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Colocynthis + D. Villosa + Dulcamara (I may have got adverse effects)

Hi everyone!

I have a question for you, if you could be so kind to share some info with me.

I took Colocynthis for about 3 weeks, concentration level was 'D6' and I used to take 3x3 balls per day.

After 3 weeks of taking this homeopathic medicine I somehow developed a new symptom to my previous condition.

In brief the symptom is a feeling of pressure specially in the zone above the navel where I feel a bit of a swelling, together with some sort of irritation and a pulsing pain that comes and goes.

A while after I also developed other kind of symptoms which I identify like some sort of inflamation that goes from the esophagus to the intestines, passing through the stomach and I also feel pulmonary pain/disconfort some times.

So, my question is if the dosage of colocynthis that I took could be enough to trigger this type of symptoms. Could it?

Or is it a very insignificant dosage that for sure could not trigger this?

My doubt comes because I've searched the web and found reports like this one:

[link deleted because the forum does not allow me to post links...]

Among other things one can read:

'Ingestion may severely irritate the stomach and intestines or cause kidney damage, bloody diarrhea and bloody urine.'


'Despite its risks, colocynthis is still sometimes used today as an herbal treatment. Users commonly will double over with abdominal cramps and experience extreme nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. '

I'm a bit worried because I lost my quality of life a couple of months ago. I'm suffering since then and I just can't find a reason for this change as my previous condition was all about nausea and vomiting but it was controlled, I could live with it and I never felt any kind of pain in the stomach or intestines and now I'm constantly in pain.

I know it could be a coincidence, most likely it really is a coincidence, but I'd like to get a bit more info on it from someone who knows this product and the dosage...

Thank you very much for your time. Kind regards.
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  JackMG on 2013-06-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You have taken potentized colocynth. There is no need to worry about the reports for herbal colocynth. Please don't take the remedy anymore as it is not helping. If there are any proving effect due to the remedy they will disappear on their own.
kadwa 9 years ago
Thanks kadwa!

So, that means that I only took 'traces' (vestiges) of colocynthis, right?

I'm worried specially because with doses like a tea spoon I heard one could get the intestines mucus membrane compromised and the symptoms I'm experiencing since then match this 'diagnosis'.

Yes, I stopped right away, but it has been more than 3 weeks since then and the symptoms don't go away.

Maybe it's just anxiety symptoms or any other health problem... I'll do some exams soon to try and figure it out, but it's being hard to deal with the condition...

Anyway I should add that the homeopathic doctor that told me to take colocynthis is not very serious. I have been consulting a lady homeopath for the last 3 years and she's really been of great help and she knows what she's doing, but with this guy I was caught in a trap, or at least that's what it looked. I just booked for a food allergy testing and ended up being prescribed 3 different things which I decided to try because I thought there would be no problem since I never had any problem with previous homeopathic medicines that I took in the past.

Thanks again for your time and help. Kind regards.
JackMG 9 years ago
Like Kadwa said, you are not going to do any permanent harm
to yourself - however you took this for 3 weeks and that is way
too long - so it is not out of your system yet.

You may want to antidote it, and coffee and chamomille antidotes
colocynthis. Try drinking some coffee,and you can do chamomille
tea ( but no more than 3 cups a day)

I would go to your good homeopath to fix this- antidote if
the above does not work. I would not take the 3 remedies that
the other person told you to take- it is going to confuse
everything. Usually you do one remedy at a time, and can have
cell salts, biochemic with remedies.

The remedies are not 'products' they are medicine, and you have
to know what you are doing and when to stop, what potency
is right etc. They are to simply boost your vital force into clearing
out the problem by itself. When a remedy is the right match,
( matches with your overall state and symptoms) it kicks the
vital force into a higher gear to clear out anything that is similar.

When a remedy starts to have effects on you, good or bad,
you stop taking it otherwise you take too much and get the
opposite effect.

At the top of the forum front page is the alphabet, you can click
C and read on the hundreds of symptoms colocynthis is used for.

This is going to wear off, but try to antidote it, bc it will be
much faster.
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simone717 9 years ago
Hi simone717

Thank you very much for your help, it's really important to me.

I don't drink coffee due to my gastric problems and also because I have anxiety issues which are now worse then ever because of all this situation of uncertainty. I'll try some chamomille tea tomorrow.

How long after taking the 'poison' will the antidote be effective? Is there a specific limit deadline?

I also want to clarify that I'm not sure if it was the homeopathic medicines that triggered these symptoms. It may have been a coincidence...

