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My son picked this up on his back from wrestling and now is unable to partipate until they clear. I have found very little research and would like to know if anyone has had success in treating this condition. They are white, pearly blister looking bumps and we have had them burned off only to return 3 days later. It has been diagnosed as molluscum.
  annw on 2004-05-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
my son had the same condition 3 years ago. i took him to a dermatologist and he was treated with a serum (an extract of a plant of some kind) that was dotted on each molluscum... even the very tiny ones that you could only see with magnifying glass. within 6 hours each molluscum treated became a very painful large and inflammed blister that would eventually break within a day or two. he was literally covered in blisters all over his chest and under his arms. the blisters were very painful and my son was quite uncomfortable for about 4 or 5 days. we had to have this procedure done 3 times before it cleared up completely. the doctor told me that this condition is very contagious. i would have treated him with homeopathy if i had known about it at the time...my daughter had a recent out break of timy little warts on the bottom of her foot. i gave her 30C of thuja for 3 days and treated her with thuja ointment twice a day for about 5 days. that was almost three weeks ago and the warts are completely gone. i do not know if molluscum can be treated the same way...but i hope this information helps.
flowertea last decade
Thanks for your input! Do you recall the name of the ointment used? We have a second appt now for cutting them next week..in which they will probably return, due to the microscopic ones.
annw last decade
i do not recall the name of the serum...i remember the doctor telling me that it was a very potent plant extract that causes blisters to the skin...which he said was the only way to completely get rid of the molluscum...only a very tiny drop was applied to each molluscum. i was told that burning freezing or cutting them out would not get rid of them because they are viral and will only return unless you bring the virus to suface by causing the blisters. are you seeing a dermotologist? i hope this helps...
flowertea last decade
Thanks fowertea:
I think the cream might be called aldara which is prescribed and acutally derived from a leaf. FDA approved.. We have an appt for next week and they are recommending cutting, but it makes more sense to approach it with the cream..Hopefully we will get the ok from the clinic, haven't been to the dermatolgist yet, the clinic hasn't made a referral. Will let you know the outcome. Thanks so much for the direction.
annw last decade
Please try thuja 1M/2D twice daily and silicia 3x tab as 3 3 3 for about 2wks
akbarkp last decade
My 10 year old daughter had one molluscum on her upper eyelid from the beginning of this year. Any soap, creams applied near the eye and swimming would result in a very red, puffy sore eye.
After visiting the g.p twice and local eye clinic I took her to see a homeopath.
She was given thuja to take twice a day for 3 weeks.
We have just come back from our holidays where she spent most of the time in the swimming pool. Her eye is perfect now.
nicolamunden last decade
I had them over ten years ago and just kept having them burned off with tricloracetic acid. Eventually they stopped reoccurring. There was some scarring, but that cleared as well.
3rdof5 last decade
look what I found: http://www.spiritindia.com/health-care_health-news_health-article_152.html

this article is about homeopathy and the treatment of warts and molluscum contagiosus.
gabituca last decade
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legendoffrostx last decade
I found as Dave did that his treatment was the best way to rid yourself of these nasty little bumps.

Unfortunately I found this out on my own and went through similar steps as he had done before doing it on my own. Wish I had read Dave's entry before I even went through any of the other stuff.

I found these bumps/wart looking things on my thigh.
I simply decided to investigate these bumps myself. I couldn't pop it like a pimple yet I could tell something was inside the unidentified bumps on my thigh. I scratched at it and found that whatever was in the center would break free from the skin in a cirle around the eye of this pimple like wart. As we tend to pick at imperfections on our bodies I continued to try to squeeze this unsightly pimple/wart yet couldn't get whatever it was to come out. Being a woman with fingernails I got angry and just pinched it with my nails and pulled it out. You ladies have all done it so don't get all squimish on me. It was no more uncomfortible than popping a pimple and I removed this white nodule that I could tell had a good stronghold inside my 'pimple' until I yanked it from it's home because it was pink from blood where it had been attached and it left a small hole in my thigh which was bleeding a lot. I medicated the hole and placed a bandaid over it.
When it began to spread toward my genital area I got concerned and went to see my OBGYN. I explained to her all how I can get an eye out of this little monster pimple and it bleeds a lot and need to know what it is. She insisted I do all the blood work for STD's and try a prescrition and she sent scrapings off. When it didn't clear up and the test results were all negative she biopsied one, much to my dismay. I explained she didn't need to do this as I could remove the eye of one for her and put it right in her little cup but she insisted she get the skin around it also. That was a lot of fun. The result was that it was not cancerous. Well thank you very much, I didn't even know that was a concern. It was some type of Polyp and just happens sometimes but no real treatment information to help me.

I decided I would remove them all myself as I had removed soem in the beginning. After a couple days a few more would pop up. I figured they were too small for me to see at the time of my last battle so I just kept at it until I guess I removed them all and no more have presented themselves.

It is always wise to make sure you know what you have by seeing a doctor but I wouldn't worry about expensive treatments. They are like annoying weird pimple/warts and you can fight the battle alone with tweezers and antibiotic cream and liquid or regular bandaids.

