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The cat relapsed. Help!

It's the two (really 3) year old cat again. I made the mistake of adding in some of the Iams veterinary formula and he had sort of a relapse as far as his rectum goes. It seems to be hanging out and it is really red. I'm wondering if I should give another 30C of Arsenicum Album. I gave him the first dose on Monday at midnight. Now it is Tuesday.

Also now he no longer has the diarrhea. The hemmorhoids or anus or whatever is forced out when he has a regular stool. And one thing it said for Ars. Alb. was that there is an unquenchable thirst and I haven't seen him drink any water since I got him. The only thing about the Ars. Alb. profile that fits now is the prolapsed rectum.

The Remedy Finder on this site did list other options just for prolapsed rectum and for hemmhroids (however you spell it). I wonder if I should switch to one of those or is it best to stay with Ars. Alb.?

Also does it hurt the vibrations to crush the pellets between two stainless spoons? I can't find my plastic ones. Or should I got get some plastic ones?
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  emilybh on 2013-05-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Try another dose of the 30c. See what it does and how long it holds.
This is normal procedure- you give a remedy, if there is action
good or bad, you stop the remedy. You give more remedy when
the patient goes backwards.

If he improves again, then you know the ars alb is working and
you figure out the timing of dosages, eventually having longer
gaps until it is not needed.

Like the book said, this seems to be a 'moderate case'
and the dosing would be every 12 to 24 hours -you will be able
to tell about this remedy if you give it again, and see what happens.
simone717 7 years ago
I'll try but now he is REALLY fighting me when I try to give him medicines. Can I crush the pellets between two stainless steel spoons or does stainless change the 'vibration'? I had some plastic spoons but now I can't find them. Should I go buy some plastic spoons?
emilybh 7 years ago
Just take one pellet and dissolve it in a tablespoon of
water. Then you can use a dropper or just the spoon
and open the side of his mouth and put it in there.

Just keep the glass or cup and spoon separate from
what you use. Or else get a paper cup and plastic spoon.
simone717 7 years ago
Thanks! That sounds like a fantastic idea. I wish I'd known about that years ago.
(Is that in the book? Is it the Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs book?) If so what page talks about the 'Moderate' illness? Thanks so much.

Do you also have Dr. Wolff's book? It is Your Healthy Cat: Homeopathic Medicines for Common Feline Ailments. Also a Veterinary Materia Medica by George McCleod I have.

I put a little of the crushed pellets in less than a tablespoon of water and after dissolving it took a whole dropper full and there was still a lot left. I gave him one dropper full. Do I need to give him more? Isn't it that the amount of the remedy isn't as important as just getting any amount of the right remedy?
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emilybh 7 years ago
Page 99 - 100

I simplified it for you on the other thread- I wrote it out.

use the front forum page- upper left button- most recent threads
to see things you have posted on here.

Waiting and watching are the hardest things to do in homeopathy.
If you have the right remedy and screw up the dosing, you will probably
still see improvement and then can fine tune the dosing. But if you
jump ship too quickly, you can be abandoning the right remedy you
were using and end up in confusion. Also there is a general rule of thumb
that things can take a month to heal for every year of an illness.
One has to be patient.

I do not have the other books you mentioned.
simone717 7 years ago
You are right. I'm looking at the chart on page 94 and reading the definition of moderate and it really is more moderate than chronic according to the books definition although the diarrhea was chronic (going on for 2 months so I just assumed it would be classified as chronic). Haste makes waste. I should have slowed down and read it more thoroughly and closely instead of glancing at the chart and deciding.
emilybh 7 years ago
You are doing this correctly. He suggests using a 30c and
don't give more until things go backwards. You are right
on track here. If the cat improves again like before,
just note down how long it lasts- then give more.
Then you know the remedy is right, and you are pacing
the remedy in tune with how his vital force is holding, and
then the gaps between remedy times should start to be
longer and longer.
simone717 7 years ago
Too bad you have to wait until things go backwards. Too bad I couldn't just give him a dose every 24 hours. I guess as it was, the dose was helping for about 32 - 36 hours before he had the relapse. I was away from the house when he had the last bowel movement and anal protrusion. This time he also did it on the newspapers and not in the litter so it must have hurt. The poor kitty. Again after checking him 20 mins or so after giving him a dropper full of the remedy, he calmed down. I got a partial peek of his anus and it was a little less protruded and pinkish rather than fire engine red. I think all the stress of having to take the meds may make it worse too.