I should also tell you that the homeopathic compost that I took was not only composed by Colocynthis D6. It also has Dioscorea Villosa D6 and Dulcamara D6.

Then, the other 2 'things' that he sold me and that I also took for 3 weeks are:

- MaxiFlore (a combination of probiotics, prebiotics which facilitate intestinal passage, regenerate intestinal flora and help the body's defence mechanism)

- Inmuneo 12 bb + st (main ingredient is bovine colostrum)

I'm going to try and schedule a visit to my 'good' homeopath and ask for her opinion.

But if you find that any of these medicines may have triggered my symptoms please let me know.

I know I shouldn't but I've been reading a couple of reports here at the forum from people who got serious problems for life after taking some medicines and my anxiety levels are higher than ever :(

On the other hand I still have a bit of hope that all this may have been triggered by anxiety in the first place and that once I correct it all the symptoms can go away. But most likely the anxiety was itself triggered by the very painfull and discomfort symptoms I have...

Thanks again for your time, any further opinions would be very much appreciated.

All good and lots of health!
JackMG 9 years ago
Hi-First you have to get out of your head that you took Poison.
You did not take poison. You took a highly diluted substance that
they sell in the grocery store here.

Remedies can be cancelled out by drinking coffee, doing dental
drilling, having mint, or anything with camphor in it like Vicks, etc.''

the problem with combo remedies is one does not know which one
'worked' or if problem, which one was it.

Remember that the rule is, when you feel something from a remedy-
stop taking it. ( I am not talking about the 12 cell salts here)
Wait. Take more when you go backward, take more when you are
at a plateau, and obviously if no effect or only new symptoms show
up- it is wrong and it will wear off.

Camphor is the universal antidote for all remedies. Your good homeo
can give you some to get rid of this or , give you a dose or 2 of
nux vomica 200c at night which clears out drugs, wrong foods, etc, from
the body. And then you start with a new slate.

Or the homeopath, retakes your case and finds ONE remedy that
covers what is going on with you right now. Does not matter
whether symptoms are from the combo or not - you cover all
symptoms of what is going on at this time.

If that does not work out- put your case on here, bc the start of
this, and what went on, and then what you took etc, all the info
has to be on here to help you.

btw, the probiotics are ok, but you should know that not all probitoics
agree with all people. That is why there is a multitude of brands,
so if you have a lot of cramps other things with this, then switch
brands. Also start very slow- just one dose a day.

Google the other and peoples reactions to the other colostrum -
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simone717 9 years ago
Thanks again simone717

I'll do as you say.

Just tell me about the timing within which an 'antidote' can be effective. Is it 1 month? 2 months? More?

I'm not convinced I took poison. I know it's highly diluted. But I'm afraid that even being highly diluted it was not compatible with me in some way and as I'm a very sensitive person due to my previous condition (gastric problems) I'm afraid it affected me bad.

I have 172cm and I wheight 51kg. I used to be 65kg before 2007, when I was healthy. Since 2007 I can't drink even half a glass of water or else I'll vomit and I'll be with nausea for a couple of days. So I'm that sensitive and that's why even knowing that it was extremelly diluted I'm afraid it can have affected me in a very negative way.

And yes, I stopped taking it the first day I felt strange in my stomach (or intestines, I'm not sure).

Of course I also did not take any more of the probiotics nor the colostrum thing. I stopped with it all.

Unfortunatelly as I said in my first post I was actually feeling aceptably well since last September and I only went to this guy because I thought it was just a food intolerance test (that's what I payed for before going there). But then he sold me these things and I said to me: 'why not...?', as they are natural and all the medicines from my 'good' homeopath had wether a positive effect or a null effect.

Thanks a lot for your time and patience! Kind regards.
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JackMG 9 years ago
Just to add that I already sent an email to my homeopath to schedule a visit to her.

And tomorrow (thursday) I'm going to my gastroenterologist to try and discard other possibilities. I went there 2 weeks ago and he prescribed me 'Esomeprazol' which is doing nothing... So whatever he thought it could be, it isn't..

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JackMG 9 years ago
Hi Jack,

An antidote can work no matter how many months, years
it was you took something.

If you have had antibiotics even in last few years, probiotics
are good to take. You need to take them for around 2 to
3 months to repopulate your gut flora . It is usually good
to find one with 8 strains in it, however often people have
to switch brands to find the one that works with them.

If you do not get good results from your homeopath, put
your case on here.

