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Why I believe this method is the most powerful there is to heal diseases and injury

Hi I am a retired lawyer living in Santa Barbara, Calfironia. I have a unique factor in my blood partially characterized in the US at various institutions , mainly the VA Hospital In Loma Linda California and a large biotech firm previously called Chiron, and not active in any assays at Genentech Corp, Harvard, and other Universities, that allows me to know when my immunity is being stimulated and by how much due to my muscles contracting to the same degree ast my immunity is being stimulated. . Through this I was able to find out new ways to stimulate my immunity that I also found increased my healing ability in all areas and the functioning of evidently every cell and organ in my body. Eastern practices called this overall bodily benefit from certain practices ' chi' or 'life force', and stimulated in the way I will describe is by far the most powerful way to heal diseases and injuries, it is free and simple and was with us almost from the beginning of man, its just that we didnt realize it. I believe this method will work for every person on the planet, , that is, that we all will have the gene in us , everyone who ever lived did this continually in the womb for long periods , and if done right works on virtually everyone who tries it.

All you have to do is to duplicate any of the most common hand positions of the fetus in the womb and as you will see there is a very simpler way to duplicate those positions other than the tedious way of holding ones hands up that in will desribe below. . Forty of us have tried it for various diseases and injuries. A cold is cured in an average time of 2 hours. Regarding bacterial infections, I tested this method against antibiotics prescribed for the same thing and this method was much superior, much faster in healing it. All 3 people who tried it for autoimmune disease went into full remission , 2 cases of ulcerative colitis and one of probable multiple sclerosis, overnight for the UC and in a few days for the MS. My lifelong problem with depression disappeared completely and permanently if I continue treating, in one day, except for two episodes in 13 years of extreme losses causing intense grief for awhile. . Injuries heal at least 3 times faster. Old injuries that had stopped healing further for years and were chronic partially healed further, including brain damage and vocal chord injury, Hay fever allergy reduced 75 percent in 5 people in 15 minutes, and 100 percent relieved in another for the first time in 20 years for the one who tried it longer. Faster ,deeper, longer sleep with more vivid dreaming, increased sexual pleasure instantly, influenza or similar body ache high fever type viruses cured within an hour in me every year i get it, at least ten of them, same for food poisoning. My mother regrew the bone in her hip that had disappeared (resorbed) around her artificial hip implant, leaving her crippled, enabling her to play golf. in several months which I have been told has never happened in a human before,to regrow that lost bone in one of those cases.

It has a mild antianxiety and calming effect felt by almost everyone, placing the thumb or other finger in the center of the lips and touching both lips (or 'sucking' the thumb) creates this antianxiety and calming effect even more , and in medical studies it was shown thumb sucking creates endorphins, and creating more endorphins in addition to aiding in pain relief, may help an alcoholic to avoid taking that first drink, since it has been shown in about four medical journal studies that alcoholics have a deficiency of endorphins in their brains Another spectacular success was I had what I believe was, which is backed up by at least 5 studies I read, classic Chronis Fatigue Syndrome in which the immune system stays on at maximum stimulation for no reason leading to all the classic symptoms of CFS, , which it never does in me when I dont have CFS, and in more than one bout of this, a year apart even , I was able to fully cure it with this method if done in the most precisely perfect way to perfectly recreate the conditions this evolved under , which I can explain,so I would bet it will able to eliminate CFS as a disease in humans, among a number of other benefits from doing this and diseases successfully treated. I will post a complete list of things this has been tried on in another post, most with unprecedented results.

Extrapolating from these results and from the power and speed of healing of this method it seems to me that this method would cure virtually all cases of osteoporosis, heal virtually all infections disease in the world rapidly, with the exception of those that hide from the immune system like listeria infections, , and there arent many of those, and for AIDs a researcher at the US National Institute of Health told me one would have to combine an immune stimulant with an antiviral to make sure it didnt stimulate the immune cells to make more virus.

Further, this method would be the method of choice to heal injuries, make all autoimmune diseases symtomless, including ALS, MS, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis, etc, put an end to depression in a great many people, abolish CFS as a disease in humans, as I said, . IT does not work for everything, it will not regrow carlilege that has completely disappeared from between the joints,causing osteoarthritis, although no one has ever tried, but it will reduce the inflammation some because that is another one of its benefits. This would be because there is no gene that can be triggered by this method for regrowing cartliege, so I read. It will not reverse an enlarged prostate.. To give two examples.

