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joe,sajjad,erika,pankaj,sabra pls help

Dear all,

I am a 28 yrs old female.for the past 2 yrs i have noticed that a black spot develops on my skin after i bump into something,however mild the impact maybe.sometimes the black spot disappears after some days but some remain forever. Also i am overweight (some people call me fatso) and suffering from hairloss,my hair is dry and very thin.I also have acne which appear before my periods and are red and inflamed and leave red patches when they dry.I have very oily skin.My periods are irregular with very less flow.I am short tempered and cry easily.is there any remedy which can cure me of my problems? pls help.
  fatso on 2005-10-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
have you had yourself checked out by your regular doctorfor any problems?
erika last decade
Thake thuja 200c.First day thrice daily,second day twice daily,third day only once.Repeat every 10 days,on other days natrum mur 3x,5 tablets thrice daily.I hope most of your problems will be solved.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Yes Erika,i have got myself checked by a regular doctor and the doctor has not found anything.As to the formation of black spots the doctor said they were due to Bad circulation of blood.I was prescribed vitamin E 400 mg capsules once a day and a multivitamin B complex capsule once a day.But these have had no effect.

And DR.Sajjad how many tablets of Thuja 200 in one dose? and Natrum mur is not to be taken on the days i take Thuja right? and after how many days will i see any improvements and how long do i have to take these?

Thanks for the replies.
fatso last decade
if you are bruising easily research vitamin K - in addition to the remedies advised by dr sajjad a small amount of this daily may help you.
please also ask for help with nutritional advice from someone more experienced than myself - a lot of the time your weight and mood can be helped by adjusting your food (not dieting as I am not a believer in dieting!!!)>
erika last decade
Thuja 200c ,the dose is one drop of liquid medicine or one tablet.
Natrum mur is not to be taken when using thuja.
In homeopathy the number of drops or number of tablets have no importance when medicines is in 6c or above.
sajjadakram635 last decade
I have used Arnica 30c to treat a 7 year old Haemophiliac boy for internal bleeding resulting from bumps and falls. He usually would have a major swelling in the joints if he had a fall and the Arnica seemed to drain the contusion in a few hours if taken immediately after and repeated every 3 hours.

I used Lachesis 200 to control bleeding caused by cuts and the boy does not have to be rushed to hospital for the last 2 years since I started to treat him.

It is rare for a lady to be afflicted with the equivalent of this boy with internal bleeding and I would suggest that Fatso uses this remedy which has worked successfully in the case of this Haomophiliac boy.

You can also use Nat Phos 6x to reduce weight which usually occurs at the rate of about 1-2 pounds per week. Dose 2 tablets taken after both lunch and dinner.

Please report your response in a week if you decide to use these remedies.
Joe De Livera last decade
After you have tried other remedies, you may try Pulsatilla. I shall give the potency etc. if the occasion arises.

When you have got the bump, nothing to beat what Joe has suggested!
sahai last decade
Thanks to all for taking an interest in my case.
I have got Thuja-200c and Natrum Mur 3x and have started the treatment as suggested by Dr Sajjad from today.Will report the effects in due course.As 3 diff. remedies have been suggested i think i will go with one remedy at a time.
Once again i thank u all and may god bless you.
fatso last decade
Dr sajjad i have started the treatment suggested by u. I took thuja 200c for 3 days and then started nat mur 3x,three times a day.now its been a week and i have broken out with severe acne on my face.they are very red and inflamed.is this normal? pls reply as my face has become worse and i am worried.

fatso last decade
The remedy was prescribed on the totality of symptoms you described,the acne should not appear as it is not the symptoms of natrum mur,however stop it and use Kali Bromatum 3x,or 6c.or 30 c whichever available thrice daily,the acne will disappear.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Just to remind, after you have got over the immediate acne problem, please read my posting of 8th.Oct.05.
sahai last decade

I suggest Sangunaria30C to kill two birds with one stone. It should take care of the acne and menstruation problem both. If you agree you may give clearance because you are handling this case.

As far as getting bluish/blackish on bumps is concerned Arnica advised by Joe the Livera has no match. That can be taken in wet form in the same way as Sangunaria.

Buy Sangunaria 30,1 drachm tincture(liquid medicine). Put 1 drop in 1 ounce of distilled water/non-medicinal spring water(boiled)/rain water(collected after it has rained for a few minutes)/drinking water(boiled) and shake it vigorously at least 10 times. Out of this, use 1 tea-spoonful as a dose.

Take next dose when the improvement from the previous dose starts wearring off. Shake,as before, every time, just before taking the next dose.

Prepare Arnica30C in the same way as Sangunaria and take doses similarly when bumped.

Start treatment atonce and report progress frequently.
sahai last decade
Hi all,

I am reporting on my case again.I started kali brom for acne as suggested,but after a week of this there was no change in acne condition,also during this time i developed a severe pain in my neck and upper left side of my chest and my left side started to go lifeless.I went to allopathic doctor who suggested X-ray of neck and chest which i got done but nothing was found wrong and i was suggested complete bed rest which i took.now its better but my periods were due 10 days back and i have not yet got them, also my acne is really worse.i really do not know what to do. i have stopped kali brom and am only taking arnica in liquid dose.can anyone suggest something that will really solve my problems,the acne is really worse.
fatso last decade
Please see my e-mail on the subject.
sahai last decade
Dear sahai,
You have suggested pulsatilla,sangunaria-30c,and arnica in different replies.pls tell me which i should be taking now to solve my problems and also what potency and frequency.

fatso last decade
My posting of 15th.Oct.05 is the latest suggestion.

Arnica is for blue/black spots due to bumps, frequency, on as required basis.

Sangunaria 3 times a day, frequency to be reduced as improvement sets in.
sahai last decade
Dr Sajjad, In your postings to fatso I saw you state the following, 'the number of drops and the number of tablets have no importance when medicine is above 6c and above'. Could you please explain this statement. I had not read this before and used to always wonder why in homoeopathic literature the remedy is only mentioned and never the dosis. I assumed most people reading them have an awareness I obviously lack. Perhaps you can enlighten me? Thanks. Yoshi
Yoshi last decade
Im skeptical about the fact that the no of tablets does not matter because somewhere i have read that it is the single remedy and the minimum dose that is most important in homoeopathy.
yogeshnagpal last decade
To Fatso, In the meanwhile you may try Arnica 30c twice a day as suggested by joe. tht should take care of most of your problems.
yogeshnagpal last decade
Yes the number of drops dont make any difference.Homeopathic medicines at 6c and above are immetarial.They dont have the original substance.What they have now.There are different theories,but they are effective.The importance in homeopathy is the selection of right remedy.only in tincture form or less than 6c as 3x,6x---so on,the number of drops plays an important roll because they are in material form.Just one drop of 6c or 30c or200c has the same affect as 10 or 20 drops.More than one drop is waste of medicine.If you just add a single drop of any homeopathic medicine of 30c potency in a drum of ancohol that contains 200 litres of alcohol and shake it well,the whole drum will be now medicated.You just give a single drop out of it to a person as a dose,i think it will be sufficient for whole the people of the city,hence only a single drop of original medicine is consumed----tremendous saving,that is why allopath dont like homeopat and drug manufacturing companies dont like that their business will collaps .I hope you ubderstand,if not contact again.
sajjadakram635 last decade

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