Good luck to you.

simone717 9 years ago
Thanks Simone717

Got an appointment with my homeopath already scheduled but only for friday of the next week, the 5th of July. The lady is always very busy...

I'll keep you updated. Kind regards.
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JackMG 9 years ago
Hi simone717,

Hi everyone!

Just a little update to say that symptoms persist and it's getting harder and harder to handle them as I'm also getting lots of anxiety and I'm a bit depressed with all the situation.

I don't know if it was the Colocynthis, the Discorea Villosa or Dulcamara but I'm sure some sort of incompatibility between one of this medicines and me or my specific previous situation because I never had any of these symptoms before.

Although I feel discomfort everywhere from my intestines to my lungs, the center of the discomfort/pain is in the zone above the navel. That zone is always a bit inflated, something that never happened to me before using these medicines, even after eating a lot of food.

Could Dulcamara or Discorea Villosa have this effect in a previously sensitive stomach/intestines?

Simone717: I've tried your tip to antidote the Colocynthis and have been drinking a couple of Chamomille teas everyday, but with no results so far.

Wether I need a more powerfull antidote or maybe the problem was not the Colocynthis but one of the other 2 (Discorea Villosa or Dulcamara).

Or there's also the chance that it's not a poisoning related symptomatology but simply something that was supposed to have a positive effect on my condition but for some reason it had a very negative effect..

Any help would be much appreciated.

I'll visit my previous homeopath with which I had good results next Friday but it's being really hard to deal with this right now since as the days keep passing by it seems to me like it can be a chronic situation from which I'll never get rid of :(

Thanks! Kind regards,

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JackMG 9 years ago
Hi Jack,

What country are you in? Availability of remedies and
potencies is different everywhere, that is why I ask.

Since you are going to go to your homeopath, your
entire case cannot be put on here, bc you need to
follow one person.

If it was me, I would try some Nux vomica bc that is
a remedy that clears out overdoing anything, and
helps a lot of gut problems. Many homeopaths use
this when people have had too many drugs, remedies
etc to clear the slate to start new treatment.

If possible I would get Nux vomica 200c in liquid.
and put 2 drops into a quarter cup of water and take
it before bed. Then another dose in the morning and one
more that evening. If you cannot get 200c get 30c.
If you cannot get liquid stir up 2 pellets in the water
till dissolved and use that. See if you get some relief.
simone717 9 years ago
Hi Simone717

Thanks again for you reply.

The potency of the remedy was of 'D6' (a concentration of 'D6'). I think it is an universal measure for potency but anyway I'm living in Portugal.

I remember that a couple of years ago my good homeopath gave me Nux Vomica, so probably she will give that to me again this time and I know that at least it will not have any undesirable effect since it will not be the first time I'll take it.

Let me share some pictures of the remedy (Colocynthis D6, Discorea Villosa D6 and Dulcamara D6).

We'll keep in touch, thanks again for all your help and support.


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JackMG 9 years ago
Only 1 pic per post allowed, so...

Here's the second pic:

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

JackMG 9 years ago
...and the third pic:

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

JackMG 9 years ago
Hi Jack,

that is why I asked where you were. bc D potency is a Europe
potency that Here in USA is a X potency ( same thing)

Higher potencies are hard to get in USA- anyway you saw my
suggestion on the 200 c nux vomica, that is used a lot
for clearing out things. Everyone doses a bit differently.
simone717 9 years ago
Hi Simone!

But I can consider the D6 dose from my medicine a very reduced dose, right?

Like really very diluted and not comparable to half a tea spoon of a powder solution?

Thanks and kind regards,

JackMG 9 years ago
Yes it is a very low potency-

You do not have to worry that a powder
of D6 is going to be More of an impact
than 2 pills or tabs of D6. It is the
potency that counts.
simone717 9 years ago
Hi Simone717

Hi everyone!

Hope you're well Simone ;)

So, I'm now going to the appointment with my homeopath and I'm trying to list a few things that I would like to ask her. She's very good in what she does and she usually has a lot of time for the patients so I know I'll be there with her at leat for 1 hour and she will also make a lot of questions to me.

I wanted to ask you if there is anything that you think I should ask her about.

What do you think?

I will ask her lots of things, of course, but the main questions will be:

1 - [again] If she thinks that any of these 3 plant 'extracts' could have triggered my symptoms or if she thinks that it was probably just a coincidence.

2 - If she has something that I can use (maybe the Nux Vomica) to 'antidote' the effects just in case I'm really affected by anything present in that combination I took.

