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Fibroids and goiter

1. Describe your appearance & age
I am 39 yo woman, 5' 10', 150 lbs; slender
Brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin

2. What are the symptoms of your health problem
The big issues:
4 large uterine fibroids
- Fibroids confirmed 14 months ago, but it's been about 2 years since I started noticing symptoms (longer, heavier periods); I can feel one of them just above my pubic bone on the right side. Sometimes when I wake up I can feel it has moved higher (halfway between pubic bone and navel); it always moves back down again once I've been up and walking around for a while. I suspect that these were triggered by a major falling out with two very close friends; we didn't talk for over 1.5 yrs, and even now our relationship is strained.

Large substernal goiter (discovered 2 months ago; not sure how long it has been there, but it's large enough that it's likely been years, I'd guess)
- constriction in throat from goiter (not enough to cause problems swallowing; this symptom is sometimes worse than other times; I think I feel it more when I'm anxious; definitely worse if I'm sad and about to cry)
- I think I'm probably hypothyroid; I don't take any medication for it
- my throat looks a bit swollen

huge hemangioma in liver (asymptomatic; discovered by CT scan 2 months ago)

The other stuff:
Anemic (discovered 2 months ago, though I suspect it's been an issue for at least a few years if not longer)
- fatigue, especially first couple days of period

Recent blood tests show low Vitamin D, low B12, low progesterone

- longstanding issue (many, many years)
- feel it primarily in solar plexus region
- not extreme, but also rarely absent

- feel stiff and swollen, especially when I first wake up in the morning.
- gets better throughout day, though never 100%
- just noticed this over the last 6 weeks or so, although before that I'd noticed for months that my hands were losing strength

Lower back
- aches if I've been standing or walking a lot

Moles/skin tags
- for some reason, these appear only around my left armpit; I've had several more appear over the last few years. The skin there is also especially sensitive; when I shave, my right armpit is fine, but my left one is always irritated for days afterward.

- Over the last year or so, it seems like my brain isn't working as well; I am easily distracted, my memory is not what it was; I have no motivation; my brain is foggy.

4. What makes the problem better or worse
Fibroids - heating pad helps with cramps

5. How do you feel emotionally
- I feel discouraged, sometimes hopeless, overwhelmed; think about suicide sometimes but never seriously; have no purpose

6. Describe your personality
- I am very introverted, anxious, private, reserved; I need my space and quiet; I'm easy to get along with; my mom says I was 'born old'; even as a child I was serious and responsible, although I also laugh easily and often; I cry easily
- In the past I used pulsatilla for a sinus issue, and I'm pretty sure this is my constitutional remedy. I have many of the 'mind' characteristics of pulsatilla.

7. What occupies your mind mostly
- I'm obsessive about my health right now. I often think about what I need to get done (and all I haven't gotten done, because I don't have the energy)

8. How do you respond to consolation
- I like consolation

9. Do you want to stay alone or with people
- I mostly want to be alone, unless it's my husband

10. How is your sleep
I have insomnia (trouble falling asleep, usually because of thinking too much); sometimes wake too early
- I've had issues with this for years; it was much worse for the last 6 months because I was planning my wedding; it isn't as bad now; I still rarely can sleep longer than 7 or 7.5 hours
- never feel fully rested, even when I get a full night of sleep
- I sleep much better in a cold room; insomnia much worse if I'm hot

11. Do you have any recurring dreams (I always dreams of big black snakes very regularly….)
- Over the last 2 years I've had many dreams about the falling out I had with my friends; none in the last few months, though.

12. What type of weather do you like and how it affects your complaints
- I hate the heat. I like cool, dry weather (warm is fine too--anything up to 80 degrees). I love winter. I love fresh air. I get chilly pretty easily but I'd rather be cold than too warm. I always feel worse in stuffy rooms, like I'm being suffocated and need to escape.

13. Do you fight or flight
- I am more 'flight' than 'fight'; I avoid conflict when I can; yelling makes me anxious and I want to run away.

14. What are your fears
- I am afraid of suffocating, drowing; I don't like to have the blankets over my head because I feel closed in, like I can't breathe.

15. Do you normally feel hot or cold
- I'm normally chilly, but I prefer it to being too warm. I would rather have the house cold so that I have to wear a sweater than have the heat turned on too high.

16. What types of clothes you wear
- I wear comfortable, nonrestricting clothing. I don't like anything too tight, either around my abdomen or my neck, although I love to wear scarves. I'm not especially sensitive anywhere on my skin; I'm ticklish but not overly so.

