could cure their CFS?ME case without also avoiding a rather complex list of things, but no one tried it for an hour or more to see,evidently, only for five minutes which isnt nearly long enough, so Ill add the list now that was necessary because its probably or at least maybe universally necessary to cure cfs to avoid these things, because in this particular disease to cure it,I have found, as opposed to an infection for example which this method also cures without avoiding all of the follownig, the stimulation must be 'perfect', to reset the regulaton of a constantly tuned on immune system, at least in me.

I cant imagine anyone actually avoiding all the things Im going to list because , hell, there is such skepticism of justhow staring at tv snow with the sound off could possibly be so healing (it also cures a cold in an hour or so and many many other medical problems), that it virtually impossible to convince anyone to even try it, but I was at least enthused to see Prickles friends , above, did with some success.

I needed to make the conditions similar to the way they were when the immune system evolved, and this method evolved, namely before man made objects occured, which only came recently. I read that the theta brainwave state that I believe this creates, is the brainwave state in the womb so it evidently evolved as a trigger for this intense beneficial stimulation of all of our healing systems that being in that state causes.

Thus one must avoid manmade radiation from a cell phone, computer equipment, flat screened tv set, which radiation seventeen feet so even if someone is in the next apartmenteven with one on closer than that, it will prevent this from working, at least a plasma one, if within seventeen feet. Only analogue tv sets , the new ones are digital, get snow to look at, and they only nail me up to four of rive feet if any part of my body is that near. Five feet is ok for a nineteen inch tv.

Also man made, i.e. synthetic clothing, may prevent this from working, as well as modern cotton which for about six or seven years has been genetically modified at least in the USA, with a fish gene and the body will simply not be stimulated as high or as well if one is wearing such clothing, nylon is the worst. Older than that cotton thus may be required, thats what I wore, or no clothes at all or organic cotton, and even a few beds I sat or lay on nailed me, I assume from nylon, a piece of foam rubber is ok, or a wooden chair or a one of those plastic white lawn chairs are ok, just try different ones, a toilet seat is ok, but just experiment and see what you can get away with as far as these things, maybe some can cure without such extreme avoidance of man made things.

Also I need to have some food in me, better to have a full meal, it failed several times on an empty stomach. This is a problem because I do know that there are many foods that derange my/our immune system like milk, microwaved food, detached protein powder, oatmeal and barley, from the beta glucan, garbonzo beans, chicken eggs, chcken, oil that has been detached from the source, in fact no added oil sold in this country I have ever bought, except flax, African red palm oil is free of some immune derangement creation in me/us, also except grapeseed and olive, and even some of these brands derange, while flour, meat slightly especially ground and several other foods. Note that none of these foods would have been eaten in the jungle, where fruits and vegetables were our diet and thats where our immune system evolved.

Rather than list all the foods that derange my immune system (they all cause autoimmune symptoms in my autoimmune disease which is otherwise symptomless due to what I do for it,similar to this method, I would suggest to eat fruits and vegetables, nothing soy though, in any form, even soy lecithin, reduces the immune system's ability to be stimulated fully, which may be necessary in this one disease of cfs. Brown rice is ok, whole wheat is ok , but almost no bread has no soy lecithin in it so it should be pure wheat, so beans or green lentils except garbanzo and brown rice would be safe, eaten as the only mean like at breakfast on the day you are going to go for the perfect conditons or some bulgar wheat. Genetically modified food , which is rampant now, is also very deranging, so you would have to buy this 'pre game' meal organic only. Again maybe some people do not need to be so perfect in conditions as I did, not sure. Eat until full is best.

Thake off watch and rings, both reduce the stim., and in fact take off all jewelry, even a cross. Use no cosmetics that morning, or deoderant just like you were in the jungle of Africa a million years ago is the ideal.

Ok wo thats all for now. someone just try if you want, note Im not a Doctor and cant prescribe anything, just say what I did, the snow for an hour one day with the only avoidance being the radiation I mentioned, milk and microwaves food, those would be prohibitive and let me know how that goes .


Steve Lord
stevelord last decade
PS,just made a longer post a few minutes ago but wanted to add that electric power lines if close also may stop you from curing this,although unless within like ten yards one can still achievea good deal of stimulation from the snow, the farther away the better, the ones along the street, and also those giant tv towers Ive experienced in several places Ive been, if you are too close will abolish all stimulation.

Steve Lord
stevelord last decade
Anyone try this?
knackers323 8 years ago
Hi Steve,
Thanks for providing such a good information. Could you please let me know what are the symptoms those can be cured with this method. I mean CFS includes many symptoms like sensitivity to bright light and sounds , many more.
strangeravinash 8 years ago

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