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Itchy skin; and inside ears; pica - urge to eat cement in Cat


It is me with more underlying problems in the cat that was helped by Arsenicum Album to get rid of his prolapsed anus and chronic diarrhea.

I was kind of counting my chickens before they were hatched I think. I'd been saying to people he was 'all better'.

However he still has really itchy skin; inside his ears itch. He has a huge appetite but isn't gaining weight (although it hasn't been that long) and today I noticed he has pica as I saw him licking the cement slab like crazy in the patio when he got out (when he wasn't supposed to).

Before he got out, I gave him a dose of Ars. Alb. but then after noticing him licking the cement and then remembering MY cat who died of an upper respiratory infection also wanted to lick cement board and he also had lost a lot of weight, I researched some more and found that cats who have Pica are often anaemic, which this cat probably is. I'm thinking he may still have parasites.

Should I alternate the Ars. Alb. with Sulphur which is indicated for parasites? I don't think Ars Alb does much for parasites. He also seems to go to the litter a lot and pee in small amounts. I think the Ars. Alb may still help but according to my Veterinary Materia Medica by George Mcleod DVSM Vet.FF Hom, Sulphur is used for all kinds of skin rashes, ear discharges (his ears itch); increased urination and can aid other remedies. Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs by Hamilton even says it is good for chronic conditions and weak immune systems. The description says the animals are usually thirsty and warm and I have noticed him drinking water and he does like the warmest room in the house.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

  emilybh on 2013-06-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Sulphur is the remedy here.
kadwa last decade
Thanks Kadwa. His skin has gotten better just from the diet I've put him on. (he used to be covered with flea dirt and fleas) and I thought the fleas were gone but I found a flea on him yesterday. Do you think Sulpher will still help?

When I first brought him to the vet he had tiny reddish spots on his skin on his torso the vet showed me. She said it was Milliary Dermatitis. Anyway those are gone now but he still scratches himself. If you think Sulphur would help with the Pica, I'll try it.

Thanks again,


P.S. Not that anyone cares but MY cat who died actually died of a lower respiratory infection not an upper respiratory infection like I said in the first post. There was fluid in his lungs. He was misdiagnosed as being 'nervous' (instead of needing anti-biotics to deal with the infection that was making it hard for him to breathe). Then the next day when his breathing was worse, I took him in for an x-ray and sure enough, there was a huge mass of something around his lungs. Even that day there was no suggestion of anti-biotics. They just suggested I bring him somewhere else, spend more money on more tests (an ultra-sound and having some of the tissue in his lungs tested). The whole thing took 1.5 hours and my cat who did not like to be picked up and held, was obviously terribly uncomfortable--not being able to breath and being held for so long... bit a vet tech. Even though he was an indoor cat they called the county on me who put him under quarantine. Now struggling to breathe even more he just suffered trying to breathe and died three days into the quarantine. It was the worst nightmare I've ever lived through. Was there a remedy I could have given him to help him breathe? I was so stressed, mad, upset, I couldn't think straight. I did give him a remedy and a bunch of Rescue Remedy. Now I can't remember what homeopathic it was.
Since he didn't make it thru the quarantine, the county normally takes the animal and decapitates it to test the brain for Rabies --which he did NOT have. (In fact he even bit me months earlier when I was trying to comb him where I knew it was sore and i survived.) Anyway, even though he was no longer living, the thought of the government doing that to my cat was so offensive I paid to have a 'cosmetic autopsy' done where they opened him up
and sent some of his brain to the county. I thought the autopsy might find some grave disease but all it showed was he died of a respiratory infection. It makes me so mad because natural diet and medicine kept him going for 18 years, if the incompetent vet had just treated him with anti-biotics and the infection could have subsided, I'd still have my beloved cat ....maybe for another 10 years! Sorry for ranting. I still can't get over I went through that and my cat had to suffer like that. It was horrible to watch him go through that.

I wish I'd come to the forum and someone could have helped me with that cat.
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emilybh last decade
May his soul rest in peace. Life and death are controlled by God and none can do anything about it.
kadwa last decade
Is Sulphur still the remedy? I just let him out to see if he'd want to lick the cement and he still goes right for it like a toddler to a lollipop. I guess with something like anemia it will take a while.

Even though the blood work didn't indicate it, blood work isn't capable of determining whether a Thyroid is only slightly over active or under active, he may be slightly hyper. He looks skinny and of course he is always hungry when he isn't sleeping.
emilybh last decade
Actually Sulphur is a polychrest with a very wide range of action. Other remedies considered for pica like alumina etc don't show their indications in this case.
kadwa last decade
So should Sulphur be something I should just give him once a week? I think it has been almost a week since I gave him the last dose.

