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Fear and anxiety attacks

I am suffering from fear and anxiety. I can't sleep well at night. I wake up in the middle of the night, or feel myself half asleep. I am constantly in fear, but I can't pinpoint what I am fearful of. I am just scared. I take Ignatia, Aconitum, Natmur, and other remedies. I just want to figure out why I am so scared all the time, and have so many anxiety issues. Thank you.
  mommasaid on 2013-09-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi- someone has to look at your prior thread-the thyroid issues
can cause this anxiety.

simone717 9 years ago
Thank you.
angelwings_831 9 years ago

Are you having trouble with your forum ID? You need to
have one only.

Some questions-

1. What happened with Aurum Met- did you take it?
if so what went on?
2. Was this anxiety going on before you found out you
were hyperthyroid? If so, How long has it been going on?
3. Since you were treated with the iodine, and now are
hypothyroid- what are you taking for that?
4.Have you had your thyroid levels monitored recently at all?

I don't know if you know this, but you cannot take different
remedies every night, it does not work that way, you need
to have a protocol and find the remedies that are moving you
along to cure where you need less and less.
simone717 9 years ago
Hi. Thank you for the reply. I forgot my log in information, so I had to make another ID. I apologize. Below are answers to your questions.

1. No, I have not had the chance to buy the remedy.

2. Yes, the anxiety was going on before my thyroid issues. Many years, ever since I could remember. I was probably eight or so when it started to get bad.

3. I am actually taking a remedy called 'iodine' which is prescribed to me from a homeopathy company in Japan.

4. No.

I didn't know I was not supposed to take different remedies. I was told different in the past, so I just take remedies in my water, for instance, at work everyday. One day I might put the iodine remedy, along with Nux Vomica, Arnica, and China. The next day maybe different.

Thank you for your help. I'll go check on the remedy you suggested. I just haven't had enough money to buy it. Thanks.
angelwings_831 9 years ago
Simmone, are there any other remedies you think I should purchase? Since the shipping is the same, I figured I should order more than one. Thanks.
angelwings_831 9 years ago

First, you cannot be taking all those remedies everyday.
Remedies have days/weeks/months of action from one dose, remedies
don't all work with other remedies ( they can cancel each other
out) And you never will know which one is working.
You have to have a methodical approach and see what the
results are. Ideally you want one remedy at a time in the
minimum dose and it works its way thru your system -bc
remedies are to boost your own life force and your own life
force then clears out what is not right. And then you can
go off remedies bc you will be cured.

Zady studied your case and suggested the Aurum. I am going
to repost this thread back onto the original one and ask
Zady if you should order anything else. He might want you
to order Nux vomica 200 c to take 'alone' for a few days,
to clear out the other remedies so you begin with
a clean slate. And lets see if he still wants you to purchase
the Aurum to start with.

I also think it is important to go have your thyroid levels
checked and see where you are at with that now as another
remedy or remedies might be needed to help you with
that later.

I will ask Zady to respond on this thread here with your new
user name. Wait for his response and what he says about the iodine also.


Simone 717
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simone717 9 years ago
Thank you for your response, Simone. I appreciate it very much. I guess I was taking all the different remedies thinking the combination would work better and faster for me. I have Nux Vomica 200C already, so I could start that right away.

I have a collection of remedies in 200C and 30C.

I really appreciate your help and concern. Thank you very much.
angelwings_831 9 years ago
Thanks Simone! I have been unable to look at new threads for sometime.

Yes, we have to start with Nux Vomica and then look at the symptom picture afresh.Which potency of Nux Vomica you have at home?
Zady101 9 years ago
she has 200c.
simone717 9 years ago
Nux Vomica 200C

Dissolve 2 drops in 3 tablespoons water. Stir a few times. Take 1st tablespoon, wait 15 mins, take 2nd tablespoon, wait 15 mins, take 3rd and last tablespoon.

Update me after 5 days.
Zady101 9 years ago
Why should this person take Nux vomica? These are some strange idea that this will remove other medications?
What happens is that he / she may get symptoms belonging to Nux. I have seen this be practiced several times in this forum, but this is absolutely ridiculous.
And what will remove the effect of Nux Vomica?