The fetus in the womb always holds his hands above his waist, usually upper chest or shoulder high, or often sucks his thumb. So if one merely puts his hands near his chin, or clavicle or shoulder, in any way that is comfortable, even if he wants to rest his elbow on something, holds his hand still , ONE HAND IS FINE, no need for both, with nothing in his hand, sit, stand , or even walk that way,, that sets off in two seconds this powerful healing action in the body. Holding his hand (hands) in those positions for millions of years in the womb must have formed a gene that is now triggered when we do this. Note that the healing practices of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Falun Gong and yoga make use of having the hands up (or in yoga mostly even if bending over the hands are in the proximity of the upper part of the body, all of them most of the time most of the time which is the sole reason they work at all in my opinion, but they make the mistake of keeping the hands in motion which lessens the effect I have found, not doing the practice long enough at a time, and they dont always assume the ideal position for maximum heallng. As stated above I am able to notice in a few seconds how strongly each position stimulates my immunity i due to the factor in my blood. IF lying down one would rest his hand on his upper chest, curling his fingers into a loose fist, because if you rest your entire palm o your chest it lessens the effect for some reason . I have never seen a photo of fetus touching his torso. You would have to sleep on your back to do this because if one lays on his side the hand slides over past the midline which a fetus rarely does

Note that I have tried many , many other alternative healing techniques. ALmost all of them did stimulate my immunity , to various degrees. None, repeat none of the other known techniques for doing so continued to do so after a brief time, usually less than an hour, diminishing steadily over that hour in most cases. To repeat the effect I had to wait long periods of time to renew full effect, even weeks for some things.

This fetal method never conks out, even after a decade of use. The obvious reason is that this method evolved because we did the same thing over and over for millions of years and a benefit to doing so evolved. With the others we have no historic familiarity over extremely long periods to have evolved a gene for aiding us in our survival , triggered by us doing them now. By the way I have noticed several other ways of creating this same lasting result, although to a less degree of strength, being at the seashore right next to the we area where each wave is drying after being deposited on the shore sand or rock, for two reasons I can describe later, or simply by breathing the negative ions from plants, some better than others, if the area is plant dense enough, or if we put our noses right next to the plant, again some plants dont work well at all, some do, I assume it depends on how close the plant type is to the plants we evolved around for the longest time , in Africa.. Maybe you have noticed the lift you get doing either of those two other methods. Note that both would have been experienced to a great extent over human history. Note waves create negative oxygen ions too when they crash on the shore. They also exist in caves where we spent a lot of time during our evolution.

Luckily there is an easier way to achieve the identical effect. The fetus must have explored his ear with his finger because if I put my finger in my ear so it is in all the way so that it touches that inner wall next to the ear canal, it causes the same effect of the other fetal hand positions. And luckily there is one and only one object I have ever found that can fool the body into thinking its a finger and thus get it to respond, cotton from a cotton ball, which now has to be organic because the cotton probably in most countries and for sure in the US, that goes into the cotton balls, is now genetically modified (GMO) which does not fool the body into thinking , so to speak, its a finger of the person. I can explain why I think its able to replace the finger and fool us. Conventional cotton used to work, but not todays GMO cotton balls so you have to buy ORGANIC cotton balls. It must say this on the front of the package.

For more than half of the forty or so people who have used this method successfully, the cotton ball method was used. We merely tore off a piece of cotton from an organic cotton ball and roll it into a ball the size slightly smaller than a marble so that it fits snugly in the inner ear chamber next to the ear canal, where an earplug for noise is placed but not so big as to be uncomfortable after worn for at least 15 minutes. The size of a pea would definitely be too small to have any effect. We tap it a few times gently, dont jam it in there hard, until it stops going in any farther because it is touching that inner wall next to the ear canal., thus duplicating a finger doing so. It can tend to come lose in some people due to moving around, so keep checking to see if it is still in place because it wont work unless its touching that inner wall. If you sleep with it it will probably come loose it you sleep on that side. If you wake up in the night tap it gently a few times to make sure it hasnt worked loose. Thats all there is to it.

