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Herpes Remedy

hi Guys,

I have had genital herpes for two years now on and off.I usually use Zovirax for a few days and they go.

Lately I have been getting more outbreaks after being diagnosed with genital warts.

I have a very stressful job and I am also using Aldara for the genital warts.

I sleep normally but have a craving for seafood.

I am currently using Nux Vomica for anger and stress from work.

In the past I used arnica and Rhus for an arm injury.

Can someone PLEASE help me what could I take for the herpes and maybe even for the warts....Is Nux Vomica good for the anger..I only started a few days ago.

  MrsGeopro on 2013-05-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please describe the complete case using a questionnaire.
Zady101 7 years ago
Sorry I am new to this.
Where do I find the questionnaire???

Thanks for replying by the way!!!!
MrsGeopro 7 years ago
Please copy the questions here from the below thread and provide all your answers in detail. Please try to build a chronology of events in answering.

Zady101 7 years ago
Patient ID:Mrs Geopro
Age: 25

Genital Herpes outbreak usally around my period and when using Aldara gream to treat genital warts.

I have a pain in my hip but I had it long before the genital warts and herpes. I get stressed and cry when talking about my genital problems and have a very short temper.

When at worst I feel tired and anyoed by the slightest thing and pain ,burning sensation in vagina.

Stress from work makes the herpes worse usually have a herpes outbreak when having a bad day and relaxing at home makes me better also showering with cold water.

2 years ago I had an outbreak of herpes all over my face from to much sun exposer the doctor said it took a month for them to clear up but just before the end I had a genital outbreak.The warts showed up 6 months ago but after cryotherapy they came back again.The doctor put me on Aldara which makes them go away for a while and then they come back again.

Feel alot of pain when walking or wearing tight underwear and trousers.

Feel better during cold and dry weather.

I'm moody Arrogant Nervous Easily offended Arguing.

I love it when a thunderstorm is coming .
I feel better when talking about things that made me angry.

No habits but broke up with my boyfriend and I am distant from friends.

No fears or repeated dreams.
Craving for seafood and sushi all the time. Excessively thirsty and hungry.

Sweat is normal,more sweat on trunk bowl movement normal sleep normal.Always have to lay on my right side to fall asleep.

Low sexual desire but no problem satisfying it.

I'm very controlling.

Have been using Zovirax the past 2 years to treat the genital herpes.Twice I followed a treatment with Valtrex tablets.

I'm thin 1,56 hight and very athletic, brunet with light skin boyish figure.

I am on contraceptive pills since I was 16 regular period light flow with thick red blood sometimes with clots.
[message edited by MrsGeopro on Wed, 22 May 2013 18:24:32 BST]
MrsGeopro 7 years ago
Please stop Nux Vomica or any other remedy that you were taking.


Please take Thuja 30 as per the below method:

Please dissolve 1 drop or 2 pellets of Thuja 30 in 3 teaspoons water. Sip it one go.

Do this once a day for 3 days.

Please use disposable cup and spoon whenever you take a Homeopathic remedy. Avoid coffee.

Please update me after 10 days.
[message edited by Zady101 on Wed, 22 May 2013 21:27:54 BST]
Zady101 7 years ago
Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate your help!

I went to get the remedy but unfortunately on the island i live they don't have it and i have to order online now!

My gynecologist wants me to do criotherapy next week ! Should i do it???

I will order the remedy and once i take it i will update you!!!

Thanks again !!
MrsGeopro 7 years ago
This remedy is also available by a slightly different name - Thuya. So check this out as well.

Regading Cryotherapy, you have to take a call!

The only fear is: if warts come back, they will back dozens more.
Zady101 7 years ago
Thanks I will check but unfortunately they don't have a big variety.... :/

so with Cryotherapy if they come back they come back more????

With the homoeopathic remedy will I have more wart outbreaks???

Sorry for asking so many questions I am just so glad that at last someone is helping me....
MrsGeopro 7 years ago
It's just a cosmetic procedure. Treating genital warts may not cure a human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. The virus may remain in the body in an inactive state after warts are removed. A person treated for genital warts may still be able to spread the infection.

Homeopathy nips the problem in the bud. If warts disappear after homeopathic treatment, they are gone once and for all.
Zady101 7 years ago
Dear Mrs. Geopro,

The homeopathy will help to cure this. However,
the HPV virus is normally handled by a good immune system.
You must work on, eating good food, taking a good vitamin
mineral supplement, getting enough rest and drinking
enough water- you need to build up your system.