Also is it necessary to pay attention using the full number of pellets suggested on the bottle if they are dissolved in water for a cat or is a lesser amount ok?
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emilybh last decade
Whether sulphur produced any changes? Dose size doesn't matter in homeopathy irrespective of the instructions on the remedy bottle.
kadwa last decade
I don't think Sulphur is doing anything much. It isn't hurting but he still wants to lick the cement. He's still skinny although he eats enough for 2 cats. The blood work didn't show he was hyperthyroid but I think he might be. He still has fleas, although I bathed him and am vacuuming like crazy to keep them to a minimum. When I search for weight loss, anemic, urge to eat cement, high energy, voracious appetite, the Materia Medica at homeoint.org comes up with Iodium. The second choice is Belladona. I've noticed him chewing the base of his tail also. Do you think Iodium might be better? Belladonna sounds like something I should have given my first cat who definitely had Feline Hyperesthesia (Darn! I wish I'd taken this much interest in Homeopathy when he was alive. Herbs helped but they weren't enough for a return to 100 percent robust health )

I don't think this cat has Hyperesthesia as he doesn't get spooked out of the blue and see things that aren't there the way my other cat did.

I don't think I've ever seen a medicine of any type anywhere in any materia medica except this one specifically mention it addresses hyperesthesia!
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emilybh last decade
Please go through the following rubric and think over Natrum Mur.

Generalities; food and drinks; lime, slate pencils, clay etc., desires: ALUM(4) ALUMN(3) CALC(3) calc-p chel CIC(4) con FERR(3) germ graph hep hyos ign ion-rad(2) NAT-M(3) NIT-AC(4) NUX-V(3) oci ox-ac PSOR(3) PULS(3) SEP(3) sil sulph TARENT(3) thuj tub
kadwa last decade
I don't know about Natrum Mur. The only thing that fits is the anemia and the pica. The mental and physical profiles and behavior profiles don't fit very well at all.

I don't think he's hyperthyroid after all. I weighed him on a scale for humans, so it isn't very accurate, but I'm pretty sure he is gaining weight. He may have even gained a pound or more.

I'm giving him a little chicken liver in every meal. I think that may be helping .

Maybe it is just going to take some more time.
emilybh last decade
Sulphur may be repeated after 15 days on need.
kadwa last decade
Yes. I'm thinking the Sulphur would be better. However, look at what I found on Homeopathic remedies for Pica for humans. There are several remedies suggested based on what the cravings are and other things. Of course none of them list a craving for cement. Just thought I'd list it here if anyone is interested.
emilybh last decade
He's got diarrhea back again : (
but this time it is straw colored. He is able to make it to the litter box. He has it 3 or 4 times a day a little at a time.

Over the past few weeks he's really been overgrooming and even created some hot spots which went away. I'd use those as reasons to give him another dose.

Oh and he also sneezes usually a few timess a day. Sometimes he misses a day. But there is no discharge out his nose.

I tried giving him a bath but ended up letting him outside so he could lick the cement (he still has the Pica urges) and pouring pitchers of warm water on him. It was hot outside so I didn't think he'd get cold but afterwards he was shivering for a little while when I was toweling him off. I tried a hair dryer but he wouldn't have anything to do with it.

He must like the warmth because even when it seems warm, he'll want to sleep under a table lamp. So that trait seems to fit Arsenicum. He is also a scaredy cat and that fits it too. Oh, and he demands attention usually and that also fits.

I gave him some Arsenicum Album yesterday when I noticed his loose stool and it doesn't seem to help like it did before.

I wonder if fleas are stressing him out since I haven't been able to get rid of that 100 percent.

Another thing I noticed is even when his stools were normal, sometimes he'd go to his litter box and attempt to pass a stool and not be able to but later would come back and do so. I hope he doesn't have IBS.

This is wishful thinking but it couldn't be his body cleansing could it?

I've been not giving him much food. I gave him a little Slippery Elm although maybe not enough. I gave him some chicken broth with Cat's Claw and the Lomatium Dissectum and that didn't seem to help.

I've never ever given him grains but maybe I'll try the food suggested in Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs. It says Millet and boiled meat after a broth made from boiled meat.

Especially since I just got Anitra Frazier's updated Natural Cat and in the newer book she says to make broth starting out with cooked meat. Whereas in her old book she says to just cook a chicken covered in water for 3 to 5 hours. Why on earth would you need to start with cooked meat when it is going to be cooking for 3-5 hour anyway???