In addition it is very important to follow the following instructions for things that must be avoided or this will not work or with some of these things it may only work slightly or mildly or at least not to the maximum possible. The big one is that no method for stimulating my immunity has ever worked at all in me after being exposed for at least five minutes and thereafter as long as I continue within range, closely enough, to many types of electronic devices. We did not evolve around that type of radiation, it is not natural, and as suggested to me by a Professor of Immunology , what must be happening is that radiation is not stimulating the regulatory cells of the immune system well enough to keep up with the now highly stimulated attacking cells that exposure to any kind of radiation except microwave causes I can attest, , and thus there is a risk of an autoimmune reaction so the immune cells 'refuse' to be stimulated any longer to prevent that from happening.

Although how close one must be to the electronic device will vary to some degree I assume in various people, in me the distances are if within roughly 17 feet in flat screened tv's, 15 feet of any computer equipment, 4 feet of the particular modern radio I own, and 5 feet , maybe 4 feet for some, of a non flat screened tv set, and 2 or 3 feet of a cell phone. There may be others that I have not tested, not sure how far from a mobile phone. Seated in about half the modern cars I have sat in will stop this from working too, due to the computer chips. While seated in the front seat at least. The farther you are the better from an electric power line , those running alongside each street, the ones to your house are ok because they carry much less electricity.The effect of this method is abolished if I am within say ten yards or meters of one. These distances I am listing must be from ALL parts of the body, even the feet, I have found. Note that the large distance I am listing for flat screened tvs and perhaps computer equipment, cause a special problem because those in the next room or next apartment may be close enough when on to abolish the effects of this method. Unbeknownst to me the family in the adjoining apartment to me bought one and for two weeks I got a sore throat virus I was not able to treat as I had all the others I get and I get a lot of them since I had my tonsils out, until I finally figured out what the problem was and moved farther away. and later by blocking that radiation as described below.

IF you want to prove to yourself what I am saying, look at people eyes when they have been using a computer for at least five minutes or so like in a row in a library and you will notice a telltale drawn look to the eyes as if they are somewhat exhaustd, that is not there after they walk away far enough for a few seconds or more. You wll feel the down shift in energy too if you pay attention when you first start using an electronic device that day , at perhaps the five minute mark give or take a few minutes. This modern electromagnetic radiation effects the immune system and my other healing enhancement from this method also disappears as well as any improved functioning of seemingly all parts of my body, in other words this radiation abolishes the whole so called 'chi' response. and in fact suppresses to some extent my immune system and even affects our brain transmitter activity adversely too, depression has been found to be significantly more likely in those using a computer for long periods each day in a large study I read. My friend and I became unalterably extremely depressed when living in a hotel room about ten feet from an electric power line which was remedied by moving out. Note too that the artificial lighting from many type of the newer type bulbs like LED and Fluorescent light bulbs, as opposed to the more natural light from an old type incandescent bulb , can make some people depressed, I have been wth 2 of them, and they suppress immunity to some degree I have noticed. I despise the nerve jangling effect of some types of fluorescent light. The old fashioned incandescent bult I am told matches that of the sun more than the newer lighting, which is of course what our genes prefer.

I have learned to eliminate this as a problem with a method, but I dont know if anyone else can as I do have a bit of 'ability' in the use of my mind , intent, in this and other areas, I can black , stop it from affecting me at all, any kind of electromagnetic radiation from an electronic device, , except from a cell phone which is microwave radiation by simply intending, stating with intent, WHILE I am exposed to the device, 'I am blocking the radiation from this (fill in the blank)? I can block the whole room full of devices and even the ones coming from outside the room like from power lines or the neighbors flat screen by saying with intent, 'I am blocking all the electronic radiation in this room', Make sure to include the word 'electronic' before the word radiation so as to not block beneficial cosmic rays and other natural radiation which is necessary for good health according to studies I have read. I tend to doubt this will work for most others but I really dont know the percentage of people who can do this successfully because to my knowlege no one has ever tried. I read about this method on the internet The first time I tried it I had to repeat it about five times over two days to get it to click, start working i me but thereafter it worked every time instantly for anything except cell phones.

