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Eye disease (Retinitis Pigmentosa)

Dear Sir,

I am new to this forum and am really impressed about the way how homeopathic advices are given.
According to the rules of this forum and Homeopathy I will describe my disease and it’s symptoms below in full detail. My purpose of this post is to seek expert advice on Homeopathic treatment for my disease/symptoms.

My name is Arif Munaf and I am student of Software Engineering (Bachelors) at The Hague University in the Netherlands. I am a Pakistani Dutch. Borin in The Netherlands, but my parents background is from Pakistan.

I was born on 2 July 1989 and it was a premature birth (some 4 weeks early). According to my parents I have had a difficult start. I was unable to obtain nutrition by mouth, so for a quite long period I was being fed by a feeding tube. Back then I was treated with Homeopathic remedies and got rid of the feeding tube.
The Homepathic medicines were the following:

1) Kali Phosphoricum
2) Ferrum Phosphoricum
3) Calcium Phosphoricum
4) Silicea

All were treated in low potency. I do not know the exact dosage.

At the age of 3 / 4 the doctors discovered that my eyesight is poor and am suffering from hearing loss. Since then I have been using hearing aids to compensate the hearing loss. Both ears have an average loss of 60 decibels. The average loss has not improved or decreased since 1993, so it has stayed stable so far.

In 1992 and 1995 I was operated, because of Strabismus in both eyes. The muscles in the eyes have a lack of coordination so the eyes are not perfectly aligned with each other. And I am still suffering of this. Whenever I watch with the left eye, the right eye’s direction is slightly to the outside. The same goes for when watching with the right eye.

In 2001 I had a heart surgery because of Atrial Septal Defect. This was treated by placing the Amplatzer Occluder device within the heart. Since then my physical body has been strong and stable. Before the operation I used to feel weakness and quick tireness.

In 2007 I was told that I have a genetic eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa, a set of visual impairments. And told me that there is no cure at the moment. Back then I did not realize that I am really suffering although I had difficulties to see with a limited peripheral vision. Watching the left / right / up / down sides are hard for me. I am suffering from tunnel vision.

The years went by and I continued to study without any worries. In 2010 I started to notice some other symptoms and they are becoming great hurdles in my study life. The biggest problem that I experience is whenever I come from a lighted area and enter an area that is not lighted enough, I cannot adjust to the environment quickly enough. I do not see objects clearly enough and all seems dark for me. I have to wait some at least 5 minutes before the eyes are adjusted to the environment.
I have great difficulty walking at night. And it seems that night blindness is increasing.
When I bicycle at night and I see cars coming from the front with their headlights on. But I just cannot stand their lights and all becomes blind for a second. I feel pain when there is glare from the sun.

Vision is becoming blurry and my eye stamina is decreasing too. I feel quickly tired because of the eyes.

Recently in July 2013 the doctors found out that I am also suffering from Keratoconus. The structure of the cornea has changed to a more conical shape than the normal gradual curve. This has caused to extreme blurriness in my vision. And nothing helps me anymore. The eye glasses and/or contact lenses do not offer any sufficient compensation any more.

My left eye is still strong and I am still using the computer with that eye. But the Keratoconus has increased too. The right eye has never developed itself since 1994. So it remained my weak eye and I almost never use it.

At daylight I see a strange tiny black particle wandering around my eye for a few seconds. And I do see strange dancing patterns at daylight for a few seconds.
At night when I close my eyes trying to sleep, the same happens too. Strange patterns.

I have still 3 years to go to finish my Bachelor study. And I really want to finish it without any hurdles now. The main obstacles that I am experiencing from my eye disease are:

1) Increasing night blindness
2) Slow adjustment from light to dark environments
3) Aversion to glare
4) Increasing blurriness in vision and eye glasses and or contact lenses do not offer any help anymore
5) Quick tiredness of the eyes

I do use Vidisic Eye Gel drops to prevent the dryness of my corneas. The eye drops give relaxation to eyes. I use them 9 to 10x times a day.

One year back I sought Homeopathic advice from someone and he did gave me some medicines. But apparently he used to mix them himself and never told me what the names were. So I was quite disappointed from him and stopped using the medicines he gave. He did mention one time Phosphorus and Physostigma.