One thing that might have something to do with it is last night , I made some chicken broth9the old way--using raw meat and bones) and left the richest part of the broth on the stove after it was cooked and left to do an errand and forgot to cover it and when I checked it, it was mostly gone. So maybe he is still pooping out that.

Oh well, I guess it has been long enough since his last dose of 30c so I just gave another. Hopefully by tomorrow there will be a hard stool or no stool in the litter.

Any thoughts? I'm wondering if Arsenicum is still the right remedy or is it time to try something else? Thanks in advance!
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(I hope Kadwa catches this. Thanks to Simone for telling me to repost on this thread.)

It is now 12 hours after posting the above and this AM I gave him a teaspoon of Slippery Elm Syrup. That is all I've given him. He didn't want the broth which I just learned I've been making the wrong way for nearly 20 years... and there is a tastier version cats like better. I'm making that right now. As mentioned earlier I gave some Arsenicum Album last night. He did have more diarrhea after I went to bed that I discovered this AM so I thought it won't hurt him if he just has the Slippery Elm in his tummy and nothing else.

Update: I just got back from en errand and he left a hard stool in the litter. So the Slippery Elm (and nothing else except water) he had for breakfast must have balanced out his tummy. It is almost meal time again. I gave him more Slippery Elm and when this more flavorful broth is done, I'll give him some of that.

I guess there is no rush to change remedies for now. But I'd love to hear any comments or insights anyone has.
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emilybh last decade
You did the right remedy. Generally Ars or Nux is given in such conditions.
kadwa last decade
I have a feeling it is the Pica that is keeping this (diarrhea) going. It seems whenever he get's a craving to lick cement and does so, he'll have some diarrhea.

I found an article at hpathy dot com called 'Homeopathic Management of Pica'
and it mentions Nux along with other remedies. Ars isn't mentioned though.

Antimonium crudum
Alumina - Craving for starch, chalk, charcoal, cloves, coffee or tea grounds, raw rice, acids
Alumina is one of the chief antidotes for lead poisoning (complication of pica)
Thin delicate children
Dryness of mucus membranes and skin
Constipation, no desire for stools for number of days and soft stool requires great straining
Exhausted physically and mentally
Aversion to potatoes
Mild, cheerful disposition
Calc Carb
Calc Phos
Cicuta Virosa
Nat Mur
Nitricum Acidum - Craving for lime, slate, pencil, papers, charcoal
Cracks in muco-cutaneous junction especially fissures in rectum
Takes long time for food to digest
Worse from eating
Chilly patient takes cold easily* thin built, sickly Desires fat and salt
Strong smelling urine, Head-strong, irritable, fearful, vindictive, Sensitive to noise and light
Nux Vomica - Craving for charcoal, pepper, chalk
Chilly patient, thin
Craves fats, spicy food
Tongue coated yellowish in the posterior part
Over sensitive to noise, odors, light or music
Nervous disposition
Quick, active, zealous and irritable
Impatient, spiteful with violent action

I included the profiles for the ones that seem to match somewhat.

I included Alumina because it mentioned starch cravings and this cat has been known to tear open bags of bread and start eating the bread.He now seems to focus on licking the fireplace mortar or when outside, the cement patio. He also is thin and does have dry skin but he is not exhausted. In fact he is full of energy. He does have stool issues of course but he's never not had urges to go. He does strain and sometimes attempts are unsuccessful. He is cheerful but not mild.

Nitricum Acidum seems to be the only one that mentions diarrhea and it mentions fissures in the rectum which may have been or may still be one of his problems. I don't know about him taking cold easily though. He likes warmth. He sweats sometimes under his legs.He is thin and he does like fat. He's twice gotten into butter that was left out.

Could this remedy help? Would it follow Ars Alb?

I wonder if he could ever get to where he doesn't need these remedies any longer?
emilybh last decade
Oh Gosh. He just vomited and had diarrhea at the same time snd the diarrhea sputtered out and even somehow landed on the top of his tail. This AM was the first day I tried to give him some of his regular raw food. I did see a hairball in the vomit but still his digestion is still messed up. It could be that the raw organic chicken might have been about to spoil. I should probably throw it out. He was better eating the baked grass fed hamburger.

His anus is really bothering him. It really always has == even when he seemed almost all 'better', he still licked it more than seemed normal.

Guess I'll give him some more Ars Alb and go back to fasting him again. Poor kitty!
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emilybh last decade

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