3 - If even being very low in potency (as you already confirmed) there's any chance that I didn't got 'poisoned' at all but the effect that the 'extract' combination I took turned out to have a negative effect instead of the positive effect that it was supposed to have.

So, these are my main questions and the main reason I'm going to visit my homeopath. I know she will give me some other medicines for me to try but I'm not sure if this is the right moment to try them since I'm also taking 'pharmacy drugs' (Esomeprazole, a proton pump inhibitor; and a Levocetirizine, a antihistamine).

I may accept what she gives to me but maybe I'll only start with it in a few weeks.

So, if there's anything that you think it's important that I ask her or if you have any other suggestion I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks a lot for all the time and help.

JackMG 9 years ago
Dear Jack,

From what I can understand of your entire thread, you are now on
acid reflux medicine ( 2 kinds) which seems to have only showed up
after you took those 3 other medicines.

And you are on a antihistamine which means you have some type of allergy problem.
And I assume this did not show up after the other 3 remedies but you already had it.

So-she has to clear out the effects of why you are now on acid reflux. And have
the pressure on above the navel from those things. You want to be off
those drugs asap-and I would think the nux vomica and whatever else she wants
to give you to clear the reflux out should work within days.

That is the Number one issue to get handled. It does not matter about 'what'
those things did- they altered your ph-acidity and that has to be handled first.
That should not be that hard, it is similar to eating a bad meal or getting a short
term allopathic drug that did not agree with you.

After that is cleared and you are in a normal state again- then you go for the
antihistamine- allergy. Allergies are your immune system over- reacting and that
is more of a overall totality of you boosting back up the immune system and that one
can take a bit of time.

So tell her that you want this acid reflux treated like an acute problem-bc that is
really what it is. If you can't get relief on that one from her right away-
then come on here and get it handled.
simone717 9 years ago
Thanks Simone!

About the 2 medicines (for acid reflux and allergies) here's more info:

I only started with them after the symptoms for which I created this thread started.

Esomeprazole: I visited my gastroenterologist first by the 11th of June. He gave me these pills to try. I've tried them and I found no difference at all. Then I visited my gastroenterologist 2nd time the 27th of June, told him that it was not working but he said that I should finish at least 6 weeks of treatment with this medicine because although I feel not better with them, they may help me to deal with this phase...

Levocetirizine: my nausea and vomiting previous condition (from 2006 to Sep. 2012 hard on me; and since Sep. 2012 softer) was once 'softened' by taking Aerius (other antihistamine) in 2010. But after one month of using it I started to have hart arritmies or palpitations and I decided to stop it. Since then I never took antihistamines again. Now that I'm having all this trouble (worst time ever) I decided to give them a try again and asked my gastroenterologist for some of these pills when I visited him by the 27th of June.

After taking 5 pills I can say I actually got better, but not satisfactory well, and could be coincidence. I think part of my discomfort is allergy related but not the whole discomfort, or else the antihistamine can't do miracles and it only helps to a specific extent.

Thanks again for your helpful post. Kind regards,

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JackMG 9 years ago
Hi Simone717

So, I've been with my homeopath a couple of days ago, we spoke for 80 minutes...

She helped me a lot by explaining (and confirming what you told me before) that the dosage I took from Colocynthis, D. Villosa and Dulcamara is a very low dosage and could never be the origin of my symptoms. She also told me that this is a very used medicine around here and that nobody gets any adverse effects from it. She even told me that when she gives this to her patients she even give it more concentrated, a higher dosage.

She said this is given to patients with colics (bowel pain) but she never gives the patients the same dosage I took as it would only have an effect one week later and with bowel pain you need instant relief, not one week later. So she thinks this was not a good medicine for me in the first place.

Of course I'm not going to write here everything that we spoke about during the 80 minutes, no one would read me, hehehe, but let me just tell you what she gave me for me to try:

(Her handwriting is very hard to understand, so this is the best I can understand from what she wrote in the packages where the small white balls are)

Between ()'s is what I'm not sure about...

1 - Tubercul(ian) (c1000) - just one day, 3 balls

2 - Senna - 2 days, 3 balls in the water

3 - Sulfur C30

4 - Sili(cer) (c1000), one day, 3 balls

5 - Cmina (or China) c30, 2 days, 3 balls in the water

6 - Ign(oria) c200 - one day, 3 balls in the water

7 - Nux Vomica c200, everyday before sleeping

That's pretty much it. Now I will wait for about 10 days because that's when I already have my exam results and that's when I will have already finished my 'treatment' with Esomeprazole. Then I will give a try to the medicines she gave me.

