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Itchy legs

Itching started in February. Worse on both ankles. Kept scratching during the night time and broke open skin. It's been 5 month now and skin has not healed properly. It is scaly in nature with areas of open sores and skin is raised in a circumscribed patch on top of both ankles. Now itching is worse and has spread to calves and up to thighs. There are little raised bumps all over both legs.
Concerned now that itching has increased and affected area on ankles is not healing.

I am 28, 5'7, 145 lbs
No thyroid or blood sugar

Digestion issues include gas especially I I have not eaten in some time and the gas buildup cause my stomach to hurt which is relieved once I eat and relieve the gas.

Bowel movement one to two times a day

I dont feel excessively thirsty.

I sleep 7 to 8 hrs a nite

Stress minimal until now with all this itching

Periods normal flow monthly lasting 3 to 4 days

Mood is calm and relaxed until now. Can't focus on anythin but my skin

Exercise everyday either walk run or cross training class

Started a more alkaline diet in past month. No processed foods. Eat veggies and lentils. Bought a nutri bullet and make smoothies 3 times a week. Breakfast hot water and lemon homemade waffles made of whole wheat flour flax seed flour and other good ingredients. Lunch salad, lentil and rice, fruit. Dinner vegetable dish

No itching anywhere else so I can't be allergice to the soap or bedsheets or clothing

Just took rustox 30c today
  Sdewani on 2013-06-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Any change after rhus tox
akshaymohl last decade
No change. Still itchy legs and the affected area on ankles looks the same. Actually There's been slight oozing of a liquid and when I wipe off with a tissue it's light yellow in color. The oozing started yesterday and I put on an antibiotic ointment. Come to think of it I wonder if I see no change after taking rustox if it's because I used that antiobiotics ointment.
Sdewani last decade
any other medical problem.
faisal qureshi last decade
No other problems. This is the first major health issue I have had
Sdewani last decade
My right leg now has a visible red rash. Traveling up from the infected area on my ankle to my knee are red bumps that are itchy
Sdewani last decade
Graphites 30 one dose daily for three days and then start cal sulph 6x 4 tabs one dose daily for 7 days
akshaymohl last decade
Thank you for the information. I don't have that remedy. I will take it once I order and receive it. I went to a dermatologist yesterday and this is what he gave me. Steroid cream (super high strength) and Claritin for anti itch. I am not inclined to use either. For the red pimple like bumps that were radiating up my leg the dermatologist thinks its an effect from waxing. I am not sure if this is true as I have waxed before and no problems and it is not all over my leg. But since I have that patch on my ankle that isn't healing maybe my whole leg system is messed up and the body I responding that way? I did more research and I think the red bumps could be folliculitis as it matches the description

I am taking rustox still. It hasn't really helped with te itching. I just bought some aveeno lotion. So I have been putting that on and Aloe Vera. Helps a little bit and then Itching comes bak. I am useless because of this itch!
Sdewani last decade
This is actually what happened. Original issue were two eczema patches on tops of both ankles. I took Rhus tox 30c and the next day I had red itchy bumps that spread up my leg to rite below the knee. The thing is at the time I didnt realize it was bc of rhus tox. I actually thought my leg was infected. So I took rhus tox 30c for two days and then the third day I took sulphur 30c. The following week my right leg broke out into multiple vesicular eruptions. That is web I decided to see a homeopath who prescribed me rhus tox 6c. I tend to be cold and so he thought the sulphur might have exacerbated the situation.

My question is wen I asked him if he thought my red pimply rash was the body's way of healing itself he said that your not supposed to be worse then what you started off as and that it's a misconception in the homeopath community that things are supposed to get worse before they get better. That didn't sit well with me and wanted to know what everyone thought. I ended up taking one pellet of 6c and rash started getting better and the vesicles deflated over the following week. But now three weeks later my right leg has some red skin eruptions. I don't want to go back to that homeopath. I was researching and I found out that i am a calcarea carbonica personality which seems to fit the whole eczema thing but I am not sure if I should treat my constitution first, my eczema or these red eruptions. It's really hard to find an Experienced homeopath around where I live. :/
Sdewani last decade
Actually your homeopath with the 6c was correct.

When you give a remedy exactly right, right potency, right dose,
right amount of doses it matches perfectly and you do not have
to have an aggravation at all. So he did a good job.

Often times things go in layers. You treat what is bothering you
the most at the time.

So an example is- a person 's main remedy is Cal Carb, but they
have fallen down some stairs- they need Arnica for this not
Cal Carb.

I would go back to your homeopath and get the eruptions treated
and then go onto eczema- Remedies are based on your current
symptoms and matching your current symptoms correctly.

Eczema is a longer treatment and can take some months depending
on how long you have had it and how long you have suppressed it.
If you have a good homeopath who has treated eczema before you
could have some minor aggravation- if you have an inexperienced
homeopath you could have the remedy right but wrong potency and
have major aggravation.
simone717 last decade
Thank you Simone for your detailed reply. It makes sense. One follow up question, when would a constitutional remedy be given to a person? If homeopathy treats in layers and you treat all the layers using different remedies and your good as new then where does a constitutional remedy fit in? I think te question im driving it is Is a constitutional remedy given if a person is otherwise healthy to keep them systematically in balance?
Sdewani last decade
I think the answer to your last question is No.

You treat someone if they relapse. And if
they relapse you still have to look at the symptoms
showing up and see what is indicated.

Remember that homeopathy meds are ..
'medicines' and medicines are for when you are
ill. Not well. People also start identifying with a
medicine as their constitutional remedy as if
they are that medicine, like you would an astrological
sign. You are much more than a medicine.

On the other as far as layers, it is a complicated
subject and you can read on interviews with
robin Murphy with Elaine Lewis on Hpathy on his
take on the matter. He calls himself a Clinical
homeopath and goes for what is presented at
the time and on from there.

If people do not have a lot of pathology and have
a very good homeopath, sometimes the one
remedy can cover all of the things going on,bc
it is such a good match. But there are other
homeopaths not so good at this approach and have
people trying to find the magic bullet for years
and years -I have seen a lot of people with Lyme
disease just get turned away by classical homeopaths,
bc they know one remedy is not going to
heal the Lyme disease. Several remedies and
close supervision by a talented, open minded
homeopath can heal the Lyme disease.

Just google, Homeopathic CURED cases of whatever and you will start to
see the different approaches and who is a good healer.
simone717 last decade

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