I would avoid certain immune suppressing pharmaceuticals when doing this method,as they do the opposite of what this method accomplishes and reduce the effect, like anti anxiety drugs like valium etc, and the anti depressive drugs called SSRI's (immunosuppressive in 5 studies) and of course the pain killers like oxycontin which are synthetic opiates, and of course the drugs used in autoimmune disease whch work by suppressing the immune system which is why those drugs have any effect in autoimmune disease.. Note none of the above drugs would even be needed if this method works for the person. And there is a tiny amount of opium in poppy seeds and they suppress my immunity greatly for 12 hours as measured by me as for all these items I am saying suppress my immunity, by both their effect on making any virus I get more difficult to cure, and because this factor in my blood has a way of reacting to immune suppression that I can feel. Of course I am not a physician and cant tell you not to take your pharmaceuticals, so I would consult my physician about that.

Smoking cigarettes reduces the effect too, I tested that on myself, although you might want to try it anyway to see if it still has some effectiveness in you.

Take your rings on all fingers off if possible, that will reduce the effect as will wearing a watch. Also avoid wearing nylon if you can, same reason. Complicated reasons why these things effect our immune systems negatively, which if you want I can discuss. For now just know that they do.

Treating autoimmune disease is tricky, because some other lifestyle changea to more duplicate the conditions we evolved under were necessary for me but not the other two , to get to 100 percent symptomless and so you may or may not have to adopt those measures to become totally symptomless, I can discuss this later and one of them did use his computer an hour a day and still got to zero symptoms treating it the rest of the time, but I start to get symptoms right away even with the cotton if I dont take a few other precautions which I can discuss later One thing no one should do if he or she is going to be 100 percent symptomless are the absolute 3 worst things for autoimmunity, to eat anything that has been microwaved, , to drink milk, (cheese is ok dont know about yogurt), , or to eat protein powder, all 3 derange and suppress the immune system, The milk problem I experienced , which is NOT lactose intolerance because i am not, has been discussed in two studies showing that people who drank the most milk were more likely to get Multiple Sclerosis, and their is an official warning in the US not to give cos's milk, which is what IM talking about, goats milk is ok for me to drink, to an infant under one because it can cause DIabetes I, an autoimmune disease. If you take an immune suppressing drug like predisone, etc for your autoimmune problem this method will not work.

Curing Chronic Fatigue Synddrome (CFS) is even tricker, and for me to cure it I had to do things just right in duplicating our historic conditions or it wasnt cured, but only for a very short period of time in my case and once cured then one can go back to doing as he pleases. Let me know if you want me to explain what I did if you have CFS or an autoimmune disease you cant get to symptomless.

So thats it for for this post.

Steve Lord, Santa Barbara, California.
  stevelord on 2013-08-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Very interesting Steve. In a nutshell, you're saying you have found benefit from;
1. holding hands (1 or both) near the chin
2. placing cotton in the ear at night
3. avoiding electronic equipment (and using the statement of intention to negate the effects of electro magnetic radiation)

Any more to add? I'll certainly give it a try.
toniola 6 years ago
Toniola, one correction, you can use the cotton all the time in the ear and not ever bother with holding your hand, up, it replaces holding your hand up in result exactly. In fact someone told me that he has seen a fetus photo with his finger in his ear, something I had not found before. Remember you MUST buy ORGANIC cotton ball or cotton wool as they call it in Tngland, those white fluffy balls of cotton. Just follow all the instructions in my post, all of them not just the radiation problem. What are you trying to cure?

Steve Lord
stevelord 6 years ago
I've got a couple things I'm working on. One is a long time battle with mouth & tongue sores. In the past year they have been better than ever, but they are still present. I may go a month, but they will return.
The other challenge I am dealing with is not so much a cure as it is a quest for healing from a bicycle crash that squished some cervical discs and causes my hands to buzz and burn.
toniola 6 years ago
Toniola ,
crished discs doesnt sound reparable by stepping up healing, that sounds like it needs to be restructured but your mouth sores, are they Herpes Simplex no. 1, mine resolve in a day with this method rather than a week without it and sometimes without this method I had to get them treated with xrays to resolve them in a week and apply spirits of camphor all the time which is toxic.
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stevelord 6 years ago

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