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3 year old boy with digestive issues

Good Morning -
I'm writing to see if someone can suggest a remedy for my 3 year old. He's been having digestive issues for the last month or so, and we have been to the conventional doctor(s) multiple times. I am feeling very frustrated with his basic lack of diagnosis.

He had reflux as a baby, but it went away when we started solids and he has been eating and drinking all types of things with no problem for years. These symptoms started out of the blue, seemingly.

His symptoms are as follows:
- His tummy gets bloated and hard. We thought this might be a gluten or dairy allergy, but are not sure. Still working on elimination diets.
- He used to pass a lot of gas and burp a ton, but he has stopped doing that, although the bloating is still there.
- He has a bowel movement once a day usually, normal consistency. He refuses to potty train for bowel movements, but is good on the potty with urinating.
- His urine sometimes appears dark, but usually when he has not had enough water (he is super attached to milk and we have to fight him to drink water, although he has been a bit better about it lately). We have had him tested for a UTI, but he does not have one.
- He is currently on a course of the antibiotic Flagyl because the GI doctor thought it might be some kind of intestinal infection, but it's unclear if that is helped, he is still bloated.
- He has thrown up a few times mildly, and it looked white. I have a hunch this may have been from too much dairy, but then again he also felt really sick after my mom gave him a lot of pretzels, so again, it is unclear.
- He had a bout of vomiting last weekend, way more than usual but again it's unclear whether this is from a virus or the actual problem he's been having. No one else in my household caught the bug if it was a virus.
- He has had a stomach xray because we thought he may have swallowed a magnet, but they did not see anything in his belly.
- We took him for blood work on Friday which was supposed to be an allergy panel, test for celiac, and complete blood count, complete metabolic panel. After sticking him multiple times, lots of screaming and being upset, it turns out they didn't take enough blood to do all of the tests! They did the CBC and CMP and everything was normal.
- Our next step is the allergist but I am at odds because I know they'll want more blood work and I'd really hate to do that to him again. He keeps saying 'I don't want them to stick me again'.
- He does this strange swallowing noise intermittently, which leads me to believe that he might be experiencing reflux, but NONE of the doctors have offered any remedy for this or even seem concerned about it! I feel like it's a vital symptom, isn't it? I was thinking of trying a remedy for this first before the allergist, but would like some advice on that.
- He sleeps more restlessly than usual, and has been falling off the bed some nights.
- He was snoring, but that has stopped.
- He has been irritable a lot of days, although since we have been cutting down on some foods we think might be aggravating things, he's been a bit better.

I'm hoping someone may have some insight to help my poor baby (I know he's not a baby, but still) and avoid him having to have more blood work.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.
  MamaSkull on 2013-10-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
To select a homeopathic remedy for any health problem, the patient has to be like an open book. As if talking to oneself and alone. Explain with detail what your problems are. Example answers are given in front of the questions. Please take guidance from these examples and reply in detail accordingly.

Remember, we don’t know and will never know your identity so be fully truthful when answering these question so that we can help you towards regaining full health.

1. Describe your appearance & age (example answer: I am a 30 yr old male, 5’ 7”, 110 lbs, have always been struggling……)

2. What are the symptoms of your health problem (Constipation, Swollen & painful joints………)

3. How & when did this problem begin (it began 3 years back when ….)

4. What makes the problem better or worse (It gets worse when I ……., it gets better when I………..)

5. How do you feel emotionally (I feel sad & depressed, thinking about suicide…..)

6. Describe your personality (I am strict about discipline….)

7. What occupies your mind mostly (I can’t sit idle……….)

8. How do you respond to consolation (I hate consolation…)

9. Do you want to stay alone or with people (I want to be alone….)

10. How is your sleep (I have poor sleep, always wake up tired…..)

11. Do you have any recurring dreams (I dream of snakes regularly….)

12. What type of weather do you like and how it affects your complaints (I like dry & warm weather and hate winter. My complaints are better in winter…..)

13. Do you fight or flight (I never pick any fights…..)

14. What are your fears (I am terrified of spiders, dogs, cats, closed spaces, heights……)

15. Do you normally feel hot or cold (I am usually hot and like winter more. I keep wearing light clothes in winter even……..)

16. What types of clothes you wear (I like loose clothes especially around the neck.…)

17. What foods & taste you love & hate (I like fried foods and hate slimy foods. I like sweets more than anything else. I hate meat, love chicken……..)

18. Do you want to eat indigestible foods (Yes, I want to eat chalk…..)

19. How is your thirst (I am thirsty all the time……)

20. Any coating on tongue (some white coating on edges only…)

21. Any skin problems (I have eczema on my arms….)

22. Any problems with respiration (nose, chest, throat) ( I snore a lot when sleeping and sleep with open mouth….)

23. Any problems with stool/urine (I have severe constipation and the stool is always like balls…)

24. Any sexual problems (I have no interest in it ….)

25. Males genitals (Any pain or other problem…..)

26. Females menses details for regularity & flow (I have late periods, with clots, bright red blood, very heavy…..)
fitness 6 years ago
Hi, Thanks for replying.

I will attempt to give all of these details, but some I won't know since he's only 3 years old and can't tell me about his dreams, etc:

1. My son is 3 years old, 32 lbs, thin in the face and extremities - I forget his exact height.

2. His symptoms are detailed above - bloating (mostly), random swallowing sounds not during eating, he has vomited once in a while recently but not immediately after meals, restless sleep, he had gas for a few weeks but is no longer having a lot of gas.