17. What foods & taste you love & hate
- I like warm foods; I often crave sweet things; I tolerate vegetables but don't love them (hated all of them as a child); I love butter; I like meat; I hate cilantro and black pepper

18. Do you want to eat indigestible foods e.g. Chalk
- no

19. How is your thirst
- I'm rarely thirsty. I like lukewarm or hot drinks.

20. Any coating on tongue (some white coating on edges only…)
- yes, white, on both sides of my tongue

21. Any skin problems
- Not really; my hands get dry in winter and my skin breaks out sometimes during my period

22. Any problems with respiration
- I'm often mildly congested; I'm pretty sure this is from eating wheat.

23. Any problems with stool/urine (I have severe constipation and the stool is always like balls…)
- Constipation (worse in last week; usually digestive enzymes help, but they don't seem to be helping as much this time); drinking cascara sagrada tea is helping

24. Any sexual problems
- my libido is rather low; sex is sometimes uncomfortable because of the fibroids

26. Females menses details
- my periods have always been very regular (28 days)
- first two days of period very light but day 3 starts very heavy bleeding
- very long (last one was 15 days)
- bad cramps for first few days
- had a lot of clotting 6 months ago but not now
- occasionally have PMS (every three or four months) which involves sore breasts, irritability, weepiness
  dgriggs on 2013-10-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please explain skin break out during your periods

constipation details

please explain sex is uncomfortable

any taste in mouth normally

is your mouth & lips dry although thirstless

is neck goitre more on one side, if yes, which

any ultrasound done for fibroids, if so, are they uterine or ovarian

explain symptoms of anxiety

explain 'i am often congested'
fitness last decade
In the week before my period, I'll often have a few pimples, usually on my chin or forehead.

I've had an ultrasound, and the fibroids are all uterine. My ovaries are fine.

Sometimes during sex (in certain positions), I feel a rather sharp pain. It's like he's bumping up against something sore.

Constipation: For the last week, I doubt I've had two stools alike. Last weekend I felt stopped up and couldn't go at all. Eventually, I passed some small, almost round stool. The few nights I've had the tea (it's senna, btw, not cascara), I have a looser stool the next morning. Today was the first 'normal' movement I've had all week, and the first time I felt like I'd emptied myself.

I've never noticed any particular taste in my mouth.

My lips aren't dry. My mouth is sometimes dry, though, and it's often that that makes me think I should take a drink.

I don't actually know whether the goiter is larger on one side (I haven't asked the radiologist), but it seems to be larger on the right. (My throat is only slightly visibly swollen, so it's hard to tell.) I can find out if you need me to.

My anxiety usually manifests as a tightness in my chest, around my solar plexus. When I'm anxious, I'm prone to imagining the worst and replaying possible (bad) scenarios over and over in my head.

Congestion: my nasal passages are somewhat blocked. I rarely actually need to blow my nose, but I sniffle sometimes. What mucus there is is generally dry. At this moment, my left is more blocked than my right, but I haven't been paying much attention and so don't know if this is generally the case or whether they alternate. I'll start taking note.
dgriggs last decade
I should have mentioned that I'm also very sensitive to smells: perfumes, candles, chemicals. They give me a headache. I've been this way for years.
dgriggs last decade
A few other things that have occurred to me:

- I'm hypoglycemic. If I don't eat, I get weak and cranky.

- If I've been squatting down, I often get lightheaded when I stand up again.

- Regarding the congestion, I noticed this morning that my sinuses are draining into the back of my throat and causing just a slight cough. I need to clear my throat. I cough up very little mucus though (and it's thick). I'm no longer coughing, though I still need to clear my throat from time to time.

- Even though I suspect I'm at least somewhat hypothyroid, I'm missing several of the usual symptoms, such as weight gain/inability to lose, loss of hair/eyebrows, or cold extremities.

- I don't think I already mentioned that my eyesight has been getting worse over the last couple of years, especially in this last year--just an inability to focus. A doctor would probably say this was normal aging, but I don't think so.
dgriggs last decade
When you feel overwhelmed, is it due to any stress or normally too

Is your constipation & nasal congestion chronic or recent, if chronic, since when (please explain both)

Pain during sex is it due to vaginal dryness or in uterus/cervix by penis pressure there

How is your sense of taste

How do you feel after eating

Do you have a preferred sleeping posture
fitness last decade
The overwhelm I would say is due to stress. It's just that this last year has been extraordinarily stressful, and so I've felt a lot of overwhelm as a result. (Buying a house, planning a wedding, getting married 3 weeks ago, learning to live with 3 stepkids...).

I would say that I usually have chronically mild constipation (been that way for a very long time--not bothersome at all and seems 'normal' to me). It's just been much worse this last week, though the tea is helping. (It also got bad last winter/spring because of an elimination diet I did for a month that really messed up my digestion--probably from eating so many vegetables when I wasn't used to it. That's when I started using digestive enzymes, which helped. I'm usually perfectly regular if I take those consistently.)

