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Morning cough

Plz can you suggest what I should early morning when my son wakes up so to avoid coughing
  Darjeeling 123 on 2013-10-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi - not enough information here.

How old is your son?

When did the cough start?

Does he have a nasal drip, and what is the mucous like?

Is this just a recent cold or what else is going on with
him, allergies?

Is he on any medicines, homeopathic or allopathic?
simone717 6 years ago
My son age is 5 yrs it was first blocked nose then stuffy nose needs to blow so many times then cough now he is kind of allergy to dust and cold air too much a c sometime cause him cough lots of sweeting spl while sleeping very sensitive to cold thing now whenever he wake up either in morning or afternoon sleep he is coughing . He is hving now both homepathic and allopathic medicine homepathic -sponge, hepar, sambucus ,pulsatilla Allopathic- ventolin sy he got bad breath also
Darjeeling 123 6 years ago
How do I know that he got nasal drip or not
Darjeeling 123 6 years ago

We have back of the throat sinus passages. When there is mucous,
many times it runs down the back of the throat passages and this
is how it gets into the chest and makes a person cough.

Kids wake at night coughing, and or wake up in the morning with
more cough due to this drip. It seems to drip less when a person
is standing up and moving around.

The body has to work harder to get rid of things when it gets
into the chest. If it just stayed up in the head as a head cold it takes
less energy to clear. So you really want to dry up the mucous dripping.

If a child is coughing it is usually from this post nasal drip.

1. Where is he sweating- all over?just on the head area?
2/How long has he been sick?
3/Are you giving him all those medicines at one time?
4. What is the mucous like, clear, transparent white, thick white,
yellow, or green?
simone717 6 years ago
Yes he is mostly sweeting at head . I think he has post nasal drip and kind of sinus also whenever I give him dairy product like cheese and full cream milk he form kind of mucus .yes I am using all medicine at one time daily 3 times within five min gap . Plz tell me sponge is for wet cough or for cold cough plz suggest some medicine also if he has this post nasal drip thing and cough thanks
Darjeeling 123 6 years ago
It was first transparent white then thick white but no mucus now from nose but I feel whenever he cough there is a mucus but it is not coming out . He was sick almost now 2 weeks but better now but I know every month or two these episode will come like first blocked nose . Stuffy nose , cough , little bit ear pain plz suggest some immune homepathic medicine for cold and cough and plz tell me which medicine should I used whenever their is initial stage of cold and cough
Darjeeling 123 6 years ago

If he is on the Ventolin, does he have asthma?
Is he under the doctors care on this problem?

For right now since I don't have all the details on him, I would
stop the homeopathic remedies you are using. Switch over to
Dr. Reckewege BC 28, that is all the cell salts ( there are 12 ) in one tablet.
Start giving him that 2 tabs 3 x a day. This will build up his system.
The cell salts work by getting trace minerals into the cells themselves,
and then this lets his body absorb nutrients correctly.

Stop giving him dairy products bc he sounds like he has an allergy to that,
and Dairy creates a lot of mucous. The dairy allergy can be helped with
homeopathy but for right now he needs a break from the dairy.

There is not just one remedy to give when he starts a cold. If you see him
starting to get sick, you can start Ferrum Phos 6x, 2 tabs 4x a day, the cell salt.

He needs a remedy that is going to cover his main problems- I think that
he could use the remedy Natrum Carb. It has milk allergies, getting sick
from temp. changes, bad breath, post nasal drip, wheezing, etc in it. But
first do a week of the BC 28 and lets build up his system. And then
more questions about him will be asked.

Take care,

simone717 6 years ago
Now his cold and cough under control but 5 min cough after wake up is there plz tell me wt to do now an I give me natrum carb for how many days i should give only one medicine I can give now or u can suggest any more for immune system so he will not get cough easily in future
Darjeeling 123 6 years ago
Hello Darjeeeling,

First tell me what has he been given in the last few days?
simone717 6 years ago
I give him hepar and sponge coz in my town BC 28 is not available why abt morning cough is it coz of some allergy and he is taking Alfa Alfa tonic daily two times ,u asked me to give him natrum shall I give now I have natrum mur 6x and natrium sulfuric 6x
[message edited by Darjeeling 123 on Wed, 30 Oct 2013 05:37:39 GMT]
Darjeeling 123 6 years ago
He could be having the cough bc you have given him too many
doses of Hepar and Spongia.

When a remedy starts to work, you stop the remedy - otherwise
you overdose and bring symptoms back. You should also
only use one remedy at a time so you know the results. I have
seen people give spongia and child is better, give another dose
and then child gets worse again for a day or two.