Homeopathy is not going to help if the above things
are not being taken care of- the diet is the most important of
the above.
simone717 7 years ago
Thank you Zady101 for all the help!!!! I will try to get it and contact you once I have completed the proceeder... :)

Simone717 thanks for posting,
I eat very healthily as I have my own vegetable garden I drink plenty of water work out and sleep well....So I hope also with the remedy they will go away and not come back!
MrsGeopro 7 years ago

Unfortunately could not find Thruja anywhere on the island so ordered it.
Should be here soon and I will start the therapy and tell you.
Thanks again.
MrsGeopro 7 years ago
Hi guys,

So I have been taking the Thuja 30 for 3 weeks now and soon I will be going to the gynaecologist to have a check up.

I have quit smoking and also have been following a high potassium diet.

I can still see one wart on the entrance of my vagina and I am a bit worried that this remedy is not working.

How long should I take it to see results ..do you think I should try something else???

Thank you!!!
MrsGeopro 7 years ago
For the Herpes outbreaks in addition to any homeopathics I would (and have successfully taken) Lysiene supplements. They will stop Herpes outbreaks dead in their tracks. If they come on schedule, take the Lysiene a week or so ahead of time and double the dose recommended on the bottle. It will strengthen your immune system and ward off those outbreaks. Unfortunately, you have to keep doing it (every month or when you expect another outbreak) until you can strengthen your immune system overall.
Curious2 7 years ago
You should stop the remedy and see what goes
on after your appt.

The direction on taking the remedy were to take
it for 3 days only. Then report in after 10 days.

You don't take remedies every day like allopathic
medicine. They start to work and then you stop
and watch and wait to see what they are doing or
not doing. If you repeat a remedy when not needed
you can bring back the conditions you were trying
to eliminate. The effects of too much will wear off,
but for the next couple weeks you should not be
taking anything.

You can do the supplement that curious wrote in
simone717 7 years ago

Ok I was taking them 3 times a week for 3 weeks so in total i took it for 9 days.

I will stop it now to see what happens and inform you.

Do you think now that I have taken it for too long?

MrsGeopro 7 years ago
What are your current symptoms now? Please describe in detail and also mention if some symptoms got better or worse.
Zady101 7 years ago
Hi Zady 101,

So you told me to take thuja 30 for the genital warts and i did....

I had some on the outside which disapeard but the one on the entrance is still there with no changes.I will be going to the doctor next week to check the inside ones.

I was also having the outbreaks of herpes which have completely stopped even when getting my period.

What should I do now....above they told me to stop the therapy....

MrsGeopro 7 years ago
We need to wait a little more to see if Herpes outbreaks have indeed stopped.

In case you wish to continue treatment here, I would request you to arrange Thuja 200
Zady101 7 years ago
Hi -

Above you had said you were taking the remedy for 21 days-3 weeks
which would be over dosing. Zady had not come back on yet, so I
wanted to be sure you were not taking anything- 3 weeks of
the remedy is a lot different than 9 days of it-

Zady will figure it out from here, you are having a good result.
simone717 7 years ago

The result is very good but it is overdozing. And she is also aggravated a bit.

Need her to take one or two doses of 200 potency and then move to other remedies.
Zady101 7 years ago

Ok I will have to order the 200 potency because they do not have it here!!!

There is only one pharmacy with homeopathic tablets here and when i went once they told me to open the tablet pill and spred the contets on mu tongue!
I did not purchase anything from them because i have never taken it like this before!!!

I will order but it will probably take some time!!!

Should i notify you when i get it???

MrsGeopro 7 years ago
Please ask that pharmacy if they have Thuja 200.

Until you get Thuja 200, please dissolve 3-4 pellets of Thuja 30 that you have with you in half-spoon of water and apply locally on the wart, twice a day for 3 days only and NO MORE. Also, please do not take internally.
Zady101 7 years ago
ok I will check if they have Thuja 200 and tell you.

3 days only!!!
I will inform you after done .

MrsGeopro 7 years ago
So did it for 3 days...no changes!!!!

What should I do now....I have ordered the Thuja 200 but it will take a while to come!!!

Please help I am trying hard to stay positive but its difficult!!!
MrsGeopro 7 years ago

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