3. How & when did this problem begin: it began a little over a month ago, and I do not know what caused it to start up. He had reflux as a baby, but it got better when he started solid food and he hasn't had a problem until recently.

4. What makes the problem better or worse: His stomach is not bloated after sleep, but once he has eaten 1 or two meals, it bloats up. We have taken away gluten for the last 2 days but no difference. He drinks a lot of milk and eats a small amount of cheese, and we are thinking of taking him off dairy.

5. How do you feel emotionally: He seems to feel irritable sometimes, though not all the time. I can't speak to his other emotional states since he's 3 and can't differentiate them very well.

6. Describe your personality: He's very particular and gets upset when you put something out of order that he has precisely put into order, but this has been his personality forever, not just with this recent problem. He MUST finish what he starts and gets upset if he's interrupted. He energetic, like an acrobat normally, although if he doesn't nap during the day, his behavior is off the wall at night, getting upset over every little thing.

7. What occupies your mind mostly: He's very mechanical, he loves to know how things work. I can't say much else since I don't know his thoughts unfortunately :(

8. How do you respond to consolation: He doesn't like consolation much, he pushes people away when he's upset. He needs to have a good freak out and then get over it. Once he's 'over it', he'll let someone give him a hug.

9. Do you want to stay alone or with people: He's very independent, and most times doesn't care if he's alone, but he does look for people when he remembers that he wants to play with someone or needs something.

10. How is your sleep: His sleep is restless, moving all over the bed, sometimes falling off of it, sometimes crying out. He did snore for a time, but it's off and on.

11. Do you have any recurring dreams: I don't know, he can't tell me.

12. What type of weather do you like and how it affects your complaints: The weather doesn't seem to affect his complaints, and he doesn't seem to mind being warm as much as he minds being cold.

13. Do you fight or flight: Fight, he refuses to give up on something until he can get it right, and freaks out if he can't get it right. Sometimes you have to tear him away.

14. What are your fears: Hard to say, but he certainly doesn't like Santa (maybe big red men?). Doesn't like loud noises or the total darkness.

15. Do you normally feel hot or cold: His feet and hands feel cold to me sometimes, but his body is always like a heater.

16. What types of clothes you wear: He hates tags, seems to have a sensory problem with anything rubbing on his skin. He likes to be naked most of the time.

17. What foods & taste you love & hate: He loves sweet food, he also likes beans and semi-spicy food, loves milk and bread types items. It's hit or miss whether he'll eat meat. He likes things cut up into smaller pieces. Loves macaroni and cheese.

18. Do you want to eat indigestible foods: He has never tried to eat anything indigestible.

19. How is your thirst: He drinks a lot, but wants milk all the time, we have to fight him to drink water. He will drink juice.

20. Any coating on tongue: None

21. Any skin problems: None

22. Any problems with respiration (nose, chest, throat): He sometimes snores in his sleep and gets colds easily and takes a while to get over them (he does go to day care two days/week)

23. Any problems with stool/urine: Sometimes his urine gets dark if he hasn't had enough water, and he moves his bowels 1 or 2 times/day normally. He will not poop on the potty.

24. Any sexual problems: N/A for a 3 year old.

25. Males genitals: No problem, uncircumcised.

26. Females menses details for regularity & flow: N/A
MamaSkull 6 years ago
Thanks, I will review & get back.
fitness 6 years ago
Logging in to observe progress.
Joe De Livera 6 years ago
Thanks for your response.

I have not received any indication of a remedy as yet, although I have taken him off of gluten and dairy, and he has not recently vomited, though his stomach gets large still and still has restless sleep. He is very gassy, but in no distress during the day, it seems. Still makes gulping/swallowing noises. I am guessing this means reflux but I feel tired of guessing at this ailment.

He was eating up a storm this morning and dancing to his music so I am assuming his tummy is feeling OK in general.
MamaSkull 6 years ago
When you say bloated, how do you establish that

What does he do when bloated (how is he different when not bloated)

How does he respond to pressure on his tummy.

Does he burp or pass gas.

How has his teething been and now

How is his perspiration

Any problems with ears
fitness 6 years ago
By bloated, I mean his stomach gets very large and round (gas is trapped, it sounds hollow, and you can hear liquid swishing around).

He doesn't act much different when he is bloated, he just looks different.

Pressure on his tummy doesn't hurt him.

He passes gas, and he seems to be gulping to avoid burping.

I don't know if his molars are coming in - have a dental check on Weds. His teething was normal when he got his first set.

He only really sweats with a lot of activity or in his sleep if he's hot.

No problems with his ears.
MamaSkull 6 years ago
Please give him a single dose of Calcarea Carbonica 200c.

Just one dose. Not daily.

One dose is one pill.

Report back with changes observed
fitness 6 years ago
Thanks, I can only find 30c in my local health food store. I'll need to order the 200c.

He startd with a cold last night, and will most likely end up with croup again since he usually does. Lots of thick discharge from the nose, worse when laying down. Sneezes once in a while. Started coughing this morning, sounds wet but no rattle in the chest. Worse when laying down.
MamaSkull 6 years ago
What are his mental symptoms
(how is he behaving)

Is he chilly or hot

Level of energy

Any fever, if yes, any sweat?, chilly or hot?

Color of nasal discharge

Is nose blocked

How is his thirst
[message edited by fitness on Sat, 26 Oct 2013 19:55:51 BST]
fitness 6 years ago

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