I'm having trouble remembering about the congestion. Seems like I've had it for the last 4 weeks or so? But I could be misremembering.

The pain during sex is because of the pressure, not dryness.

I've noticed no issues with taste. I think it's fine.

If I eat a meal with lots of grain (bread, pasta), I get bloated and tired, and I crave sweets. Fried foods can make me feel similar. But if I eat foods my body likes (eggs, meat, potatoes, a few vegetables), I feel fine after eating.

I almost always sleep on my right side, though I occasionally sleep on my back or my left side. I never sleep on my stomach.
dgriggs last decade
I thought of something else about my anxiety. It also shows up as neck/shoulder tension, and when I'm feeling very stressed, it's like this burning tension climbs up from my shoulders, up my neck and into my head, giving me a headache on the back and sides of my head. This is something that has developed over the last year or so. Once I can relax, the pain goes away, though there's usually at least some amount of tension there.
dgriggs last decade
Please take one dose of Ignatia Amara 200c.

Just one single dose. Not daily.

One dose is one pill.

Report back with changes observed.
fitness last decade

I read through Ignatia';s description and thought I should mention that I drink coffee and smoke daily. I have a cup of coffee every morning with breakfast and have no bad effect from it (if I drink it alone, my blood sugar crashes). And I have no aversion to tobacco. I smoke about 4-5 cigarettes a day. I started 4.5 years ago after a major breakup, and it's a big anxiety-reducer for me.

I just wanted to mention this in case it changes your suggestion. If not, I'll order the remedy and let you know.

Thanks so much for your detective work!
dgriggs last decade
Thanks for the update.

My choice of remedy stays the same.
fitness last decade
Ok, thanks.

I've ordered the remedy. I'll let you know of any changes I notice.
dgriggs last decade
I took one pill yesterday evening.

Although I certainly wouldn't expect any physical change so quickly, it does seem like I ought to feel some mental change for the better by now, but I don't. If anything, it's worse, although that may be because my sleep has been even worse than usual the last 2 nights because my menstrual flow is so heavy I have to get up in the middle of the night to deal with it, and I have a hard time going back to sleep. This morning I was just sitting in the bathroom crying, both because I'm so tired and because I was feeling hopeless about ever having any energy again.

When would you expect that I'd feel some difference?
dgriggs last decade

This was the response I was hoping for.

Its an aggravation (confirming that the remedy was right) and should die in 1-2 days.

Keep me posted.
fitness last decade
Just fyi, I forgot to mention another aggravation, which is that my sinuses were extra congested when I woke up this morning--same symptoms I've been having, just much more intense.

I'll keep you posted about anything else.
dgriggs last decade
Great thanks.
fitness last decade
I slept better on Friday night than I have in a while, and when I woke up, I had no sinus drainage at all (which is rather remarkable, given how bad it was just the morning before). But my sinuses ached--a sort of burning ache--right behind my nose, and I was still mildly congested for most of the day. This morning when I woke up I once again had no post-nasal drip, but now it's as though I've got hay fever (I used to have horrible hay fever but cured it with pulsatilla about 7 years ago)--my nose itches, I'm sneezing, I've got drainage down the back of my throat, and I'm having to blow my nose (the mucus is like egg white).

Mentally I feel okay. Not amazingly good or energetic but also not despairing or weepy.

Constipation is a bit better--not 100%, but I've had the urge to go for the past couple of mornings.

I was in a store last night and passed by the cleaning aisle, so I can report that my extreme sensitivity to smells is still there.

That's all that's coming to mind right now.
dgriggs last decade
Thanks for the update.

For now, we will just observe the response of your body.

Anything which had been addressed in the past (even with homeopathic remedies) that was suppressive in nature and not curative, will arise and get resolved permanently.
fitness last decade
Whatever slight mental/emotional improvement I may have felt yesterday went quite out the window today. Last weekend when I felt like this, I chalked it up to PMS. This weekend I don't have that excuse. It's the same feeling--a generalized hopelessness, coupled with irritability and hypersensitivity. And I not only don't want to talk about it but I don't even know how. There's nothing to say. There's nothing to point to. All I know is that I feel like sh!t and want to crawl into a hole, and I feel hopeless about making this feeling stop, about whether homeopathy (or anything else) can really make a difference. And then I feel pathetic/guilty about not being able to figure it out and/or get over it. Ugh.

Physically, the hay fever type symptoms are gone for today. I'm still congested and my sinuses feel swollen, but since I've been crying off and on for hours, there's no way to say what's from crying and what would have been there anyway.

Thanks for your help. I hate to sound like such a whiner, but then I remind myself that that's why this forum is here...
dgriggs last decade
We will wait this out.