You need to have a break from remedies for a few days
and then see what the symptoms are.

Only give one remedy at a time, wait to see if it has action at all,
if it does then stop until symptoms return.
simone717 6 years ago
Thanks a lot for Ur reply so now I am going to stop all medicine . How many doses should I give to see the result like for one day or a week
Darjeeling 123 6 years ago

There are no set rules, like take this 2 x a day for a week
and so on.

Everything you give depends on-- Is this the right remedy and potency
for what is going ON?

To tell if it is right, you give one dose, like 2 pills and then
wait to see if anything is going better. If it is, then you
wait till it goes backwards before another dose. You let
the remedy work- otherwise you overdose and bring things

1. Give one dose, then wait.
see if there is improvement. There might be a bit
of getting worse, and you still wait to see if that leaves
and then improvement shows up. Then you wait again,
till the person goes backwards.

All the dosing depends on the reaction of the person to it.
Everyone is different in how they react.

The bc 28 you can order online, it is also called Biochemic
tissue salts ( it has all 12) or Schusslers tissue salts,
I am sure you can get Dr. Reckeweg products on line or
from Schwabe India online. Cell salts will build up his
system. You take those for 3 weeks and then take a week off.
Then you can assess whether he needs them perhaps once
or twice a week, or if he needs one or two salts alone.
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simone717 6 years ago
Thanks a lot
Darjeeling 123 6 years ago
Hi plz tell me now he is ok but he is hving mouth ulcer kind of thing I put some medicine now he is ok but he gets it often any homepathic medicine for this? What should I give him monthly basis so his immune will boost
Darjeeling 123 6 years ago
Hi Darjeeling,

Next time he has a mouth ulcer, you can give him
One dose of Borax 30c. Then wait a day and see what happens.
If it starts to get better , do not give more - wait. Let
the remedy work. You may try this one dose a day for 3 days
and if nothing happens it is the wrong remedy.

I would really like you to order the BC 28 online. The cell salts
are very safe and they work on the cells - they help the cell
balance itself, so then what he eats is absorbed and works

You can give him these- follow dosing for his age on the bottle-
for 3 weeks. Then nothing for a week. After that he may
need one or two salts or he may need nothing.http://www.brighterdayfoods.com/PDFDocs/l/LR72WHCKJQ1V9LTGKT....

I put the above link in about cell salts. It would be good for
you to print this out and refer to it. Again, when things
improve you stop giving them .
[message edited by simone717 on Sat, 02 Nov 2013 14:41:49 GMT]
simone717 6 years ago

I checked the link I gave and it did work, and now it is
not working.

Please google, Cell Salts, Robin Murphy pdf

and you will see the brighter day foods etc, Robin Murphy
is known worldwide as a homeopathic teacher, and this
is a nice, condensed guide to cell salts use.
simone717 6 years ago
I order BC28. Now again he got stuffy smelly nose plz tell me wt to give I hv kali bichromicum30,pulsatilla ,belladonna ,ANTIM TART30
Darjeeling 123 6 years ago
What color is the mucous?

Describe the smell.
simone717 6 years ago
It's light very light yellow smell is not that much is it possible that he has sinnus problem
Darjeeling 123 6 years ago

you can give him 2 pills of Kali Bich 30c and then
wait for 4 hours to see if he is getter better, If he
is, then do not give anymore until or if he gets
worse again. Then give him 2 more pills.

I think he has a sinus problem that is caused by
allergies. Allergies irritate the nose and start mucous.
The mucous wears down the inside nose tissue making
it easier to get a sinus infection.

The other thing you can do, is go buy a sterile, salt
water nose spray. No medication should be in it.
You can use this to flush his nostrils and this will
wash out whatever he is reacting to.

Report back tomorrow on how he is doing. ( this is
why I wanted you to get BC 28 bc his immune system
needs to get stronger so he does not react to allergens.)
simone717 6 years ago
Hi, after giving kali he is better I give him once only but if again stuffy nose occur in evening wt should I do shall I repeat the kali or not
Darjeeling 123 6 years ago
Yes, repeat it anytime it comes back.
simone717 6 years ago
Wt is the medicine for running nose?
Darjeeling 123 6 years ago
You need more to go on.

Is the runny nose clear or is there a color to it?

Does he have a sore throat or anything else going on?

Is he thirsty or nor thirsty?

What helps him feel better?

What makes it worse?

Is he a hot child or a cold child?

What is his personality like?

Did you get the bc 28 yet?
simone717 6 years ago

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