Good Luck!
beentheredonethat last decade
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Hello My Name is Richard, and I want to share my findings after many years of battling this disease on my own and putting my medical knowledge to work ,during the course of the disease I tried many many commercially available proucts for molluscum including name brands and generic powders, creams, pills, ointments you name it, I had them on my face, under my arm pits on my private areas, it was widespread, and im here to tell you exactly the reactions I had with every product I used,I will tell you exactly what worked and what was a complete waste of time and energy, during the course of the disease about 3 years to be exact, I bought almost every product available on the market, , and put them to the test on my body, and now im sharing my findings and experience with you, so you don’t have to suffer like I did.
I want to make a note that this is a sponsorless study and i do not favor any product out there, on the contrary i focus on individual ingredients rather than name brands by itself, hope my findings and experience with molluscum contagiosum bring to you a breath of relief , knowing that a cure is out there.
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molluscumsucks last decade
Here is a short list of methods I used to get rid of/redumolluscumce (specifically of the genital region):


1.) Go to the doctor. This is a must.

2.) Freezing. Go once every two weeks. If your doctor says you are fine and do not need to come back, keep a close eye on the region - chances are you may actually need another one or two sessions and if you ignore the feeling to go back, the lesions will come back and spread again.

3.) 10% BENZOYL PEROXIDE. It will dry the lesion and help reduce its size. In a small randomized controlled trial twice daily application of 10% benzoyl peroxide cream for 4 weeks was found to be more effective than tretinoin 0.05% cream; after 6 weeks 92% of the benzoyl peroxide group were lesion-free, compared with 45% of the tretinoin group (p = 0.02)

Prevention of Spread:

1.) Buy Paper Towels - use these on the areas after a shower and throw them away. Do NOT use cloth towels. They will spread the virus.

2.) Do NOT have sex. You threaten yourself and your partner. Additionally, If you are seeing someone on a regular basis and have had sex, you should tell them.

3.) Keep the area dry - change underwear often.

4.) Boost your immune system. This virus affects those with weak immune systems more. So try:

a.) Working out (Cardio, especially).
b.) Eat healthy (a lot of vegetables, Orange Juice, supplements for the body/skin).
c.) Sleep well.

5.) You can try tea tree oil and thuja cream, but there is no evidence for either.

I hope this helps. I know some of this is not homeopathic, but if this problem seriously bothers you, the above suggestions worked for me in a reduced amount of time.
ewz10 last decade
After my 8 yr old son 'broke-out in a strange bumpy rash,' we visited our dermatologist who introduced us molluscum warts - benign skin papules caused by a viral infection of the skin. In children, molluscum warts or bumps (because no child wants to admit they have anything close to a wart) are easily transmitted in a number of ways (sharing towels at camp, for one), while in adults it is mostly an STD. He said that the bumps would spread until the immune system 'kicked-in' and went after the virus which might take months. The recommendation was to 1) freeze/burn off each bump, but there were so many and after just two blasts with the freeze ray, my son opted for the other solution, 2) coat all papules with a thick gel which would cause them to blister, open and dry out. We did this twice, but the virus kept spreading. After several months, I gave my son thuja 30c, once a day for about 2 weeks and every bump shrunk to nothing; no painful blisters and no scarring, except for the few places where the dermatologist tried to 'freeze off' the papules.
nm-kks last decade
first things first!!!! my post will help you get rid of molluscum for good...

i first discovered i had this horrible virus when i was shaving my lower area..i thought it would go away after a few days but after a few weeks i noticed another bump had sprouted up maybe an inch away from the first one...

me being naive i let this go untouched for about a month or so....(never do that)

1. the doctor or anything over the counter will not work...

2. take the homeopathic route

i first took a cream that my doctor prescribed for me and put it on as recommended...and when i tell you it left the worse burning sensation on my genitals..i mean it felt like they were on fire...so please dont use the cream...

3. okay so this is how you get rid of the nasty virus....

you will need the folllowing

rubbing alcohol.
sewing needle.
golden seal powder.
red clover stillingia compound

you must follow this routine until your molluscum is gone....

do not use the same towel to wash your face and body

do not stay in places in which the area affected will be moist..this is how they stick around

shower and dry off immediatley

okay...the ingredients you need for this procedure you can find normally at an herbal supplement store or the neighberhood market...such as whole foods..

procedure will suck to do each day but your molluscum will go away instantly...

each bump has a root inside of it...sort of like when you have a pimple and you pop it the puss comes out...

same concept..only difference is the root in molluscum is a little thicker than normal puss...

first steralize the needle by using rubbing alcohol...

squeeze each bump one by one and push the needle thru the middle of the skin...make sure it punctures the root of the bump...

after you have finished popping the bumps..do not use alcohol to clean the mess up..

place a drop of the red clover stillingia compound on each and every exposed bump...this will seal and heal the pimple like blister...once you have placed the red clover drops on each pimple...you then place the powdered golden seal on each of the bump also...this can get a little messy so try and do this over a sink or a surface that is easily able to be wiped down afterwards....

you can also make a solution to go to sleep with that will fight your molluscum in your sleep...

you will need vaseline..golden seal & the red clover stillingia and also cutips...

place a glob of vaseline inside the palm of your hand pour some of the powder inside the vaseline and mix them all together...

you can use the cutip to put them on all of your blisters...this will seal the infection up and clean it out...

there is also a wart pill you can buy from whole foods it comes in a little blue lip balm like case...and you basically take the 5 candies inside 3 times a day...these drops have no taste to them...so its perfect...

this folks will save you from the horrible molluscum...it will not leave any longterm scars...trust me on that....

i had about 10 bumps on my genitals...just be really careful with the sewing needle and your fine....make sure there is good lighting when you do this..although i cant imagine why one wouldnt...

enjoy...and get rid of your molluscum today....they should be gone completely within a week or so...
based last decade

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