Parakletos; practitioner of homeopathy.
Parakletos 9 years ago
Hi Parakletos,

you can look at this thread-http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/78638-
you have to scroll down a ways to see the post by
Hahnemania ( a classical homeopath) who describes
this technique altho not classical as a common technique
known as 'scrubbing' when there has been too many
drugs/medicines used.

Usually it is nux at night and sulphur in the morning.
Dr. Showrav, who has his practice in Dhaka and has
a degree in homeopathic med development uses this
a lot where people have had a lot of previous remedies/medicines. He sometimes does 3 nights of
nux and then the next 3 days sulphur before he
starts the regular medicines. I have seen him use
Nux alone at times. And I have seen him use Avena Sativa Q for a week with people who have used a lot of marijuana
before he starts remedies.

Perhaps he could clarify . He is the first one I ever
saw on this forum using this technique but obviously
that other thread was years ago and people know of
this method.
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simone717 9 years ago
Here in Norway, and perhaps elsewhere, we use allopathic medicine for motion sickness. Containing meklozinhydroklorid. This medication is given over 3-4 days to remove all effects of homeopathy.
Strong painkillers can altso be just.
Because of this it is always very important to make sure that the right medicine is prescribed.
Parakletos 9 years ago
Thank you, everyone for your input and concerns. I truly appreciate you taking the time to help me.

I will take Nux as suggested and get back to you in five days. I am not a homeopath, but I know Nux is used for detox and cleansing, often times when people are addicted to things like alcohol.

Anyway, thank you again.

Any other remedies I should order at this point, or shall I wait?
angelwings_831 9 years ago
Please wait. Zady wants to assess your symptoms in
present time after you take the nux vomica.
simone717 9 years ago
Okay Simone. Will do. Thank you to both of you.
angelwings_831 9 years ago
Zady and Simone, I am so sorry, I thought I had Nux 200 but it was 30. But I did use the 30 and took them the way you suggested to. If you feel I need to buy the 200 potency, please let me know. Otherwise, I'll get back to you in four days.

Thank you very much.
angelwings_831 9 years ago
Something that you can do in addition to homeopathic treatment is to slightly alter the diet. Well, maybe not a little. You should limit, maybe stop taking flour products. Bread, etc. This is because gluten can cause inflammation in your digestive system. Which in turn can irritate / stressing your adrenals, which in turn produces too much of a hormone called Cortisol. Too much Cortisol causes many different symptoms, for example anxiety, depression, weight gain, intolerance to stress etc. etc.

Homeopath treatment should be aimed at this.
To start with Nux vomica is to start at the wrong end, Nux comes in as a final remedy, possibly. But not necessarily.

The main symptoms of this stage are the emotional and mental symptoms.

This is certainly my advice.

Maybe not necessary to say this, but repertories are the alpha and omega.

[message edited by Parakletos on Fri, 13 Sep 2013 08:52:57 BST]
Parakletos 9 years ago
Hi Angelwings,

Can you answer a few questions here, so that your other thread
may be studied along with this, there probably will be some more questions
after this.

1. What went on at 8 years old, when you suddenly started this
anxiety? Think back, was there an accident, injury, death in the family,
moving house, someone had an illness,school problems.
What was going on at the time is very important. I have seen people
who had a bad time with a teacher at that age, develop free floating
anxiety that they were still dealing with in later years.

2. What did your parents do about this for you at age 8 and up? Did
they have you go to the Dr. , therapist, were they understanding?

3. Have you ever been tested for allergies to dairy, wheat ( gluten)?

4.. I know you are taking iodine that you self prescribed-what is the name
of that product?

6..Please also list the names of all the remedies you have tried and the potencies-
Please advise how long you have been trying all these-everyday for???.

Thank you!

simone717 9 years ago
Dear Parakletos,

Thank you for your support. I actually have a pretty good diet. Every morning, I drink green drink I bought in Japan. Throughout the day, every two hours or so, I eat fruits and raw vegetables, such as grapes, celery, cucumbers, etc. In the afternoon I have a small snack, chips and guacamole, or fruits... Then for dinner I have normal meal, but small. I run almost everyday after work, and I do weight training as well. Thank you.

Simone, thank you. Is there a way I could communicate with you and Zady in a more private setting? Would I be able to do something like that? Thank you.
angelwings_831 9 years ago

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