Even before with his blood red anus hanging out, he was wanting to explore all around the house. So maybe it didn't bother him as much as I would think it would.
emilybh 7 years ago
Phew! You were right Simone. Now his anus is back inside and he is all mellowed out resting on a towel in the window and listening to the birds. Wow. Thanks so much for the tip about diluting the remedy in water. That will avoid mountains of stress in the future.

Hopefully he won't need more until at least 17 hours pass because 12 hours would be right about 4 AM.
emilybh 7 years ago
Hi It is me (Emily) the original poster. When I went to sign on, my old username which I had forgotten came up so I signed on with that.

The latest on the cat is that last night he had a dribble of diarrhea.

So I decided that was a set back and I gave him some more Ars Alb. last night after only about 9 hrs.since the previous dose. He seemed to have done ok through the night.

I gave him some Slippery Elm before his broth and against my better judgement about 1/4 t. of raw food I used to give my other cat that he did so well on with the broth. He was all full of energy running around exploring the house and meowing. Then I saw him straining in the litter with nothing coming out. I took that as a set back and gave a little more Ars. Alb. Then a little while later he had some diarrhea in his litter :(

Is this to be expected? I probably gave him too much.
I guess the straining without doing anything wasn't enough of a set back to warrant giving him more of the remedy especially before 12 hours had passed. What do you think?

I guess the only thing that is different is that when he had the two hard stools, I think he'd just had the broth with no solids; regular doses of Sovereign Silver and Slippery Elm before the meal and had had the Ars Alb initially. However then his Anus dropped out shortly thereafter after about 32 hours from the initial Ars. Alb. dose.

This is so hard.
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Curious2 7 years ago
You are going to have to keep experimenting with the food bc his
system is sensitive and it will take some time. Think of people who
have had diarrhea - they have to take things slow for a few days.

The book says that this is going to take time, will reverse itself slowly,
and could be some ups and downs regarding the dosing. I would
not give him more remedy- stick with a 12 hour gap. Try to look at this
in about 3 days , what is the overall state- and not go minute by
minute. I think overall he is doing better and it will continue.
simone717 7 years ago
Hmm. So in other words, even if he seems like he might be slipping, wait until at least 12 hours has passed before giving him another dose.

Do you think to avoid a big set back I should at least make a point to dose every 24 hours for the next few days?

The instructions on the bottle say to take it 3x daily or until symptoms are relieved. I guess that is for acute conditions though.
Curious2 7 years ago
Paragraph one- yes
paragraph two-no

You cannot go by the bottle. People get
results, and go by the bottle and
give another dose and the symptoms
come back bc the remedy was working
and then they overdose due to the
bottle directions.
simone717 7 years ago
That is what I thought you'd say.

Well I just checked on him in his room and signs of the leaking rectum and even a little blood were there. So since it had been 16 hours since his last dose, I gave him another.

He really wanted to come out of his room and explore around some more but it is too late. I need to hit the hay and I don't want him wandering everywhere without supervision.

Earlier today though I gave him just the fortified broth and Slippery Elm and he ate it. He didn't need any enticing and he didn't get a speck of solids. Later he had a half solid stool but then for some strange reason chose a cushion on the floor to urinate on rather than going back to the litter. I don't know if the litter was too far away. He'd been exploring the house. Maybe he was too excited or something.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Before he urinated on the cushion in the den he was exploring the laundry room right past the room where a litter box was that he had just urinated in a little and he squatted for a half formed, half loose bowel movement next to a litter box with litter he wasn't used to. I was right behind him and picked him up and put him in the litter box for him to finish the bowel movement in.

It almost seems that unless he is in the same small room with a completely clean litter he likes, he'll go on the floor or on a cushion. I hope he's not incontinent too.