We will fix it, rest assured. Please bear in mind that there is no magical pill, no overnight cure. I can only imagine how hard would it be on you.

Be strong.

And don't worry, we are here to listen, so don't hesitate. Post as much and whenever you want.
fitness last decade
I've been so resistant to posting again, I don't know why. I appreciate your response and your encouragement, though.

My mental state is about the same. I haven't had a meltdown like Sunday's, but I feel like I'm standing on the edge of an emotional cliff and anything can push me over. I'm not incapable of lightening up or enjoying myself, but there's always this darkness lurking in the background, ready to creep up on me.

As for physical things:
- the constipation of a couple weeks ago is gone. It's not 100% better, but it's back to where it generally is.
- My congestion is mostly gone. No more waking up to drainage. I still blow my nose (thick, clear mucus usually, though sometimes watery) a couple times a day, and I had a brief recurrence of the allergy-type symptoms (itchy nose) a few days ago, but not since.
- I mentioned in my first post that re: menstrual issues, I had a lot of clotting about 6 months ago but none since, but this month the clotting has been beyond anything, both in size and frequency. I'm on day 11, and I was woken in the middle of the night last night because of it. (BTW, my period started before I took the ignatia, so I don't attribute any of this to the remedy.) My period has also been heavier than ever this month. I use a menstrual cup that can hold close to an ounce, I'd guess, and last Friday I emptied it a good 20 times--and I was already on day 4 by that point. It's really no wonder I'm irritable...

I can't think of any other changes or any new symptoms that have cropped up.

I don't know if this matters now, but when you first suggested the ignatia and I read that it was often a remedy for grief, I thought of two other possible triggers for my current physical state. About 4.5 years ago I had a very painful breakup of a long-term relationship (much more painful than I expected, actually), and although I was fortunate enough to discover EFT around that time, which helped me amazingly, the whole ordeal was quite a shock to my system. I lost a bunch of weight, and that's when I started smoking.

The second event was that one of my cats died suddenly in February (and not just any cat but what, for lack of a better term, I'll call my 'soul' cat), and I have felt a great deal of guilt about, like I should have caught his illness sooner and figured out what to do about it. But also anger, because I am more conscientious about my cats than anyone I know, and even all my efforts to keep him healthy didn't prevent him from dying sooner than he should have.

Earlier this week I had a dream (first time in months) about one of the friends I had the falling out with. It was moderately stressful but nothing like my dreams were a year ago.
dgriggs last decade
Please keep posting your updates as & when you feel like.

For now we will just observe.

Keep your self well hydrated and rested.

Try eating plain yogurt, spinach, red meat and eggs as part of your diet.

The remedy is right and is doing what its supposed to do.

All the issues are responding, so we are making good progress.

Although you can email me if you like, I'd prefer to post all updates here.
fitness last decade
I eat a lots of red meat and eggs already (and usually cook in cast iron), so I'm sure I'm ingesting a good amount of iron. I did take a supplement as well for a couple months, but because of some reading I did about the rarity of true anemia (and the toxicity of excess iron), I've been focusing instead on how to heal other things (thyroid especially, and estrogen dominance) that will then help with the anemia automatically.

One of the difficulties that I have as far as trying to heal naturally is that I'm too impatient to try just one thing at a time (and so make it easier to tell what works). A lot of my thyroid (and estrogen) research has focused on Ray Peat's work, and based on his suggestion to use red light, I bought an infrared brooder lamp over the weekend and have been sitting under it for the last 4 days for at least an hour if not 2-3. Since the first day of doing this, I've had almost none of the despair/hopeless thoughts I'd been plagued with (I meant to mention before, for the sake of diagnosis, that these thoughts were much worse at night; 2nd worse was on waking). The level of improvement is at least 95%, which is amazing. I feel like testing this (by not using the light for several days) to see if I can tell a difference, since I suppose it's possible that it's a coincidence, and that something else (the ignatia, or maybe the vitamin D I've started taking) just happened to kick into high gear on the same day.

As for other symptoms, they're actually worse today. I woke up congested, with drainage (and am still moderately so), and I was constipated again this morning. My throat is also more constricted. I didn't sleep as soundly, and I dreamt a lot. Oddly enough, the only dream I remember from last night is about having a massage and the masseuse telling me he could feel one of my fibroids through the skin in my lower back(!). I remember feeling sort of resigned in my dream, like, Yeah, that's my life--full of things growing where they're not supposed to.
dgriggs last decade
Thanks for the update.

You have to choose what mode of treatment you want to adopt and stick with it for a while.

The symptoms you have written might be due to the red light interfering with the remedy. I have no way of knowing.

Please try the red light first for a reasonable length of time, if it works, great. If not, you can try homeopathy later.
fitness last decade

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