And just a little update in my situation. I've been much worse between the 5th and the 30th of June. Since then I'm a bit better, the 'illness' is still in me and the symptoms persist, but it's a bit softer now. I'm yet far from my 'normal'. But I hope it keeps improving.

The positive change after the 30th of June was, in my opinion, due to the anti-histamine that I'm taking.

Tomorrow I'll have my results on the abdominal ultrasound and the chest radiography. And I'll have the results of the blood tests next tuesday.

Thanks for being around. Kind regards,

JackMG 9 years ago
Ok Jack. I know you are going to be fine. Wishing you
the best on your exam results.

Take care,

simone717 9 years ago
Hi Simone717

I'd like to ask your opinion on this:

I want to start the treatment that my homeopath gave me. But I'm taking anti-histamine pills (levocetirizine, 1 per day). Do you think it's ok to do the homeopath treatment while taking the anti-histamine or is it necessary to stop taking it while I do the treatment?

I already have the results of my exams and analysis. I was diagnosed with eosinophilia (got 11% eosinophils count when normal values range from 1 to 4%).

But eosinophilia itself is not a condition. It is a sign that something is wrong, usually a response of the body to allergies. Maybe a food allergy as if the symptoms I have are from the eosinophilia and I have intestinal pains, then it's probably from food and not from particles in the air.

Anyway I'm planing to visit a specialist in allergies and the immune system, but first I'll visit my gastroenterologist next week to see if he has any suggestions now that I already have the exams results.

Update in my situation: I felt a bit better from the begining of the month until yesterday. It all came back now and I've been having a lot of pain, vomiting, with nausea all day, no energy, anxiety came back and it's a bit hard to eat. The wheight I gained in 2 weeks is lost in 2 days :(

Thanks for being around. Kind regards.

JackMG 9 years ago
Hi Jack,

The most common allergies are dairy and wheat. Don't know if
you have tried eliminating lets say dairy, out of your system
for two weeks and see how you feel. Keeping a food diary is a
good idea to identify things.

Allergies are the immune system out of balance. Many people
have the dairy allergies and I have not seen a lot of homeopathic
treatments fix that one. If you think about dairy and how
large cows are etc it makes sense that many people cannot
tolerate that. I don't think it is the same for wheat and grains bc
humans have been eating that forever.

On your question, you need to ask your homeopath. Some
would say it is ok to take the medicine and see how you do
on remedies and then gradually ease off it. Some will say
you need to stop it. You need to discuss with her what her
opinion is on this.

On your gastro dr. I don't think they know what to do with
allergies. It is a good idea to get allergy tested to get the
facts here and know what to avoid until you are well.

However, remember the homeopathy is to get your immune
system working at a healthy level, and this is what stops
the allergies-this is the big picture that the homeopath is
going for.
simone717 9 years ago
Hi Simone717

Very nice to speak with you again.

About wheat and grains I think I'm tolerant because I was tested for celiac disease in the blood tests that I got the results yesterday and it came out negative. I know there are false negatives but I really kind of doubt I'm intolerant to gluten.

About dairy products that is a possibility. I'm not a milk drinker, it's very rare really, I'd say I drink something like 5 litres (1 gallon) per year, that's like 1 or 2 glasses per month.

But I eat cheese, pastries that have milk in the ingredients, an iogurt once in a while and some other foods with dairy in its ingredients.

You say 2 weeks dairy free? Yes, I could try that, I'll just have to decide if I do that before I visit an allergy specialist or if only after.

Anyway of course I'm not sure if the high eosinophil count is the responsible for the symptoms I'm dealing with. And so my goal right now is to lower the count to normal levels so that I can realize if I feel better or not.

My exams and blood tests all turned out to be ok except for the eosinophil count. And I understand why it's all ok with me, I actually feel great except the symptoms I mention, which on the other hand are really very debilitating. I sometimes feel so bad that I can't believe my body can hang that situation. I feel like I'm dying but my body can handle that, so I must be very healthy except for this (huge) problem...

I know this may be a stupid thing to say, but that's how I feel. It just feels like I'm fine but there's something in my body that is poisoning me and this fits the chance of a food intolerance or allergy.

I just sent an email to my homeopath asking for her opinion about taking the anti histamine while taking her treatment.

Thanks again for being around and for all your help and support.

Kind regards,

JackMG 9 years ago

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