Today I took him to another rip-off vet to see if I could get the months worth of gross dried out diarrhea matting his upper tail cut out. The lady on the phone said there may not be a charge. Then they tried to gouge me for 17.50 and they weren't even successful and left half of it for me to finish. The last place I took him before that attempted to remove it said they couldn't. They were going to charge $10 if successful. They gouged me on blood work instead. They quoted one price over the phone and at the end of the appt., said it was $40 more. (This is a great part of the country to come to if you want to be gouged by mediocre (if that) professionals. I've discovered you sacrifice a lot for nice weather.)

Hopefully tomorrow (or today rather) will be a better day.
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emilybh 7 years ago
Well today started off great. There were no signs of leaking from 2AM which was when I last checked to 8AM when I got up. I fed him the fortified broth. He had a fairly hard stool and peed in the litter box. Was fairly calm for most of the morning and then just now around Noon, kind of like what happened yesterday he dribbles out brown diarrhea while walking around nowhere near his litter.

I guess I'll wait a few hours until 2 and if he gets worse, dose again.

I've been laying low on the Sovereign silver. I wonder if I should try that some more. Also I haven't done charcoal and that is one of the things that is supposed to get rid of toxins, etc.

Have you ever used Charcoal for yourself or your cats?
emilybh 7 years ago
No Emily, I have not.

When I use the homeopathic remedies I stop everything else so that I can tell
what exactly the remedy is doing or not doing.
simone717 7 years ago
He's got diarrhea back again : (
but this time it is straw colored. He is able to make it to the litter box. He has it 3 or 4 times a day a little at a time.

Over the past few weeks he's really been overgrooming and even created some hot spots which went away. I'd use those as reasons to give him another dose.

Oh and he also sneezes usually a few timess a day. Sometimes he misses a day. But there is no discharge out his nose.

I tried giving him a bath but ended up letting him outside so he could lick the cement (he still has the Pica urges) and pouring pitchers of warm water on him. It was hot outside so I didn't think he'd get cold but afterwards he was shivering for a little while when I was toweling him off. I tried a hair dryer but he wouldn't have anything to do with it.

He must like the warmth because even when it seems warm, he'll want to sleep under a table lamp. So that trait seems to fit Arsenicum. He is also a scaredy cat and that fits it too. Oh, and he demands attention usually and that also fits.

I gave him some Arsenicum Album yesterday when I noticed his loose stool and it doesn't seem to help like it did before.

I wonder if fleas are stressing him out since I haven't been able to get rid of that 100 percent.

Another thing I noticed is even when his stools were normal, sometimes he'd go to his litter box and attempt to pass a stool and not be able to but later would come back and do so. I hope he doesn't have IBS.

This is wishful thinking but it couldn't be his body cleansing could it?

I've been not giving him much food. I gave him a little Slippery Elm although maybe not enough. I gave him some chicken broth with Cat's Claw and the Lomatium Dissectum and that didn't seem to help.

I've never ever given him grains but maybe I'll try the food suggested in Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs. It says Millet and boiled meat after a broth made from boiled meat.

Especially since I just got Anitra Frazier's updated Natural Cat and in the newer book she says to make broth starting out with cooked meat. Whereas in her old book she says to just cook a chicken covered in water for 3 to 5 hours. Why on earth would you need to start with cooked meat when it is going to be cooking for 3-5 hour anyway???

One thing that might have something to do with it is last night , I made some chicken broth9the old way--using raw meat and bones) and left the richest part of the broth on the stove after it was cooked and left to do an errand and forgot to cover it and when I checked it, it was mostly gone. So maybe he is still pooping out that.

Oh well, I guess it has been long enough since his last dose of 30c so I just gave another. Hopefully by tomorrow there will be a hard stool or no stool in the litter.

Any thoughts? I'm wondering if Arsenicum is still the right remedy or is it time to try something else? Thanks in advance!
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emilybh 7 years ago
Hi Emily,

Please go to the button- most recent threads and post this
on a thread that kadwa has answered you on for the cat.

This is bc Kadwa gets email alerts on things he answered and he
won't get one on this particular thread.

If the cat got into the chicken broth last night and this has then
started today- it may have been too rich for him to digest properly.
If me, I would wait a day or so and see if it stops. I think it is best
if they eat what they would catch in the wild as simple as possible.
That is what their digestive system is set up for.

so if this just started then I would wait and if it goes on for another
two days then I would ask Kadwa about a remedy.
simone717 7 years ago

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