A month back I bought Phosphorus D30 at a local pharmacy store and used it 3x times a day for 2 weeks long. It did increase some stamina in my eyes and the adjustment of dark/light environments improved a little bit. But I do not know If I did the right thing.

That is why I have come here on this forum to seek expert advice.

Thank you very much.

Arif Munaf
( The Netherlands )
  arifm on 2013-08-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Phosphorous 30 three times daily for 7 days then three times a week then tqice a week then weekly dose pl also do palming by rubbing your palm and then cap the eyes with palm .ten twenty times at the time of sleepruta 200 weekly dose .pll use neurobian forte one tab daily twice after meak
akshaymohl 7 years ago
Akshay, Thank you very much.
But can you explain me about the potency? Because here in the Netherlands they have D, C, M potencies.

Which one should I get for

Phosphorus 30 and Ruta 200 ?

Should I get these in dilutions or granules?
arifm 7 years ago
30c and 200 c
akshaymohl 7 years ago
If dil 2 drops in two table spoon as one dose and if pellets pl take 8 globules
akshaymohl 7 years ago
Thank you very much, Akshay.

I have ordered the medicines and will go and get them tommorow.

In what time should I give you feedback? After one week?

I forgot to mention that I am now using at the moment:

Lycopodium D6 daily 4x and Phosphorus D6 daily 4x.
What should I do with them? Stop them or lower the dosage?
arifm 7 years ago
Pl continue till you get the med and report after one month
akshaymohl 7 years ago
I went today to the local pharmacy where I ordered the medicines, but they told me they had some issues of delivery/factory etc.

So I decided to cancel the order. Instead of searching another local pharmacy I went to the website of Dr Reckeweg India, Dr.Roshanlal Aggarwal & Sons Pvt.Ltd. And saw they send homeopathic medicines outside of India.

So there I've ordered the Phosphorus 30 and Ruta G 200 in dilutions form.
And I hope I will get them in 15 to 25 days.

Till then I will keep using Phosphorus D6 and Lycopodium D6 as you suggested.

Neurobion Forte is nowhere to be found in The Netherlands, so I decided to buy the following:

Vitamin B-100 Complex pills containing all Vitamin B's including B1, B6 and B12. Potency/Dosage is 100 mg. Please tell me if this is a good alternative?

I have blank pellets (globules) in home, and I do prefer to take globules.

My question is how much drops should I administer on how many globules?

Normally I fill the vial almost (80%) full with globules, and then I administer 10 to 20 drops in it. Then I shake it many times to make it ready for use.
arifm 7 years ago
Whatever you explained is correct method and vitamin tab is also right pl continue and report
akshaymohl 7 years ago
Dear Akshaymohl,

I've been using the meds for over a month now according to your prescription.

The results are the following:

1) Stamina in both eyes have increased.
2) In the first two weeks the adjustment to dark/light environment was better, than it decreased rapidly.
3) Color perception in right eye is different than that of left eye, I see more colours with right eye, however this is my weakest eye in sharpness.
4) Night blindness is increasing I think in the left eye.
5) Some parts of the body where I used to feel some weakness or pain has almost gone.

Akshaymohl, Keratoconus is becoming more intense in both eyes and the eye sharpness is almost to impossible for correction by eyeglasses. Even with special contactlenses it is difficult.

The vision is becoming more blurry. My request if you can prescribe me for this issue?

I am still using palming and that helps to relax the eyes.
[message edited by arifm on Mon, 14 Oct 2013 12:51:03 BST]
arifm 7 years ago
Pl continue with some gap of 7days
akshaymohl 7 years ago
You mean Ruta 200 and Phosphorus 30 once a week ?
arifm 7 years ago
akshaymohl 7 years ago
this is a genetic disease , most failure case in all pathy. recenty i recover lost eye vison from macular degeneration,retinal haemorrages,GLUCOMA, Dibetic retinopathy, still I HAVE A 4 NO. OF Retinitis pigmentosa.. IT IS UNDER OBSERVAITION..

YOU CAN visit in you tube by searching deoshlok eye

dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok 7 years ago

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